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The 8 Best Donut Makers to Have the Perfect Donut-Coffee Combo

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And what is a better combination than some Americano with some donuts? That’s something we do for relaxing our body after a stressful day. But as much as we love our coffee and donuts, it is always not possible to get them from shops. At some point, you might want to make them at the convenience of your home. Moreover, this will save you money and you will be able to make much healthier ones compared to the ones bought from out. 

But now you might start to ask questions about how to make donuts. Will the machines to make donuts be expensive? Where should one go and what should one look for when it comes to making donuts. Well, because of those questions being answered, we have written this article. We have done our research and picked some of the best donut makers out there on the market. In this article, we will go through each product one by one and be highlighting the features so that you won’t be confused as to what to do.

Best Pick

Dash DDM007 Mini Donut Maker Machine

The donut maker from DASH takes the best cake when it comes to the best pick. With the ability to make 7 donuts and having all the essential features like light indicators, a non-stick baking tray, and being time-efficient, it just makes the whole experience easier.

Budget Pick

Babycakes Donut Maker, Mini

Everything that has been said for the best pick goes for the budget pick as well except more miniature. If you like the best pick, but want a smaller version, then the donut maker from Babycakes (mini) will do the job. The only exception over here is that this has a handle but has 1 light indicator and bakes 4 donuts.

Quick Comparison: Top 8 Best Donut Makers

Product NameDimensionWeightNo. of CavityGrade
Dash DDM007 Mini Donut Maker Machine12.13 x 9.25 x 5.2 inches3.27 pounds7A+
Babycakes Donut Maker (Mini)8.75 x 6 x 6.13 inches1.7 pounds4A+
Brentwood TS-250 Non-Stick Mini Donut Maker10.9 x 9.6 x 5.7 inches3.1 pounds7A
Betty Crocker BC-2938CO Mini Donut Maker10.75 x 8.58 x 5.43 inches1 pound7B+
VonShef 12 Mini Donut Electric Maker15.3 x 12.9 x 5.9 inches6.74 pounds12A+
Chef Buddy Hot Donut Maker (Mini)11 x 7.75 x 4.5 inches3.45 pounds7A
Sunbeam FPSBDML920 Donut Maker11.3 x 5.6 x 10.4 inches7.04 pounds5A
Babycakes Nonstick Coated Donut Maker8 x 4.1 x 9.8 inches3 pounds6B+

1. Dash DDM007 Mini Donut Maker Machine

If you are looking for a donut maker that has both a sleek look and good functionality, this donut maker from DASH must be at the top of your priority list. With this machine, you can make amazing donuts in no time as they are very time-efficient so you snack anytime you want.

The machine can be your trusted friend especially at times when you are running late as you just need to mix your donut batter and set the timer which will shut off on its own as it features an auto-shut technology. 

Without the fear of overcooking, the donut maker features a capacity of 7 donuts at one go and can cater to families which are larger in size. The 760-watt product offers ease of use as you can operate it with the help of a push start button only. The non-stick surface on top of that takes the machine to a whole new level. The surface will facilitate quick food release, keeping the shape of the donuts intact, and is also easy to clean after you are done making donuts.

Moreover, the machine is accompanied by a recipe book and recipe database access which makes this even more special.

What we liked: We love that the donut maker comes backed by a 1-year manufacturer warranty which lets you make a worry-free purchase.

What we did not like: Since it can heat up to a very high temperature due to its high power output, it is not safe for the children to use it.

Highlighted Features

  • It comes with a timer function that allows you to set times as per your preference
  • The latch is comfortable to handle and will not put your hands at risk of burning
  • The rubber feet of the machine offers greater stability so that it does not skid away
  • The donuts are baked to perfection and the shapes are not distorted when taking them out as the non-stick surface facilitates the quick release

2. Babycakes Donut Maker (Mini) 

Offering a super affordable price, this mini donut maker from Babycakes can make 4 donuts in 1 batch and is an ideal addition for any household. In addition to these, the donut maker features a very happy and bright yellow color exterior that makes it an eye-candy. 

Moreover, the donut maker comes with just one handle which makes it easy to hold and carry. It features only 1 light that indicates power on and off without any fuss and confusion. You can also wrap the cord around it when it is not in use so that there are no messy wires and your kitchen looks clean.

At the bottom, it has rubber feet which give you a grip when putting it on any surface. On the inside of this donut maker, we have non-stick plates that can make up to 4 donuts.  The donuts are of mini size instead of the regular size. Small size donuts are always fun to have and dunk in coffee. Because of the nonstick plates, it’s really easy to clean and pop out your donuts when they are done.

What we liked: We love the compact size and time-efficiency of the donut maker. Moreover, it is accompanied by a small recipe book and we loved this gift!

What we did not like: Even though it is not more of a downside but a matter of choice but this may not be ideal for those who have a larger family.

Highlighted Features

  • This donut maker has a handle that can help you if you are going to transport your donut maker from one place to another
  • This has 1 light indicator, that helps you in knowing whether your maker is powered or not
  • With this donut maker, you will be able to keep your power cords in place, so it will be cleaner. It also has rubber feet giving it a good grip
  • The baking plates are nonstick and have the capability of baking up to 4 donuts
  • Because the plates are also nonstick, it’s also easy to clean

3. Brentwood TS-250 Non-Stick Mini Donut Maker

The donut maker from Brentwood comes in a very unusual “pink” color which gives a unique and colorful look to your kitchen. The two light indicators in the donut maker have two distinct purposes. One is used to show whether your donut maker is plugged in or not and the other indicates whether it is ready for use or not.

The donut maker comes with 7-mini size molds used to make 7 mini-sized donuts. The surface of the donut maker is also non-stick which facilitates quick food release. This way the shapes of your donuts will not be distorted when you will pop them out. Additionally, this feature makes the cleanup process super easy and will not give you a hard time.

The power output of the donut maker is 700 watts which speed up the baking time and you can devour freshly baked restaurant-like donuts at the comfort of your home in no time. The donut maker also comes with a pre-heat feature which further helps you to bake perfect donuts.

What we liked: We loved the cool-touch handles and the automatic temperature control that it comes with which ensures ease of use.

What we did not like: The mold is designed in a way that the donut holes come out small. Moreover, the clamp is not tightly held together which was an issue for us.

Highlighted Features

  • Pink color for a donut maker from our point of view is an acquired taste. It does add a variety of choices, especially for people who love the color pink
  • The two light indicators help you in knowing the current situation of your donut maker
  • This donut maker can make up to 7 donuts that are mini-sized
  • The baking plate is nonstick, making it easy for you to bake and clean

4. Betty Crocker BC-2938CO Mini Donut Maker

The manufacturers of donut makers sure love the colors yellow and pink since most of the donut makers in the market come in these two colors. It can be a marketing technique or has worked as a tool to attract customers, whatever the reason may be, the mini donut maker from Betty Crocker also comes in a pink color exterior and has a circular shape. 

The donut maker comes with two light indicators where one shows whether it is powered or not and the other indicates when it is ready for use. The donut maker from Betty Crocker can effectively make 7 mini donuts at one go in the least time possible.

These mini donuts are baked and not fried; hence your donuts are soft on the inside while having a golden texture outside. Also since it’s baked, less oil is being used making it a healthy choice. The baking tray is nonstick. So it ensures that you won’t have any issues when it’s time to make some donuts and clean up your donut maker.

The donut maker is accompanied by a piping bag, assorted nozzles to complement the piping bag, and a spatula. All these together gives you a head start to your donut making the journey and lets you play with different flavor and designs just the way you like it.

What we liked: We loved the quick heating and non-stick features of the pan which both speed up the cooking time and facilitates easy food release.

What we did not like: What seemed like the problem in this is that the pan cannot main an even heat distribution which can result in uneven cooking

Highlighted Features

  • The pink color can be a turnoff or perhaps a turn-on, but it depends on personal liking. Regardless, it does come as a feature since you can't change the color
  • It has two light indicators making it possible for you to cook and clean easily, as it will help you in the process
  • You can bake up to 7 mini-sized donuts
  • The baking tray is nonstick, making things simple when it comes to baking and cleaning
  • With this donut maker, you will also get a piping bag, assorted nozzles, and a spatula. With these utensils, you can start thinking of what you want to put on top of your donut as it gets ready

5. VonShef 12 Mini Donut Electric Maker

Featuring a maximum capacity of 12 donuts, the VonShef electric donut maker is ultra-fast when it comes to cooking. You do not have to wait around for a long time, rather you can make donuts instantly with this super powerful machine just by mixing your donut mix and placing them in it. 

The lights can very easily let you know when it starts baking your donuts so you do not stay in a confusion. The safe-to-touch cool-touch handle ensures the secure handling of the lid. Moreover, the automatic temperature control does not let your donuts burn and ensures perfect browning.

What we liked: Even though it can cater to a larger group, the electric donut maker comes in a compact size which ensures our convenience when it comes to storage.

What we did not like: The cavities are too shallow so the donuts made are not very thick.

Highlighted Features

  • It comes with 12 molds for making 12 donuts in one batch
  • The donut maker features a cool-touch handle that protects your hands from burning while making donuts
  • The light indicators in the donut maker help you to understand when your donut maker is turned on and when it is ready to be used
  • It features a non-stick baking surface while helps with easy food release as well as makes cleaning breezy
  • The automatic temperature adjustment prevents your donuts from overcooking and cooks them to perfection

6. Chef Buddy Hot Donut Maker (mini)

Chef Buddy with their mini donut maker lets you make yummy restaurants like donuts in your home without making a fuss about it. The donut maker comes in a circular design and features an adorable purplish-blue color. The two lights in the machine have dedicated functions. One is used to show whether it is ready to use. 

The cool-touch handle facilitates easy and secure handling of the lid and the 30-inch long power cord allows you to set your machine up wherever you desire even if your wall socket is far away. Moreover, you use the donut maker to make 7 mini-sized donuts as one go. 

Not only is the donut maker time-efficient but the non-stick surface of the machine prevents the donuts from sticking to it or getting damaged in the process of taking them out. In addition to these, the nonstick surface offers a very easy cleaning procedure that will not occupy a time of your time.

What we liked: We loved that it discourages the use of too much oil and will not disrupt your diet, allowing you to stay healthy.

What we did not like: We did not like the instability of the machine even though it features rubber feet.

Highlighted Features

  • It comes with a convenient 30-inch long cord so even if your power socket is away, it is not a problem
  • You can make 7 donuts at one go in this model of donut maker
  • The lightweight of the machine makes it more portable
  • It features rubber feet to ensure greater stability and make it skid-resistant
  • It offers great affordability so can be an ideal choice for those who are in a budget
  • The donut maker has a cool-touch handle which ensures your utmost safety
  • It comes with red and green power-on and ready-to-use light indicators

7. Sunbeam FPSBDML920 Donut Maker

I really do not why manufacturers love the color yellow when it comes to donut makers. But then again, you can’t deny that it really catches your eye. The donut maker from Sunbeam is another yellow-colored donut maker.

It is in a shape of a large donut that not only looks cool but also looks fun to look at. It also has a sprinkles design on top, giving it an authenticate donut look. It has two lights, one where it lets you know whether the donut maker is powered or not and the other one shows whether it’s being used.

This donut maker can make up to 5 donuts. The size of these donuts is not technically mini, they are larger than a mini but smaller than a regular size. On the inside, the baking surface is nonstick, making it easy for you to bake and clean. Because of the latching lid, you can save up space when storing it in a cupboard, drawer, etc.

What we liked: Unlike most donut makers which either make mini or smaller donuts, this model from Sunbeam makes larger, regular-sized ones and this is what we love the most!

What we did not like: The issue that we came across with this one was the front snap close latch design. This requires you to open the lid very carefully without touching the hot parts of the donut maker.

Highlighted Features

  • The shape over here is unique as the donut maker has a shape of a donut. Because of the shape, it’s just fun seeing it.
  • It has 2 light indicators, giving you the ability to take care of your donuts and the donut maker as well.
  • The baking tray is nonstick, making it easy for you to clean and bake properly.
  • You can make up to 5 donuts. The size of these donuts is bigger than the mini size but smaller than the regular size.
  • Because of the lid that can be latched, you are able to save up space.

8. Babycakes Nonstick Coated Donut Maker

The donut maker from Baby Cakes is very vivid because of its yellow color. It’s fairly round in shape presenting a very cute side to the product. On the outside at the top of the donut maker, other than the brand name, there are two lights featuring power light and ready light.

Because of these two lights, you can know whether your machine is turned on or not and whether the donut baking is finished. It also has a cord wrap that helps your kitchen to be neat and clean instead of it being filled with power cords everywhere.

With this donut maker, you make mini donuts instead of the regular sizes. Mini donuts are fun to eat and you can never have enough, which is what at least we think. In this donut maker, you can make up to 6 donuts. Now, these donuts are baked and not fried. What that means is that your donuts will be lighter and fluffier, also not to mention healthier because of the reduced amount of oil.

On the inside, the plates are made of nonstick, giving you the ability to bake your donuts easily and not to mention easy cleanup. With the use of this product, you can make your donuts in about 4 minutes without any hassle. With this product, you will be getting a fork tool for taking your donuts out when they are ready without any issue. And it also comes with a wire rack and recipes, so that you can start making your donuts perfectly and easily.

What we liked: Baking is better than frying as they consume less grease and this is no exception. It requires no greasy ingredient at all and makes soft and healthy donuts.

What we did not like: The donuts are small in size and the donut maker can get too hot. These are the only two downsides of this machine.

Highlighted Features

  • The yellow color really excites the kitchen as it is very bright and makes the whole process of being in the kitchen and baking more fun
  • With this donut maker, you can make up to 6 mini-sized donuts
  • The donuts are baked instead of fried making them healthier
  • The baking plates are nonstick, so you don’t have to worry about your donuts being stuck after baking
  • You will get a fork tool, wire rack, and recipes that will help you in setting up your donut maker, help you in baking, and what type of donuts you want to bake

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Donut Makers

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Donut Makers

1. Capacity

Capacity is one of the most important factors that you should seek in your choice of donut maker. However, this is solely dependent on you because you need to ask yourself “how many donuts are enough?” The answer to this question will lead you to your desired donut maker. The most common ones can make 5 donuts at one go but some models can make donuts as many as 12. If you prefer making less then go for the regular ones which feature a smaller capacity but if you want to make lots of donuts in one batch then go for the bigger donut makers

2. Size

Normally depending on how many donuts you want to bake is the size of your donut maker. But other than that, the reason as to why finding the right size is important can be for various reasons. If you have less space, then small size donut makers would be the most efficient for you and they can fit and won't have to move to a larger place every time you want to bake. Another thing to mention is that sometimes, a mini version of a donut maker can have fewer features, so if you are more interested in features, that's something you should consider

3. Design and Aesthetics

This is an interesting one. Donut makers are very simple. They are not a complex machine that is designed to do multiple things. They help you bake donuts and that is just that. So in those terms, there isn't really much to look for other than the design and aesthetics. Since your donut maker will most probably be on the counter or on top of a drawer, design and the overall look can be important. Hence try to look for what you like starting from the color to the shape and the overall aesthetics. Try to find the product that fits in your kitchen that doesn't look off-put.

4. Power

It is a wise choice to go for donut makers that come with high power output. This is because they can quickly heat the baking plate which will speed up the cooking time. If you are running late, then this is a must-have feature in your choice of donut maker.

5. Baking plate

It is important to judge the baking plate in your choice of donut maker. The surface should and must have nonstick properties, otherwise, your donuts will get stuck to the plate, causing damage to the shape. Moreover, the plates should be made from a material that ensures even heat distribution, or else, there will be hot-cold spots and your donuts will not be cooked to perfection.


Q. Do I need to add oil to the baking plates of my donut maker? 

Even though some donut makers require no use of oil but if your baking plate requires grease, you should go for palm oil or coconut oil rather than regular cooking oil as it turns your donuts soggy.

Q. Why do my donuts not rise? 

The reason behind your donuts not rising and blooming may be because you have added too much water to your cake mix. Excess water can kill the yeast present in the mix which will stop your donuts from rising.


We believe that donuts have a bad reputation and that is because of the way it is mass made. We have to understand that there is always an alternative. There is always a healthier side when it comes to the food you eat, whether it be washing properly, using healthier ingredients or even cooking. If you like donuts and love eating them, then a donut maker is the way to go. Making donuts at home can be easy, fun and not to mention healthy.

If you have read our review, then by now you should have an idea of what you want. We sincerely hope that you have fun making donuts as much as you love eating them. One of our most favorite times of the day is to dunk our glazed donut in coffee and take a bite as it not only refreshes us but also makes us happy. And we hope that you can feel that too and spread the joy with your new donut maker.

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