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The 13 Best Tortilla Makers For a Quick Snack in 2023

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Tortilla has become a staple for foodies on the run. It is as tasty as it is healthy and quick to make. But there’s an even faster way to prepare these popular Mexican dishes - tortilla makers. All you have to do is make a dough and put it into the machine, and the rest will be taken care of. Within minutes you will have some fresh tortillas to serve with any sides you want. 

We have found some incredible makers that will take this widely loved dish to a whole new level. Read ahead to learn about the best tortilla makers in today’s market.

Things You Should Know Before Buying the Best Tortilla Maker


Sizes of the tortilla maker are important because depending on the size of the tortilla maker you are more likely to be able to make tortillas or flatbreads of that size. Although there is no perfect size when it comes to tortillas, it really comes down to your own preference.  If you like big sizes or need to have big sized tortilla for like example burrito then you should go for big sized tortilla maker. On the other hand, if you prefer small size and you don’t mind making tortillas that are small, then go for the small tortilla maker.

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The functionality and durability of a tortilla maker depend on the material of the unit. Among the most popular materials are cast iron and aluminum. So you must consider the material of the machine before making a purchase decision.

Cast iron tortilla makers are heavy and press the pan uniformly, demanding minimal effort from the chef. However, they are heavy maintenance and are not dishwasher safe. They may also require seasoning every once in a while. If you’re willing to commit to its upkeep, the cast-iron press delivers flawless tortillas.

If you’re looking for a lighter product, you should go for an aluminum tortilla press. They don’t demand as much maintenance as cast iron. However, pressing tortillas on aluminum products will not yield as flawless results as their cast-iron counterparts. We also have stainless steel and wooden recommendations that will deliver outstanding performance and durability.

Electric or Manual

When it comes to electric or manual, it really goes down on to your preference or your needs. While both are useful, each has their own advantage and disadvantages. If you have the pots and pans and really need something to just press, then a traditional and manual presser would do the job. Plus, since they aren’t electric, your electricity bills aren’t increasing.

But on the other hand, if you don’t want the hassle of having many steps when making tortillas, then an electric tortilla maker would be best for you.  Since with the electric tortilla maker, you are pressing and making, which is saving space and time altogether.

Unique Features

Even though, there it really is hard to find such features, sometimes; it can really be helpful like controlling the heating temperature, timer, or having the ability to make various types of bread. Depending on your needs and desires, unique features can be useful.


Whether you already make tortillas by hand every day or make various kinds of bread from day to day depending on your mood or festivals, the usability of the machine is important when buying one. What we meant by usability is the fact that will you use to make just tortillas or will you use it to make other things as well. There are various products out there in the market and even in the ones that we have chosen, some gives you the ability to make crepes, rotis, flatbread and many other things instead of just tortillas. Hence when buying a tortilla maker, just stop and think a little of what else you want to do with it as that can have a different approach when it comes to you choosing your tortilla maker.

Top 13 Best Tortilla Makers

Product Name DiameterMaterialColorGrade
Victoria Press TOR-003 Tortilla Maker8 inchesCast IronBlackA+
Alpha Living 50421 Tortilla7.5 inchesCast IronSilverA+
IMUSA USA Mexi-86008 Tortilla Press8 inchesAluminumSilverA+
Norpro 1063 Tortilla Maker6 inchesAluminumSilverA
Uno Casa Tortilla Press Maker8 inchesCast IronBlackA+
HIC Harold 43172 Tortilla Maker6 inchesAluminumMetallicA
Arc 0018B Tortilla Press Maker7 inchesCast IronBlackA
Brentwood Electric Tortilla Maker10 inchesStainless SteelSilver and BlackA
Smart Cook Manual Tortilla Maker7.5 inchesCast IronBlackA+
Elegance in Life Manual Tortilla Maker7.3 inchesCast IronBlackA
Central Coast Hardwood Tortilla Maker8 inchesHard WoodWood color with grain patternsB+
Cuisinart CPP-200 Tortilla Maker8.3 inchesStainless SteelSilverB+
Ronelli Manual Tortilla Press7.5 inchesPlasticNeutralB

1. Victoria Press TOR-003 Tortilla Maker

The Victoria tortilla press comes in cast iron which is heavy hence brings weight when it comes to preparing your tortillas. This is an 8-inch tortilla press meaning your tortillas will be bigger than usual.

Because of the reinforced handle design and sand casting technique when constructing the tortilla maker, rest assured that each and every tortilla you will press will be flat and perfect.  You can use this tortilla maker for other things as well as flatbreads or rotis etc. 

The Victoria cast iron tortilla maker comes in pre-seasoned with non-GMO flaxseed oil ensuring a healthy choice as you make your tortillas and also giving you the head start of using it right after buying.

Highlighted Features

  • The cast iron ensures its durability and stability as it carries weight hence making your tortillas perfect
  • 8-inch tortillas are bigger than the usual size giving you various possibilities in making.
  • The reinforced handle design and sand casting technique give this product a unique touch and love in the making which not only helps as an overall product but increases its effectiveness to the final product.
  • The preseason with non-GMO flaxseed oil gives you the assurance of no toxins in the product as well as the ability to use it right after buying it.

2. Alpha Living 50421 Tortilla Press

Alpha Living 50421 Tortilla Maker is a manual device that can prepare tortillas up to 7.5 inches in diameter. The product, made of heavy-duty cast iron, is highly durable and stable. 

It is meant to serve your kitchen for a long time. It weighs 4.10 lbs and significantly outperforms average tortilla makers in longevity and stability. 

Besides pressing the tortilla, the device serves multiple purposes, such as preparing arepas, dumplings, mini pie shells, and more. The wide diameter proves to be highly beneficial in this case. The heavy-weight unit allows uniform pressing and flat tortillas within seconds.

Highlighted Features

  • The tortilla maker is made of heavy cast iron, producing a uniform and flat tortillas within seconds
  • It is a multi-purpose tool, flawlessly making pita bread, tacos, empanadas, and more
  • The ergonomic handle offers a seamless experience of a manual device

3. IMUSA USA Mexi-86008 Tortilla Press

IMUSA USA Tortilla Press Maker is another lucrative manual device on our list, delivering exceptional quality tortillas with minimal effort. The product is 8 inches in diameter, ideal for standard size tortilla. The handle offers brilliant leverage, which is excellent for preparing large quantities without tiring your hands.

The body is relatively lightweight and portable, making it an ideal pick for picnics and outdoor events. It also allows you to prepare tortillas in large quantities within a short time. The device is straightforward to use; all you have to do is insert the dough into the pan and press it just once.

Highlighted Features

  • The lightweight body makes it an ideal pick for preparing tortillas in large quantities
  • With excellent handle leverage, the tortilla maker is relatively easy to use
  • The multipurpose body is ideal for all types of tortillas, including pita bread and roti

4. Norpro 1063 Tortilla Maker

Norpro is a cast aluminum construction based tortilla maker that can make your tortillas up to 6 inches.  Because of the aluminum, it has a shiny and smooth texture to it. This tortilla maker is not electronic, hence has a press and you have to do it manually.

The handle press is centered weighed hence the pressure will be usual as you press. And it comes with recipes that will give you an idea of what you can do with it. Since it is a tortilla presser, you can use it for making various types of bread whether it is flatbread, roti, tortillas etc.

Highlighted Features

  • Norpro is made out of casting aluminum. Although it weighs less than cast iron, it still is heavy enough to flatten your tortillas perfectly.
  • Because of casting aluminum, the texture of this product is smooth and shiny which increases its overall look.
  • This product can make tortillas up to 6 inches, which is not too small or big.
  • It also comes with recipes that can help you in deciding on what to do and how to do it.

5. Uno Casa Tortilla Press Maker

Uno Casa Tortilla Press Maker is a superior quality manual device made of heavy-duty cast iron. The product guarantees a lifetime of service. With a sleek and leveled surface, making perfectly shaped tortillas will feel like a breeze.

Whether you’re preparing breakfast or dinner in a hurry, the product will serve uniform pieces without having to press too hard. So, you get the best quality food with minimal effort. 

The tortilla maker is inspired by true Mexican traditions, delivering authentic tortillas and flatbreads. It is also preseasoned, which means the product comes fully prepared to serve delicious tortillas right out of the box.

Highlighted Features

  • Besides the tortilla press, the package includes an extra screw set and 100 pieces of parchment paper rounds along with a digital recipe book
  • The cast-iron pan is preseasoned, ready to deliver tortillas right out of the box
  • The handle is made of cast iron as well, ergonomically designed for maximum convenience

6. HIC Harold 43172 Tortilla Maker

Made from heavyweight aluminum, HIC tortilla press makes 6-inch tortillas or any other type of flatbreads with a consistent thickness which is not only good food cooking but for eating as well.

With this tortilla press, you can not only make tortillas but use it for making various kinds of bread like roti, pita bread, focaccia etc. Since this is a traditional tortilla presser, the handle gives you enough space for a good grip in order to make perfect tortillas every time.

Highlighted Features

  • The heavyweight aluminum gives this tortilla maker a firm foundation as it is a presser.
  • This tortilla maker can make tortillas up to 6 inches is standard and for most; just enough to make anything.
  • The handlebar in this tortilla maker gives you the right amount of space for getting a good grip which will ultimately help give a good press as you make your own tortillas.

7. Arc 0018B Tortilla Press Maker

The Arc 0018B Tortilla Press Maker is made of rust-proof cast iron material for reliable and long-lasting service. It is designed for easy and even pressing. The handle is cleverly designed, placed on top of a uniform pan so that you don’t have to put too much pressure in order to get a satisfactory outcome. 

The handle is well balanced and provides a smooth and uniform press with minimal effort. All you have to do is place the tortilla dough in the middle of the base pan, and press the upper plate. Not only tortillas, but it also works its charm on arepas, dumplings, tostones, and more.

Highlighted Features

  • The product is 7.3 inches in diameter, supported by a heavy yet balanced cast-iron handle
  • It is not dish-washer friendly. Hand wash the product and rub it with cooking oil for easy maintenance
  • The cast iron is rustproof, delivering healthy and safe results for a long time

8. Brentwood TS-128 Electric Tortilla Maker

This electric tortilla press from Brentwood is constructed with stainless steel. It is a nonstick tortilla maker, which means making your tortillas will be a piece of cake and so will be cleaning it.

It can make and cook tortillas up to 10 inches.  It has a power adjustable knob for your needs of whether you like your tortillas soft or crispy. This product uses a 1200 watt output which is powerful enough for your tortillas.

Highlighted Features

  • This electric tortilla press is a nonstick hence no worries in destroying your tortillas as you make them. Also cleaning is done much more easily due to it being nonstick.
  • The 10-inch size gives this product a huge boost as the possibilities are endless due to space.
  • With the power adjustable knob, you have the ability to make your own tortillas with the way you want whether it is soft or crispy.
  • This electric tortilla press from Brentwood has the ability to give an output of 1200 watts, which ensures enough power to properly heat and cook your tortillas to the way you want.

9. Smart Cook Manual Tortilla Maker

This is a manual iron cast tortilla maker from Smart cook. Because of the construction, it's very heavy is very useful when it comes to tortilla pressers.

With heavyweight all around and a stable handlebar in the middle, the press is balanced all around making your tortillas equal in thickness. You can make tortillas that are of 6 inches. You can use this tortilla presser on various types’ bread ingredients like different types of flour, corn, barley etc.

Highlighted Features

  • Iron cast ensures good weight and durable build especially when it is a manual presser.
  • The stable handlebar gives this product the ability to give a good force in the middle which ensures flat tortilla every time you use it.
  • With this product, you can make tortillas up to 6 inches which is a standard size.

10. Elegance in Life Manual Tortilla Maker

Eleganceinlife brings a tortilla press which is constructed with an iron cast and is a manual presser. Because of its traditional system and weight from an iron cast, you can expect a balanced press all over around. With its sturdy handle, the weight is centered and making perfect tortillas.

With this presser, you can make tortillas up to 7.3 inch which falls in the standard size. Since this is a presser, you can use it for making different types of bread like tortillas, rotis, chapatis etc. The product comes in well packaged which can be given as a present if wanted.

Highlighted Features

  • The iron cast construction of this tortilla press ensures durability and affectability on your tortillas as you make them.
  • The sturdy handle on the tortilla presser gives you the ability to put immense weight and pressure as you press. And since the handle is sturdy, you can assure that it can take a beat and stay strong.
  • This product that makes tortillas up to 7.3 inches which are above standard. And because of this, you can think of other ideas as to how to use that space.
  • The product comes in well packaged, which can be given as a gift if desired and other than that, getting something well packaged can mean that the manufacturers care about their products.

11. Central Coast Hardwood Tortilla Maker

This is a very unique product when it comes to tortilla makers. We have seen manual ones, electric ones, aluminum ones, steel ones, and even cast iron ones, but one could have never thought of a wood one.  

This tortilla maker from Central Woodworks is made from wood and a mixture of Walnut and Red Oakwood to be exact. I mean if you really stop and think about it, it does make sense and it can work because at the end of the day it is a presser, hence anything flat and of weight would be sufficient.

Since the whole product is made of wood, there is premium finesse to it. The woods are properly varnished giving it a smooth surface. Also, it is finished with Food Grade mineral oil and Beeswax making it safe for you to use. This tortilla presser makes tortillas of about 8 inch.

Highlighted Features

  • The unique texture is something to see, have and hold. This tortilla presser is made out of wood with a good mixture of Red Oak and Walnut, giving it a premium look and texture which makes a bold statement.
  • This product is finished with food grade mineral oil and beeswax which enhances the durability and usability of this product. And also ensures that it does not contain any toxins that can be harmful to you as you make your tortillas.
  • With this tortilla presser, you can make your tortillas up to 8 inches which are above average and is always a good thing as you can make a bigger type of bread and have other ideas because of its large surface.

12. Cuisinart CPP-200 Tortilla Maker

If you are wondering of why the name doesn’t contain something like “Cuisinart tortilla maker”, then well you’d be right to wonder. Because Cuisinart didn’t go for a specific type, instead they went “International” with this one.

With CPP-200 you can not only make tortillas but also crepes, pancakes etc.  Because of all these variables, the plates are reversible and dishwasher safe. The plates are also nonstick, which makes your cooking and cleaning easy. 

You can make your desired bread up to 8 1/3 inches. Also for your conveniences, you can store this product verticallyget a measuring spoon, tongs and a mini cone roller for ice creams. The product also has adjustable controls for temperature and cooking time.

Highlighted Features

  • CPP-200 is an unusual product. This product comes with plates that are reversible due to the versatility of this machine.  Because of the plates that are reversible, you can easily switch from making one type of bread to another.
  • The plates are dishwasher safe. Because of the large features, it contains, having the plates being safe for dishwashing is always a nice thing to have as it will consume less time when cleaning.
  • The plates are nonstick; hence you do not have to worry about your tortillas being stuck. Also not to mention that cleaning becomes way easier.
  • With this product, you can cook your tortillas, crepes or any other type of bread up 8 1/3 inches side making it above standard which will give you enough space to have various ideas in the making.

13. Ronelli Manual Tortilla Press

Ronelli Manual Tortilla Press is made of high-impact plastic, offering unique design and robust build quality. The product, being lightweight, is highly portable. It makes an excellent pick for preparing quick meals in outdoor events or picnics. 

The leveraged handle allows smooth manual operation. You can prepare large quantities of tortillas within a short time. Thanks to the lightweight and practical design, the product is easy to assemble and disassemble. 

Further adding to its long list of impressive features, the tortilla maker is dishwasher safe. So cleaning and maintaining the product is relatively easy. If you’re looking for a product to prepare quick and hassle-free meals, the Ronelli Manual Tortilla Press might be the right product for you.

Highlighted Features

  • The leveraged, high-impact plastic handle makes the product very easy to use
  • The package comes in a gift box, making it a wonderful gift for your foodie friends
  • It is dishwasher safe and easy maintenance

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a tortilla maker worth it?

Tortilla makers are designed to prepare quick yet delicious meals. Whether you’re using cast iron, aluminum, stainless steel, or wooden material, the device’s primary purpose is to prepare uniform and consistent tortillas flawlessly and quickly. 

If you enjoy tortillas and make them in large quantities regularly, then investing in a tortilla machine will be worth it. 

How should I clean a tortilla maker? 

If you’re cleaning a cast iron tortilla press, steer clear of detergents or soap as it can ruin the surface. Clean the cast iron pan with warm water. Once it’s done, season the tortilla maker with oil or any other degreaser to keep it rust-proof. The same procedure applies to electric tortilla makers. 

How to remove rust from a tortilla maker? 

To keep the tortilla press rust-proof, you will need to season it regularly. If it still catches rust, then clean the pan with a salt scrub to make it rust-free. 

Mix water and vinegar in equal parts. Soak the press in the mixture for a couple of hours. Afterward, you can scrub the rust away very quickly and enjoy a fresh tortilla maker.


Tortilla presses have almost become a necessity for people who would like to indulge in a delicious bite of wrapped food more often. Each tortilla press on our list has some unique features to offer. We have analyzed them thoroughly based on their material, size, and heat source. Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly press or an upscale one - in cast iron, aluminum or hardwood, here you’ll find some of the best tortilla makers in all categories.  

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