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The 12 Best Quesadilla Makers For Making Mouthwatering Mexican Dishes

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Who can say no to the delicious fillings of a quesadilla? This Mexican dish can be eaten as a quick snack, lunch, or even dinner. If you are looking for an easier, more efficient, and a lot less hassle-free way of making quesadillas, you might be interested to get your hands on one of the best quesadillas makers in the market right now. The best quesadilla makers will not only make your cooking process simpler but will also allow you to make quesadillas like a pro.

Best Pick

Victoria Quesadilla Maker

The Victoria Quesadilla Maker is our best pick because of its sturdy and durable cast-iron construction that enables you to use it for several years, its ergonomic handle that allows you to press down easily, and its spacious flat surface area that allows you to make 8-inch tortillas in a short period of time. This item can be used to prepare a large number of tortillas for making your delicious quesadillas.

Budget Pick

George Foreman Electric Quesadilla Maker

The George Foreman Electric Quesadilla Maker GFQ001 is the best choice on a budget since it can make you 10-inch quesadillas at an affordable price. The non-stick surface, 6 wedge pockets, and integrated cord wrap of this lightweight machine make it a convenient pick for many. It also supports vertical storage and is easy to clean.

Quick Comparison: Top 8 Best Quesadilla Makers

Product NameDiameter
MaterialItem Dimensions
Victoria Quesadilla Maker8.006.89Cast-iron11.2 x 9.8 x 1.7A
George Foreman Electric Quesadilla Maker GFQ00110.002.50Plastic10 x 10 x 3A
Hamilton Beach 25409 Quesadilla Maker6.504.47Plastic10.6 x 9.7 x 5A
Elite Cuisine EQD-118 Maxi-Matic Quesadilla Maker11.005.00Aluminum12.5 x 4.5 x 12A
Dash DMG8100RD Electric Round Griddle8.003.00Plastic, Metal10.3 x 8 x 4.1A
Nostalgia EQM200 Electric Quesadilla Maker8.003.80Plastic11 x 10 x 4.5 A
Nostalgia EQM8 Electric Quesadilla Maker8.004.14Plastic9.5 x 11 x 5A
Brentwood TS-120 Appliances Quesadilla Maker8.500.01Plastic11.4 x 10.7 x 5.9B
Santa Fe QM2R 900-Watt Quesadilla Maker10.006.40Plastic14 x 14 x 6 B
BELLA 13506 8-inch Quesadilla Maker8.002.90Plastic11.06 x 9.65 x 4.49 A
Lumme Quesadilla MakerN/A2.40Nonstick9.5 x 9 x 4B
Black & Decker Quesadilla Maker8.004.60Nonstick14 x 5 x 11 A

Best Quesadilla Makers Reviews

1. Victoria Quesadilla Maker

Victoria is one of the most popular family businesses in Columbia. It has been a part of the market since 1939 so the makers have significant knowledge about how to produce cookware that will satisfy customers. This brand is known for its high-quality cast-iron kitchen tools that are super sturdy and durable. This quesadilla maker is no different from its other products. It is a heavyweight quesadilla maker that is well-built and made from the finest materials. 

You can make quesadillas and tortillas that are 8 inches long using this sturdy cookware. Since this item weighs 6.89 pounds, it can press down any type of food and produce flat, smooth quesadillas and tortillas. You can also crush nuts using this item. The ergonomic handle makes it easier to press down food in the quesadilla maker.

This item does not only make quesadillas but can also be used to make tortillas, Patacones, Rotis, empanadas, and even arepas. If you want thicker quesadillas, you might want to get a bigger dough and make sure to not press down too hard. On the other hand, if you want thinner quesadillas, you might want to press the handle all the way down.

The Victoria Quesadilla Maker does not cook your quesadillas and other food. It just prepares flat tortillas that you need to cook on your stovetop. Instead of rolling it by hand, you can just put it in this quesadilla maker to save time and effort. This product is best for commercial use as you can make a number of tortillas and store it in the freezer for later use. 

You can coat the quesadilla maker with oil or place a plastic wrap or parchment paper on it to prevent the dough from sticking to the surface. You can also add a bit of flour before pressing it down. It does take a bit of practice to make perfectly round tortillas with just the right amount of thickness using this quesadilla maker. You will need to get used to handling such a heavy-duty item. 

What we liked: This item is extremely durable. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Plus, you can use any type of dough you want in this quesadilla maker. 

What we didn’t like: You will need to press it 3-4 times to achieve your desired thickness. Plus, it takes a lot of effort to press down this heavy-weight item. Moreover, many users have complained that the handle breaks off if you press it too hard.

2. George Foreman Electric Quesadilla Maker GFQ001

Add some more class and style to your kitchen with this quesadilla maker from George Foreman. It comes in the gorgeous color combination of black and cherry red for some extra boldness in your cooking area.

It has the capability to prepare large 10-inch quesadillas within 3-4 minutes to satisfy the hunger of your family members and guests. However, you have to tone down the amount of filling inside the quesadillas since otherwise, the maker can squeeze them all out. Though it supports only a limited amount of filling, all the cheese included there gets full justice by spreading their delicious consistency throughout the tortilla boundaries.

While the cheesy gooeyness is exactly what we expect from quesadillas, it is also what makes cleaning these utensils a nightmare! To bring down the nuisance level for you, this maker comes with a non-stick cooking surface. So cleaning it up after use is very easy with just some wipes across the surface.

Along with warm quesadillas, it can also help you make crunchy snacks and appetizers. The advantage here will be a lot less hassle than stovetops and a lot better result than microwaves!

You can get as creative as you want with the underlying ingredients and spices since there are six deep dish pockets in this maker! So you can pack in the maximum amount of flavors with cheese, salsa, meat and many other components in these pockets! Besides, you can also get some guidance about cutting it in equal proportions while serving.

The outer ridge on this maker keeps the ingredients inside until you rip it in your plate ready to devour. You can save a lot of storage space since it can be kept vertically to fit into tight spaces. Besides, it can also maintain the tidiness in your kitchen with its integrated cord wrap.

What we liked: This quesadilla maker is not too bulky which means that it takes up less storage space. It can be stored vertically which allows it to fit into tight spaces in your kitchen cabinet or drawer. 

What we didn’t like: This quesadilla maker does not have an on/off switch. It automatically turns on when you plug it into a power source. Since it runs on 120 volts, it might not be wise to keep it plugged in when you are not using it. Moreover, the stuffings tend to fall out when you seal the outer ridge.

3. Hamilton Beach 25409 Quesadilla Maker

Hamilton Beach has been manufacturing small kitchen appliances since 1990 and it is no surprise that one of their creations made it to our list of the best quesadilla makers! This maker also bears a similar color combination to the previous one with its shiny brick red exterior and black interior.

You can make six wedges of quesadillas in one go with this maker, saving you a lot of time which now you can invest in doing other things! There will be two lights of power and preheat to let you know when the machine is ready. Then all you have to do is place a tortilla at the center and pour in all the goodness of cheese, meat, vegetables, beans etc.! After completing the feast of flavors, put another tortilla sheet on top to capture the deliciousness inside!

Then just close up the lid and keep it locked for some extra assurance. This locking lid and edge-sealing rings together will make sure the filling stays inside as long as it is not overbearing. Though the maker can prepare quesadillas fast, the size of these golden crispy items is comparatively a lot smaller than its competitors.

The filling also needs to be placed right at the center of each piece and in a limited amount to keep it from overflowing. If it does get out of the tortilla boundaries, it might get stuck on the surface and will be very hard to get rid of during cleaning. The company claims it to be non-stick but the experience of customers says otherwise.

Nevertheless, it can save you a lot of storage hassle since it can be placed upright using the lid lock. To help you upgrade your culinary skills, a recipe book comes with it where both traditional items like Classic Chicken and chef style Pizzadillas are included.

What we liked: The indentation on the wedges makes it easier to cut the quesadillas perfectly. You can easily separate the wedges using a pizza cutter or a sharp knife. 

What we didn’t like: The non-stick coating on the cooking area is quite thin. You need to be extra careful when cleaning this quesadilla maker.

This quesadilla maker from Elite Cuisine serves you large quesadillas worth 11 inches in diameter! Thus, you can enjoy an extra or two inches of deliciousness every time! No matter what the total size is, it will always be divided into 6 perfectly even pieces while serving, due to the built-in scoring guides.

It is very easy for anybody to operate this machine and it takes no time in heating up the surface. After a maximum of 5 minutes, it starts the main cooking process and melts down all the cheese within the tortilla disks. However, there is not much room allowed here to add more ingredients unless they are considerably flattened first.

Both the top and bottom surfaces inside are non-stick and that certainly helps with keeping the cheesy mess to a minimum. There is also a tray for catching all the unwanted grease and a drainage rim to pass it out from the interior to the tray. Thus, cleaning up this maker is no hassle at all!

There are indicator lights of power and readiness. The first one will light up automatically and do the pre-heating, while the ready light will turn on when it is ready to cook up the delicious quesadillas. You can conveniently store it in an upright position and save storage space of the area.

What we liked: You will be able to cook your quesadillas within a span of only 5 minutes. Plus, the grease tray at the bottom helps to keep your kitchen clean. 

What we didn’t like: If you put in too much stuffing in your quesadillas, the lid is unlikely to close. The excess cheese might melt and fall into the grease tray, resulting in wastage.

5. Dash DMG8100RD Electric Round Griddle

This item allows you to cook quick and easy meals within just a few minutes. The 8-inch diameter of the cooking area is perfect for making breakfast, lunch, and even dinner. It features a bright red exterior with a hint of black and has tons of convenient features that make it user-friendly. 

The non-stick coating used on the cooking surface is durable and free of harmful substances such as PFOA. This makes it safe for consumption. Moreover, the non-stick coating allows you to use less oil while cooking your quesadillas. 

This helps to promote healthy living practices. On the other hand, the hardened bits of food are likely to come off instantly when you wipe the plates with a damp cloth. This makes cleaning easy as you do not need to use any special tools to scrub off the waste.

The quesadilla maker is super easy to use as well. All you need to do is plug it in and wait for the blue indicator light to turn on. When your quesadilla maker is heated evenly, the light will turn off automatically, meaning that it is ready to cook your quesadillas. Not only quesadillas, but you will also be able to make eggs, pancakes, grilled cheese sandwiches, cookies, and lots more using this versatile item. 

This item has a compact size which makes it easier to store. You can easily fit it into tight spaces in your kitchen cabinet or drawer. Moreover, it is super lightweight as well. It weighs only 3 pounds which means that you will be able to carry it from one place to another easily. This is a quesadilla maker that you can take on camping trips as it is highly portable. 

The quesadilla maker has non-slip legs that allow for more stability while using it. It will not skid across the surface or fall down easily. Moreover, this item runs on only 760 watts so you will not be consuming a lot of electrical energy when using it. This quesadilla maker comes with a recipe book that features a lot of delicious and popular recipes that you can try. 

What we liked: This item has an on/off switch which makes it easier to operate. You can also adjust the heat by choosing between a low, medium, or high heat setting. Moreover, both the top and bottom part of the item heats up quickly and evenly. 

What we didn’t like: It has a small cooking area so you will not be able to cook a large meal in it.

6. Nostalgia EQM200 Electric Quesadilla Maker

This quesadilla maker of Nostalgia comes at an incredibly affordable price bust has a number of features to prove its worth on this list. Firstly, there are six sections to allow cooking six wedges of delicious quesadilla at once. The plates themselves are also uniquely designed to seal in the fillings of each piece and add to the charm!

The ideal size of tortillas to be used here is 8 inches in diameter, but the ones with 11 inches also seem to work well. There are two kinds of latch positions here to support both thin and thick stuffings. So you can prepare quesadillas with barely any exciting ingredient or make a mouth-watering mix of multiple delectable elements to put inside them.

Though users have opined even the thick setting allows some of the stuffing to overflow and make a mess afterward. This one is also marketed to have a non-stick interior but its performance, unfortunately, has been inconsistent with that claim.

When the cheese gets out of the tortilla pods and stays stuck inside, which is very difficult to get rid of during clean-ups. It does have a removable drip tray to make the cleaning process a bit easier and faster.

One of the most useful features here are the two lights - red and green which help in determining how much time is left for the plates to get fully heated up. The green one tells you when it is done being preheated and is thus named the ready light. On the other hand, the red power light lets you know when the machine has been turned on. You can keep it in storage easily since this maker can be placed upright and maintain the neat arrangement of your kitchen.

What we liked: You will be able to cook other food items such as eggs, bacon, crepes, pancakes, and lots more using this quesadilla maker. You can also use it to make grilled cheese or tuna sandwiches. 

What we didn’t like: Only the side facing the bottom tends to brown. This tells you that there is uneven heating between the two parts of the quesadilla maker.

7. Nostalgia EQM8 Electric Quesadilla Maker

Quite similar to the previous product, the Nostalgia EQM8 is a sturdy and durable quesadilla maker that is super easy to use. It has a spacious cooking area that allows you to make 8-inch quesadillas within just a few minutes. You will not need to flip it in between the cooking process. Both the top and bottom parts of the item heat up well. 

The plates in the quesadilla maker are positioned in such a way that it creates six sectional pieces which makes it easier to place in the ingredients. It creates a clear indentation that allows you to cut the quesadillas into six evenly sliced pieces. 

You can adjust the thickness of your quesadillas by hooking the latch on either of the two positions. This allows you to make all types of quesadillas at the comfort of your home, be it thick or thin.

Although this item has a non-stick cooking area, it still needs to be sprayed with cooking oil to allow for quick release. It is important that you do not skip this step as the non-stick coating is quite weak. The hardened bits of food will come right off when you wipe it with a wet or damp cloth. This makes it easier to clean as you will not need to scrub the parts which might damage the non-stick coating. 

Speaking of cleaning, this item comes with a drip tray that is located underneath. If you have put too much stuffing in your quesadillas, the grease and melted cheese that is likely to overflow will fall right into this tray. This helps to keep your kitchen clean.

There are two indicator lights that notify you when the quesadilla maker is connected to power and when it is ready to cook the food. The green light will automatically turn on when the item is plugged in whereas the red light will turn on when the cooking area has been preheated. It will take only 2-3 minutes for the quesadilla maker to heat up. 

What we liked: The quesadilla maker can be stored in an upright position for quick and easy storage. 

What we didn’t like: The quesadilla maker might become too hot so you might want to wear oven mitts or potholders when using it.

8. Brentwood TS-120 Appliances Quesadilla Maker

From the company who has the experience of producing kitchen appliances for more than 25 years, comes one of their most popular products - the quesadilla maker. This Brentwood quesadilla maker weighs only 0.01 pounds and has a basic design. The typical red and black color combination also doesn’t do much in making it a standout.

Nevertheless, it is considered one of the best quesadilla makers since it can prepare quesadillas of a standard size range from 8 to 9 inches diameter. Like most of its competitions, this maker also has six sections designed to help cut up the quesadilla into six equal portions.

The interior is non-stick and therefore keeps the gooey cheese away from getting glued on to the surface. It is very easy to clean up with just some quick wipes and comes with a removable drip tray for further convenience.

There are indicator lights on top so that you know when you can start cooking the quesadillas at just a glance! The built-in temperature control keeps the quesadillas hot and crispy. This maker operates at 900-watt power and will not take up much space in your kitchen since it can be placed upright for compact storage.

What we liked: This quesadilla makes enables you to make 8 or 9-inch quesadillas within just a few minutes. 

What we didn’t like: Many users have reported that the plastic latch breaks down quite easily. Its design might have some flaws. Moreover, it tends to get too hot which might result in burnt quesadillas.

9. Santa Fe QM2R 900-Watt Quesadilla Maker

This Santa Fe product is the most expensive one in our list and seems very promising to be the best quesadilla maker out of all. For almost 15 years, it has served many customers and the majority expressed satisfaction with its performance. It is thus one of the most popular ones too.

You can heat it up pretty quick within 4 to 5 minutes and prepare it to melt out the cheesy fillings. Bring in 10-inch flour tortilla disks, spread them out to make room for the stuffing and seal the edges well. If those stuffings do get overflown, the extra inches on the outside will limit them and thus you will not miss out on any piece of the cheesy goodness.

The cooking plates are non-stick and thus it is easy to clean up any sticky residue. There is also a drip tray supplied to take care of the extra mess. It also has indicator lights for power status and readiness status to keep the time of cooking in check. Anyone can work with it easily but be careful of the high power it operates in.

What we liked: This quesadilla maker can be stored in an upright position for quick and easy storage. 

What we didn’t like: You will not be able to put in a generous amount of cheese as it will overflow. You will need to scrub off the hardened bits of cheese which may damage the non-stick coating.

10. BELLA 13506 8-inch Quesadilla Maker

This quesadilla maker from Bella Housewares has been in the market for over a decade now and from its withstanding popularity, it is safe to say that the maker is not going anywhere anytime soon.

It supports preparing quesadillas which are 8 inches large in diameter. Unfortunately, the area does not allow enough juicy fillings inside them. So you have to limit your culinary fantasies while using this maker. It features six wedge sections to cut up the quesadilla equally and conveniently while serving.

These six cooking plates have a non-stick coating and thus it is very easy to get rid of any stuck overflown cheese after each use. You will take only 4 to 5 minutes to be done with each quesadilla batch making the whole process a lot more efficient than skillets. It also has a built-in drip reservoir to minimize the mess that comes with any cheesy dish.

There are ready light and power light on top to inform you about the status of the heating up process in progress. Keep it upright in storage to save space and enjoy the El Paso Chile recipes provided to try out more delicious delicacies with this maker.

What we liked: The plates warm up quickly and there are unlikely to be any hot or cold spots in the cooking area. This helps to prepare crispy quesadillas in an easy and effortless way. 

What we didn’t like: There is no way to switch off the quesadilla maker while it is connected to power. There is no on/off switch so make sure to keep it unplugged if you want to save energy.

11. Lumme Quesadilla Maker

Unlike the other quesadilla makers mentioned in this article, the Lumme Quesadilla Maker does not have a round shape. In fact, it has a rectangular shape with four sections. You might not be able to make round quesadillas using this item since the wedges are triangular. However, this product is extremely sturdy and helps to make your cooking process a lot less stressful. 

The interior of this quesadilla maker has non-stick plates that allow for easy cooking and cleaning. You do not need to use a large amount of oil to cook your quesadillas. 

Moreover, the non-stick coating makes cleaning easier as you do not have to go through the time-consuming process of carefully scrubbing off the hardened bits of food. All you need to do is wipe the plates with a damp piece of cloth to get rid of the grease and food wastes.

The latch closes fully which prevents the stuffing from overflowing. This further helps to keep your kitchen mess-free. Moreover, this quesadilla maker has a compact size that makes it easier to store in tight spaces. Plus, it weighs only 2.4 pounds and has a flat bottom which means that you can stack it on top of your other kitchen gadgets. 

There are two indicator lights that are green and red. One lights up automatically when the quesadilla maker is connected to a power source while the other lights up when the quesadilla maker has been heated evenly. 

What we liked: It is a versatile product that can be used to make sandwiches, toasts, pizza bites, paninis, and even omelets. 

What we didn’t like: Even the sides of the quesadilla maker heat up when it is plugged in. You need to be extra careful when using this item as it might burn you.

12. Black & Decker Quesadilla Maker

Don’t you just love the way some names rhyme unintentionally? Like “Black & Decker, Quesadilla Maker”! Apart from the accidental naming coherence, this quesadilla maker can help you cook up some exquisite quesadillas within a short time. That is because it has six wedge pockets and can be done with cooking them within 5 minutes!

However, the pockets are not deep enough to make room for a creative mixture of fillings. The stuffing needs to be evened out or flattened for this maker to work properly. It supports making quesadillas sized a maximum of 8 inches in diameter.

Inside, it has a non-stick coating and thus cleaning off the stuck up cheese pieces does not require any extra effort. Both the tortilla shells receive enough pressure from all sides with the innovative press and seal lines included. This makes the fresh quesadillas look as delectable as the restaurant dishes.

There are two indicator lights on top to let you know when to put on the tortilla disks. Similar to the previous one, the red light is for power and the green one for denoting completion of pre-heating process. The provided removable drip tray makes the cleaning process even more convenient while the slip-resistant grips make it a lot easier to operate. Though it is a little heavier than other contemporary quesadilla makers, this one comes at a pretty affordable price for such combination of features!

What we liked: The drip tray collects all the grease and drippings fallen off from the quesadilla maker. This helps to keep your kitchen clean and tidy during your cooking process. Since the drip tray is removable, you can clean it easily and put it back on for making more quesadillas. 

What we didn’t like: The melted cheese from the quesadillas tends to get underneath the plates which makes it difficult to clean as the plates are not detachable.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Quesadilla Maker


If you prefer eating large quesadillas, a quesadilla maker with a large cooking surface area might be more suitable for you. You might want to get a quesadilla maker with a diameter of 9 inches or greater. On the other hand, if you prefer eating small-size quesadillas, a quesadilla maker with a diameter ranging from 6 to 8 is likely to suit your needs. 

You will be able to put in more stuffing in larger quesadilla makers compared to the smaller ones. The stuffings will tend to fall out if there not much cooking surface area in the machine. 


It is very important for your quesadilla maker to have solid construction. You should invest in one that is made of high-quality materials so that it does not warp or break down easily. If your quesadilla maker is finely constructed, you will be able to use it for a long period of time. Moreover, if your machine has a non-stick coating on the cooking surface, make sure that it does not include any harmful chemicals or toxins that might put your health at risk. It should have a durable non-stick coating that does not become chipped easily. 


A quesadilla maker that has a lot of weight will be quite difficult to move around. It will take up a lot of energy to carry it from one place to another. Plus, it makes it difficult to store as well. 

Ease Of Cleaning

Quesadilla makers that are easy to clean will encourage you to make more quesadillas daily. Most quesadilla makers mentioned in this article are electric so you cannot submerge them in water for easy and quick cleaning. You will need to wipe it with a damp cloth or towel to get rid of all the grease and hardened bits of food. If the plates of your quesadilla maker can be disassembled, it will make it a lot easier to clean them. On the other hand, the ones that come with drip trays allow for a mess-free cooking process. 

Power Cord

A long power cord will allow you to use the quesadilla maker on your kitchen countertop or table easily. You will be able to move it around to your desired position, making it a comfortable experience for you. If the power cord is short, then you might need to use an extension cord to use the quesadilla maker easily. 

Latch System

Your quesadilla maker should have a sturdy latch system that does not break easily. Many users have had a problem with this part of the quesadilla maker. It is important to not press it too hard when closing it.

How to take care of non-stick surfaces?

The first wash

As soon as you buy a non-stick quesadilla maker, wash the non-stick surface with warm and soapy water. Then rinse it well and dry thoroughly using soft cotton or linen towel.

Spray the surface

Before starting to cook and turning on the power, enhance the non-stick feature by spraying some cooking oil on the surface (not cooking spray). Then bake it for a while if possible and wipe it clean. Though this step is not necessary but helps in establishing the slipperiness of the surface where nothing quite sticks for long.

Figure out the appropriate heat setting

To know if the heat level is just right for the surface, add some butter to it as soon as the rims get hot. If bubbles form immediately, the heat is set at the right amount. But if it turns brown fast and burns, go for a lower heat level next time.

No metal utensils

Never use metal utensils including knife on these surfaces even by mistake. It can completely ruin the texture and the non-stick capability. Instead, make the habit of using wooden, plastic, nylon, silicone or rubber equipment. There are also some utensils which are given special coatings to work on non-stick surfaces efficiently.

Regular cleaning

Also, make a habit of cleaning off these quesadilla makers after use every time. Otherwise, the left out food can carbonize the surface ruining the non-stick feature.

No major temperature shift

Don’t bring the hot surface under cold water immediately. Doing so has the potential to warp the chemical structure and thus ruin it permanently. Instead, leave it and let the whole machine cool down before starting the wash.

Cleaning materials

If the food residue is too tough to get rid of, try a sponge, washcloth or nylon scrubber and some elbow grease. Never go for abrasive ones like steel wool, metal scouring pads, stiff brushes or sharp scrapers. Materials like that can scratch the surface and damage the texture.

Tips to cook the perfect quesadillas

Go big or go home

Keeping the filling limited to cheese seems too basic. Turn this boring filling into bright by adding more ingredients which offer a wide variety of textures to it. This may include some pickles, crunchy vegetables, juicy meat or freshly cooked shrimps and more! Prepare a feast of delicious flavors for your loved ones and try to incorporate a chipotle-like experience between the two tortillas.

Get salty

Make sure the quesadillas are seasoned aptly, both inside and out! Sprinkle some salts on the exterior after you are done setting up the tortilla disks and inner fillings.

No corn-tillas

Though corn offers more flavor than flour tortillas, they are not the best choice when it comes to quesadillas. Flour tortillas are much more suitable since they are easier to cut through while serving and they can make a more crispy exterior. They are also better at keeping all the cheesy filling together.

Cheese choice

Make the right choices for cheese from its many varieties. Go for more than one cheese for that extra burst in flavor. So mix up two or more variations like cheddar, goat cheese, Monterey Jack and others for a creamier explosion of taste in your mouth.


How to keep the stuffing from oozing out?

If you put in too much stuffing in your quesadillas, it is bound to ooze out. It is best if you keep some space between the plates and the edges for a mess-free cooking process. You could also reduce the cooking time to prevent the stuffing from oozing out. 

How do I clean the melted cheese that is sunk in between the plates?

It is best if you do not scrub too hard as the coating on the plates may become chipped. You might want to use a damp cloth to wipe the plates. If the melted cheese has hardened, you might want to use an abrasive sponge. However, it is best if you do not scrub too hard to maintain its quality. 

What should I use to remove the quesadilla after it has been cooked?

You can use a spatula to remove the cooked quesadilla from the quesadilla maker. It is best if you do not use any metal or sharp utensils to remove the food as it may damage the non-stick coating on the cooking area. It is safe to use wooden, plastic, or even silicone utensils to remove the cooked food.

Final Verdict

So figure out which one is the best quesadilla maker for you and then start making some cheesy masterpieces for all your loved ones! Make family times a lot more appetizing because no one can say no to the goodness of quesadilla!


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