The 10 Best Quality Stand Mixers in 2023

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Preparing your dough can be tedious and time-consuming especially if you are using your hands. But with a stand mixer, you can now say goodbye to messy tables, hectic stirring, whisking and kneading. The mixers are equipped with great features and attachments to offer you convenience and hands -free prepping while giving excellent results within a short time. Moreover, stand mixers are versatile and can be used in other baking tasks making it a great addition to any kitchen.

However, stand mixers are not equal and every model out there is distinct from other brands in regards to quality, performance, efficiency among other aspects. Sometimes identifying that quality mixer can seem impossible especially if you have never used one before or maybe you fell prey to a poor quality model. In this piece, we have done our research and compiled the top best stand mixers in the market to help you select one which satiates your baking needs.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Stand Mixer


Before buying a mixer you need to know the available space in your kitchen and determine if the unit will fit. Measure your kitchen space to help select a model that will not overwhelm your countertop. Also, you need to consider your family size before you choose your preferred model. Large families should go for mixers with ample space which can produce large quantities in a single batch to help save time and energy.

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Cooking needs

Stand mixers are versatile and allow you to prepare different type of meals apart from deserts and pastries. However, the versatility of each model will differ which requires you to bring in your cooking needs.

This will depend from one person to another depending on what they may be planning to prepare. So what may have worked for your friend may not be a great pick for you not unless you are planning to use it to prepare the same meals. Try as much as possible to go for models which give you the versatility to prepare more recipes without limitations.


The wattage of your mixer plays a role in its performance and its ability to mix different ingredients. As a rule of thumb, go for models with motor wattages above 250watts. Anything lower like this will not be in a position to prepare anything thicker than pancake batter.  The more the wattage, the powerful the motor.

Also, remember that the higher the wattage the higher the power consumption. Models with power auto shut off features help save energy by automatically powering the machine when the blending is over.

User Safety

Electrically powered devices may from time to time suffer from overload which may damage the machine, cause injuries or damage to property. Purchasing a stand mixer with motor overload protection can help prevent these mishaps from happening.

Also,when blending, the motor may cause the mixer to treble or vibrate which can be risky. When choosing your mixer, you should go for those models with non-skid feet to help prevent it from slipping out of the countertop and cause injury.


Speed settings

Depending on the type of recipe you are looking forward to preparing, you will find that each one will require a different speed setting. While some will require power burst off to attain a comprehensive blend, others will require medium to slow settings.  In addition to this, you may from time to time need to add more ingredients like flour to the bowl which will definitely require a slow speed setting to prevent any mess.

So as much as you looking for flexibility make sure the brand you settle for has a slow setting to enable you to add your ingredients without shutting the unit. Also note that while different speed settings will give you the freedom to blend different recipes at varied speeds, the more the speed settings the more the flexibility.

Models with at least three-speed settings will make your baking hassle-free.


Stand mixers come in different colors and as much as color does not play any part on the performance of the device, it adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen. Investing in a quality model that does not blend with your kitchen décor can lower the value of your kitchen.

A great way to select a color that perfectly brings style in your home is by factoring in your kitchen décor and your tastes.

Noise levels

When your mixer is blending your recipes, it will produce noise. The levels may differ from one model to another. Though they produce noise, manufacturers have tried to reduce the levels to be slightly lower but in case this isn’t something to worry about them you do not need to pay much attention.

Other included attachments

Attachments enable you to prepare different type of meals with ease. Though most of the latest models will come along with different attachments, some will come with more. The included attachments will depend on the type of ingredients the mixer can prepare.

While more attachments mean more versatility, be careful not to fall for mixers which cannot allow you to prepare your favorite meals. Normally, latest models will come with at least three attachments which include a flat beater, dough hook and wire whip.

The flat beater allows you to prepare mashed potatoes, cookie dough and cake batter. Dough hook may feature different shapes but its main purpose is for preparing any recipe which requires kneading like pizza dough, and bread dough. Wire whip which may also be called balloon whip prepares frosting, whipped cream, and meringue.

Other models will have additional attachments. In case you may need a mixer with more attachments in the future, it is highly advocated to go for one with more attachments to avoid spending more in the future.

Ease of maintenance

Stand mixers will call for regular maintenance to keep high levels of hygiene and help improve its lifespan. Though electrically powered mixers are not recommended for cleaning with water, you will be required to wipe with a wet cloth to dust off any dirt.

The mixing bowl will require a thorough cleaning after use. Always read your manufacturers instruction to enable you to properly maintain your device.

Top Best Quality Stand Mixers

1. KitchenAid KSM75SL Classic Plus Stand Mixer

With ten speeds to suit all your mixing needs, this KitchenAid stand mixer has a grey finish and a matching large 4.5 quart brushed stainless steel bowl – enough for you to mix three loaves of bread, six dozen cookies or even six pound of mashed potato in one go. With its tilt head design, it is easy to access the bowl and add ingredients when required.

With a powerful 475 watts motor and ten speed settings from slow stir to super-fast mixing, this mixer also has a soft start function to prevent your ingredients from ending up on the countertop instead of staying in the bowl when mixing starts.

This comes with a 6 wire whip, coated flat beater and coated dough hook and if you want even more versatility from this stand mixer you can buy more than ten optional attachments to make pasta, grind food and so much more.

Highlighted Features

  • Large 4.5 quarts brushed stainless steel bowl
  • Tilt head to make it easy to add ingredients and access the bowl
  • Ten speed settings for all your mixing needs
  • Soft start to keep ingredients in the bowl mixing starts
  • Includes a 6 wire whip, coated dough hook and coated flat beater
  • Over 10 optional attachments available

2. KitchenAid KSM150PSPT Stand Mixer 

Enjoy the versatility of a stand mixer at its best by taking advantage of this KitchenAid mixer. For years now, KitchenAid has produced quality kitchen utensils and have incorporated their craftsmanship to bring you a quality mixer for all your baking needs.

The KSM150PSPT series comes in different colors to help you select one that matches your tastes. Besides, the design has not been left out. The mixer has an elegant design to bring that stylish look to your kitchen. It is also equipped with great features to make your baking process enjoyable.

One of the outstanding features on this model is its stainless steel bowl which provides ample space for preparing large recipe quantities. In a single batch, the bowl can hold enough dough to prepare 4 loaves of bread and 9 dozens of cakes, a feature which helps you save time. Aside from its size, the mixer bowl also has an ergonomically designed handle which provides a comfy and secure grip minimizing any chances of the bowl slipping out of your hands.

Each rotation features 59 touching points for fast and efficient preparation of your recipes. With this KitchenAid series, you enjoy great baking with over 15 optional attachments. The device is affordable and designed to deliver great performance to almost any type of ingredient making it one of the best stand mixers for the money.

Highlighted Features

  • Tilted head design for easy bowl access
  • Stainless steel 5-quart bowl with a comfy and secure grip handle
  • Provides 15 optional attachments
  • Non-hinged hub cover
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Comes in different colors
  • Delivers great performance
  • Strong enough to handle almost any recipe or task
  • Comes along with one pouring shield, coated dough hook, coated flat beater, and 6 wire whip

3. KitchenAid KP26M1XGA Professional 600 Series Stand Mixer

A mixer with a high number of planetary points means great mixing action and this is what you get with this KitchenAid professional series. With its 67 planetary points, you can now say goodbye to lengthy dough mixing sessions and recipe preparations.

A metal burnished flat beater, 6 wire whisker, and a PowerKnead spiral dough hook perfectly kneads and whips your ingredients into culinary pieces faster and effortlessly. Its 6 quarts stainless steel bowl offers ample space for accommodating large recipe quantity enough to prepare 13 dozens of cookies, 8 breads, and 8 pound mashed potatoes in a single batch.

The beater rotates around the bowl covering to give an incredible mixing within a short period. The bowl has a comfy handle which facilitates easy cleaning and secure grip each time. This KitchenAid professional 600 series is powerful and perfectly designed for heavy and dense mixtures. The mixer also allows other attachments like pasta makers and food makers among others giving you versatility like no other. Available in over 10 different colors to choose from

Highlighted Features

  • Has 67 planetary mixing points for a faster and comprehensive blending of recipes
  • Versatile
  • Easy to clean
  • Perfect for dense, heavy recipes
  • Provides over 15 attachments
  • Has an ample 6 quarts stainless steel bowl with a comfy handle
  • Available in more than 10 colors
  • Comes with one pouring shield, burnished PowerKnead spiraling dough hook, wire whip and a burnished flat beater

4. Hamilton Beach Electrics 63227 Stand Mixer

In case you may be hunting for the best stand mixer with a dough hook, then this Hamilton 63227 series could be the end of your baking woes. The mixer boasts of its powerful 400 motor which delivers enough power needed to complete even the hardest to mix recipes. Compared to other peer models, this Hamilton mixer has stood out with unmatched performance and great features.

The mixer delivers a comprehensive mixing action which gives a full bowl coverage without any need of pausing the mixer to scrape ingredients from the bowl sides. In addition, the mixer also allows you to add more recipes if need be with the help of its tilt-head design which tilts away giving you way and easy access to the bowl.

With its three attachments, you will easily whip, blend, cream, and blend different ingredients with ease. During the mixing action, the mixer head perfectly locks down for efficient blending.  Its 12-speed settings give you the flexibility to suit your baking preferences.

A splatter guide has also been incorporated into this unit to help prevent any spills, drops or drips giving you messy free baking. At its bottom is non-skid feet which help keep the unit stable preventing any slips. The mixer is hand finished with a protective coating to prevent smudges and fingerprints. Overall, Hamilton mixer is one of its kinds. The unit possesses great features for turning turnall your recipes into culinary masterpieces.

Highlighted Features

  • Versatile with all metal design for durability
  • Provides 12 variable speed settings
  • Has a 400 watts motor which delivers great performance
  • Non-skid feet for increased stability
  • Has a pouring shield for easy addition of recipes during mixing
  • Smudge and finger free finish
  • Comes with a whip, dough hook and stick free flat beater
  • Dishwasher safe bowl

5. Cuisinart SM-55BC Stand Mixer 

Enjoy technology and craftsmanship at its best with this Cuisinart SM-55BC series. The mixer features a powerful 800 watts motor which is housed in heavy-duty die-cast metal.

Unlike other regular models, this Cuisinart mixer is equipped with advanced features to enable you to prepare your recipes while enjoying the art of technology. Some of the notable features include an automatic shutoff, 15 minutes countdown timer, tilt back head, 12-speed settings, and three power outlets which collectively make you baking enjoyable.

While other models will only allow you to whip, mix and knead your dough, this mixer will allow you to squeeze juices, process foods, grind meat, blend your recipes and make your homemade pasta giving you the freedom to spice up your cooking.

Mixing wet ingredients can be at times messy. Cuisinart understands all this and has made your mixer user-friendly by incorporating a splashguard with a spout making your baking messy-free. Its 5 1/2 quarts stainless bowl offers sizable space for easy preparation of your ingredients. Included are dough hook, chef’s whisk, splash guard and flat blending paddle.

Highlighted Features

  • A powerful 800watt motor which delivers great power to handle even the hard to mix recipes
  • 15 minutes timer with automatic shut off feature
  • Tilt-back head for easy recipe addition
  • 3 power outlets for easy preparation of your fruits, pasta, meat, and processing your foods
  • User-friendly
  • 12 variable speed setting for comprehensive mixing action
  • Built to last

6. Sunbeam 2594 Stand Mixer

This Sunbeam stand mixer features a soft start technology which helps prevent splashes, and messy baking by increasing the preset mixing speed slowly till the levels are hit without compromising on quality. Its powerful 350-watt motor delivers great mixing power for preparing yummy desserts and finger licking meals.

Its three mixing actions synchronizes to blend your ingredients faster and evenly. Through its burst of power functions, the mixer produces additional power needed to mix your batter and other hard to mix recipes making it one of the best mixers for pizza dough.

Once your recipes are ready, you do not have to switch the mixer off and start the process all over again. All you need is to tilt the head with a press of a button to easily remove the bowl. Cleaning and storing the mixer has been simplified, thanks to its secure gripped handle. Overall, Sunbean is a handy and powerful stand mixer with excellent features for easy and hassle-free baking.

Highlighted Features

  • Secure grip handle
  • Features a soft start technology for a mess-free baking
  • Handy
  • Has a powerful 350 watts motor for great performance
  • Had a burst of power functions which deliver great power needed to mix heavy mixtures
  • Has 12 variable speed settings
  • Ideal for preparing pizza dough, mashed cauliflower, and Scottish shortbread

7. Breville BEM800XL Pro Stand Mixer

Remove all the guesswork and say goodbye to messy baking and sticky bowls by using this Breville Pro mixer. The device has a sturdy 550-watt motor which delivers great mixing power required to blend your ingredients.

Its 5 quarts bowl offers spacious recipe mixing space even for large quantity ingredients. Take advantage of its LED speed display and choose your preferred mixing task and the speed and leave the rest to the mixer.

Use the speed dial to control your mixing speed depending on the mixing task at hand. In case you need to pause to attend to urgent matters, you can do so through the pause function. When adding or mixing your ingredients, you do not have to worry about messing around. Just add your ingredients and the two-piece pouring shield will do its work. When the mixer is blending your recipes, the bowl recess ensures that the bowl is perfectly locked in place for user safety.

Breville achieves its great mixing action by replicating a planetary mixing motion which covers 360 degrees around the bowl to ensure your ingredients are perfectly mixed. Its mixing head sweeps the bowl sides for stick-free baking making your cleaning easy.

Highlighted Features

  • Has 12 variable speed settings for blending different ingredients
  • Powerful 550-watt motor enclosed in a die-cast metal for durability
  • Automatic power shut off delay for preventing wear and tear of the motor
  • Two-piece pouring shield for mess-free baking
  • 10-minute countdown timer with automatic shutoff
  • Led speed display with a pause dial
  • Load sensing technology for extra motor overload protection
  • Planetary blending action for comprehensive mixing
  • Includes a dough hook, splash guard, scraper beater, whisk, regular flat beater, and spatula attachments
  • Ideal for preparing pasta dough for icing purposes, bread dough, whipped cream

8. Ankarsum Original 6230 Stand Mixer

With its generous 7.39 quarts stainless steel mixing bowl, this stand mixer from Ankarsum has the capacity to hold up to 18 egg whites or 21 cups of flour. With its powerful yet quiet 600 watts motor and speed control dial, it also has self-adjusting speed control to take some of the guesswork out of your mixing. This also features a large 12 minute timer so you can leave this stand mixer to get on with its mixing while you continue with other tasks.

This comes with a dough roller, scraper, knife and dough hook, as well as a dust cover lid to allow your dough to rise, and the revolving design of the mixer mimics your hand movements when mixing doughs, batters and more.

It also includes a 3.7 quarts BPA-free Double Beater Bowl which you can use for boiling sugar syrups and you will not leave any residue in this bowl if you also use it for whipping creams in. This stand mixer also comes with a set of balloon whisks and single-wire whips.

This professional quality mixer is made from steel and available in a wide range of accent colors. There is also the choice to buy a range of optional attachments so you can use it as a slicer, meat grinder, processor, citrus press and more.

Highlighted Features

  • 600 watts professional quality stand mixer in a range of accent colors
  • Large 7.39 quarts stainless steel mixing bowl
  • Manual speed control dial and self-adjusting speed control
  • Has a 12 minute timer
  • Comes with dough scraper, dough knife, dough roller and dust cover lid
  • Also includes a BPA-free Double Beater Bowl and sets of balloon whisks and single-wire whips
  • Optional accessories for slicing, grinding, citrus pressing and more

9. Cuisinart SM-50BK Stand Mixer

With its tilt head for easy access to the mixing bowl, this stand mixer from Cuisinart is designed for all your mixing tasks, whether light or heavy duty, and is supported by the 500 watts motor and 12 speed settings.

Made for durability in the kitchen, this stand mixer is made from die-cast metal and its large 5.5 quarts mixing bowl is stainless steel for easy cleaning.

As well as the option for you to buy other attachments, this stand mixer comes with a dough hook, chef’s whisk and flat mixing paddle – more than enough for all basic mixing needs. To help keep mess to a minimum, this also has a splash guard with a pour spout.

Highlighted Features

  • Has a tilt-head for easy bowl access
  • 500 watts motor and 12 speed settings
  • 5.5 quarts stainless steel mixing bowl
  • Die-cast metal body for durability
  • The splash guard with pour spout helps keep mess down
  • Includes flat mixing paddle, chef’s whisk and dough hook
  • A number of optional attachments are available to add to this stand mixer

10. Aucma Stand Mixer

Packing a punch with its 660 watts motor, this stand mixer from Aucma offers six speed settings and pulse function. As a tilt head design, it is easy to access the bowl during use, or you can just add extra ingredients through the access hatch of the transparent splash guard. Because this comes in four colors, you can choose the right color for your style of kitchen.

The stand mixer housing is made from sturdy ABS and as well as being free from any BPA, it is also FDA approved and ETL listed. Its stainless steel mixing bowl is a generous 6.5 quarts and contains two handles for easy transporting. Along with the bowl, this stand mixer also comes with a mixing beater, whisk and dough hook.

Highlighted Features

  • Stand mixer with a tilt head and powerful 660 watts motor
  • Comes in different colors
  • Offers six speed settings and pulse function
  • The stainless steel mixing bowl has a 6.5 quarts capacity
  • Mixer housing is free from BPA and made from sturdy ABS
  • The transparent splash guard has an access hatch for easily adding ingredients
  • FDA approved and ETL Listed


Common Stand Mixer Problems and How to Resolve Them

Even with proper care, your stand mixer may misbehave at times but some of this problem can be easily fixed even when you do not have any professional skills. Knowing how to fix these faults will not only help you save time but also money that you would have been used to hire a technician. So in case, you encounter the following problems, here is what to do.

Mixer won’t turn on

When your mixer is not supplied with enough power, chances are it won’t start. Double check if the power cord is properly plugged. If it is plugged in and the machine won’t still power on, try to plug it in a different socket.

If still won’t turn on even after changing sockets, inspect if there are any visible cracks. Replacing your power cord may help supply your unit with power. Make sure to use the recommended power cord for optimal performance of your mixer.

Recipes not blending perfectly

One of the major causes of this phenomenon is setting the wrong speed settings. Every setting is specifically designed for specific type of recipes. Refer to your user manual to familiarize yourself with different speed setting for varied mixtures. Presetting the right speeds should combat the issue.

Mixer is overheating

When you blend heavy and dense mixtures for an extended period, chances are your mixer will overheat as a result of excessive heat produced by the motor. In case you experience this problem, safely shut off your mixer and leave the motor to cool down for about two to three hours before using it.

Oil leaks when you power on the mixer

When you do not use your machine for long, this may trigger oil from the gearbox to ooze. Another cause of this can be due to excessive overheating or your mixer could be old. To combat this problem, you need to replace your gearbox with new grease.

The mixer does not blend batter perfectly

When your beater height is not properly adjusted, the batter will be left on the bottom and on the sides. Adjusting the beater height will help increase its coverage and allow it to make a full sweep each time allowing your ingredients to mix properly. Refer to your manual to have an idea of how to do this.

Mixer produces unusual noises

Long-term use without lubrication can cause your mixer to produce unusual noises. Greasing the mixer on areas of high friction can help resolve this. In case your mixer is all metallic, then the worm gear may be worn out and needs replacement.

NB: Never open your mixer when it is still connected to power. This may cause electric shock. Also if you do not have any idea where some of the parts are located and your manual does not contain such information, avoid unscrewing it unless you are a technician otherwise you may end up causing more problems. If your warranty has not expired, you should contact your manufacturer to get the problem fixed.


Owning a stand mixer is one of the greatest investments every homeowner should make, but choosing one may seem like a big task. But with the right information, you can choose yours with ease. Though they may differ in different aspects, most of the factors to consider will depend on your preferences and cooking needs.

Our list of best stand mixers consists of high-quality models that have stood out from their peers and can be a great addition to your kitchen. Make use of our shopping guide to help identify one that perfectly suits your cooking needs.

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