The 8 Best Pizzelle Makers in 2020

Pizzelle are round cookies or traditional Italian waffles made from sugar, flour, eggs and butter or oil. A pizzelle maker is similar to a waffle maker and is dedicated to making hot and crispy pizzelles.

Most pizzelle makes are multi-functional in the sense that they can be used to make pancakes, cookies, cannoli, dosa, etc. Pizzelles have decorative designs or imprints on them to makes them look attractive. The makers have distinctive patterns on them.

It can be quite tricky to make pizzelles; if the batter is not consistent enough, it may result in thin, watery ones or very thick, undercooked ones. A few trials are needed to make the right pizzelles.

​Best Pick

Cuisinart WM-PZ2 Pizzelle Press

The Cuisinart WM-PZ2 pizzellle maker is our best pick because it is a well-constructed unit that makes evenly cooked pizzelles of uniform thickness quickly. The pizzelles are great looking, crispy, and browned to perfection.

​Budget Pick

CucinaPro Non-Stick Electric Pizzelle Maker

The CucinaPro Pizzelle Maker is our budget pick because it makes perfectly-cooked pizzelles in a very short time. The unit is easy to operate and is a great value for money.

1. ​Cuisinart WM-PZ2 Pizzelle Press  

Highlighted Features

  • Brushed stainless steel exterior makes it an attractive-looking pizzelle maker
  • Temperature control has five settings as well as green and red indicator lights
  • Measuring spoon, wooden dowel and recipe book provided with the product

This pizzelle maker make two distinctive patterned pizzelles, each four inches. The pizzelles made from this pizzelle maker comes out perfectly uniformly thick and evenly cooked. The pizzelles are soft when they come out but become crispy upon cooling. If you turn them into cannoli, roll them while still soft. Put cream or any desired filling.

The lockdown latch of this unit is plastic and this is the only part of the unit that is susceptible to breaking easily if not handled cautiously. Also, the company doesn’t sell replaceable locks.

The timer may also seem to be ineffective for a lot of people and they have to rely on timing devices to get the perfectly browned pizzelles. The temperature control has ranges one to five. It also comes with a red and a green indicator light to notify when the cooking is done.


  • check
    Compact unit, easy to store; can be stored in an upright position
  • check
    Easy to set up and operate; easy to clean, especially with a soft brush for the grooves; batter and food doesn’t stick


  • check
    The lock mechanism may not be as sturdy
  • check
    The timer doesn’t work accurately
  • check
    The cord may not be the longest with this unit and you may need extensible cords

2. CucinaPro Non-Stick Electric Pizzelle Maker 

Highlighted Features

  • Make 5 inches snowflakes patterned cookies that are curvy on the edges
  • Polished interior; classic silver exterior
  • Long handle and sturdy metallic lock that presses uniformly

This pizzelle maker from CucinaPro makes delicious crispy pizzelles with intricate decorative patterns. It makes two five-inch pizzelles each time. The pizzelles take merely 30 seconds to cook.

They come in two variants: a non-stick Teflon coated one and a stainless steel one. Both of the units have superior heat distribution that results in not a single pizzelle sticking to the surface. Just season with oil the first time.

This is a great value for money. The unit has no temperature control and there is just one indicator light that will turn yellow to green with an audible click when done. Also, heat recovery may add some extra seconds for alternate batches but this still makes perfect pizzelles in no time!


  • check
    Ideal for making waffle bowl, cannoli and ice-cream cones
  • check
    Superior heat distribution and non-stick cooking  surface


  • check
    No temperature controls or dual light indicators

3. Chef’sChoice 834 Nonstick Pizzelle Maker

Highlighted Features

  • Ideal for making a large number of pizzelles in a short time like during festivals
  • Stainless steel silver exterior; black non-stick cooking surface on the inside
  • Non-removable patterned plates

If you want a very functional and solid pizzelle maker without spending fortunes in it, this is the perfect pizzelle maker to buy. It is extremely affordable and it makes thin, crispy, great pizzelles in no time!

The pizzelles in this maker take only about thirty seconds to cook! Mind you thirty second only and the pizzelles are ready. They are crispy, evenly cooked. But a ten-second longer cooking may seriously darken the color.

The locking mechanism is great for this unit, meaning it closed the lid very tightly and the batter may be further spread out due to the force. Even though the recipe book called for a tablespoon of batter, a mere teaspoon of it suffices. Otherwise, you will end up with a mess.

It makes two four and three-fourth inch pizzelles per batch. The size is perfect for rolling them into an ice-cream cone or cannoli. The unit has indicator lights to alert you when it is cooked already but there is no temperature setting.


  • check
    Easy to clean; for a better result, season well with oil before each use
  • check
    The lid closes perfectly: quick and even heat distribution and thin, crispy pizzelles
  • check
    Excellent value for money


  • check
    ​Doesn’t make thick pizzelles: even if you add extra batter, it will just spread it to the sides making it very messy and you need to trim off the sides
  • check
    ​The lock is plastic and hence prone to wearing away and breaking sooner than the other parts

4. CucinaPro Mini Pizzelle Italian Waffle Iron Maker 

Highlighted Features

  • Elongated handles, metal lock to close the lid securely
  • Stainless steel exterior makes it a sturdy unit
  • Makes four 3.25 inches patterned pizzelles

This pizzelle maker is perfect for making a lot of pizzelles quickly. It can make four 3.25 inch pizzelles in one batch; two distinct patterns make the pizzelles look good. It is well-constructed, sturdy and the unit heats up very fast and cooks fast too.

Cleaning is very easy. The pizzelles don’t stick: just season with oil at high temperature for every batch. It is a bit difficult to center the batter and practice helps get it right. Works best for cookie-dough consistency batter. The size may be small for some, but ideal for making stroopwaffles.

The problem with this pizzelle maker is that the lower part is not pressed down as firmly as the upper part, resulting in thicker, undercooked pizzelles. Also, the batter may never be right for the maker- if you put too much, the batter oozes outwards and if you put too little, the imprinted pattern doesn’t form properly.

The pizzelles come out browned to different degrees in different region- for the same pizzelle, one part may be a darker shade of brown than the other and thus, you need to dress the unsightly pizzelles with topping.


  • check
    Easy to operate, easy to clean up
  • check
    Makes great, well-cooked pizzelles; heats up fast and hot
  • check
    Great value for money


  • check
    Size is too small for rolling into cones
  • check
    Presses down differently in different places; uneven heating and uneven thickness of cookies occur as a result
  • check
    Difficult to pour batter in the center – may spread to the edges or may be insufficient for a proper imprint

5. Chef’sChoice 835 PizzellePro Express Bake Pizzelle Maker 

Highlighted Features

  • Electric control allows for custom temperature settings and degree of brownness control
  • The indicator lights have a Ready Mode and a Baking Mode
  • Silver mirror lid and exteriors look attractive
  • Non-stick lining on the interiors
  • Comes with a wooden dowel for rolling and a plastic measuring spoon

This great looking pizzelle maker is a must-have kitchen addition because it is not only a functional equipment but also one of the most affordable pizzelle makers in the market. This unit makes three 3-inch pizzelles at the same time. The pizzelles have identical decorative patterns on them.

This is a compact unit that is easy to store and easy to clean. It has non-stick interior and great heat distribution. A dial at the bottom corner must be turned, 1 through 5, to control the brownness and crispiness you want it you pizzelles- it varies from people to people but three is recommended.

It has two indicator lights to alert you when the baking is done but a lot of users found it somewhat unreliable as the color changes too quickly; you may use your own timing device. There is an overflow channel for removal of excess batter. Provided with the unit are a wooden dowel, a recipe book, and a plastic batter spoon. You need some trials with the unit to figure out which setting works best for you.


  • check
    Superior heat distribution: heats up very fast and cooks evenly
  • check
    Short handle; secure lockdown latch
  • check
    Easy to clean and easy to store


  • check
    Lockdown latch may not be as durable as the unit itself
  • check
    The pizzelles are a bit small for some people

6. Palmer Pizzelle Maker Classic 

Highlighted Features

  • Solid aluminum construction for superior heat distribution
  • Instruction manual to guide users on how to heat up and grease correctly
  • Two five-inch patterned pizzelles

Palmer, hands down, is one of the best pizzelle makers ever and its line of products speak for it- it has a legacy of over 30 years in pizzelle making. Remember the old-fashioned maker that your grandmother used? Well, it is still trending today and you better get your hands on one!

This is traditional, classic electric and non-stick pizzelle maker. The cooking surface is cast aluminum and the legs and elongated handles are made of plastic. The lock fits securely with the handle. Follow just two rules for making the perfect crispy pizzelles: you must warm the unit thoroughly, waiting for about fifteen minutes and grease or oil it generously each time.

Spread the dollop on the center and the cookies come out thin and perfectly cooked. The heat distribution is superb and rapid. The surface gets very hot and it is logical to have the long handle. It makes two five-inch pizzelles, patterned differently. It is a timeless product and you will never regret buying it. No lights, no beep; just the old school way of doing things right!


  • check
    Pizzelles are thin, crispy, and well-cooked
  • check
    Classic kitchenware that will last you years


  • check
    No beep, no light indicator- takes years of practice to get it right
  • check
    The unit will get very hot-beware of scalding or burning!

7. Cuisinart International Chef Crepe/Pizzelle/Pancake Plus

Highlighted Features

  • Brushed stainless steel exterior; dual knobs for temperature control
  • Comes with a manual with recipes, a measuring spoon, a cylindrical cone for rolling and tongs

This pizzelle maker sores on functionality as well as versatility – it can make crepes, pizzelles, ice-cream cones, pancakes, tortillas, naan, dosa, and other Asian delicacies as well.

It has a classic look with the brushed stainless steel exteriors and sturdy handles. The knobs and temperatures control are in front of the unit and have different heat settings to suit your needs. The unit is not very light but it can be stored upright, hence, taking very little kitchen space.

The cooking surface double as a patterned one for making pizzelles, etc., and a flat one for making dosa, tortilla, etc. Also, the plates are removable and this makes it easier to clean. The parts are dishwasher safe. It has a locking mechanism and unless you lock it perfectly, the green lights won’t switch on. There are indicator lights to notify you about the progress and a beep alerts you when it is done.

There is a bit uneven heat distribution, because the third pizzelle at the back, reportedly, takes longer to cook than the front two. Also, it doesn’t make perfectly round pizzelles if the batter is too thin. The thickness of the pizzelles is not that low either.


  • check
    Functional and versatile
  • check
    Double cooking surface; easy to clean and use


  • check
    Uneven heat distribution
  • check
    Not every recipe can be made using the same heat or batter consistency; trials are required for best results; tortillas come out hard and brittle; best for crepes and pizzelles

8. Chef'sChoice 835-SE PizzellePro Express Bake Pizzelle Maker 

Highlighted Features

  • Special edition lid makes it more attractive and compact
  • Patterned designs for pizzelles; overflow channels for excess batter
  • Locking latch to ensure heat doesn’t come out and pizzelles are perfectly cooked
  • The product comes with one year warranty, a cylindrical rod, and a recipe book

This pizzelle maker makes three pizzelles at the same time, each three inches. It has a patterned design for the pizzelle. There is an accompanying recipe book to get you started, however, you will know with practice, the precise proportions of each ingredient that you need to add.

The pizzelles can also be rolled to cannoli or cones if desired with the cylindrical rod provided. The lid is a special edition. However, the problem is that it may get too hot. The locking technique may be a little difficult to work with as well due to the handle being very short.

The unit is compact and lightweight, and attractively looking making it a valuable addition to your kitchenware collection. The construction is solid and the iron is of superior quality making the unit very sturdy and durable. The iron is non-stick and overflow channel is provided but since the pizzelles are formed huddled together, this may lead to congestion.

The color indicator has two modes- Baking and Ready- to alert you when it’s done. The pizzelles are usually ready within a minute or two and don’t get burnt too!


  • check
    Compact design, solid iron non-stick construction; lightweight
  • check
    Even heat distribution for even cooking


  • check
    Pizzelle are very small
  • check
    Lid gets very hot and is difficult to close without scalding yourself

Things to Consider Before Buying a Pizzelle Maker

Pizzelles makers are not the most common utensil in the kitchen and hence if you really want to get your own one to make pizzelles regularly, make sure you do so after some research. Or you will end up buying a mediocre one that may need a replacement a few years down the line. So do consider the factors below before investing in a pizzelle maker.


Pizzelle makers are usually compact units that can even be stored upright and thus, take up very little counter space. They have cords that can be wrapped within the unit.  Some pizzelles makers come with long handles that may be a bit troublesome to use and store but most modern units have short clip-style handles.


Traditional, old-fashioned pizzelle makers are usually fully manual. This means they have no indicator lights to alert you when the pizzelles are ready to bake and when they are done. You have to rely on your sense of judgment. These units also take some time to heat up – ten or more minutes at least. Modern units have indicator lights.

Some pizzelle makers are also equipped with temperatures settings that range from low, medium and high. For other units, there are no custom settings and it is just two modes- baking mode and Ready mode.

Modern pizzelle makers also have beep mechanism to alert you when done. The modern units heat up very fast and your pizzelles will be ready in a minute, literally!


Pizzelle makers can be made out of aluminum, iron or stainless steel. Stainless steel is a very durable, rust-resistant and sturdy material in comparison to the former two. The heat coiled are embedded in all the makers and you must warm them up slightly before spreading batter to avoid sticking.

Most makers also have a non-stick coating and you are advised by the manufacturer to use wooden spatulas and spoon and not scrubbing them to make them last longer! Surely you don’t want Teflon in your pizzelles!

Size and Patterns

Pizzelles are usually small, varying in size between 3 inches to 5 or 6 inches. The smaller pizzelles are good for parties, storage in cookie jars, and as gifts to friends and family. The larger ones are ideal for rolling into ice-cream cones or cannoli or waffle bowls.  Units that make larger pizzelles usually make fewer pizzelles at the same time and vice versa.

They have the same or different patterns imprinted on the two sides. Some have round edges while some have more intricate detailed edges on them.


Pizzelles can vary widely in thickness. Some are very thin at about three-eighth inch while some are thicker at about one-fourth inches or more. Make sure the thicker ones are thoroughly and evenly cooked. Pizzelle thickness also depends on batter consistency as much as it depends on how snugly the lid locks the unit.

Locking Mechanism

Pizzelle makers have lockdown latch to make sure the locks are tightly closed and no heat escapes. The mechanism should be easy to use and not disintegrate after a few uses.

The locking mechanism also determines how thick and how uniformly pressed your pizzelles are. Most have a short latch mechanism but these break down rather easily. Some older models have a metallic hook-like lock and this is easier to handle and lasts longer that fancy locks.

Overflow Channels

Some pizzelle makers have overflow channels to provide an outlet for the excess batter. If there is no overflow channel, you may have a messy situation and a hard time clearing it up.


Now that you have read our in-depth review on pizzelle makers, you probably have some idea on how to select the best unit for your cooking needs. We have selected some of the best pizzelle makers available in the market and compared them for your convenience.

We have chosen the makers above considering factors like heat distribution, time to make the pizzelles, quality and crispiness of the pizzelles, storage and cleaning of the maker, etc. Hope you can narrow down your choice and invest in a unit that will last you a very long time.

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  1. The electricity in my country is 220 volt. Is there any brand that can be used in Thailand? Or do you have the stovetop pizzelle burner ?

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