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The 10 Best Stock Pots in 2020

We all love cooking pasta, making soups, broth, brewing our own batches of beer, making homemade apple jelly or even our own goat cheese. In all the cases above, and in a lot more situation, a stockpot will be your best friend and an absolute kitchen essential.

A stockpot is that vital piece of equipment in your home kitchen that serves a multitude of purposes and will be your saving grace in countless occasions. It is a plain looking, deep pot with straight edges and is always equipped with a lid for cover, a handle on top of the lid and two handles on either side for safely transferring it from one location to another.

It is versatile, useful, and a vital equipment to invest upon if you cook regularly or are a cooking enthusiast. Whether it be for boiling pasta, making stocks and soups, or even brewing – try investing in a good stock pot. Whether you’re an amateur or a profession, someone who cooks regularly or someone who hardly cooks, whether you cook for a large family or you cook small portions only – a stockpot has a variety of sizes, suitable for every use of yours.

​Best Pick

Farberware Classic Stainless Steel Stockpot

The Farberware Classic Stainless Steel 8-Quart Covered Straining Stockpot is the best pick. It is packed with a hoard of features and is extremely affordable. The sturdy build and excellent craftsmanship is signature of the company’s years of excellence in kitchenware.

​Budget Pick

T-fal B36262 Specialty Total Nonstick Dishwasher Safe Oven Safe Stockpot

The T-fal Nonstick Stockpot Cookware, 12-Quart, is our Best budget pick. It has an extremely low price tag, without compromising on the features. It is a large stockpot, serving diverse purposes and to top it all, it has a great black finish which makes it a stylish pick too.

1. ​Farberware Classic Stainless Steel Stockpot  

Highlighted Features

  • Sturdy phenolic handles
  • Dishwasher and oven safe up to 350 degrees F / 180 degrees C.
  • Lids have small and large holes that function as a strainer
  • Stockpot rims are thicker and rolled

Farberware, with a legacy of over a hundred years in cookware, does not disappoint with this 8-quart stainless steel stockpot. It is the ideal size for most of your daily cooking needs. Moreover, stainless steel makes it durable, long-lasting, and resistant to corrosion from food ingredients. It has a core made solely out of aluminum that ensures greater heat distribution. Moreover, the silver stainless steel outlook makes it a stylish addition to your cookware collection.

It is heavy bottomed to prevent scorching of the sauce and broth and this makes it about a quarter inches thicker in the bottom. This stockpot is both oven safe, for temperatures up to 350 degree Celsius and also dishwasher friendly, which means this is one single equipment that can be transferred from the stove directly to the oven if required without the hassle of changing equipment.

It is also safe for use on induction stovetops. Cleaning up is very easy: a little dishwashing liquid while soaking in warm water will make even the toughest burns come off. The stainless steel lid is equipped with a series of large and small holes that will help to strain off excess water or broth if the need arises. No need to worry about the contents falling off: the lid has a safe and secure lock technology that, once you turn and lock in place, sits securely, and you can easily drain off excess liquids.

The pan rims are thicker which means pouring is pretty easy and there is no risk of scalding yourself with hot dripping broth. Farberware provides a lifetime warranty for faulty products.


  • Thicker Aluminum core for heat distribution; Stainless steel body makes it durable and impact resistant
  • Phenolic handles remain cool during cooking or boiling
  • Small grid holes and no coatings
  • Lids equipped with small and large straining holes
  • Safe for use in dishwasher and oven


  • Lid not made of glass, cannot check contents while cooking
  • A small size, only suitable for very small family meals or small portions

2. T-fal B36262 Specialty Total Nonstick Dishwasher Safe Oven Safe Stockpot 

Highlighted Features

  • Exterior and interior surface is non-stick
  • Glass lid with a vented hole in the lid that lets steam out
  • Aluminum construction
  • Can be used on gas, electric and coil stovetops
  • Safe for use in the dishwasher and oven (up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit)

This black 12-quart capacity stockpot is a vital addition for larger families or for home cooks who make larger batches of sauces, broths, and soups. It has spacious interiors which give it adequate room to fit in large quantities of food. The pot is extremely lightweight which makes it prone to toppling over but easy to carry especially when filled to the brim. The pot is tall and may cause a little difficulty when you ladle it.

The nonstick part of the stockpot does wonders as no food item, even milk, sticks to the bottom, and it is very easy to clean or spoon food out. However, you must follow the manual very carefully to ensure the nonstick is unharmed during its lifetime.

It is equipped with a glass lid that is sturdy and tough and allows you to monitor the progress of your cooking. The lid is also armed with a steam vent, to let off excess steam and moisture but many people desire to cover it and not make use of this excellent feature. Do so at your own experience and risk, and avoid building up pressure inside.

The aluminum body has excellent and even heat distribution throughout the pot. It is both oven and dishwasher safe for temperatures up to 350 degrees F. Although it may not be suitable for use in induction stoves, this is a must-have addition to your cookware if you cook prepare large meals regularly.


  • Nonstick interiors prevent food from scorching or sticking
  • Glass lids help check the progress of cooking and content of stockpot
  • Aluminum construction provides superior heat distribution


  • Lightweight body makes it susceptible to toppling
  • The tall body makes it difficult to maneuver and handle
  • Aluminum is reactive to acidic foods
  • The glass lid is not suitable for oven use due to the danger of overheating

3. Cook N Home 12 Quart Stainless Steel Stockpot

Highlighted Features

  • Aluminum disc layered bottom and mirror polished stainless steel body
  • Tempered glass lid with steam vent
  • Rims are reinforced and handles are riveted
  • Works on different types of induction and stovetops including glass, ceramic, etc.

This 12 Quart stainless steel stockpot is ideal for not just your canning and jarring needs, but it is also a versatile stockpot that will last you through many uses without damage and wear and tear. Made out of mirror polished stainless steel, the composition of chromium and nickel is 18 percent and 10 percent respectively, which makes it rust resistant, corrosion free, sturdy and extremely durable.

The flat heavy bottom sits perfectly on top of your stove. The aluminum disk at the bottom of the stockpot is included for greater heat distribution and ensures that the content doesn’t burn or scorch. The insides are spacious and accommodate large quantities of soup and broth for the regular cook.

The tempered glass lid helps you view the contents while cooking and additionally there is a vent to let off excessive steal or water the boils up to the rim. The best part about the stockpot has to be the handles. The grip is firm, not rubbery, and one can hold it securely without the need for additional pot holders. The handles are riveted, not screwed, for secure handling. Moreover, the rim of the stockpot is reinforced and doesn’t deform with use.


  • Glass lid helps to view the insides of the stockpot during cooking
  • Very spacious insides, ideal for canning and jarring
  • Reinforced rim makes it sturdy, wear resistant and easy to pour off content without causing any drip


  • ​Mirror polished surface is more prone to scratching, staining or developing watermarks
  • ​Tempered glass has no steam vent; must be used in the oven with caution to prevent pressure build up

4. Farberware Classic Stainless Steel 16-Quart Covered Stockpot 

Highlighted Features

  • Thick aluminum core surrounded and stainless steel body
  • Mirror polished exterior surface and a natural silver classic styled body
  • Stainless steel tight fitting handles and sturdy steel handles on either side
  • It can safely be used in the oven (up to temperatures of 350 degrees Fahrenheit) and in the dishwasher

Farberware continues to uphold its name and quality in this large and spacious 16-quart stockpot. It is encapsulated in the bottom, which means the core has a thick layer of aluminum sandwiched between layers of stainless steel. This ensures great heat distribution throughout the stockpot resulting in no food, even the creamiest of sauces, soups, and pasta, getting burned or scorched. The rest of the stockpot has thick steel all throughout, and the quality of material used in superior.

Both dishwasher and oven safe, the stockpot cleans very well after use. Since it is a shiny mirror finish silver pot, care must be taken to ensure not to stain the stockpot. Follow the instruction manual when it comes to cleaning it. Dry it immediately after dishwashing to avoid any stain or watermarks on the exterior.

Both the lid and the handle are made entirely out of steel, resulting in a very sturdy, durable and rust resistant product. The lid seals in the moisture and sits securely on top of the stockpot, preventing flavors from escaping. The handles are welded on the outsides rather than attached with screws and bolts, making it sturdy and secure. However, it is prone to getting very hot during cooking. Make sure to hold them with potholders to avoid getting burnt!

 This flat-bottomed stockpot has no ridges or grooves in the bottom and thus is perfectly safe for use on induction stovetops as well as glass, ceramic, and several other stovetop types. As far as the design is concerned, the stockpot is very roomy, but the design is such that it is very wide and large but not unmanageably tall. It is adequately light weight but not prone to tipping over while cooking. It is a value for money stockpot, given the fact that it is packed in with a hoard of features


  • Flat bottomed, no grooves or ridges so sits perfectly on top of stoves
  • Large, spacious, and wide not tall thus manageable dimensions
  • Welded steel handles are sturdy and durable


  • Mirror polished surfaces tend to stain easily; requires immediate drying to prevent water marks from developing
  • Relatively more expensive than most similar sized stockpots in the market
  • Lid and handles get very hot during cooking

5. Update International (SPS-16) Induction Ready Stainless Steel Stock Pot 

Highlighted Features

  • Superior construction with a tri-ply base- it consists of a thick aluminum layer between two stainless steel ones
  • Thick stainless steel body
  • Sturdy riveted handles that remain cool

The 16-quart stockpot is large and spacious without being too heavy. The stockpot is heavy duty and safe for use in all induction ranges and stovetops. Both the handles and the lid are made of stainless steel.

The lid fits snugly on top of the stockpot, letting the flavors of the food stay intact. The handles are riveted with the rivet heads inside the stockpot: this makes it easier to carry the pot even when hot and full to the brim with food. The handles stay cool but one must still be cautious. A ladle for stirring can also be inserted and the lid still sits squarely on top.

The stockpot is very easy to clean and sturdy to use. The stockpot rims are rolled for pouring off the content of the pot without dripping or burning oneself. The pot feature a 3 ply bottom, with a 5mm thick aluminum core surrounded by stainless steel on either side. The heavy-bottomed stockpot, therefore, has superior heat distribution and cooks food without burning or scorching it. The construction is remarkable and the affordable price tag makes it a must-have stockpot.


  • NSF certification puts to rest any health concerns
  • Large, spacious, not bulky
  • Great heat distribution due to its heavy bottomed, aluminum core
  • Excellent value for money: a great competitor for high-end brand that cost about three times as much for the same specifications


  • Not the cheapest in the market

6. Cuisinart 766-26 Chef's Classic Stockpot 

Highlighted Features

  • Mirror finish looks classy, timeless and stylish
  • Base made out of aluminum layer sandwiched between stainless steel layers
  • Solid stainless steel riveted handle that go on the insides of the stockpot
  • Snug fitting lid and tapered rims
  • Lightweight; wide and large; not tall, narrow or bulky

This classic 12-quart stockpot from Cuisinart is a timeless staple to your cookware collection. Its beauty is unmatched: the stainless steel body has a mirror finish making you glimmer both inside out. It has an aluminum encapsulated base that makes it heat up quickly and distribute the heat throughout the pot.

The handles are stylish, made of stainless steel and provide sufficient grip for holding the stockpot with its content securely. The lid fits snugly and doesn’t let moisture or heat escape. A lot of buyers complain about receiving dented products or about the riveted handles having cracks when received. Make sure to get a replacement if it does happen to you.

The tapered rim makes draining and pouring the contents of the stockpot easy. It is dishwasher safe and doesn’t lose the shiny look after washes. Works best for slow simmers and when cooking in medium heat. The surface does not discolor or stain even after a long time of use.

The stockpot has been designed with practicality in mind: it is spacious, not huge, and sits well on stovetops and in sinks as well. It is very similar to high end All Clad stockpot, at less than half the prices. What makes the pot specifically superior is its lightweight: even when full to the brim, it feels lightweight and manageable. It can also be popped in the oven and can be heated up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • Lightweight yet sturdy and great ease of handling
  • Great looking, mirror polished, stylish stockpot
  • Dishwasher safe and easy to clean


  • Can result in burns when cooking in high heat for a prolonged period of time
  • There is a probability of receiving a faulty product- one with cracked handle, pitted interiors or split rim

7. Rachael Ray Hard Enamel Nonstick Skillet Stockpot

Highlighted Features

  • Attractive looking, colorful addition that is a breath of fresh air from silver and black stockpots
  • Enamel coating on stainless steel gives a natural nonstick interior surface
  • Quality construction and durable product

This large well-built stockpot certainly adds a dash of color to your kitchen and it is an attractive looking addition to your kitchenware. Also available in three color variants of an orange gradient, a red gradient and a marine blue one. This stockpot maintains the quality and craftsmanship that Rachel Ray cookware line is reputed for.

The pot is made of carbon steel, and coated through with enamel. The enamel enhances the appearance of the stockpot and comes with its own set of problems too. Enamel coating chips off when dropped or handled carelessly and one must use the product very carefully. Also, enamel is not a dishwasher friendly material and hand wash is recommended to make it last.

Enamel coating, however, naturally has a nonstick finish: food can be cooked without fear of scorches or burns. The lid and handle, both enamel coated, get extremely hot, and the usage of pot holders is strictly advised. The lid is well- made and fits securely on top of the pot, making sure moisture and flavors do not escape out.

 It is a large roomy stockpot which comes at an unbelievably low price tag. It is safe for induction stovetops and oven safe to about 450 degrees Fahrenheit. One other obnoxious problem is that the product comes shipped with a large sticker on its front body, which is extremely difficult to remove and is the cause of significant annoyance to customers. The stockpot is easy to clean and resistant to staining and burning.


  • Colorful, appealing stockpots that make a stylish addition to kitchenware collection
  • Sturdy construction, great quality, solid built


  • Enamel coating very delicate- chips off when dropped, put in dishwasher or not handled with care
  • Handles get very hot when the stockpot is in use; potholders needed
  • Large stickers spoil the beauty of the exterior surface; extremely difficult to remove: requires considerable rubbing and use of chemicals

8. Tramontina 80120/001DS Tramontina Gourmet Stainless Steel Covered Stock Pot

Highlighted Features

  • Brushed stainless steel finish on the exterior and interior giving it a stylish premium look
  • Flat, snug fitting lid that goes a little inside the pot
  • Strong metallic riveted handles for strong grip and room for your hand
  • Superior construction, durable body

The Tramontina 16 Quart stainless steel stockpot is part of the gourmet collection and is designed keeping craftsmanship, styles, quality, and finery in mind, making it a stylish, vital inclusion to your cookware collection. It is sturdy, extremely well built and durable. 

The other two variants are mostly the same, except for the dimensions: the gourmet requiring less steel and hence being smaller, and less expensive. The Prima has a domed lid and easy to pour rim. This stockpot is very functional, and extremely spacious, especially for cooking large family meals – be it large portions of spaghetti, soup, broth or even cheese!  

It is moderately lightweight and has an expensive finish and premium feel to it, making it worth every penny it cost. It is an expensive stockpot but good value for money. It has a tri-ply construction, which means that it has an aluminum core between stainless steel layers. It is very responsive to heat change, distributes heat well, and impact resistant.

The handles are metallic, riveted and sturdy. This NSF certified stockpot is dishwasher and oven safe to temperatures of about 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Apart from the excellent quality of Tramontina craftsmanship, the product comes armed with a lifetime warranty.


  • Sturdy, resistant to impact and corrosion, well built, premium feel, excellent craftsmanship
  • Luxury Gourmet collection makes it a kitchen finery
  • Compatible with a range of stovetops


  • An expensive stockpot, as many similar stockpots priced half as this have similar features


  • Attractive stockpot in a black finish: Glass coating in steel body
  • All steel construction that is impact resistant and durable’
  • Large spacious and roomy enough to cook large quantities of food

This 21-quart stockpot from Granite Ware is huge: it is not quite as tall as it is large and wide. It might cause some difficulty when putting in the sink for hand washing. Ideal for brining turkeys, brewing, canning, cooking lobsters (a lot of them for one thing) and even handmade soap: this versatile pot serves a handful of purposes.

It has an attractive black enamel body that is appealing to those wanting to buy something other than a classic silver stockpot. It is non-porous, and unreactive, thin means that it doesn’t absorb the odors of food and cleaning the pot after cooking is very easy. However, it is one dainty pot to own: the pot is made from porcelain fused with steel, and porcelain chips when dropped. Caution must be employed during transporting the stockpot. Also, there is quite a probability of receiving a dented or chipped product and one must not hesitate to return a faulty product for a speedy replacement.

It has a steel core and no aluminum parts at all. The heat distribution is good but the walls may be relatively thin and one must be cautious when intensifying the heat to avoid scorches and burns. This large stockpot sits perfectly atop most stovetops but glass cooktops are not recommended for this one.

This glass coated stockpot is well constructed and comes from a company reputed to offer trusted products. It is good value for money and the large size comes at a very low price point making it a must-have item in your cookware closet.


  • Large, spacious stockpot that can be used for diverse purposes
  • Very affordable at a low price point
  • Great finish, color and style factor due to porcelain coating above steel


  • Enamel coating makes it susceptible to dents, chipping, etc during shipping and also after only a few uses
  • Very large, not suitable for cooking regular meals for medium or small families
  • Steel has poor heat distribution compared to aluminum and this pot is entirely steel

​10. Cooks Standard 12-Quart Classic Stainless Steel Stockpot 

  • Well-constructed with heavy gauge 18/10 thick stainless steel and aluminum disk at the bottom for heat distribution
  • Excellent value for money
  • Steel riveted handle and thickly rolled rims for easy pouring

Not very often does one find a stockpot that is sturdy, good-looking, durable, and extremely functional and all of it and more at an affordable price point. Who says you must buy a high-end brand, spend lots of money to get a stock pot that is great?

The 12 Quart stockpot from Cooks is made of shiny polished 18/10 stainless steel with an aluminum disc in the bottom for even heat distribution. The bottom is heavy, preventing any hot spots from developing and the content scorching if you leave it unsupervised for a while. The lid and the handles are stainless steel and riveted securely for safety.

This pot is very large and roomy for the needs of a large family or for someone who makes large batches of broth. It is spacious, without being bulky and therefore sits perfectly atop any stove. It is lightweight, with a weight of about 5.8 pounds. This stockpot works on induction stovetops as well as gas, electric, glass, ceramic, halogen, etc. Not only is this dishware safe, but it is also oven safe for up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

The metal lid is advantageous in this case relative to a glass lid as popping in the oven will not end up disastrously. Even so, caution must be employed as metal handles get very hot. This is an excellent value for money and a very popular budget choice because it is a robust large stockpot that can put up with a lot of cooking and use!


  • Heavy duty; Robust and sturdy, can be put to multiple uses
  • Has all the features of high-end brand but at a very affordable price tag


  • No glass lid to check the progress of cooking
  • Not very large for cooking large batches of soup or broth or a large portion of meals for the family

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Stock Pot

Stockpot hunting can be tiresome because as much as you need it, you just don’t want to invest a fortune into it; you also don’t want to buy so cheaply that you end up scorching it and rendering it useless in only a few months of usage. A good amount of research that we have painstakingly done for your benefit will prevent you from regretting your purchase later on. Usually, most stockpots prices start as low as about twenty dollars and can be over a hundred dollars if it is from a high-end brand.

So what exactly do we consider before buying in a stockpot?


A stockpot is large by default. It is designed to hold a large amount of soup, liquid content, etc. Stockpots come in a wide range of sizes from 6 quarts to as large as 22 quarts, no kidding! And that is not even the largest commercial ones. Restaurant and hotel usage may require stockpots up to about 200 quarts!

If you plan on buying two, you may want to buy stock pot sizes quite different in sizes, like 8 and 16, or 6 and 16. However, if you have enough cash for just one stockpot, buy something in the 8 to 12-quart range, because it serves most home cooking purposes.


Craftsmanship, shape and make is what determines how efficient your stock pot is. If all you ever make is stocks and soups, a tall and narrow design would be helpful. However, if you need one that requires a lot of stirring the ingredients, you might want to opt for a wide and large stockpot instead.

Also, pick a heavy bottomed stock pot, you’d surely thank me later: it may feel a little heavy but it will make sure the food doesn’t get scorched or burnt when trying recipes that require longer cook time or simmer. Find a shape that is compatible with your stovetop and would fit in easily in your sink too: you don’t want to struggle with while washing it with your hand.


The material is an extremely important criterion for deciding which stockpot you should buy. Stockpots in the market are made out of a myriad of material, from stainless steel to copper, to cast iron, aluminum, etc.

Aluminum is divine when it comes to heat distribution. This highly conductive material cooks food very fast and is lightweight too. The downside of aluminum is that acidic food like tomatoes, vinegar, etc. react with and corrode aluminum but anodized aluminum may solve the problem considerably and is quite a popular choice.

Stainless steel, with about 18 percent chromium and about or less than 10% chromium, is an expensive option but well worth the money. The chromium makes it more resistant to corrosion and adds a few more years to the life of your beloved stockpot.

“Clad” stockpots are extremely popular too. It consists of an outer layer of stainless steel, an aluminum core in the middle and then another inner stainless steel layer. This gives you the best of both worlds - the generous heat distribution as well as the prevention of reaction with acidic food. Anodized aluminum layers with a plain aluminum sandwiched between them is also a readily available “clad” stockpot variant.

Do not buy a plain aluminum, for if you do you will just end up with a scorched, burnt and worn away vessel within a few months. Some people also prefer buying stockpots with a nonstick lining and this is a viable option but make sure to employ caution when cleaning it.


Stockpots are armed with two handles, and these can be made of stainless steel, silicone, etc. Make sure it stays considerably cool. Handles are the most overused and overlooked part of any stockpot. Make sure the stockpot you’re buying has good riveted or welded handles with heavy screws that will stay despite the wear and tear of daily use. It must provide enough room for you to hold it comfortably and safely: you don’t want the boiling stock to scald you just because you didn’t put enough thought into the handles. 


Ensure that your stockpot has tight fitting secure lid otherwise the flavors and moisture from your meal will all be escaping! You may want to buy a shatterproof tempered glass lid as it will allow you to see the contents of your stockpot too. But a stainless steel one would work fine too as long as it serves its purpose. A metallic lid means you can pop that in the oven too without fussing over whether it will burst due to overheating or not.  Some lids are even equipped with holes through which you drain out excess water.


Most stockpots are induction stovetop compatible. It must have a magnetic stick at its bottom in order to be so; yet check before buying if it really is induction stove compatible. Most stockpots can also be used on ceramic, gas, electric, coil, glass stovetops, etc. But a few, like enamel or porcelain ones, may not work well with glass stovetops.

 Stockpots are all oven safe and dishwasher safe and most attain temperatures as high as 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Tempered glass lids are not really suitable for oven use as there lies a danger of pressure build-up and overheating.


Stockpots usually come in classic silver color, with a natural stainless steel finish. Some are mirror polished for a shiny exterior. Black is another popular color choice for stockpots. Some brands also have colored variants to make cooking fun and add color and creativity to your kitchenware.


Reading the review you must have realized that stockpots are a vital piece of equipment in your kitchen no matter what you cook, boil, or brew. The stock pots listed above are the best options available currently in the market. We have chosen the best stockpots considering several aspects such as multipurpose use, construction material, ease of usage, weight, capacity, and a lot more.

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