Avocado Oil Vs Grapeseed Oil

Avocado Oil Vs Grapeseed Oil: Which One is Better?

In recent times, there has been a noticeable surge in people’s interest in maintaining their health and being mindful of what they consume.  With the rise of wellness culture and a focus on healthy eating habits, an increasing number of individuals are making the switch from traditional cooking oils such as soybean or canola oil …

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Difference Between Enchilada and Chimichanga

Whats the Difference Between Enchilada and Chimichanga?

If you are new to Mexican cuisine and dont know what to order between Enchilada and Chimichanga, you are in the right place. It is confusion among people about enchilada and chimichanga. Tacos, burritos and enchiladas are tortilla-wrapped Mexican cuisine that has a lot of flavours. But do you know how each of them is …

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Sea Bass vs Branzino

Sea Bass vs Branzino

There needs to be more clarity between Sea bass and Branzino. Both of them are fishes but why there is so much confusion between them? But do you know both names are used to call the same fish?To put it in simple words, Branzino is the Italian name of the fish, while Sea Bass refers …

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Chimichanga vs Burrito

Chimichanga vs Burrito

Mexican food has been popular around the world for its vibrant flavours. The dishes from Mexico have an intense flavour and a balance of savoury and earthy flavours as they are cooked by using various spices and seasonings that make you crave more. Chimichanga and Burritos are iconic food that is widely known to people. …

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