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The 10 Best Cocktail Shakers To Buy in 2023

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Preparing a drink without the right tool can be hectic, and by the end of the day, you may end up poor quality drink and cocktail is not an exception. To make that quality cocktail you ever wished for, you will need to have a quality shaker. These tools offer you convenience and blend your drinks and beverages perfectly well. Those who understand well the benefits of owning one are reaping the benefits.

But with the ever-rising number of brands in the market, shopping for a cocktail shaker has never been simple. Every model out there has its distinct features that set it apart from its peers. Our review comprises of popular brands that have been around for long and boasts of their expertise in the industry. Keep reading to identify the best cocktail shaker that fits your needs.

Factors to Consider When Buying The Best Cocktail Shaker

No one would love to spend money on a shaker that cannot deliver quality cocktail. A good cocktail shaker should mix your drink faster without altering its character. To enjoy all these, you need to be adequately equipped with what makes a great cocktail shaker. Before jumping in, here is what you need to factor in.

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Cocktail Shaker Types

When hunting for the cocktail shaker for mixology, you need to check out the type that will work for you. Usually, cocktail mixers are of three different types which include the Boston, French/ Parisian shaker, and cobbler shaker.

Cobbler shaker

Cobble shaker is simple and easy to use. The mixer is also known as a three-piece shaker which comprises of an inbuilt strainer, a lid and a cap for covering the filter for a leak free shaking experience. Cobbler shakers usually hold small quantities as compared to the other counterparts and are an excellent pick for shaking single drinks. 

However, their inbuilt strainer helps bar unwanted bits from finding their way into your glass offering convenience. Due to its design and ease of use, cobbler shaker is an excellent choice for beginners or homeowners who are not looking forward to preparing large quantities of drinks.

French / Parisian shaker

The Parisian shaker imitates the shape of a cobbler cocktail mixer but does not have an inbuilt strainer. The French cocktail mixer features a two metal piece and is considered as one of the simplest shakers to open.

The lid of a French shaker fits perfectly well on the tin offering a leak-free shaking. Unlike cobbler shakers, Parisian cocktail mixers require a strainer to sieve any unwanted bits.

Boston shakers

Just like the French shaker, Boston cocktail mixers feature two pieces without a strainer. Unlike the other shaker types, Boston shakers are more versatile and a great pick for busy bars. They mix cocktails faster and hold larger quantities.

Though they get your drink mixed perfectly well within no time, using a Boston shaker requires skills and is highly recommended for professionals.



Each cocktail shaker will have a maximum size it can hold at a given time. There is no standard capacity limit but will vary depending on your preferences. In case you need one to use in a busy bar, then you should go for models with larger capacity. For home use, you should also consider your family size when determining the right shaker size.

Material Used

Most of the popularly used materials are stainless steel, glass, aluminum or a combination of two materials. Stainless steel is food safe, durable, easy to maintain and does not leave any strange flavors in your drink. Aluminum is affordable, lightweight, easy to maintain but less durable as compared to stainless steel.

Glass shakers are easy to maintain, food safe, and easy to use. They help you keep track of your cocktail when putting in the ingredients preventing any chances of filling your tin up to the rim. However, glass models need to be handled with care as they may break if not handled properly.


Cocktail shakers will feature different designs to satiated different user needs. There is always something for everyone and you can never miss several models that matches your style. In case you are shopping for your loved ones, know their tastes and choose a design that perfectly defines them.

Ease of Maintenance

When cocktail shakers are not well cleaned, they can transfer flavors to your drinks altering its character. A hard to clean mixer will always consume much of your time. Always double check the cleaning procedure to determine whether you will be in a position to keep it well maintained or not.

Other Features

You will notice that some models will have additional features like well-printed recipes on the tin for convenience and accuracy. Such model saves your time and money that you would have used to measure your ingredients separately. If you are a novice, taking advantage of such features will enable you to prepare different cocktails like a pro.

Besides shakers with non-slip grip facilitate natural shaking even when your hands are not at their best.  Watch out for such features for enhancing your shaking experience.


Cocktail shakers will vary on the price depending on the material used, size, quality, and versatility. Note that quality and value go hand in hand and you cannot expect a cheap model to last you  longer as a high end one would.

Top 10 Best Cocktail Shakers

1. Cresimo Cocktail Shaker Set

A professional shaker for any grade of cocktail aficionado, the Cresimo cocktail shaker also includes an in-built strainer for mess-free drinks. Made from 18/8 stainless steel with a sleek mirrored finish, this is designed to remain rust free during its life.

A sturdy design that can hold a respectable 24 oz, this is also a leak proof shaker and just to get you started with your cocktails, it also comes with a bonus jigger for easy ingredient measuring.

You can quickly clean it through the dishwasher or wash by hand if you prefer and as it comes with a manufacturer’s two year warranty, you have peace of mind that your shaker will be around for a while.

Highlighted Features

  • 24 oz capacity
  • Professional shaker
  • Comes with a bonus jigger for measuring
  • Has an in-built strainer for easier pouring
  • The 18/8 stainless steel is rust proof and mirrored for a sleek finish
  • You can wash by hand or in the dishwasher
  • Has a two year guarantee from the manufacturer

2. HIC Cocktail Shaker 

If you maybe in search for the cocktail shaker for the money then this HIC shaker could be a great addition to your home or bar. The shaker boasts of its durable stainless steel construction with rust resistance and odor-free properties.

From old fashioned Martini, Manhattan, Arnold Palmer, to craft cocktail, this device will impress your guests by giving incredible results making them begging for more. With this device, you can now say goodbye to diluted drinks and poorly prepared cocktail with unwanted bits.

The shaker has a strainer for sieving all the unwanted ice cubes, fruit bits, herbs and spices giving you a smooth cocktail. Its jigger cap ensures the shaker is securely closed keeping everything confined inside during the shaking process. Its high polished mirror finish brings a stylish look to your home or bar.

Highlighted Features

  • 18-ounce set
  • Made of stainless steel with rust resistance
  • Does not absorb odors, smells or allow unwanted bits to your drink
  • Easy to use
  • Has a mirror finish which adds elegance to your table
  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable

3. OXO Cocktail Shaker

Oxo cocktail shaker has for years stood out from the competition with its great features and design and is a quality cocktail shaker with double insulation in the market today. The shaker features an 18oz jar, an inbuilt strainer, and a jigger cap for convenience when preparing your favorite drink.

On the exterior part of the jigger is a soft grip which doubles as a lid and a secure grip when preparing your cocktail. On the exterior, the shaker boasts of its double insulated walls which prevent condensation from taking place keeping your hands secure during the shaking stage.

With this shaker no more guesswork when preparing your drinks, thanks to its well-marked jigger which allows you to keep track of your drink. Its stylish and brushed stainless steel design brings style and functionality making it a great addition to your bar table or home. In case you may be planning to gift a cocktail enthusiast, this Oxo shaker can be an excellent gift idea.

The shaker blends perfectly well with other bar accessories and is easy to use and maintain giving you every reason to enjoy your favorite cocktail whenever you need a glass.

Highlighted Features

  • Elegant and brushed stainless steel construction
  • Has double insulated walls for preventing condensation
  • Offers a secure non-slip grip
  • Has an inbuilt strainer for barring any unwanted bits from getting their way to your drink
  • Handy
  • Built to last
  • Can hold up to 18 oz

4. OXO Good Grips Cocktail Shaker

No more losing grip when preparing your cocktails with this amazing shaker from OXO Good Grips. As the name suggests, the shaker offers you a secure non-slip grip even when your hands are wet, preventing any accidental slips.

Its interior feature a double-walled construction which helps prevent any condensation a feature which keeps your drinks well chilled without wetting your hands. Its jigger cap has well-marked measurements on its interior which will enable you to avoid any guesswork. 

And what’s more; an inbuilt strainer facilitates natural shaking up of your cocktail and also ensures unwanted bits have been blocked from finding their way ininto your glass. This 16 oz shaker offers ample space for preparation of your cocktail making the entire process fun.

Highlighted Features

  • Handy
  • Affordable
  • Has an inbuilt strainer, and marked jigger cap
  • Double walled interior for insulation
  • Provides a secure non-slip grip
  • Holds 16oz
  • Hand washing recommended

5. TOP SHELF BAR SUPPLY Premium Cocktail Shaker Set 

Containing an unweighted 18 oz and a weighted 28 oz martini shaker, the TOP SHELF BAR SUPPLY Boston shaker set is durable enough for any bartending needs, whether at home or in the bar.

As a Boston shaker, this will not spill, drip, or even freeze shut. It is also free from any rubber seals that break down with age. It has also been professional bartender tested to ensure that a watertight seal is created every time it is used.

Made from professional grade 304 stainless steel, the polished finish of this Boston shaker set will suit any style of bar or kitchen and when you’ve finished mixing up cocktails for one or two, you can pop it straight into the dishwasher for easy clean up.

Once dry, the shakers can even nest inside each other to take up minimal room on the bar shelf. Its versatility also means it fits any standard Julep or Hawthorne cocktail strainer.

Highlighted Features

  • Boston shaker made from food grade 304 stainless steel
  • An unweighted 18 oz and a weighted 28 oz martini shaker
  • Stylish chrome finish will suit any bar style
  • Professionally tested for a watertight seal
  • Will make one or two cocktails
  • Easy cleaning in the dishwasher

6. Tablecraft H2400 Shaker

Are you a novice and looking forward to preparing a cocktail for your loved ones? Then you should add this Tablecraft H2400 series to your home. The shaker touts of its well-labeled glass shaker with a stainless steel cap and a strainer which facilitate easy preparation of your cocktail without any guesswork.

The 14 oz shaker includes recipes which make it easy for anyone who has never used a shaker before making their preparation without any hassles making it the cocktail shaker for beginners.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to measure 24oz glass shaker
  • Has a stainless steel cap with a strainer
  • Handy
  • Recipes on the shaker
  • Elegant

7. OXO SteeL Press & Pour Insulated Cocktail Shaker

The OXO SteeL 360° cocktail shaker has one button control for easy mixing and pouring of any cocktail. Made from stainless steel with a brushed finish, this shaker is a double wall design which means it will keep your drinks cold but not your hands!

The top of the shaker has a LiquiSeal top – three silicone seals to prevent any spills – and the button holds the liquids in while shaking without you needing to hold the top. 

Once ready to pour, just press the button and pour out from any angle – drip free. This 18 oz shaker is also self-straining, so you only end up with what you want in your glass rather than the unwanted stuff. Although you can only wash the cup by hand, you can take the lid apart and pop that into the dishwasher.

Highlighted Features

  • One button control cocktail shaker
  • 18 oz capacity
  • Brushed finish stainless steel
  • Double walled to keep cocktails cold instead of your hands
  • Has a LiquiSeal top to prevent spills
  • Self-straining for easier pouring

8. Schott Zwiesel Cocktail Shaker

The idea behind the Schott Zwiesel shaker is from a world-renowned Mixologist Charles Schumann who has blended functionality and style in this amazing mixer. The shaker boasts of its stainless steel construction which blends well with other bar accessories and kitchen utensils.

The 23.6oz shaker has a sleek and elegant design which brings contemporary looks and style. The material is dishwasher safe which makes cleaning a snap.

Highlighted Features

  • Holds up to23.6oz
  • Features a stainless steel construction for increased durability
  • Fashionable
  • Handy
  • Dishwasher safe

9. Blusmart Cocktail Shaker

The Blusmart cocktail shaker is ideal for those who are newer to bartending as its clever two tiered and rotating design allows you to rotate the inner wall to show one of eight cocktail recipes on the outer wall, including of course, the perfect martini. As it also comes with a jigger, you can create a precisely measured cocktail every time.

Made from stainless steel for rust and scratch protection, this is also dishwasher safe for no-fuss cleaning.

To ensure no-spill mixing, this shaker has a rubber and a plastic seal for security and its in-built strainer means you just end up with cocktail in your glass without any of the unwanted stuff. If your cocktail needs another quick stir before serving, then the stainless steel stirrer included with the shaker will just do the trick.

Highlighted Features

  • Two-tiered and rotating design shows the ingredients for one of eight cocktails
  • Made from stainless steel for rust resistance
  • Easy to clean in the dishwasher
  • Rubber and plastic seals for spill-free mixing
  • In-built strainer so you just get what you want in your glass
  • Comes with a stainless steel measuring jigger and stirrer

10. Metrokane Rabbit Stainless Steel Bullet Cocktail Shaker

With a generous 28 oz capacity, the Metrokane bullet cocktail shaker is an Art Deco styled bullet shaped shaker ideal for mixing up all your favorite cocktails. Once you have added your ingredients to the top, you just need to add the strainer before putting the cover on, holding and shaking. Once ready, you can then just remove the cover and pour straight through the strainer.

This also has a drip-free spout to help ensure your drink goes into your glass rather than onto the counter or bar top.

Made from polished 18/8 stainless steel, the highly polished finish of this shaker will add a touch of Art Deco styling to any home and after use, it can go straight into the dishwasher for cleaning. This shaker comes in a clear gift box which makes it ideal for gifting to any amateur or pro bartender.

Highlighted Features

  • Art Deco inspired bullet shaped shaker
  • Has an inbuilt strainer
  • The drip free spout means minimal mess
  • Holds 28 oz
  • Made from highly polished 18/8 stainless steel
  • Easy cleaning in the dishwasher
  • Ideal for gifting as it comes boxed

Factors-to-Consider-When-Buying-the- Best-Cocktail-Shaker

How to troubleshoot a cocktail lid that has failed to open

When shaking your cocktail, it is always advisable to ensure the top is tightly closed, or else you risk wetting your hands and eventually losing the grip of your shaker. To access your drink, you will need to re-open the lid. Sometimes opening the lid may mean using strategy, but at times, it may get stuck requiring you to use troubleshooting techniques.

You will mostly encounter such problems especially if you are using a three-piece cocktail shaker. This is because these shakers have an inbuilt strainer which may leave some pieces stuck on the lid making it hard to open.

Another possible cause of this problem is due to contraction of the metal cup as temperatures inside decreases or mismatching the container with the lid in the event of closing. However, there is no need to panic. Next time you get yourself caught up here is what to do.

Dry your hands

Opening your cocktail shaker lid with wet hands can take you like forever. Using a dry clean cloth, dry your hands and try re-opening again. If it doesn’t, try to tilt it using a dry cloth.

Inspect the lid

As mentioned earlier, a mismatched cap can make opening your shaker strenuous. Inspect your top and try to see if the cover is mismatched or not. If it is, try tapping it against an edge bar where the can and lid meet. The tapping method is only recommended if your can is metal.

For glass cans, you can use mouse pads or rubber grips to avoid breaking your shaker.

Use Hot Water

If you need a fast and quick solution, then you will have to soak your shaker in hot water. This will cause the contracted lid to loosen up. The method also works if your top got stuck due to bits jamming around the strainer area.

Final Verdict

Cocktail shakers may look simple but shopping for one is not a walk in the park. Owning a quality cocktail shaker requires much commitment rather than making a judgment on the looks. Please take advantage of our detailed guide to help you identify the best cocktail shaker for your needs. Do not sit back and let your cocktail shaker ruin your drinking experience. Our products have also been selected and tested and have met the industry thresholds and will help your cocktail preparation hassle-free and straightforward.

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