The 15 Best Hand Mixers to Prepare the Perfect Batter for Bread or Pastries

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Does it take a lot of time to prepare the perfect cake batter? An electric hand mixer blends all the ingredients in less time and the batter does not contain clots of flour. Consistency of the batter is essential to make biscuits, muffins, bread, etc and for this removable attachments are provided. 

Furthermore, whipping egg whites, kneading dough is also easy with hand mixers. The hand mixer varies with the speed levels. To decide on the best hand mixer, look for the capacity of speed level and power of the motor.

What You Need to Know Before Buying the Best Hand Mixer?

Are you confused in deciding whether you should buy a whisk or an electric hand mixer? A manual whisk can be tiring for your hand whereas the electric hand mixer completes the work in less duration.

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Range of speed

Does not your hand hurt when beating eggs for an omelet? A hand mixer reduced the pain as they are electric. The mixers have different speed levels. The levels start from 4 and the highest we have mentioned in our article is 9. A mixer with various speed levels reduces the splatter while mixing ingredients as the speed increases slowly. 

The lowest level of speed is used to mix dry ingredients and the higher speed is for making foam, frosting. Depending on your usage type you need to decide how many speed levels do you need in your hand mixer. 

Besides, a ‘turbo’ function is added on some mixers for ensuring the fast speed to mix all the ingredients without any waste. This function is helpful for preparing cream or butter easily.

The removable attachments

The attachments are important parts that always come with mixers. A pair of beaters is given with all mixers which can perform most of the mixing functions easily.  A pair of dough hooks are given if there is a level of speed to make dough. Lastly, a whisk is also provided by some brands to mix the eggs. 

They are manufactured with durable stainless steel and are easily washable. If you want you can wash them with your hand or put them in the dishwasher. They have a shiny and non-stick coating that releases the batter easily. 

Capable of staying in an upright position

Setting the mixer in a vertical position is very important. If you are a baker, you will know all the ingredients for baking cakes or brownies are not mixed at the same time. The ingredients are added one after another. As soon as the mixing is over, we go for the cooking instead of ejecting the attachments for cleaning.  For various reasons, upright functionality is needed on the mixer if you want to finish your cooking quickly and efficiently.

Storage box 

The beaters, whisk, dough hooks that come with the mixer are removable. As they can be easily ejected, they can get easily displaced if not stored properly. To prevent losing the attachments, brands provide snap containers or storage bases to keep all the parts together. The storage containers cannot be used to mix the ingredients as they are made of light plastic. 

Flexible usage 

If you are thinking of buying a hand mixer, it is better to go for the one that offers variable functionality. The ability to mix dry or wet ingredients effortlessly without creating air bubbles helps to bake the perfect cake. Whisking is necessary every day to whisk eggs for omelets or scrambled eggs. 

The batter gets heavy when flour, chocolate chips are added and the wrist gets tired if it is mixed manually. A heavy-duty mixer with a high rated motor ensures beating the heavy batter quickly. The hardest mixer according to us is kneading the dough to make pizzas, bread, tortillas, etc. The kneading hooks are very useful in making the perfect dough without much effort. With the perfect speed and attachments, the baking process can be easy and fun. 

Easy to hold 

You also need to hold the mixer steady in place as the motor causes vibration while mixing the items. A strong grip with a control button close to your thumbs eases the process of running the mixer. The mixer that causes less vibration but has great speed is the best hand mixer that you can buy.

Top 15 Best Hand Mixers

1. BLACK+DECKER Hand Mixer

Highlighted Features

  • The hand mixer comes with a 6-speed option to mix ingredients at different rates
  • The turbo button accelerates the speed of the mixing
  • Attachments for beaters, whisk, dough hooks are provided in the package
  • A storage case for the mixer helps to store all the items together easily.
  • The heal and bowl rest design in the mixer lets you keep it steady on the table or the edges of the bowl
  • The eject button releases the attachments with a single press

If you are new to baking, the hand mixer from Black+Decker will be a great help as it has 6-speed levels and a turbo boost to mix everything. Other than being a good-looking kitchen appliance, this product has a high motor power of 250 watts. It has a variable speed option of six. You know what this means! It means that you get to create your desired fluffiness or texture for both high and low dense baking fluids.

The added accessories of the product include two beaters, two dough hooks, and one whisk. In fact, you will find a suitable storage case for keeping the attachments safe and sound. Among all the products that we have evaluated, we found the quality of the accessories of this product is the best. The wire beaters are similar to professional beaters to provide you with just the right texture you need. 

We specifically liked the start feature of this product. It starts off 20 percent slower than its usual performance to get you prepared for the mixing. Once you get the hang of it, you can start increasing your speed based on the mixing requirement. It also has a ‘turbo’ button to give the push needed for mixing or whipping dense or concentrated batters and dough.

2. Hamilton Beach Electric Hand Mixer 

Highlighted Features

  • High power of 250 watts for beating dense and mild items alike
  • Ideal for mixing, folding, and whisking
  • Bowl rest feature to adjust or set the mixer appropriately
  • 6-speed function to mix ingredients at different paces for better cooking
  • Added feature to boost up speed called ‘burst function’
  • Comes with a storage case that can be snapped on the machine
  • The accessories include beaters and whisk

Another of our favorite hand mixers is Hamilton Beach 62682RZ Hand Mixer. We loved the great power it has. To be exact, it can take to a peak power of 250 watts. This number is pretty great to beat and whip the dense batters and dough for your baking. We thought that this mixer is quite versatile. In fact, it is almost as good as stand mixers in terms of functionality for a small volume of items. You can actually mix, whisk and fold with this hand mixer. For new bakers or occasional bakers, this is one product that we would highly recommend you to use for its versatility.

It comes with a built-in bowl rest feature. How is this helpful for you? When you are adding the ingredients for mixing, this bowl rest helps the mixer to settle down. We liked this feature specifically for new users who find it difficult to manage hand mixers while baking. The product comes with 6-speed functions. But we honestly loved its added feature called the ‘burst function’. What it does is if you want to increase speed a little bit more, you can add a push to your beating with this burst function.

The product provides you with a pretty decent storage case to keep the accessories. The accessories are basically the basics of hand mixers. It doesn’t come with fancy added gadgets or accessories. You will get the traditional beaters and whisk with Hamilton Beach 62682RZ hand mixer.

3. KitchenAid Digital Hand Mixer

Highlighted Features

  • The 9-speed function in the mixer prepares dough of various densities
  • Has provision for soft start feature
  • Tight and impactful lock cord for easy of operations
  • Comfortable soft-grip handle so that your fingers don't feel lethargic
  • Beater ejection button for dispatching the accessories
  • The accessories can be put in the dishwasher for cleaning
  • The additional parts and the machine are stored safely on the storage bag that comes with the package

If you are the one in your family who buys the kitchen appliances, you would know what great a brand KitchenAid is. We weren’t at all surprised when we evaluated the hand mixer of this brand and it met all our expectations. The most distinctive feature of the KitchenAid products is the variable speed it provides to customize according to the density and concentration of the batter. The 9-speed hand-mixer possesses all the functionalities of the comparable blenders of KitchenAid. Speed one is used for slow stirring, speed six is used for whipping batters, and sugars and finally, speed nine is used for the purpose of whipping meringue.

The product comes with a lockable swivel cord. As fancy as the word sounds, the utility of this feature is great too! In order to churn ingredients from left or right or at any angle, this particular lock is provided. What users claim while using generic hand mixers is the fact that they need to be extra careful while un-attaching the accessories. To accommodate this problem, KitchenAid KHM926CU 9-Speed Digital hand mixer comes with a beater ejection button. You can easily dispatch the accessories with the press of one single button.

The beaters are made of stainless steel and dishwasher safe. This means you can easily clean them and do not have to worry that your beater will be rusted after a while. We were pretty impressed with the soft hand grip. Specifically for dense baking fluids, it takes time to beat it properly. Therefore, comfort is essential when you are handling the mixer.

4. LILPARTNER Hand Mixer

Highlighted Features

  • The 5 powerful mixing speeds make the batter of different consistencies
  • You can speed up the mixing process with the turbo button on the side
  • Ventilation at the front and back helps in rapid cooling
  • Whisks, beaters, hooks, etc are made from 304 stainless steel to resist rust
  • The stand-alone design of the mixer lets it stand on any surface without any support
  • A transparent storage box comes with the mixer to keep all the accessories together

The LILPARTNER hand mixer has a white exterior with 3 buttons to operate it according to your preferences. Eggs and salad are the items that are regularly eaten by everyone and so to beat eggs or prepare salad dressing, this hand mixer will help to prepare in a small amount of time. While mixing the items, it creates low noise, and the heat generated due to the motor is ventilated through the vents. 

For different consistency of the batter, you need beater, whisks which come on the package. The accessories are easy to eject and replace with a single button. The accessories are safe for cleaning in the dishwasher. The machine can be wiped clean with a wet cloth to remove the splatter of ingredients.  

Moreover, you will get a firm grip on the handle that won't tire your fingers. With this mixer, you can mix at a high speed of 400 watts if you want to make a dish quickly. The whisk and beaters are put away on the transparent box that is provided with the machine. However, the dirt will be more visible due to the white color. Also, it has fewer speed options compared to others that can spatter the ingredients while mixing.

5. Mueller Electric Hand Mixer

Highlighted Features

  • It is a silver electric mixture with a 5-speed function
  • The turbo function on the mixer will boost the speed for fast mixing
  • The speed can be easily managed with the thumb
  • The non-slip handle gives a comfortable grip for kneading or whipping flour mix
  • The mixer has a stand-alone feature to set it aside in the middle of cooking
  • The cord and the accessories will not be lost as all can be stored in the storage box

The Mueller electric hand mixer is designed and engineered in German to make it durable. The beaters and hooks that come with the machine are made from stainless steel and plated with chrome. The chrome plating makes the accessories strong and corrosion-resistant. The beaters and hooks are suitable to wash in the dishwasher.    

Those who are taking baking classes require to carry all the tools with them and this mixer comes with a storage box to easily carry with you. Moreover, it is designed with vents to pass out the hot air. The unique feature of this mixture is that you can eject as well as control the speed with your thumb. The eject button and speed controlling tabs are designed in the same panel giving a minimal design on the mixture.

6. KitchenAid Hand Mixer

Highlighted Features

  • The mixer allows you to mix the ingredients at variable 5-speed levels
  • It is a 2 pounds mixer with proper ventilation at the front
  • The beater is designed as a turbo beater to thoroughly mix the ingredients
  • The swivel cord can be locked on the left and right sides to mix the ingredients at any position
  • Cleaning is easy as the beaters can be placed in the dishwasher

The hand mixer from KitchenAid is in ice blue color with a 5-speed level to mix dry and wet ingredients easily. It has 36 inches long cord that enables you to use the mixer from a place far from the socket. The two buttons at the top control speed and eject the beater. 

However, there are no mixing tools other than the pair of beaters. It has few speed levels and no button for turbo boost. But you will get a turbo designed beater that will beat the ingredients evenly. Moreover, it does not come with a storage box to keep the cord and the beater in the same place.  

If we look at the design, the mixer has a delightful appearance with a comfortable handle. The side is flat to keep the beater standing while adding ingredients in between the mixes.

7. Cuisinart Handheld Mixer  

Highlighted Features

  • Powerful motor to churn dense batters, cookie dough, frosting, and much more
  • Convenient storage option because of the sturdy storage case
  • Possess 9-speed functions and a great feature of smooth start
  • Its light-weight makes it easily portable
  • The removable parts are dishwasher safe and BPA free

One of our top picks for you is Cuisinart HM-90BCS Power Advantage Plus 9-Speed Handheld Mixer. Let us go one by one about some of its best attributes and the worst. The product comes with automatic feedback meaning you do not have to worry much about the start or stop of the mixer when it’s done. The power of this hand-mixer is 220 watts which are sufficient for whipping almost all sorts of frosting, cream, and baking fluids.

We particularly loved the smooth start feature that it has. Basically, there is a provision for three low speeds during the start. In fact, once you get comfortable using the product, you can use the one-step power switch which has 9-speed LED display. For storage, you would require minimal space. The accessories that you get with the product are beaters, dough hook, spatula, and chef’s whisk. It becomes easy for you to store the accessories of the product with the storage case provided.

Now if you are a regular baker and require a large number of baking fluids to beat every day, we would suggest choosing a stand mixer instead of this. It cannot compete with the highly functional stand mixers, but we can assure you that for medium or smaller quantities this hand mixer will provide you with the loftiness that you need for your cakes, cookies, and other baking items.

8. Hamilton Beach Hand Mixer

Highlighted Features

  • 6-speed functions on the mixer enable its versatile use
  • The pulse function on the mixer gives access to an extra control option
  • Comes with a storage case to keep all the accessories together
  • The accessories include beaters and whisk for making eggs or baking cakes
  • A milkshake blending rod is given along with the other accessories

The Hamilton Beach hand mixer has a different structure and functions from the other mixers. With this mixer, you can beat your eggs, knead your dough, and whip milk and ice cream to make a delicious milkshake. The 6-speed options are easy to control and are placed close to your thumb. If you are in a hurry, a quick burst button is given to mixing all the ingredients quickly without creating a mess. 

As the motor has the capacity to run at 290 watts, it gets hot quickly. So to circulate the hot air, vents are given at the back of the machine. 6 attachments come with the mixer which are wire beaters, whisks, milkshake blending rod, and dough hooks. The beaters and whisk are designed with twisted wire so that less amount of batter remains stocks to the attachments. 

The attachments are easy to eject. The eject button is placed at the neck which is not easily visible. The handle gives a comfortable grip which helps to hold the mixer steady at high speed. However, the attachments are dishwasher safe but recommend to hand wash them after every use.

9. Breville Hand Mixer 

Highlighted Features

  • You can mix your ingredients with 9-speed levels on this mixer
  • The mixer determines the required process automatically as soon as the removable tools are attached
  • The beaters have rubber scrapers to prevent loud noises when in contact with a bowl
  • A wide ergonomic handle provides a comfortable experience of mixing hard or soft ingredients
  • It has a smart control panel and LCD to display your current speed level
  • A transparent container that easily snaps with the machine is used for storing the whisks and beaters

If you love some automated feature for your kitchen appliance, Breville BHM800SIL Handy Mix Scraper Hand Mixer is just the right-hand mixer for you. It detects the attachment you are using and adjusts the speed accordingly. Hence, you don’t have to worry about increasing or decreasing the speed. The motor power is 240 watts which is a pretty decent figure which you already know by now!

The best part about this hand mixer is that it does not make much noise. We absolutely loved this feature. One thing we found in most of the hand mixers was that they made quite a lot of noise. The product even has a set-up timer meaning it will show you the time you need to beat or whip for a particular recipe. We also found the mixing light quite helpful to carefully inspect the mixing of the ingredients.

We found this hand-mixer unique and different from the rest. The reason is its automated feature. We would highly recommend this product to new bakers who are yet to understand the ins and outs of baking. Baking would be much easier for them with this product for its features such as a count-up timer, automated speed settings, and mixing light options.

10. Bosch Hand Mixer 

Highlighted Features

  • The mixer is operable at 5-speed levels at a power of 400 watts
  • Noise reduction technology is applied so that it can be used at any time without disturbing sound
  • The turbo option is available to amplify the speed as needed
  • The removable beaters and hooks are safe to wash in the dishwasher
  • A leg is attached at the back of the mixer to keep in standing after use

For a perfect cake or brownie, mixing the batter properly is very essential. The Bosch Hand Mixer has 5-speed settings to blend all the ingredients into a perfect batter. The cake batter needs to be mixed at a different speed level where regular is beaten in another level. The versatility of the speed is available on this mixer. Turbo mood is also within easy reach on the mixer. 

Furthermore, it is lightweight for easy movements across the bowl. For storing, you need to find a box to keep all the tools together as it does not come with a storage box. The body of the electric hand mixer has a combination of red and white color which can be cleaned with a wet piece of cloth.  

On the mixer, you will see a leg is attached to give support for putting the mixer upright. But it is not enough to keep steady on the bowl. You need to eject the beaters before keeping it in an upright position or the batter will create a mess on the countertop.

11. Bar Hand Mixer 

Highlighted Features

  • It is an FDA-approved mixer with 5-speed levels
  • It comes with a snap base to store the machine and tools in an upright position
  • Stainless steel is used on the attachments for easy cleaning and durability
  • The motor is pure copper to enhance the efficiency of the machine
  • The handle is ergonomically designed to get a compatible grip while mixing
  • The stand-alone design lets it rest for a while adding other ingredients
  • An egg white separator comes with other accessories

Cooking can be a messy process if not done properly and for the messy bakers, this Bar hand mixer is a great option to reduce the untidiness. First of all, the motor is covered with red plastic and is FDA certified. Like other mixers, it has 5-speed and a turbo function to set it as needed. The buttons are easy to maneuver with your thumb. 

The unique feature of this beater is the base that comes with the mixer. You can keep the machine aside in an upright position as it can stand alone. Also, you can store all the parts together on the base. Moreover, you cannot eject the attachments unless they are in the ‘0’ position.

As the hand mixer is made of copper motor, less amount of heat is generated that gives a long life of the motor. To dissipate the generated heat, multiple holes are designed at the front. You can use the dishwasher for washing the removable tools safely.

12. DmofwHi Electric Hand Mixer 

Highlighted Features

  • With the ‘+’ sign, you can increase the speed up to 9 levels
  • The LCD views the current function of the mixture
  • You can set a timer for mixing the ingredient on it
  • To prevent overheating, the mixer automatically turns off after working for 5 minutes continuously
  • A base stand is given to store all the items securely

The DmofwHi electric hand mixer has a different appearance from the other mixers. The ergonomic handle is not fully attached to the body and has the support to keep the mixer in an upright position. The mixer comes with whisks, beaters, and dough hooks for preparing any kind of dish you want easily. 

In addition, the mixer has a digital control panel with an LCD to see the function. With a touch button, you can start and pause the process. Moreover, a separate button is given for setting the timer for mixing which is a different function available on this mixer. To increase or decrease the speed, ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons are given. 

Though the speed level goes up to 9 there is no turbo option to boost the speed. A button is provided to eject and change the tools as needed. The removable parts are safe for dishwasher cleaning. The removable parts are safe for dishwasher cleaning. You will find ventilators on the front and back sides to prevent overheating.

13. Bonsenkitchen Hand Mixer 

Highlighted Features

  • A 5-speed setting button is designed on the mixer for everyday use
  • The mixer is equipped with a 300 watts motor for fast and efficient mixing
  • A button for turbo speed to increase the process of mixing
  • A base is given for storing all the parts together on the countertop
  • The parts are suitable to place in the dishwasher for cleaning
  • The mixer stands in an upright position without needing any support

For professional bakers, a fast mixer is necessary to prepare the savories for their bakery and with the 300 watts motor of Bonsenkitchen, the mixing becomes quicker. The mixer comes in bright silver covered with plastic. From whipping cream to beating ingredients for biscuits, cakes, all are possible with this mixer. Not to mention, it has 5-speed levels to set the speed accordingly. The attachments will not come when the mixer is turned on.  

Moreover, it has proper ventilation and storage base that reduces the wastage of space. Also, all the removable tools can be kept together on this base. The base has silicone that prevents creating scratches on the countertop. The removable beaters and hooks are made of stainless steel to prevent rust and to wash them easily in the dishwasher.

14. MIGVELA Hand Mixer 

Highlighted Features

  • The mixer can be operated at a different 7-speed level to make every meal easily
  • The dough hooks and the beaters are made of 304 stainless steel that releases the batter smoothly
  • For heat dissipation, multiple holes are designed on the machine
  • You can easily keep it at a stand-alone position after finishing the mix
  • The cord is long and has flexibility in moving with the mixer

The MIGVELA hand mixer is in a compact design and is light in weight which can be easily carried in your bakery classes. The beaters or the hooks are easy to install in the holes and can be removed by pressing the eject button. You can control the speed by pressing the speed regulator with your thumb. 

After finishing the mix, keep the mixer in the stand-alone position to start the cooking process. The mixer won't get overheated as there are wide holes to disperse heat out of the mixer. However, the absence of a storage box makes it hard to store all the tools together in the same palace. All the non-electrical parts are safe for washing in the oven.

15. Dualit Hand Mixer 

Highlighted Features

  • It is a 4-speed mixer that meets all the requirements for everyday meals
  • The entire mixer is made of stainless steel to make it durable
  • The chrome plating makes the beaters and hooks harder for fast mixing
  • The handle is designed to provide a comfortable grip while mixing
  • The mixer has certifications from SEMCO, UL, etc

Lastly, we have a Dualit Hand Mixer that can be used commercially or at home. As it is made of stainless steel it is heavy compared to other mixers but it stays steady at high speed. This mixer comes with a 4-speed setting with which you can easily prepare eggs, salad dressing, cakes, etc. 

After removing the whisks, hooks, put them in the dishwasher for cleaning. Wipe the body with clean wet clothes to remove any dirt attached to the main machine. The hand mixer does not come with a box for storing the attachments, so it can be hard to find the tools at the time of need. At the back of the machine, there are grips to rest it on the edges of the bowl. You can also keep it in the vertical position to reduce the use of space in the cabinet.


Does the power of the motor matter in buying the electric hand mixer?

The mixers we mentioned in our article have more than 200 watts of power. It is better to go for the powerful hand mixers as they will work faster and will be more durable than the less powerful ones.  

Which one will be better, hand mixers or bowl lift mixers?

Both of them are great choices but it depends on you to decide which one will be better. The bowl-lift mixers are not flexible as hand mixers and they take a lot of space storage. However, the hand mixers are easy to assemble and disassemble and can be easily kept in the cabinet. 

Can I make dough with the hand mixer?

Yes, you can make dough with the hand mixer if it comes with kneading hooks.


If you are new to baking, it can be hard to decide which hand mixer to buy. We recommend buying the one that can be used for whipping, beating, and kneading. Also, a wide option of speed reduces the splatter of ingredients as you can gradually increase the speed. 

Whipping or mixing your favorite frosting or cream has become convenient and easy, all thanks to the hand mixers. Moreover, the beaters and whisks are easy to clean with hands or in the dishwasher. In our article, we have discussed the features elaborately to help you choose the best hand mixer for baking.

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