Best Sparkling Water Brands

The 14 Best Sparkling Water Brands that Keeps You Hydrated in 2023

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If you’re looking for a beverage that offers a similar level of carbonation as a soda but doesn’t have much sugar, look no further than sparkling water. Not only does sparkling water hydrate you, but it also has plenty of that fizzy taste you love and doesn’t come with the guilt of consuming excess amounts of sugar either.

In this review of the best sparkling water, we’ll take a look at 14 of the best ones out there today. We’ll review what’s great about each one and we’ll also dissect where users have said they could improve upon. If you’re still not sure which sparkling water to choose, stick around at the end where we’ll explain some of the most important considerations to think about when it comes to choosing which sparkling water to buy. Let’s get started!

Best Pick

Perrier Carbonated Mineral Water

Perrier Carbonated Mineral Water is our best pick because of its amazing and refreshingly cool-tasting sparkling water. It comes in 16 fluid ounces boxes in a pack of 24 cans and the lineup has 8 different varying flavors. This is perfect for those who prefer fewer bubbles in their sparkling water.

Budget Pick

Sparkling Ice +Caffeine Black Raspberry Sparkling Water

Sparkling Ice +Caffeine Black Raspberry Sparkling Water is our budget pick and don’t think that because it’s affordable that it’s not good. Sparkling Ice +Caffeine Black Raspberry Sparkling Water has a stellar reputation for making excellent caffeinated sparkling water that too in 6 different flavors. This caffeinated sparkling water is ideal for a midday drink but the caffeine does not compromise the taste and you will be served with the same flavorful carbonated drink that you love to drink!

Quick Comparison: Top 14 Best Sparkling Water Brands

1.  Perrier Carbonated Mineral Water

The name that comes to mind when speaking about popular brands of carbonated drinks is none other than Perrier. The carbonated water bottle is full of bursting bubbles that quenches your thirst and is super effective in keeping you hydrated. The drink has no added sweeteners and is absolutely sugar-free which makes it a healthier option. 

Previously, Perrier offered only one kind which had no variation or flavors added to it. However, they have added a range of flavors to their lineup. Featuring many fruity flavors starting from Orange, lime, watermelon to an assorted pack, you have the luxury to choose the one that goes with your tastebud the best. They also have a caffeinated flavor that you can pick in case you want to perk yourself up!

The carbonated drink is offered at a great value deal which comes with 16.9 fluid ounce plastic bottles in a pack of 24! However, you can find different deals with plastic, glass, and metal packaging with varying packs. Featuring a 4% calcium in each bottle, the carbonated drink gives you a refreshing feeling with every sip you take.

What we liked: The drink acts as an amazing filler for cocktails and mocktails uplifting the taste of it by a huge margin. 

What we didn’t like: This particular brand does not pack as much flavor as other brands and is less fizzy. However, this can is sought by many consumers who do not like to be overwhelmed by extra flavors and strong carbonation.

Sparkling Ice +Caffeine Black Raspberry Sparkling Water will give people that caffeinated boost to anyone looking for a midday drink. This is one of not many sparkling waters that contain caffeine, yet this one has 70mg of caffeine per can.

This sparkling water is intended for people looking for some caffeine in their beverage and it does this while not adding any sugar. Nothing really changes with this drink and you definitely will get that flavorful raspberry taste and fizzy carbonation with every sip.

Plus, if you’re not looking for a ton of caffeine that is in a regular can of pop or even a coffee, then this is the perfect solution. The caffeine in this sparkling water is actually sourced from coffee beans and so you’ll get plenty of that coffee kick but with a bubbly and delicious raspberry sparkling water taste. Each can has 5 calories and contains 16 ounces of fluid.

What we liked: we definitely purchased this sparkling water for its caffeine content and needless to say, it did not disappoint. It really does work like a charm and just as well as a cup of coffee so this is a top-notch caffeinated sparkling water choice for us.

What we didn’t like: it does contain some artificial ingredients that we weren’t all that happy finding out about. Also, it is more on the expensive side and probably should be lower in price.

San Pellegrino Sparkling Natural Mineral Water has been a very popular sparkling water choice for decades. The San Pellegrino brand is known for its quality and that’s what people have come to love about its sparkling natural mineral water.

A pack of this San Pellegrino sparkling water will get you 12 bottles, each containing 33.8 fluid ounces. The water is imported directly from Italy and gives off a very clear and crisp taste. It has versatility in that it can be enjoyed on its own or with just about any meal.

Perhaps, what people enjoy the most about San Pellegrino Sparkling Water is its balance. It offers the right amount of bubbly in the water without being overly fizzy. This is a common problem with many other sparkling water beverages but not San Pellegrino’s.

Unfortunately, some people may enjoy a sparkling water that is more skewed towards a fizzy drink and they say that San Pellegrino’s Sparkling Water is more flat compared to other brands.

What we liked: we especially loved the crisp and fresh taste this San Pellegrino sparkling water has. The carbonation doesn’t hit you all that hard and is just the perfect amount for people that prefer less fizz in their sparkling water.

What we didn’t like: unfortunately, we prefer a sparkling water drink that has a good level of carbonation and this San Pellegrino could use a bit more carbonation in their sparkling water.

Spindrift Sparkling Water is another great sparkling water option that comes in its own distinct blackberry flavor. The biggest selling feature of this sparkling water is that it contains 8% natural fruit juice flavor from blackberries.

Spindrift Sparkling Water is made of real, squeezed blackberries and gives sparkling water a more flavorful boost than regular sparkling water. Each can is 12 fluid ounces and only has 10 calories. A pack of this Spindrift Sparkling Water comes with 24 cans and so you need to be absolutely sure you enjoy this flavor before ordering it.

Many people are a fan of this blackberry flavored sparkling water since it’s full of flavor, lightly fizzy but slightly pulpy.

What we liked: we’re really big fans of sparkling waters that come with great flavors and the blackberry flavor in this one is one-of-a-kind. The blackberry flavor adds another layer to this already fantastic tasting sparkling water to make it an even better one.

What we didn’t like: we really didn’t like the pulp that was included with this sparkling water. It was just weird to taste that in a water beverage and while it does add texture, it wasn’t very pleasant to drink. This pulp combined with the blackberry flavor can also leave you with a funky aftertaste in your mouth.

There might not be a more popular sparkling water brand out there right now than bubly. Bubly Sparkling Water is loved by people for its crisp and refreshing sparkling water taste. People think it’s one of the best sparkling water brands out there because it provides great variety of eight flavors, including grapefruit, lime, and lemon bubly flavors, to name a few.

What makes this brand keep people coming back for more is that their sparkling water contains no calories and no extra sweeteners! Each pack comes with 18 cans, each containing 12 ounces of sparkling water. With each pack, you’ll also get to try all eight different flavors.

This sparkling water brand is quickly gaining in popularity and is a very popular choice among millennials (perhaps because of its fun and bright brand colors).

What we liked: sparkling water can often be a fairly boring drink but we really enjoyed the variety of flavors bubly produces. Each flavor is distinctly unique and adds a great but light flavor to each can of sparkling water.

What we didn’t like: as much as we love the taste of these flavors, it can leave you with a bit of a weird aftertaste in your mouth.

VOSS is a premium water brand and they definitely offer a premium sparkling water with their Flavored Sparkling Water. It comes in a variety of flavors including lemon cucumber, lime mint, raspberry rose, strawberry ginger, and tangerine lemongrass. However, you won’t receive all these flavors in one pack as each pack only contains one flavor.

As you can see, these flavors are very unique and thoughtful. These drinks are naturally flavored too and also contain no calories and no sugar. In this VOSS pack, you’ll get 12 plastic bottles of the flavored sparkling water of your choice and each bottle contains 330ml of sparkling water.

As a premium water brand, VOSS has been producing quality water products for years. Customers love the crisp, clear, and refreshing taste as well as the unique combination of sparkling water flavors.

What we liked: from the bottle to the flavors to the refreshing taste, we really enjoyed the premium sparkling water drinking experience that you get when you drink a VOSS.

What we didn’t like: we weren’t big fans of the level of carbonation with this VOSS sparkling water. We thought it had a wee bit too much fizz for our liking.

7. Whole Foods Market Sparkling Lime Water

Featuring just the right amount of bubbles, sparkling water with a refreshing lime flavor from Whole Foods Market is another of our favorite brands. Being low in sugar and sodium content, the drink will never interrupt your healthy diet. 

The drinks are offered in 12 fluid-ounce bottles in a pack of 12 bottles and give you a down-the-aisles feeling. The drinks are made from premium quality ingredients but are offered at a very pocket-friendly price, making them a must-add in your grocery shopping cart. 

What we liked: The sparkling water packs natural and mild crisp lime flavors and there is no hint of artificial flavor. 

What we did not like: No complaints about the product but the packaging of the pack is not at all appealing as the cans come dented and not in the right shape.

8. Topo Chico Sparkling Mineral Water

Who wouldn’t enjoy a twist of lime in their regular sparkling mineral water? Topo Chico offers you a perfect mixer for your drinks that can simultaneously quench your thirst in seconds with its flavorful and refreshing sparkling mineral water with the perfect amount of fizz that will not burn your throat or make your eyes teary. 

Maintaining a perfect blend of natural mineral composition is a very effective remedy for hangovers. Not only that but it helps stay fit as it features zero calories. The Mexican carbonated drink will not lose its taste even when served with ice cubes.

It comes in 12 fluid-ounce bottles in a pack of 12. However, you can find many variations in its packs and choose the one that suits your preference the best. 

What we like: Due to its perfect balance of acidity, the drink helps catalyze your digestion. 

What we did not like: The flavor of lime is very mild and you will be disappointed if you are expecting strong refreshing flavors of lime in this.

9. Waterloo Sparkling Water Variety Pack

The sparkling water from Waterloo provides a fantastic and natural flavor replacement for any soda that is high in sugar. This Waterloo Sparkling Water comes in an assorted pack of 24 cans. 8 cans of each flavor from black cherry, lemon-lime, and strawberry flavors. However, the brand gives you the luxury to choose from a range of different flavors, whichever satisfies your taste bud. 

People love this drink’s bright and crisp flavor that is accentuated by a light fizz. On top of the rich and full flavors that it offers, this drink is also sweetener-free, ensuring that it really is just the natural coconut flavor that is in this drink. It is also gluten-free and vegan-friendly and does not contain any GMO flavors.

Ensuring a refreshing taste in every sip, the sparkling water comes in BPA-free labeled aluminum cans. The drinks are perfectly flavored- not too overpowering or too mild, just the perfect amount which makes it delicious and crave-worthy. 

What we liked: It works as a great filler and can be the perfect addition to your cocktails and mocktails. 

What we didn’t like: we weren’t big fans of the price we paid for sparkling water however and feel like it is too expensive and the value isn’t there for what you get in the product.

10. LaCroix Pure Sparkling Water

Another quickly rising sparkling water brand is the La Croix Sparkling Water. La Croix offers perhaps the most selection of flavor choices as they have 14 different ones to choose from. This “pure” flavor, however, is the most popular among its users. 

La Croix Sparkling Water’s main selling point is that this beverage is 100% natural and does not contain any calories, sweeteners, sodium, and any artificial ingredients. Their drinks use natural essential oils extracted from the fruit of the flavor on that can. The result is still a very refreshing sparkling water drink that many people say tastes great on a hot summer afternoon.

This La Croix Sparkling Water comes in a 12 fluid ounce can and an entire package comes with 8 cans. Fans of this drink love the excellent variety of flavors which they say tastes subtle and good.

What we liked: The drinks are free from gluten and are non-GMO and vegan. These features make it cater to a large customer base as it is a healthy choice.  

What we didn’t like: We weren’t too thrilled with the way it was packaged and delivered to us. It was just 14 random cans stuffed into a box with no order in it whatsoever. Some cans even arrived damaged.

Try not to get spooked by the name of this sparkling water! Liquid Death Sparkling Water is an edgy yet highly refreshing sparkling water beverage. It is certified 100% pure sparkling mountain water that is delivered straight from the Austrian alps.

Upon first glance at the can, you might think you’re drinking a can of beer instead of sparkling water. But what its fans love is that when you drink this sparkling water, the carbonation level is very much more like drinking a beer than a soda. 

This carbonation is much more drinkable as it only contains 5 grams per liter whereas sodas have 6-8 grams per liter.

What we liked: by leaps and bounds, the branding and design of this sparkling water brand is miles ahead of all the other brands. It’s meant to look more like a can of beer and it does. The taste is also fantastic.

What we didn’t like: it definitely could use more carbonation or fizz in this sparkling water to give it more bite. It tastes more flat than fizzy.

If you’re looking for that drink to help you focus at work, look no further than the Phocus Naturally Energizing Caffeinated Sparkling water. 75mg of natural caffeine, extracted from green tea, is used in the Phocus Sparkling Water, to give people the boost they need in their lives. People say the caffeine from green tea is much easier on their stomach and the caffeine kick feels like they have drunk a cup of coffee.

This 4-pack Phocus offers their sparkling water in a few different flavors including blood orange, cola, cucumber, grapefruit, peach, and yuzu & lime. Each flavor offers a unique and refreshing taste and with that pop of caffeine, will help you get through your busy day.

Caffeine has a tendency to dehydrate the body but this drink combats that and keeps it hydrated at all times by using a primary ingredient in green tea, L-Theanine. People really do notice the difference too as they say no other drink has kept them as hydrated and has given them a caffeine boost as this sparkling water.

What we liked: we bought Phocus to compare it with the other caffeinated sparkling water Sparkling Ice, and we also thought the caffeine in the Phocus worked just as well. It doesn’t taste as good as the Sparkling Ice but we enjoyed that this one extracted caffeine from healthier sources.

What we didn’t like: the price for this sparkling water was a little outrageous and had we not wanted to compare this with Sparkling Ice, we probably would not have purchased this.

Crystal Geyser Unflavored Sparkling Spring Water is just your good ol’ plain-tasting sparkling water. This sparkling water offers a smooth, light, and crisp sip and is made of natural spring water where carbonation is added.

The spring water is collected from water underground that flows up to the surface and contains plenty of rich and healthy minerals that are good for the body. This fresh-tasting and pure water do not have any artificial ingredients added to it or any preservatives.

People love this spring water for its simplicity and its no-frills appearance. You really just get a refreshing hit of spring sparkling water that is calorie-free. The plastic bottles this sparkling water comes in are BPA-free and 100% recyclable. This package comes with 24 bottles and is available for an affordable price.

The majority of Crystal Geyser Sparkling Water drinkers absolutely love it and not many people had anything negative to say.

What we liked: if you enjoy the crisp and freshness of spring water, then you’ll love this Crystal Geyser one as much as we did. It had that same fresh and crisp taste to go along with the right amount of carbonation. A really excellent sparkling water choice.

What we didn’t like: this sparkling water does have a bit of sodium in it and you can slightly taste this salty taste to it. It doesn’t bother us per se but it might bother others.

14. Poland Spring Raspberry Lime Sparkling Water

For the last entry in our review article, we have chosen another popular brand called Poland Spring. The perfect balance between the raspberry and lime flavors blends perfectly with the fizz. They are offered in a pack of 8 bottles measuring 16.9 fluid ounces full of refreshing bubbles. 

Poland Spring gives you the luxury to choose from many flavors as well but this particular flavor serves a greater customer base. Made with real fruits and real natural spring water, you will never miss your sodas. The compact bottles are easy to carry and are ideal for any setting. With no added sugar, additives, colors, or sweeteners, they are perfect for everyone. They pose no health risks and are very safe for consumption.

They are a greener option as the bottles are 100% recyclable plain carbonated water so if you are someone who feels deeply for the environment, this might just be the right one for you. 

What we liked: We love the packaging which helps keep it fizzier for a long time and if you are looking for an extra fizzy sparkling drink, this is for you!

What we didn’t like: We did not like the aftertaste that it leaves which most of its competitors do not.

The Carbonated Water Options

Sparkling Water 

Sparkling water is formed due to the infusion of carbon dioxide under pressure. Unlike club soda or seltzers, they are naturally carbonated and comes with very little or no-calorie at all. Having a similar feeling as soft drinks the fizzy effect of the water comes from a spring or well. 

Since the source of the water is spring, it is induced with many natural minerals like sodium and potassium but has a differing portion of these minerals which is the reason the sparkling water of different brands has a distinct taste. 

Some brands process them further and make them more carbonated to increase the fizz in it for the preference of different consumers. 

Club Soda 

Club sodas are very similar to sparkling water but they are further infused with added minerals like potassium sulfate and sodium bicarbonate. The addition of minerals can immensely affect the taste of water. Different companies add different types and amounts of minerals which is why club sodas of different brands taste unique. The fizzy effect in these drinks is more compared to sparkling water as they are more carbonated. 


Even though you may club soda, seltzers and sparkling waters are the same but there is a fine line between all these. What makes seltzers is that it too is carbonated but does not include any added minerals but doesn’t that make it sparkling water? The answer is no. This is because sparkling water is “well” or “spring” water that is naturally carbonated and can be further carbonated by processing. However, seltzers are plain carbonated water. This gives it a more real taste. 

Tonic Water

Tonic water on the other hand is made by infusing plain water with both minerals and carbon dioxide. This gives it a taste as well as has a fizz. It also contains a unique ingredient sourced from the bark of cinchona trees called the quinine. This addition gives tonic water a distinct bitter taste. High fructose corn syrup or sugar is used as a sweetener in tonic water. This is usually used as a filler in mocktails and cocktails.

What are the Benefits of Sparkling Water?

The easiest and closest alternative to drinking water to stay hydrated is sparkling water. It helps you hydrated more compared to other sodas which also have other ingredients which are not considered healthy. The extra hydration comes with some health benefits and they are:

Weight Loss

Adding a good quantity of water to your diet is a good way to lose weight. Drinking sparkling water quenches your thirst, keeps you hydrated and satisfied for longer that too will not require you to consume higher calories as sparkling water are free from sugar. 

Boost Digestion 

Some people consider sparkling water to reduce indigestion. It helps with constipation.

Potential risks of Sparkling Water

Tooth Enamel Erosion 

Some sparkling water contains high sugar content which can lead to tooth decay. Plain water on the other hand does not contain any sugar and will not affect your teeth.

Gas and Bloating

Carbonated drinks can have a reverse effect on some. Instead of reducing indigestion, they can induce gas and bloat. If this is the case for you, you definitely should switch to plain water.

Things to Consider Before Buying Sparkling Water


It should be pointed out very clearly that not every sparkling water comes in different flavors. In its purest form, sparkling water is just water with carbonation to make it a fizzy drink. While this may suffice for many sparkling water drinkers, more and more brands today are experimenting by offering different flavors of sparkling water.

These flavors are usually derived naturally from fruits while others add additives to give the drinks a flavor. Natural flavors are those which come from plants or animal-based substances. The only purpose of these ingredients is to add flavor as they do not have any nutritional value. Even though natural flavors pose no harm but they need to go under some level of processing. So if you want to avoid processed food items then it is wise for you to go for the original or plain sparkling waters which are flavorless.


Sparkling water provides an excellent alternative to people who enjoy drinking colas or any other carbonated drink. Fizz or carbonation is what makes it an appealing beverage. However, not everyone is a fan of too much carbonation or fizz in their sparkling water. Because of this, there are a number of different sparkling water brands that offer less carbonation.

Unfortunately, less carbonation can sometimes lead to a sparkling water beverage becoming too flat. The result is that you end up tasting something that tastes more like plain water instead of a fizzy water drink. Before you purchase your sparkling water, it’s important to ask yourself whether you’re looking for sparkling water that has lots of little fizzes and to see what others are saying about the carbonation levels before purchasing it.


Another massive benefit of drinking sparkling water and another reason why it’s a better and healthier alternative to drinking sodas is because of its calorie count.

Just about all sparkling waters are all calorie-free which means that you can drink this beverage guilt-free. There are some sparkling water drinks where there are a few calories but for the most part, just about all of the sparkling waters offer little to no calories.


If you’re looking for an alternative to coffee or a can of Coca-Cola, you’ll be happy to know that there are a few sparkling water brands that offer caffeinated sparkling waters. This is a big bonus if you’re a fan of sparkling water too as you’ll get the added benefit of having a caffeine boost while drinking a beverage you enjoy.

The caffeine in sparkling water is usually derived from a source that contains caffeine such as coffee beans or green tea. It is an effective way to get that kick of caffeine without having to inject plenty of sugar into your body. The sparkling waters that contain caffeine are usually sugarless but may contain an artificial sweetener in them to mask it from tasting bad. 


The thing about sparkling water is that it may not always be a cheap option. Despite being able to buy it in bulk, there are plenty of options out there where you’ll still have to pay more than a dollar per can and that can add up pretty quickly. Another thing you’ll also want to see before buying your next sparkling water pack is exactly how many cans or bottles you’ll be getting.

Since sparkling water is sold by many different brands, these brands all tend to offer different amounts of cans or bottles per pack. Some may only offer six, while others can offer as many as 24 cans in a single pack. So, whether you’re only looking to try out sparkling water, you may only want as few cans as possible or if you are going for the best value, you might want to settle for one that sells more sparkling waters by the pack.

Final Thoughts

 Sparkling water is an enjoyable and refreshing beverage that provides a much healthier alternative to drinking sodas. The best sparkling water are drinks that are usually calorie-free, come in different flavors, and don’t contain any additives to them. There is a sparkling water option for everyone, even including caffeine drinkers too.

Quite simply put, sparkling water is a versatile drink of choice for people who want to enjoy a carbonated beverage but who want to drink it without the guilt of consuming calories.

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