The Acekool Stand Mixer (MC1) – Making Light Work of Those Mixing Tasks!

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The Acekool stand mixer (MC1) is an ideal and affordable addition to the kitchen to help you make light work of those large cookie batches and family sized loaves!

In this review, I take a detailed look at this latest addition to the Acekool range of small appliances to see exactly what this stand mixer offers and, just how well it measures up against its stand mixer competitors!


Before we look at the Acekool stand mixer though, let’s just consider how handy it is to have one in the kitchen.

A stand mixer is similar to a hand mixer in that you can mix a variety of foods from cake batters to sauces, egg whites and more. Stand mixers have a more powerful motor and more speed settings compared with a regular hand mixer and these make the stand mixer better for speed precision and heavier duty tasks.

Stand mixers also offer freedom in that you can put your ingredients in, turn it on to mix while you are weighing out other ingredients or greasing your baking pan. Stand mixers also make less mess as most come with a splash proof cover to keep splashes down.

Where the stand mixer really takes over from a hand mixer is it is much better for mixing larger quantities and of course, for making dough. Unfortunately you cannot use a hand mixer for dough easily so unless you do have the time (and energy) to hand mix your pizza, bread or pasta dough, then a stand mixer is a must have.

Perhaps the main disadvantage of the stand mixer though is its size. While you can easily place the hand mixer in your cupboard, the size and weight of stand mixers mean they are best left out on the countertop – which can be an issue if you have limited space available.

At one time, the cost also made stand mixers more of a luxury kitchen addition, with leading brands costing hundreds of dollars. However, with the introduction of stand mixers like the Acekool, suddenly, stand mixers have become much more affordable.

Acekool Stand Mixer Features

If you have never owned a stand mixer before, the Acekool stand mixer is a budget friendly mixer that can mix batters, egg whites, cream, sauces, doughs and even your favorite cocktails!

The Acekool stand mixer is a good buy if you do not use a stand mixer that often, as it can be hard to justify the spend on a leading brand mixer if you only use it once or twice a month.

As well as being a budget friendly stand mixer, the Acekool is also perfect if you have never owned a stand mixer before and would like to see exactly what all the fuss is about.

It is a 660 watts machine, making it powerful enough to carry out all those key mixing tasks and it has variable speeding settings of between 1 and 10, with 1 to 4 being suitable for those lower speed jobs such as mixing dough and the higher speeds for those tasks such as mixing batters or sauces where high speed mixing is necessary. It also has a pulse function.

It measures 12.68" long, 6.89" wide by 13.9" high and is constructed from stainless steel, ABS plastic and aluminum alloy with a copper motor. It is currently available in black or red.


The Acekool has a 7.5 quart bowl which means it can handle big family meals or large baking sessions. Just to give you an idea of its capacity, if you want to use it to beat eggs, you can beat between 4 and 30 at any one time.

Like other stand mixers, this has the tilting head which locks once it is in position and ready to mix. The moment you lift the tilt head, mixing stops for safety until you either lock the tilt head back down or turn off the mixer.


The stand mixer control is a straightforward dial control which you can set at any speed straightaway without needing to increase the speed by increments. The dial also has a blue LED which lights up when the power to the mixer is turned on.


If you are used to stand mixers, you will know they can be noisy, especially when mixing at high speed. The Acekool has a comparable sound level to other mixers, less than or equal to 75 decibels within 3 ft of the mixer.

The base of the mixer has anti-slip and suction silicone feet, and these not only stop it from sliding on the countertop, but also help keep some of the noise and vibration down when in use.

It also has the all-important splash proof cover, helping to keep the batter in the bowl rather than on the countertop and the design of the cover means you can add extra ingredients to the bowl without needing to stop the mixer to remove the cover.

All the accessories (beaters, bowl) that the Acekool comes with are dishwasher safe, making easy work of cleaning up after use. You can just wipe down the stand mixer body with a damp cloth after use to remove any splashes.

Unlike many other stand mixers, the Acekool also comes with a generous three year warranty and if the mixer breaks down, then the manufacturer will either replace or refund.


What’s in the Box?


As well as the mixer and its 7.5 quart stainless steel mixing bowl, the Acekool mixer comes with a balloon whisk for general liquid and batter mixing (or any mixes that you need to aerate), the dough hook for your bread and pizza doughs and the flat/paddle beater which is best used for general mixing such as for cookies, cake batters, frostings and indeed anything else that you want least air added to the batter or liquid while mixing. There is also a dust cover for the whisk attachment to help stop dust rising up from the dry ingredients.

Unlike more expensive stand mixers, you do not yet have the opportunity to buy other accessories for the Acekool such as a spiral attachments, grinders, slicers or ice cream makers.

Other items in the box also include the splash proof cover, a recipe book and a service card (detailing the three year warranty).


The enclosed instruction manual explains how to set the stand mixer up correctly, how to use it and it also offers some tips for getting the most out of the stand mixer during use.

The Pros and Cons

Although at the moment you cannot buy extra accessories such as different types of beaters for the Acekool stand mixer, it does come supplied with the main beaters that are suitable for most types of mixing tasks that you may need to do.

Hands down, this is a winner in the budget competition as it costs significantly less than the leading brands of stand mixer and unlike those, it also comes with a three year warranty, so you also get peace of mind when you buy.


If you have never used a stand mixer or need to replace a broken one which was used infrequently, then the Acekool MK-5101 stand mixer is great option. Well designed and extremely well priced, it is perfect for a wide range of every day kitchen tasks.
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