The 10 Best Electric Can Openers for Easy Food Prep

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Electric can openers make everyday kitchen life easier for home cooks and restaurants alike. Although manual can openers don’t take too much effort, they are still slightly inconvenient compared to the impressive speed and added features of electric models. There are a variety of different styles, including countertop and handheld electric openers, and each has its own benefits to consider. If you are in the market for a new can opener, this guide will help you learn about the best models and brands, including their features and which ones are the best for the money and best all-around. Keep reading to find everything that you need to know about choosing the best electric can openers for your kitchen.

Best Pick

Hamilton Beach (76606ZA) Smooth Touch Electric Automatic Can Opener

The Hamilton Beach (76606ZA) Smooth Touch Electric Automatic Can Opener with Easy Push Down Lever offers sidecut technology from the leader in electric can openers and kitchen electrics.

Budget Pick

Cuisinart CCO-50BKN Deluxe Electric Can Opener

We like the Cuisinart CCO-50BKN Deluxe Electric Can Opener for its simple design, inclusive features, and affordable price tag. Plus, it’s from Cuisinart, so quality can be expected.

Quick Comparison: Top 10 Best Electric Can Openers

1. Hamilton Beach (76606ZA) Smooth Touch Electric Automatic Can Opener  

Highlighted Features

  • Side-cut feature removes the risk of sharp edges by removing the can lid, making it safe to the touch
  • Can open regular cans as well as pop-top cans
  • Features bottle opener for added functionality and convenience on the countertop

When it comes to can openers, Hamilton Beach is a brand that knows what they’re doing. This particular smooth-touch electric can opener is designed to make opening cans safer, and even allows you to open pop-top cans, so you won’t have to struggle with them either. Plus, it offers a compact footprint that can fit into any kitchen and the stylish chrome and black finish will blend with any décor or theme.

This can opener also features an easy push-down lever that offers one-handed operation so that you can maximize your efforts in the kitchen. It also comes with a long cord and an additional bottle opener, giving you even more to appreciate. Plus, the way that this device works means that the cutting wheel never comes in contact with food, so there’s less cleanup required.


  • Sanitary design with no food contact
  • Safe for use on all types of cans
  • Quiet operation with no motor maintenance


  • Some buyers have reported that the magnet is too weak to hold lids

2. Cuisinart CCO-50BKN Deluxe Electric Can Opener 

Highlighted Features

  • Deluxe can opener features simple, sleek design that blends into any kitchen
  • Comes with a long, 36 inch cord
  • Removable lever offers easy cleaning and extra safety during use

The Cuisinart CCO-50BKN Deluxe Electric Can Opener features the patented Cuisinart-engineered motor and a powerful cutting blade. It's designed to handle all sizes of cans with single-handed operation for all of your food prep needs. The simple design is easy to clean, as is the removable lever.

Although this model doesn’t have many additional features, it is a basic, convenient model that provides the perfect amount of style and substance for a budget price. When you just want a can opener that gets the job done, this model should definitely be one to consider.


  • From Cuisinart, a top brand in kitchen electrics
  • Simple yet stylish design
  • Single-touch operation


  • Basic design that doesn’t include any additional features

3. Hamilton Beach Classic Chrome Heavyweight Electric Automatic Can Opener

Highlighted Features

  • Sleek design includes cord storage to hide away excess cord
  • Includes knife sharpener to keep all of your kitchen blades in premium condition
  • SureCut technology guarantees that the can will be opened the first time, every time

This model comes from the #1 can opener brand in the country and offers a unique removable cutting unit that is dishwasher-safe so that you can guarantee sanitary use of your can opener at all times. The extra-tall design makes it easy to open cans of all sizes, and the one-touch operation includes an auto-shutoff feature, so you can enjoy easy opening every single time. The durable construction offers something a little sturdier, which is perfect for those who need something that will hold up against frequent use.

This can opener comes with a knife sharpener on the back as an added bonus, and the patented SureCut mechanism is something that you won't find on other models available today. One of the bestselling features of this model is its extra-long cord and included cord storage to keep counters decluttered and looking neat.


  • Impressive features for the price
  • Washable cutting unit guarantees cleaner use
  • Extra-tall design


  • Some reviews report that the knife sharpener is ineffective or difficult to use

4. Kitchen Mama Electric Can Opener 

Highlighted Features

  • Battery operation makes for easy handheld use with a relatively lightweight design
  • Blades feature safety cutting to cut the side of the can for no sharp edges
  • The ergonomic design is easy to use for kids, older adults, and others with grip issues

The Kitchen Mama Electric Can Opener sells itself as the “last electric can opener that you’ll ever need”, and it seems to do a fair job of proving that. The device requires four (4) AA batteries that are not included, but they will last for plenty of hours of use before needing changed. This device features easy two-tap operation with simple push-button start and stop, and ensures that everyone can open cans with ease.

This electric can opener is ideal for chefs that have delicate hands, as well as those who just want an easier way to open cans in their kitchens. This device is designed to cut around the side for an added element of safety.


  • One-year warranty
  • Handheld operation
  • No counter space required


  • Some people don’t like that it doesn’t include batteries

5. BALYWOOD Electric Can Opener 

Highlighted Features

  • This can opener is designed for professional use and can work with much larger can designs than most
  • Handheld design means it can go anywhere and doesn’t require counter space for storage
  • Built-in magnet to keep lids secure and offer easy disposal

The Touch and Go Professional Can Opener is designed to make opening cans easy for everyone, including those with arthritis and other conditions that cause joint pain or dexterity issues. There are no complicated settings to deal with or buttons to figure out. Simply line up the can, push the button, and the device will have the can open in no time. Plus, it features an ergonomic design that fits into most hands with ease.

A lot of chefs love this model because it is more durable and designed for professional use. It does require two AA batteries, which are not included with the purchase. This stylish, modern gadget can be stored in a drawer to save you counter space. Plus, it won’t operate if it isn’t in the right position, which is especially useful and reassuring if kids are going to be using it.


  • High-quality stainless-steel blades for premium cutting power
  • Easy-to-use ergonomic design
  • Professional-grade can opener


  • Some users report poor consistency in opening cans

6. W-Dragon Electric Can Opener 

Highlighted Features

  • Smooth-edge cutting design removes lids completely for no sharp edges
  • Slim handheld can opener is great for seniors, those with arthritis, and children
  • Includes single-button stop and start operation

This electric can opener features a unique design that is slimmer than many handheld models, offering an easier grip for those who have smaller hands or issues with gripping tools. The push-button function makes it easy to use no matter what kind of cans need opened and it can be wiped clean with a damp cloth to keep it in great shape for as long as possible.

The small size of this can opener means that you can store it in a drawer out of sight, rather than having to give up counter space. Two AA batteries are required to operate this can opener, but those are not included in the package. With a lightweight, compact design it delivers all the power you need in a portable size, with side-cutting technology for no sharp edges.


  • Sidecut system removes entire lid
  • Premium stainless blades for easy cutting
  • Compact size is ideal for smaller kitchens


  • Some users say the device feels flimsy to use

7. W-Dragon Smooth Edge Automatic Electric Can Opener

Highlighted Features

  • Enjoy the convenience and performance of a restaurant-quality can opener in a more portable size
  • Built-in magnet ensures that can lids stay attached for safe removal and easy disposal
  • Small, compact design will open any size can and can be stored anywhere for easy access  

The Mini Restaurant Can Opener has a similar design to others on this list, with side-cutting capabilities that eliminate the risk of sharp edges. The push-button control makes it easy to use, and it only takes a matter of seconds to get your cans opened up and ready to use. The manufacturer does report that the blade area can bend during use, but this is normal.

This mini-opener creates resealable lids, too, thanks to its ability to remove them from the side. Two AA batteries are required for use, which are not included in the package. This basic can opener is ideal for those who want something that is automatic but doesn’t come with a big price tag or a lot of unnecessary features. For those with arthritis and grip issues, this could be the perfect choice.


  • Compact size, measuring just under five inches long
  • One button operation
  • Sanitary alternative to traditional openers


  • The small size might be too small for some users

8. Hamilton Beach Electric Automatic Can Opener 

Highlighted Features

  • Features integrated knife sharpener for added functionality
  • Sleek stainless steel finish offers a high-end look that fits into any kitchen design
  • Extra-tall to open all sizes of cans without difficulty

This stylish, simple electric can opener from Hamilton Beach includes a detachable cutting blade and lever for easy cleaning, along with automatic shutoff once cans are open for added safety and convenience. It's made by the leader in can openers and kitchen electrics, giving consumers the peace of mind that they are buying a product that they can depend on.

The Hamilton Beach Electric Automatic Can Opener with Knife Sharpener also offers clutter-free cord storage and a slim, space-saving design to reduce counter clutter and give you all the features that you need in a smaller size. The stainless finish wipes clean with a damp rag and the stainless blade guarantees sharp, easy cutting on every can.


  • Space-saving design
  • Includes cord storage
  • Affordably priced


  • Some report the opener feels cheaply made

9. Oster FPSTCN1300 Electric Can Opener 

Highlighted Features

  • Features hands-free operation with a single push-button level that powers to cut through cans the first time
  • Integrated bottle opener, knife sharpener, and retractable cord storage for maximum functionality
  • Magnetic lid grabber ensures lids are removed safely and are easy to dispose of

The Oster brand has been making kitchen electrics for decades, and this can opener offers everything that you would expect from the brand. When you want a premium can opener that offers all of the features that you need in a single device, this one delivers. Plus, it has a stylish design and a sleek stainless-steel finish that fits well in any kitchen design.

This premium electric can opener is easy to store and doesn’t take up a lot of space, thanks to retractable cord storage and its small footprint. Auto-stop technology shuts the opener off once the can is opened, offering increased safety and ease of use.


  • Easy operation with push-button lever
  • From Oster, a leading kitchen brand
  • Multi-function can opener


  • More expensive than basic models

10. AmazonBasics Electric Can Opener

Highlighted Features

  • From AmazonBasics, this electric can opener offers all of the features that you want and the affordable price you need
  • Opener features a stainless-steel blade for smooth opening and no snags
  • The extra-wide nonslip base helps keep the opener steady, no matter how heavy the can

This basic can opener is anything but boring, giving you plenty of features for a more budget-friendly price. Like all of the products in the AmazonBasics collection, this can opener is designed to give you the tools that you need for a price that you can afford. It offers automatic stop, auto on/off, and a release and locking mechanism that automatically activates once the can is lined up and the lever is pushed.

The modern design of this can opener will fit into any kitchen design and it offers a smaller footprint, even with the sturdy larger base. The magnet ensures that lids are secure once they are removed and the lever can even be removed for easy cleaning. Plus, as a bonus, there’s a bottle opener on the front of the opener.


  • Low price for features
  • Extra-wide base
  • Strong magnet can hold cans of all sizes


  • Users report cord being too short

How To Choose the Best Electric Can Opener for Your Kitchen Prep Needs

There are so many styles of can openers to consider when you’re in the market for a new model. You’ll be able to find a full selection that include different colors, finishes, and even different operation styles. The two most common choices for an electric can opener are the countertop model and the handheld model. Each has its pros and cons to consider, and there is definitely something to be gained from taking the time to explore your options and choose the best can opener, no matter what you have in mind for your kitchen space.

Take the time to think about which features matter most to you, as well as how much you're willing to spend on this investment so that you can start to narrow down your options. For other considerations and tips, keep reading.

Side-Cut Technology

In this day and age, many people will only consider a can opener if it offers sidecut technology, and with good reason. This method of opening cans is much safer because it eliminates the sharp edges that are notorious for causing many kitchen injuries. The process also means that the lid can be re-seated, allowing you to reseal cans in case you have leftovers that you aren't using.

Not all can openers include this technology, so if it is something that you want in your appliance, make sure that you check the can openers to see how they operate. Typically, it will simply be called sidecut technology. It may also have another name or be listed as cutting the side of the can instead of the top.

Do you have to have sidecut technology? Absolutely not. You can still find plenty of can openers that offer traditional opening blades that cut the top of the can. Those work fine, although you do have to be more careful about the sharp edges during use. It's all about finding what works for you, but for safety and other benefits, the sidecut option is definitely worth considering.

Countertop vs. Handheld Can Openers

Automatic can openers are typically found in a handheld or countertop style, as seen in all of the models listed above. Each has its own pros and cons to consider, but ultimately the decision comes down to personal preference. If you are struggling to choose the style of can opener that best suits your needs, here are some things to keep in mind about these two options.

Countertop Electric Can Openers

Counter models are always designed to be convenient and accessible. There is a lot to appreciate about having this appliance at the ready when things are heating up in the kitchen and you need to be able to open cans quickly and without a lot of hassle. The designs are varied enough to offer something for just about every taste, as well. Some models even include an extra-tall design to ensure that they work with all sizes of cans.

These can openers can also be found with small footprints and cord hiding options, allowing you to have an appliance that is available without it being obvious or cluttering up your space. There is definitely something to be said for the countertop model, and even those who plan to store it in the cupboard will still appreciate the sturdy construction and design.

Handheld Electric Can Openers

Handheld electric can openers started becoming popular a few years back when the first ones to hit the market were an instant success. People loved the convenience and portability of these devices, and the fact that they didn't take up counter space, require an outlet or have other hassles to worry about. Of course, most of these can openers will require you to buy batteries for use, but that's a small price to pay for the convenience.

There are handheld models designed for residential and commercial use, as well as models that are smaller and more ergonomic for those with grip issues. This style is often preferred in large kitchens or fast-paced areas where having to travel back and forth to a stationary appliance would be too difficult or time-consuming. Regardless of the reason, however, they are a smaller and more convenient alternative to traditional electric can openers.

What About Extra Features?

As with many of the countertop models on this list, there are often extra features included in can openers sold today. A majority of them feature a knife sharpener for all of your kitchen tools, although not all of them are of the best quality. Another common feature on electric can openers is a bottle opener. If you don’t open a lot of brews or just aren’t looking for another bottle opener, this might not be an important feature for you.

However, people who are looking for a countertop appliance that will provide a multitude of uses will benefit from the additional features offered on many of the electric can openers listed above. There are also some that include things like cord storage or a retractable cord, making it easy for you to store the appliance and declutter your counter space.

Handheld can openers don’t typically include a lot of extra features. Their small, portable size doesn’t give them a lot of space for additional features, and usually people don’t expect much more from a can opener than what it says on the tin anyway. Some people might choose a model with better stop/start technology or side-cutting features, but there's not a lot extra on these devices. 

Other Important Considerations

In addition to the elements listed above, you should also consider the following when you are shopping for your next electric can opener:

  • Durable and well-made
  • Rust-resistant
  • Sanitary cutting wheel that doesn’t touch food
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning

These things will guarantee that you have the best can opener and can get the most life out of it, no matter what model you choose.


Electric can openers take the work out of a lot of kitchen tasks. Take advantage of the information here to make your shopping experience easier and find the ideal electric can opener for your needs in no time at all. Even if you don't end up finding something on this list, you'll know to go out and find the best model on the market with the information provided here.
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