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The 13 Best Fondue Pots for Fondue Nights at Home

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Fondue was a hit in the ‘50s and ‘60s, but today it is making a comeback, thanks to new home electrics, restaurants catering to the fondue experience, and a general interest in a more social dining experience. Home use fondue pots are a great investment for singles who have friends over, families, and everyone in between. There is no occasion that is too small for fondue—you might even want to have a fondue night just for the fun of it! To enjoy chocolate or cheese drippings in their gooiest form, check out the best fondue pots in the market. As fondue enthusiasts ourselves, we have picked nothing less of the most promising products and examined them thoroughly. Find out what we thought!

How To Choose the Best Fondue Pot for Your Needs: Everything You Need to Know

There is a basic style to the fondue pot selection that is available today, with a variety of construction methods and materials that will change the details of each for a unique experience. However, there are also pros and cons to each type of fondue set and some things that you should consider before making your purchase.

Fondue sets are great for entertaining or just giving your family a fun new way to enjoy dinner, but you have to make sure that you get one that’s worth your money. When you’re looking for a fondue set, you could spend as little as $20 or as much as $200 or more, depending on the level of quality, the size of the set, and the capacity of the fondue pot.

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Heat and/or Power Source

Depending on where you intend to use the fondue, you might have different needs for heating the dish. Whether you choose electric or non-electric, you can find plenty of uses for each. Here are the most common types of fondue sets that you’ll find when it comes to heating methods:


There are a growing number of electric fondue pots on the market today that include a built-in temperature control right in the base or a plug-in heating element of some kind. This allows you to cook and serve the fondue all in the same place and the same pot, without having to be near a stove. These appliances are great for parties and family get-togethers but might not be as useful in outdoor settings or those where you cannot connect easily to an outlet.


Some fondue sets come with a simple rack that sits over a fuel container or a dish that holds alcohol or other fuel. There are some fuel-based fondue pots that can be adjusted to the ideal temperature, while others will only cook at one temperature. You should also consider the actual fuel source that you use, since each has its own costs and other factors to think about.

The reason that people like fuel-based fondue sets is because they can be used anywhere, including outdoors, as they don’t need to have access to electricity to function.


There are smaller fondue sets that are designed more as gifts that are able to work by keeping the fondue heated over an open flame, such as a tea light candle. These sets are less for show and entertaining and more for an intimate setting of just two or three people. They're not as popular as the other sets on the market, but they are a cute gift idea for a variety of romantic and special occasions where you only want to melt chocolate.

How Many People Does it Serve?

If you are investing in a fondue set, you need to make sure that it will be able to cater to the people that you intend to serve or entertain. Fondue sets typically offer settings for up to six people, although you can find some with eight forks, or more. Really, though, it doesn’t matter how many dipping forks are included. What you need to look at to determine servings is the actual size of the fondue pot itself.

Some fondue sets are made in a 1.5-quart capacity, while some are available all the way up to 3 quarts. There are sizes everywhere in between, too, giving you the chance to get the perfect fondue set for you, no matter what size you have in mind.

What Features Does it Include?

When you’re looking for a fondue set, you want to ensure that it has all of the items that you need to make great fondue right out of the box. Primarily, you should be looking for a cooking pot that is designed from cast-iron or stainless steel because these can handle the high temperatures required for melting and cooking with fondue.

One great new option for those who want the best fondue but aren’t sure what types they want to make, is to buy a set that includes a ceramic or stoneware bowl along with the stainless steel pot, giving you the chance to melt all kinds of foods in the perfect dish for easy, even heating and simple cleanup. Although the power or fuel source has already been mentioned above, this should also be factored into what kind of fondue set you prefer. Some non-electric sets will include your first container of fuel to get you started for free, for example.

Almost every set available includes forks that are color-coded. Therefore, if you come across a set that doesn’t offer them, you should look elsewhere. If you can find a set that includes extra accessories, utensils, or features, you’ll be getting more for your money and that’s always a smart move. While there is no one fondue pot that will be the “best” for everyone, these tips can help you find the best set for your specific needs.

Safety Features

Fondue can be a hot mess—literally—if you’re not careful. Fortunately, modern fondue sets have several built-in safety features. The fuel-based sets have sturdy bases and contain metal fuel holders for safe operation. The pots themselves are made of high-quality materials that won’t crack or be damaged by high heat. They also often have cool-touch handles, rubberized bases, and other features that are designed to add safety.

Many electric fondue pots have cords that offer a quick-release option, such as the models that are magnetically connected. Thus, if the cord is tripped over or caught on something, it disconnects from the pot and keeps the pot from spilling. If you really want to get the most out of your fondue experience and enjoy peace of mind, make sure that you check out these and other available safety features.

Fondue Accessories

Some fondue sets will include additional accessories, giving you even more value for your money. There are a lot of different tools and accessories to consider besides the included dipping forks and fuel or power sources, of course. Even if you don’t find a set that has all of the accessories that you want, you can purchase them separately to make sure that you have all the tools that you need for great fondue parties, no matter who you invite. Some of the most popular accessories include:

  • Fondue burners and fuel
  • Extra fondue forks and other utensils
  • Fondue plates and bowls for serving and preparing food
  • Dipping trays and lazy Susan-style fondue sets

Top 13 Best Fondue Pots

Product NameMaterialSet IncludesGrade
Cuisinart CFO-3SS Electric Fondue MakerBrushed stainless steelBase, 3-quart bowl, 8 forks, temperature probe, fork rackA+
Nostalgia FPS200 6-Cup Stainless Steel Electric Fondue PotStainless steelPot, electric base, 6 color-coded forksA+
Oster Titanium Infused DuraCeramic Fondue PotCeramic3-quart pot, fork holder ring, removable plug, 8 fondue forksA
VonShef Fondue Set with 6 Forks Stylish Cast Iron Porcelain Enamel PotPorcelain enamel cast ironPot, stand, burner, 6 forksA+
Swissmar Lugano 9 Piece Cheese Fondue SetCast ironPot, stand, 6 forks, fire gel container, recipeA
NutriChef Small Appliance Countertop Set Cooker Fondue Melting PotCast ironFondue pot, 6 color-coded forks, electric baseA-
Cuisinart FP-115RS 13-Piece Cast Iron Fondue SetCast ironPot, 6 fondue forks, splatter ring, burnerA-
Trudeau Alto 3-in-1 Electric Fondue SetStainless steelPot, electric base, 6 forks, recipe and instructionsA
Swissmar F66706 Sierra 1.6-Quart Cast Iron Meat Fondue SetCast iron and woodPot, lid, 6 forks, burner, splatter ring, base B+
Zen Kitchen Fondue Pot Set, Glazed Ceramic Fondue SetCeramic and cast ironPot, 6 forks, 6 bowlsB+
Home Essentials & Beyond Fondue 73024 SetCeramic and stainless steelPot, 6 fondue forks, standB
Boska Holland Tealight Fondue SetCeramic and woodPot, Base, tea light holder, 4 fondue forksB
Artesia Fondue SetCast IronPot, 6 fondue forks, splatter ring, fuel burnerB-

Highlighted Features

  • 6.12 x 10.50 x 7-inch bowl provides plenty of room for all of your fondue dipping needs
  • Set includes eight fondue forks, a temperature probe, and a fork rack
  • The brushed stainless finish is easy to clean and the nonstick interior makes this pot ideal for chocolate and cheese

This fondue set from Cuisinart is a slightly higher-end model that still offers a reasonable price and plenty of features to love. From the nonstick fondue bowl to the included temperature probe to ensure that your fondue reaches the perfect temperature, this set has a lot to offer. You will enjoy the included electric base for easy heating and a handy fork rack to keep things organized.

This set is great for cheese, chocolate, oil, and broths, and can be fun for a family night or a great investment for hosting parties and events. The set is big enough for a group but still reasonable enough for just a few friends, giving you plenty of versatility. Plus, it holds up to three quarts of melted ingredients and is dishwasher-safe, with eight temperature settings for optimal control.

Highlighted Features

  • Color-coded forks ensure that everyone can keep track of their fondue favorites
  • Removable pot is easy to clean in the sink or dishwasher (dishwasher safe)
  • Six-cup capacity (1.5 quarts) for chocolate, cheese, oils, and other dips and broths

The Nostalgia fondue set includes a stylish stainless-steel pot and electric heating base that has a handy temperature dial to control the temperature setting and get the perfect melt, no matter what you’re dipping. The set also includes six forks that are all marked with different colored ends so that everyone can keep theirs separate. Plus, it is made from high-quality materials and premium construction methods, giving you a durable product that will provide years of entertainment.

The Nostalgia Stainless Steel Electric Fondue Pot also includes cool-touch handles, which means you can handle the pot even when it’s hot, and the detachable parts make cleaning a breeze. The fondue set includes a satisfaction guarantee and is a great choice for those who want something that is a little smaller than many of the fondue sets on the market today.

3. Oster Titanium Infused DuraCeramic Fondue Pot

Highlighted Features

  • 3-quart capacity for larger families and small groups
  • Includes eight forks and a fork ring to ensure that you don’t lose utensils in the pot
  • Unique DuraCeramic nonstick coating offers eight times longer-lasting protection than other coatings

The Oster fondue set includes a high-quality cooking surface that heats up to 30% quicker and is easy to wipe clean, with a removable temperature control that is also adjustable to get the perfect temperature every single time. For safety, Oster has included a magnetic breakaway cord that will come off the pot when pulled, keeping the fondue from spilling and leading to a potentially dangerous situation.

The Oster fondue set also includes forks and a holder, so you’ll have everything that you need to get started. Oster is a leading name in kitchen electrics, giving you the peace of mind that you’re buying a quality product that makes for fun fondue every single time. Whether you’re having a fun dessert night with the family or just entertaining with some friends, this fondue set can deliver plenty of delicious enjoyment for cheese, chocolate, oils, and more.

4. VonShef Fondue Set with 6 Forks Stylish Cast Iron Porcelain Enamel Pot

Highlighted Features

  • Includes six forks with wooden handles and color-coding to keep things organized
  • Cast-iron pot retains heat and includes a partial lid to hold the forks in place
  • Comes with an adjustable flame burner; fuel must be purchased separately

The VonShef Fondue Set includes everything you need to get started with great fondue, in a stylish set that offers a more retro look than some of the products on this list. The pot is made from porcelain enamel cast iron, making it easy to heat and easy to clean, no matter what kind of fondue you have in mind. The included set of durable forks ensures that you are always ready to dip, and you can easily clean the removable pot in the sink. The pot itself is also dishwasher-safe, giving you an even easier way to keep it clean.

With the capacity to hold 63 ounces of chocolate or cheese, there is room for everyone to enjoy with this fondue set. Choose it for your next game night, get together, or even just to spice things up at the dinner table every once in a while. The company also offers a satisfaction guarantee that will ensure that everyone is pleased with their purchase.

5. Swissmar Lugano 9 Piece Cheese Fondue Set

Highlighted Features

  • This set includes nine pieces, available in deep blue, cherry red, and black
  • Includes burner and one fire gel container, additional fuel sold separately
  • Six forks included for dipping

This fondue set is simple, yet still provides everything that you need. You'll enjoy the enameled cast iron fondue pot and its ability to hold plenty of chocolate, cheese, or oil for all of your fondue flavors, no matter what you have in mind. With the forks and a burner included too, you can get started right away on enjoying your new kitchen toy.

While this fondue set does include one container of fuel gel to get you started, you’ll need to purchase additional fuel to use it in the future. With so many electric models available, this could be considered a slight hassle. However, if you’re looking for something that’s portable or that doesn’t require electricity, this is definitely the way to go. Plus, the set comes in three colors, meaning it can fit into any décor and give you a way to express your unique style.

6. NutriChef Small Appliance Countertop Set Cooker Fondue Melting Pot

Highlighted Features

  • The sturdy warmer base ensures that the bowl stays secure during the entire fondue experience
  • Six color-coded forks included so that everyone can keep track of theirs
  • Includes adjustable temperature control for easy cooking and melting at perfect temps

If you’re more interested in function than form, the NutriChef fondue set could be the perfect selection for your needs. This countertop fondue set is designed with a sturdy base that uses electricity to heat the fondue bowl, featuring wide feet and handles for easy portability. The bowl itself is made from nonstick material and is easy to clean.

This fondue set holds over two quarts of your favorite melts, whether that be cheese, chocolate, or anything else. It's great for dipping all kinds of fruits and veggies, bread, and even meats if you want the full fondue cooking experience. Plus, there’s a fork lid included to ensure that the forks don’t fall into the dip. Whether you like the safe, compact design of this model or any of its other features, it’s sure to deliver the performance that you want for all kinds of fondue events and needs.

7. Cuisinart FP-115RS 13-Piece Cast Iron Fondue Set

Highlighted Features

  • Cast iron enameled pot with a more nostalgic feel
  • Pot can be used to prepare fondue on the stovetop and then warmed using any standard cooking fuel
  • Color-coded forks ensure easy tracking and enjoyment for everyone

Although this fondue set doesn’t actually include a heating element for melting and cooking, it does offer the chance to keep your foods nice and hot, thanks to the enameled cast iron pot and the available cooking fuel container that can be used underneath while the fondue pot is out for use. This pot is easy to transfer from the stove to the table and can be taken outdoors for entertaining, as well.

This induction-ready fondue pot offers a beautiful design that will stand out in any kitchen and is available in white or red. Plus, it comes at an affordable price with a more nostalgic look and is easy enough for even the beginner to use. If you’re looking for a minimalist design that shows off and delivers some great fondue, this set has everything that you need. Plus, it’s from Cuisinart, so you can trust that you’re getting something that’s worth the investment.

8. Trudeau Alto 3-in-1 Electric Fondue Set

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with an impressive 11 pieces, including everything that you need to enjoy great fondue right out of the box
  • Adjustable temperature controls provide even heating and perfect temps for cheese, chocolate, and more
  • 84-ounce pot is big enough to hold plenty of fondue for parties of all sizes

The Trudeau fondue set is one of the biggest options on the list, and for that, it is definitely one of the more popular for those who are entertaining. This set features a simple silver finish and a portable electric base that can offer up to 1500 watts of heating power. It also comes with six color-coded forks to keep things organized and a stoneware insert that’s great for cheese and chocolate.

The stainless-steel material is durable and designed for optimal functionality, as well as providing a touch of modern style to any table or at any event. Plus, it all comes with a warranty from the manufacturer and offers a high level of versatility in the many different foods that you can cook. Use it for any fondue that you want, with no risk of scorching or having to struggle with heat controls. It's a unique option and it delivers plenty of potential for your fondue needs.

9. Swissmar F66706 Sierra 1.6-Quart Cast Iron Meat Fondue Set

Highlighted Features

  • Features a total of 11 pieces and is available in four different colors
  • Comes with easy recipes so that you can get started at trying fondue right away
  • Includes an enameled cast iron pot that distributes heat evenly

If you want a fondue set that looks as good as it works, this is exactly what you need. It includes a grooved wooden base, a fuel burner for paste or gel, a premium stand to hold the pot, and a lid that holds the forks to keep them from falling into the fondue. It takes a few minutes to heat up, but you can heat the pot on the stove and transfer it to the burner for better heating.

The great thing about this set from Swissmar is that while it holds a decent amount of fondue, it offers the convenience of being able to be used outside or anywhere that you might not have access to power. Once heated, the cast iron will keep it hot and the fuel burner will offer a backup heating source for hours of fondue enjoyment. This set holds 1.6 quarts of fondue and is great for oils, chocolate, cheese, and more.

10. Zen Kitchen Fondue Pot Set, Glazed Ceramic Fondue Set

Highlighted Features

  • This romantic fondue set is great for couples, housewarming parties, and other gifts
  • Includes six heart-shaped serving bowls, a heart-shaped fondue pot, and dipping forks
  • Cast-iron and ceramic fondue set heats evenly and holds heat better with base for open-flame heating

This fondue set isn’t as much for entertaining as it is for a night in for a party of two. The romantic heart-shaped design makes it a great gift choice and it can use an open flame or cooking fuel to keep your fondue warm. Since this cooks with direct heat, there’s no worry about cords that could get unplugged or tripped over, and you can use the set anywhere, no matter whether electricity is available or not.

The glazed ceramic finish is easy to clean and makes melting a breeze, with any cheese, chocolate, or other food that you have in mind. The pot can even be used in the microwave and washed in the dishwasher, giving you a convenient set that’s fun, functional, and great for a date night or a celebratory night in. The set comes with one tea light candle for heating and warming.

11. Home Essentials & Beyond 73024 Fondue Set

Highlighted Features

  • Includes a pot and six accessories, making it a complete package
  • The product is dishwasher safe, so cleaning it is rather easy
  • The ceramic bowl can go into an oven and microwave

Home Essentials & Beyond 73024 Fondue Set makes a gorgeous addition to modern kitchens with its glazed white and silver body. From pot to accessories, the set includes everything you need, offering a complete experience. You can use it to serve cheese, butter, chocolate dessert, or a tableside gravy. Its multipurpose nature makes the product so desirable to a wide range of users. 

The pot is made of ceramic, which is meant to last for years if taken care of properly. It also comes with a splatter ring, burner, and four fondue forks. These accessories are made of stainless steel, promising a lifetime of laughter over a bowl of cheese or chocolate. The set offers top-notch convenience as it is safe to go into a microwave. And once you’re done using it, simply put it in the dishwasher and the glazed finish will look fresh as new.

12. Boska Holland Tealight Fondue Set

Highlighted Features

  • Includes a black ceramic pot, four forks, a tealight, and a wooden base
  • The product does not need any cord or fuel to run; a candle is enough to heat it up
  • It is microwave safe, no stove is needed to melt cheese and chocolate smoothly

If you’re planning to prepare a large meal for a festival that’s equal parts delicious and simple to make, then look no further than the Boska Holland Tealight Fondue. It is great for both chocolate and cheese. The product is made of ceramic and wood, serving both quality and beauty in a pack. 

The pot is made of ceramic with a black finish and has a capacity of 400 mL. It also includes four fondue forks that have a wooden handle. There are a tealight holder and a tealight in the package as well, so you won’t need any additional fluid or cords to heat up the meal. And the oak wood base is very easy to wash and clean. Give it a rub with mineral oil every once in a while in order to keep its original texture intact.

13. Artesia Fondue Set

Highlighted Features

  • The product features a splash guard on top of the pot to minimize spillage
  • The pot and splatter ring are made of durable cast iron
  • The handles and stainless steel forks are heat-resistant ensuring safety

The Artesia Fondue Set doubles as durable and efficient cookware that’s designed to make your experience worthwhile. It doesn’t take a fondue enthusiast too long to spot a good fondue. Being one myself, I was quite impressed with what this product had to offer in terms of convenience and performance, that too at such an affordable price. 

It is wonderful for cheese, chocolate, and broth. Offering full control and versatility, the product allows you to cook like a professional chef. The set includes a cast iron pot, six stainless steel fondue forks, a splatter ring, and gel fuel. The stylish white pot has a capacity of 1300 mL. It is crafted to serve everything in perfect consistency and temperature. The fondue forks come with different colors on the tip, giving them a fancy touch for special occasions.

Commercial vs. Home-Use Fondue Pots and Cookware

If you are making an investment in a fondue set for home use, you’ll want to make sure that you are shopping in that category specifically. The commercial market does have a lot more fondue options and high-end designs to choose from, but they also come with commercial price tags. Fortunately, the market for home-use fondue sets is also heating up, giving you a much wider selection than you might expect, even if you’re only looking at personal-use sets for entertaining at home.

How do you know the difference? All of the fondue sets on this list are designed for consumer use, not commercial applications. Commercial fondue sets and accessories will typically feature higher prices and premium upgrades like larger heating sources or bigger pots that hold a larger capacity of cheese, chocolate, oil, or anything else you want to melt. Commercial sets will typically be listed as such, and most consumer-use sets will typically have much more reasonable price tags.

Does Style Matter?

Some people are interested in getting a fondue pot that gets the job done and provides plenty of capacity for their entertaining needs. Others are looking for a stylish model or a retro design that offers that nostalgic look that fondue is known for. Style only matters so far as it matters to you when choosing your fondue set. After all, the function is the primary focus. If you also want something that looks unique or offers a certain aesthetic, you can find plenty to choose from.

Pot Material

The types of materials used to construct fondue will impact the way that it cooks and the types of foods that it can be used for. You need to make sure that you know what pots work for which types of fondue. There are some systems that offer a three-in-one function that can cook everything. Others will be better suited for one type of fondue or another.

Stainless steel is ideal for the high heat required for cooking meat in oils. If your recipes call for cheese or chocolate, you’ll want to use ceramic for the best results. Of course, you can read the information on each product to see what they can cook because some fondue sets may be able to prepare different types of ingredients all in one pot. Consider the versatile and interchangeable designs if you want a fondue set that can do just about anything.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need a fondue pot set? 

Fondue is a great dish for family gatherings and friends’ hangouts. It is most hosts’ go-to dish if they want to have their guests share a moment of laughter around the same bowl. A typical fondue pot can cater to six people. It is great for melting a mixture of food, be it chocolate, cheese, broth, or oil. 

Whether it’s a savory or sweet mixture, it remains in perfect temperature and consistency thanks to the heat source underneath. It is a pot that encourages bonding over a delicious meal and that’s what motivates most users to purchase a fondue pot set. 

Which cheese should you use in a fondue? 

It’s important to consider the type of cheese you should use in the fondue because some cheeses melt easily while others are more likely to burn. Some great cheeses that will keep your fondue pot healthy for a long time are Gruyere, Gouda, Chellarhocker, Fontina, and Raclette. Cheddar is also a good pick, but steer clear of mozzarella. As much as you love it on toppings, it will not make a very good dripping.


The sets listed here are among the best that you can find, and they offer a little something for everyone. You'll find fondue pots and sets with a variety of fuel sources and included accessories, and it should be simple for you to find something that suits your needs. Even if you choose something that isn’t on this list, you’ll have the information that you need to make the decision about which fondue set is best. From family gatherings to entertaining and more, fondue sets are a great way to spice up any dining experience.

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