The 11 Best Vegan Cereals in 2023

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and honestly cereals are life savers when it comes to a fast and hassle free breakfast. It’s tasty, delicious and healthy too if you pick the right type of cereal. As vegans, you might question yourself whether it would be alright for you or not to take cereals. Being vegan is not just a dietary requirement but it’s a lifestyle. Hence, more brands are creating products specifically to cater to your needs. Luckily now there is plenty of vegan cereals out there with mouth-watery taste and healthy ingredients to keep you energized throughout the day.

We have tried out a huge chunk of vegan cereals to find out the best ones for you in terms of taste, quality and health benefits. We have jotted down both the good and bad sides of the product for you to make the final decision and identify the best vegan cereal for you.

Best Pick

EnviroKidz Organic Gluten-Free Cereal, Cheetah Chomps

Our best pick from the lot is EnviroKidz Organic Gluten-Free Cereal, Cheetah Chomps. It is tasty, wholesome and also healthy. It possesses the right type of nutrients that you need for everyday breakfast.

Budget Pick

ELAN Paleo Dark Chocolate Granola Cereal

If you are on a budget this month, you can have ELAN Paleo Dark Chocolate Granola Cereal as your meal. This cereal comes with convenient packaging and flavors to provide you with the fulfilling meal for breakfast or snack.

Quick Comparison: Top 11 Best Vegan Cereals

1. EnviroKidz Organic Gluten-Free Cereal, Cheetah Chomps  

Highlighted Features

  • Contains 12 packs of single served cereals
  • Certified by Non GMO Project
  • No added artificial flavors or preservatives
  • Made from healthy fruits, veggies and grains
  • Maintains gluten free standards
  • Gives back to the community through donation in environmental causes

As the name suggests, this cereal is specialized for kids’ breakfasts. It contains good and organic nutrients suitable for the growth and nourishment of a kid’s body. We loved the whole grain goodness that the cereal provides. For health conscious moms out there, we would like to inform you that this product is completely gluten free. The product comes with 12 packs of cereals. The colors are attractive and your kid will actually enjoy the meal for its naturally colored vegetables and fruits.

In terms of food safety, we can assure you that the ingredients are completely organic without adding preservatives and artificial flavors. Since it’s a child special food, the makers are extra careful about the quality of the cereal. Hence, it is verified through a third party. To be specific, it is non GMO verified. 

It also meets the requirement of gluten free ingredients. The brand offers something to the community as well by donating 1 percent of its gross sales to endangered species and environmental education for children.


  • Tasty and healthy at the same time
  • Verified by reliable sources
  • Ingredients are completely organic
  • Kid friendly packaging and meal construction
  • Donates a percentage of sales to a good cause
  • Ideal for twelve servings


  • Not so suitable for adults’ taste palate

2. ELAN Paleo Dark Chocolate Granola Cereal 

Highlighted Features

  • Made with nuts, seeds and cacao beans
  • Contains a unique flavor of coconut mixed with chocolate made from cacao beans
  • Made from natural ingredients
  • Soy free, sugar free and GMO certified product
  • Pre-serving cup as an accessory
  • Complete refund policy upon customer dissatisfaction

A keto friendly cereal for your everyday breakfast is ELAN Paleo Dark Chocolate Granola Cereal. Let us grab your attention to the fact that this product is completely made from natural ingredients and there are simply no added preservatives or artificial flavors. Therefore, in terms of health hazards you have absolutely nothing to worry about. The key ingredients of the cereal are basically nuts, seeds and cacao beans all of which are ingredients good for your heart.

In terms of taste, we loved the mixture of coconut along with a chocolaty flavor. A perfect combination one could ask for. The cereal contains natural MCT oil as well. For vegans out there, this cereal is completely gluten and dairy free. As far as the healthy benefits are concerned, this cereal will help you lose weight by cutting hunger and smoothening digestion. 

This is a great meal for diabetes patients as well; it’s tasty and does not contain sugar. We really liked their refund policy that is if you are dissatisfied with the product, you can always get your money back.


  • Suitable for diabetic patients as well
  • Helps in cutting hunger, smoothening digestion and losing weight
  • No added preservatives or artificial flavors
  • Contains no dairy making it suitable for lactose intolerant people
  • Perfect combination of taste and nutrients


  • The ingredients are mostly suited for adult’s taste palate

3. Post Grape-Nuts Cereal

Highlighted Features

  • Core ingredients of the product are wheat flour, barley flour, yeast and salt
  • Made from completely natural ingredients
  • Contains low saturated fat and low cholesterol
  • Each half a cup serving contains only 1 gram of fat
  • A 64 ounce box is ideal for 30-32 servings

If your age is above 35, it’s normal to worry about the heart condition. Post Grape-Nuts Cereal, 64-Ounce Boxes has low saturated fat and cholesterol making it a suitable breakfast choice for aged population. It minimizes your risk to heart diseases. The key ingredient of the cereal is whole grain wheat with barley which is a necessary requirement for your regular balanced diet. It also contains dried yeast and a bit of salt to provide the right flavor.

We loved how the product is naturally sweet and crunchy. The taste actually makes you look forward to having a fulfilling breakfast in the morning. We would recommend you having it with soy milk. Then this would fulfill your everyday protein requirement for the day. Usually a 64 ounce box is ideal for thirty to thirty two servings depending on your per serving intake.


  • Remains crunchy in liquid
  • Naturally sweet
  • Fulfills basic carbohydrate and protein requirement for the day
  • Suitable for aged population
  • Minimizes risk of heart diseases


  • Without some sweet fruits, the cereal might taste bland for a sweet tooth

4. Reeses Puffs Breakfast Cereal 

Highlighted Features

  • Made from Hershey’s cocoa and Reese’s peanut butter
  • Does not contain high fructose content syrup
  • Contains sufficient carbohydrate and fat
  • Each three-quarter serving contains 120 calories

For people being very particular about chocolaty taste in their cereal, we feel Reeses Puffs Breakfast Cereal is just the right item for you. It contains a mouth-watering combination of Hershey’s cocoa and Reese’s peanut butter. The taste is absolutely fantastic! This cereal breaks the common myth that food items cannot be healthy and delicious at the same time. The core ingredient of the product is whole grain which is an essential need for your regular diet.

Both kids and adults will love its flavors and the sweetness. We want to inform you that the product does not contain any artificial flavors or high fructose content syrup. We feel this cereal creates convenience for moms as well. You can take always carry a small snack for your kid during journeys in case they get hungry. 

We feel this cereal tastes the best with some almond milk. We did feel the cereal lacks in protein but contains considerable amount of carbohydrate and fat required for your regular diet.


  • Delicious and suitable for every taste palate
  • Right blend of peanut butter and cocoa
  • Ready to go snack
  • Stays crunchy for a long time


  • Less healthy option compared to other vegan cereals

5. Erin Baker's Homestyle Granola 

Highlighted Features

  • Perfect blend of vanilla, almond and quinoa
  • Non GMO certified product
  • Contains less gluten substance
  • Does not contain any artificial flavors
  • Freshly baked with whole grains and natural ingredients
  • Each serving comes with sufficient protein and fibers
  • A portion of the purchase goes to helping the kids in need

If you love to try out new flavors in your cereal, we would recommend adding Erin Baker's Homestyle Granola in your list. Its unique vanilla flavor and taste will make you feel all giddy and fulfilled after one serving. We absolutely loved the combination of vanilla, almonds and quinoa. As far as the health issues are concerned, this cereal contains less gluten substance and is non GMO certified. When you try this once, we can assure you this cereal will be one of your top favorite vegan cereals.

This freshly baked cereals made from whole grains is a great snack on the go. You can also pair it with soy milk or some almond milk and indulge in a healthy breakfast in the morning. Each is a large chunk which is crunchy and full of flavors. Our favorite combination is to have them with some tasty yogurt. One secret about this particular brand is that they source their raw materials locally so that they can get the best ones in less time. 

This implies that only the fresh ingredients are used in the making. It is as if you are getting home-made snacks or even better, a homemade cereal for breakfast! The brand Erin also believes in giving back to the society through donations and gesture. A certain percentage of their profit goes into feeding a kid in need. Therefore, you are eating healthy and also helping a child in need indirectly.


  • Vegan friendly product
  • Crunchy and snackable
  • Goes with the kids’ taste palate and adults too
  • High in protein and fiber
  • Helps smoothen digestion
  • Opportunity to help the community indirectly
  • Delicious and Non GMO


  • Contains  more sugar compared to other vegan cereals

6. Kashi, Breakfast Cereal, Cinnamon Harvest 

Highlighted Features

  • Baked organic whole wheat is the key ingredient to the product
  • Made from all plant based ingredients
  • Sweetened through organic cane sugar
  • Contains a subtle flavor of cinnamon
  • Meets health standards; non GMO certified, USDA organic and certified organic by QAI
  • Contains low fat, low calories, moderate carbohydrate and protein

For those who love to try out subtle flavors in their meals, we think Kashi, Breakfast Cereal, Cinnamon Harvest would be one of your favorites. Other than being delicious and extremely pleasing to your mouth palate, it comes with a variety of other features as well. For vegans, we come bearing good news. This is made completely from plant-based ingredients meaning you can have them without any problem.

In terms of taste, we would like to point out to two important facts. First of all, the sweet taste of this cereal is due to the presence of organic cane sugar. This means there are no added preservatives for sweetening the product. Secondly, you will get a subtle fresh flavor of cinnamon in every crunchy bite you take of this cereal. In terms of dietary requirements, we felt that the ingredients are suited to everyone’s body needs.

It contains 52 grams of whole grain to be exact in each serving. You will find sufficient too for smooth digestion. In terms of safe health standards, the product is non GMO certified, USDA organic and certified organic by QAI. Basically, for people who are extra specific about their health requirements we couldn’t think of a better vegan cereal than this. We chose this as one of the best vegan cereals due to its safety standards, great taste and health benefits.


  • Contains enough whole grain for the day
  • Right dietary requirement of protein, carbohydrate, fat and fiber
  • Crunchy and delicious
  • Serves well with cold soy milk and almond milk
  • Delicious substitute for oats
  • Meets a number of health standards
  • Sweetened through natural source
  • Convenient as on-the-go snacks


  • Some find it too sweet for their palate
  • Contains honey

7. Barbara's Bakery Puffins Cereal, Peanut Butter

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with zero trans-fat
  • Contains a combination of corn and peanut butter
  • Only possess 6 grams of sugar per serving
  • Non GMO certified product
  • Contains sufficient carbohydrate; 23 grams per serving to be specific
  • Comes with zero artificial flavors

Another delicious item on our list of best vegan cereal is Barbara's Bakery Puffins Cereal, Peanut Butter. In terms of flavor, we absolutely loved the amazing combo of peanut and corn. You would be delighted to see how good they taste together. This could be a lovely start to your day with a fulfilling and delicious bowl of cereal with some almond milk, soy milk or fruits. Its crunchy and a snack able item for everyday as well.

This cereal is not just tasty; in fact it is a healthy choice as well for diabetic patients. It contains minimal amount of fat. As far as the sugar content is concerned, it only contains 6 grams of sugar per packet. The cereal has zero trans-fat.  Yes a tasty and delicious cereal with absolutely zero trans-fat! To meet the health standards, this cereal is also non GMO certified. It is also free of cholesterol meaning you will have less risk of heart disease.

In fact, who are starting to transform to a healthier diet plan, you can start with this cereal as breakfast. It has the right amount of sweetness for you to adjust with the change. Each serving only has three grams of protein; we feel that this amount is not enough for regular protein intake. We would recommend covering the protein deficiency with some other ingredient during lunch or breakfast. 


  • Suitable for diabetic patient
  • Suitable for people transferring to healthy diet options
  • Low sugar product
  • Low fat product
  • Free of cholesterol meaning you have less risk of heart diseases
  • Crunchy and fulfilling
  • Comes with a delicious flavor of corn and peanut butter


  • Might not be suitable for those who doesn’t like corn since it possess a strong corn flavor

8. Lark Ellen Farm Grain Free Paleo Granola Bites 

Highlighted Features

  • Contains an ideal combination of maple syrup, cinnamon, vanilla, seeds and nuts
  • Low carb meal for breakfast
  • Gluten, dairy and grain free
  • Free from any added preservatives
  • Non GMO Certified product
  • Dehydrated to make super crunchy

One of our lovely additions to the list of best vegan cereal is Lark Ellen Farm Grain Free Paleo Granola Bites. The key ingredients of this cereal are maple syrup, cinnamon, vanilla, seeds and nuts. Altogether we loved the total combination of all these ingredients. Why? It provides just the right flavor for your everyday dietary requirements.

Specifically if you are looking for a low carb meal for breakfast, this is just the right cereal for you with all the necessary requirements. We really liked the overall nutritional value of this cereal for the breakfast. This will keep you energized for the whole day. We felt this is more of a meal for breakfast rather than a normal snack for other part of the day.

In terms of healthy standards, this product is non GMO certified. Adding to that, it doesn’t contain any artificial flavors. In fact, it is an ideal breakfast for people who are planning to lose weight as well. Although the makers suggest that the product is good for on-the-go snack, we felt this is not so suitable for quick snacks.


  • Ideal for weight loss
  • Crunchy, healthy and delicious
  • Overall good mixture of nutritional value
  • Locally sourced and freshly hand-made
  • Ideal to meet the dietary requirements for breakfast


  • Not so suitable for snack item

9. Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Whole Grain Cereal 

  • Contains essential amino acids
  • High in protein
  • Made from organic whole grains
  • Other ingredients include raisin, cinnamon and flakes
  • Contains right amount of carbohydrate

For someone looking for the right balance between tasty and healthy, Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Whole Grain Cereal is just the right product for you. For something different to try out for snack, we would definitely recommend this whole grain cereal as one of the choices. Specifically to meet your protein needs, this cereal is simply perfect. It possesses all the nine essential amino acids. If you have one serving per day, this will meet your entire protein requirement for the day.

However, for extra high protein requirement you can always add something else to the meal. Honestly, we prefer this cereal as a cold breakfast. But you can have it with hot soy milk as well. Along with whole grain, the other key ingredients of the product include raisin flake, cinnamon and almond to provide a good flavor overall. You might want to know about the calorie intake of the cereal.

A half cup serving contains around 200 calories. This might be unsuitable for people who are following a strict diet routine for weight loss. However, for normal diet plan you are allowed to take this much calories during breakfast. We would recommend not eating them after dinner.  The cereal also contains a good amount of carbohydrate and protein which is another reason for you to opt for this cereal.


  • Great flavors and taste
  • Ideal for protein and carbohydrate requirement
  • Crunchy, flavorful and satisfying meal
  • Suitable for breakfast meals
  • Contains no preservatives


  • Contains more calories compared to other vegan cereals

10. Earnest Eats Vegan Hot Cereal with Superfood Grains, Quinoa, Oats and Amaranth 

  • Core ingredients include grains, oats, amaranth and quinoa
  • Right balance with natural cocoa, papaya extracts and cashew
  • Non GMO Certified
  • Contains 6 grams of protein per serving
  • Contains 5 grams of fiber per serving

For starters, this particular cereal is made with grains, quinoa, oats and amaranth. All the essential healthy items you need on the list! Earnest Eats Vegan Hot Cereal is a cereal which is wheat free. In fact, it contains nutrients of fruits and seeds as well to give you the necessary supplements for your breakfast. We would recommend having it with some hot almond milk. It is more of hot breakfast than a cold one.

We actually liked how the balance is created with the right amount of ingredients. It maintains the right calorie concentration along with necessary requirement of protein and fiber. We loved the combination of unsweetened natural cocoa, papaya extracts and cashews to provide with just the flavorful taste one needs.


  • Contains all the required nutrients for breakfast
  • Tastes delicious with some hot almond milk
  • Contains right combination of protein and fibers


  • Might seem too bland for a sweet tooth

11. Kashi,  Breakfast Cereal, Organic Sprouted Grains 

  • Hundred percent whole grain product
  • Non GMO certified and USDA organic
  • Core ingredients include wheat, barley, amaranth and brown rice

Another wholesome and healthy cereal to your list should be Kashi, Breakfast Cereal, Organic Sprouted Grains. The key ingredients include organic wheat, barley, amaranth, brown rice and spelt. In terms of health standards, it is non GMO certified and USDA organic. We would recommend having this fulfilling cereal with nut milk or soy milk for breakfast. It meets your basic fiber requirement for the day.


  • Healthy and fulfilling
  • Great source of fiber
  • Made with plant based ingredients only


  • The cereal is not gluten free

Things to consider before purchasing The Best vegan cereal

Whole grain

Look for keyword whole grain and reject the one that is not made from whole grains. Also, make sure that the ingredients are all organic and there are no added artificial flavors or preservatives. When you see words like non GMO certified, you should trust the product.

Fiber and Protein

High fiber and high protein is the best possible combination for vegan cereals. Fibers help smooth digestion and protein will provide you energy for the day. Since cereals are mostly targeted towards breakfast, protein and fibers are a must.

Sugar and fat content

Low sugar content but sweetened with natural ingredients is always recommended. If you are diabetic, you should check whether the cereal is sugar free or not or at least with minimal sugar content. Along with sugar, check the fat content and calories per serving. In that way, you can recognize if the cereal is suitable for your dietary requirement.


Choose the one with some flavors at least. Look for ingredients such as peanut butter, amaranth, cinnamon, raisin etc. 

Ingredients to avoid

If the cereal contains gelatin, vitamin B3 or honey, this means that the cereals are not completely vegan. Do not opt for those cereals if you are a vegan.


 Whether you would like the vegan cereals or not depends on your taste palate completely. Therefore, check through the key ingredients list of the products to know if that will go with your taste or not. We would suggest not eating the same vegan cereal every day. In order to maintain variety, try different flavors of vegan cereals each week.
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