The 9 Best Water Distiller To Bring Purity to Your Life

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Water is said to be an alternative name of life and yet some of us ignore the importance of its purity before consuming it. To ensure its purity, the easiest, common, and reliable method of water purification is distillation, and owning a water distiller at home can cut you some slack and give you the luxury to consume nothing but the purest form of water. The simple process of distillation is enhanced even further with the adoption of modern science and even though water distillers are expensive, we have tried to jot down some of the best water distillers the market has to offer to keep a balance between their price and performance so that you can enjoy clean drinking water in the most efficient way.

Things to Consider When Before Buying Best Water Distiller

1. Distillation Chamber Size

The steam chamber or the boiling chamber is the place you fill your water that you want to distill. The size of the chamber should be complemented by the size of the whole unit. If the distillation is larger in size, the steam chamber should also be large and vice versa. 

The downside of buying a water distiller with a small steam tank requires you to refill it more frequently. However, if the distillation chamber is larger than your unit, it will take a larger area in your kitchen and may not be an ideal choice for those who have a small kitchen. 

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2. Speed

The speed or the distillation speed is a measure of how fast the water distiller can complete the distillation process. It usually takes a while for the distillers to distill water but if your choice of water distiller is enhanced by new technologies, it will distiller faster than conventional ones. 

Generally speaking, the most efficient ones produce around 3 to 4 liters every 4 hours which is perfect for a person living alone as an adult is required to drink at least 2 liters every day which can be covered by such water distillers. However, most water distillers do not have a maximum capacity of 4 liters so you are required to refill it every now and then to keep it working continually. 

3. Casing Material

Even though the efficiency of the water distiller is not dependent on the material it is made up of, there are other factors that are correlated with the material. Almost all the water distillers in the market either come with a plastic or a stainless steel exterior. Each has its own benefits and downsides and it is upon your choice with the one you should go for. 

Stainless steel ones give out a more premium vibe and offer ease of cleaning. It is not prone to damage and will restore its shine and will add an aesthetic value to your kitchen. However, usually, these lie on the costlier end. 

On the contrary, if you go for a plastic casing that is offered at a more affordable price, you need to make sure that the material used is BPA-free as the hot water when in contact with plastic may be impregnated with harmful contaminants. So, you need to be careful and check for food-grade quality or else impurities may leach into your distilled water which will meddle with the whole point of owning a water distiller.

4. Maintenance

Maintenance is one crucial and hectic factor when it comes to water distillers. Distillers which do not come with an auto-shut technology can be more tiresome to clean as when the water is boiled dry, they leave behind burnt residue which requires aggressive cleaning. 

Usually, the model that you will buy will come with a detailed manual which will have instructions regarding the cleaning process. But the most common methods and ways can be discussed. If your choice of distiller comes with a detachable steam/water chamber, you will be offered the luxury of very easy cleanup processes. Moreover, it is wise to go for products that come with a chamber and carafe with large openings. This will allow you to access and clean them more conveniently. 

Moreover, if your water distiller comes with an activated carbon filter, you can place them directly under running water to remove the carbon sediments. The most common cleaning product for water distillers is vinegar but some distillers include their own dedicated cleaning products.

Top 9 Best Water Distiller

Product NameCapacityWeightDimensionGrade
Megahome Countertop Water Distiller4 liters3.2 Kilograms9.84 x 9.84 x 14.57 inchesA+
CO-Z FDA Approved Water Distiller4 liters10.58 pounds9.05 x 9.05 x 15.35 inchesA+
Seeutek Copper Tube Moonshine Still Spirits Kit Water Alcohol Distiller3.75 gallons7.7 pounds10.8 x 10.8 x 15 inchesA
H2O Labs Best-In-Class Stainless Steel Water Distiller1 gallon13.15 pounds16.5 x 12.01 x 11.26 inchesA
Pure Water Mini-Classic CT Counter Top Distiller3.5 liters31.3 pounds13.5 x 9.87 x 15.7 inchesA
VEVOR Stainless Steel Water Distiller4 liters9.8 pounds11 x 11 x 15 inchesA
ROVSUN Countertop Water Distiller Machine4 liters13 pounds9.1 x 9.1 x 15.3 inchesB+
Waterwise 4000 water distiller1 Gallon12.62 pounds9 x 15 inchesA+
H2O Labs Most Convenient Water Distiller1 Gallon8.57 pounds15.94 x 12.6 x 12.17 inchesB+

1. Megahome Countertop Water Distiller

Megahome is the water distiller line of Nutriteam, which has been serving both their offline and online communities for over 20 years. They specialize in water distillers to inspire healthy lifestyles among cautious individuals.

This countertop water distiller is one of their most well-received products. It is the only distiller currently available in the market which has been approved and listed by UL. UL refers to Underwriters Laboratory which is a trustworthy and independent global company dedicated to safety science.

It runs tests on products to see if they meet the necessary safety standards. By gaining the UL approval, Megahome Countertop Water Distiller now runs ahead from all its contemporaries in the race to be the best water distiller. You will get to enjoy clean water from this device at the speed of 1 gallon per 5.5 hours. To begin the distillation process, fill up the boiling chamber with 4 liters of water and press the button.

The water then reaches the boiling point of 212 degrees and thus all harmful entities in it are removed. It will automatically shut off after the purifying cycle ends. It has a metal exterior with an enamel coating. The interior is made from 304 stainless steel and can keep the distilled water away from plastic contamination. Steam distillation accompanied by carbon filtration guarantees safe and pure drinking water for all family members.

Along with the distiller, you will also get a glass collection bottle and a glass nozzle insert. The clean water purified by steam distillation falls into a glass-lined nozzle and then gets stored in the collector bottle for future use.


  • It can fill in 1 gallon of water every 5.5 hours
  • The product is backed by a 1-year warranty which means you can make a worry-free purchase
  • The distiller is approved only by UL
  • The purification methods included in the distiller involves both steam distillation and carbon filtration
  • The exterior of the distiller is made from 304 stainless steel that makes it extra durable
  • The body is coated with an enamel coating to prevent it from rusting
  • The product features a 4 liters capacity
  • It is lightweight and comes with an insert and nozzles which makes it more easy-to-use
  • The auto shut-off technology does not require you to check frequently whether the water has been distilled as it will turn off on its own once it is done


  • The stainless steel body gives the water a metallic taste

2. CO-Z FDA Approved Water Distiller

In our search for the best water distiller, we have found this one from CO-Z, which is one of the few companies to provide FDA-approved water distillers. This means each and every part of this product is safe to use by anybody.

If needed, you can even intake water directly from the distiller after the process is completed. It prepares more than a quarter gallon or 1.5 liters of water per hour. Every day, it can provide you with up to 6 gallons of distilled water. The heating element contains specifications of 50Hz and 750W power.

The resulting water stays free of bacteria, VOCs, and dissolved solids among other contaminants. You can start purifying water through this device by plugging it in. The distiller will automatically begin the process and continue. You must be close by to ensure the water level does not get too low. When the water level goes down, refill it and push the reset button. To prevent accidents from overheating, it is programmed to automatically shut down when the temperature goes over 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

But it does not turn off when the amount of water reaches the bottom. So constant supervision is necessary. The interior is made of high-grade 304 stainless steel and a container built from BPA-free food-grade plastic needs minimum maintenance. For easy cleanup, there are large openings on both the carafe and distiller.


  • It has a large capacity of 4 liters, up to 6 gallons per day
  • The interior is made up of 304 stainless steel and the exterior is made from food-grade BPA-free plastic
  • It offers a super easy cleaning procedure
  • The affordability with this one is high and is an ideal product for those who are on a budget
  • The product is lightweight which makes the handling of this easy
  • The FDA-approved water distiller comes with a reset button that adjusts the process whenever you want
  • The insulating material helps prevent overheating of the distiller


  • You are required to constantly monitor it as it has no auto-shut system
  • Since it does not come with an on//off switch, you are required to plug it in repeatedly

Seeutek water distiller comes with an uncommon structure compared to all other options on this list. It looks more like a cooking pot than a standard vertical water distiller. The body is made up of stainless steel and has been welded by an argon arc.

The cooling coil is built from red copper and has three outlets. Two of them help in pulling and leaving the water, while the last one helps to intake wine. Such construction keeps the users safe from health hazards.

The device relies on steam distillation and hydro-distillation mechanisms for purifying water. The boiler contains four stainless steel clamps for more steady sealing. However, it does not cause any difficulty in opening and closing the boiler. You can find it in three sizes of 3 gallons, 5 gallons, and 8 gallons. The distillers come with capacities of 12 liters, 18 liters, and 30 liters respectively. To heat any of them, you need to put the device on an induction cooker or a stovetop. However, using an open-flame heat source indoor can cause hazards.

A built-in temperature gauge is provided which displays temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit. Reading this thermometer, you can tell if the water or alcohol is being distilled at the right temperature. For smooth water circulation and easy emptying, an extra outlet is added to the condenser.

It also does the job of an alcohol distiller. Along with purifying water, it can prepare fruit wines and brandy. If need be, it can also refine plant extracts for medical research and distill a variety of homemade oils. The only catch is that its components need to be assembled before use.


  • With this one, you have the luxury to choose from three sizes, whichever suits your preference (12 to 30 liters)
  • It comes with an in-built dial reading thermometer that shows you the temperature of your water
  • This is a multipurpose machine as you can use this to distill oil and alcohol to make your favorite drink at home
  • The cooling pipe of the distiller comes with three outlets
  • The product is lightweight and is made from stainless steel which prevents rust


  • The distiller requires assembly and cannot be used right out of the box
  • It is rather an expensive option which is not an ideal option for those who are on a budget

4. H2O Labs Best-In-Class Stainless Steel Water Distiller

This model of water distiller from H2O Labs operates with a 565-watt heating element that is used to evaporate the water then condense it and complete the purification procedure by filtering out the minerals and contaminants.

Even though bigger elements are perceived as more time-efficient, they have the tendency to boil water too rapidly that causes them to get mixed with contaminants like VOCs which is why the smaller heating element is optimal in size and mitigates any such risks. 

It is accompanied by activated carbon pods that last twice as much compared to its competitors which help trap contaminants that evaporate in the initial stage and condense back to the water. Moreover, the product comes with 3 times more filtering media that helps obtain the highest level of purification.

Featuring a superb effective removal of the VOC formula, the purity is further boosted by the distiller. The product offers a clean operation with a simple turn on/off button which makes no fuss. Moreover, the steam chamber of the distiller is made from 304 stainless steel which makes it easier to clean and maintain. The full-length condensing coil is also made of the same material. The plastic exterior is also sourced from food-grade BPA-free plastic which poses no health risks and makes it a safe option. 

In addition to all these amazing features, the model also comes with an innovative porcelain nozzle insert that keeps the distilled water away from the plastic or metal so that the taste of the water is not disrupted. Last but not least, the distiller comes with an easy-lift glass carafe and a big jar of non-toxic cleaning crystals in case you need a hard water scale.


  • The box includes 6 packs of activated carbon pods that will serve you for quite a long time, at least a year
  • The machine is good to be used right out of the box and does not require any installation procedures
  • Featuring a very small size, it will not take up a lot of space in your kitchen
  • The distiller takes 5 hours to distill 1 gallon of water which is a standard time
  • The product is accompanied by an easy to understand manual which makes it easier to use


  • It is a pricey product and may not fit in your budget
  • It is heavier compared to its competitors in the market which may be an issue when it comes to handling it

5. Pure Water Mini-Classic CT Counter Top Distiller

For more than 45 years, Pure Water Brands has held its position as one of the leading manufacturers dedicated to water distillers. Their premium quality of products has made quite a strong fan-base of loyal customers. All of these water distillers are proudly made in the USA.

This water distiller belongs to their Mini-Classic series and is meant to be used on kitchen countertops. That is why their structure is pretty compact compared to typical distillers. Because of its compact size, this distiller can be carried out to picnics comfortably.

It can serve a small family or a group of friends sharing an apartment quite well. You can also give this to your grandma or grandpa since they will not need to install it. The distiller comes ready to be used in the package. It weighs about 11 kg and requires 800 watts of power to operate efficiently. The distiller can produce highly purified distilled water no matter what freshwater source it comes from.

The end of each distillation cycle automatically stops the device with the help of a timer. To keep the device from overheating, a safety shut-off switch powers down the device preventing any possible mishap. It keeps the water safe with continuous self-sterilization. For easy cleaning and filling purposes, it contains a removable boiling tank. For enhanced durability requiring minimum maintenance, the body is constructed from high-quality stainless steel. 

It has the capacity to purify up to 3 liters of water in 3.5 hours. To begin using the distiller, just pour some regular tap water into the boiling tank. The distilled water is then stored in a one-gallon glass container. While in operation, the top of this distiller should not have any obstruction which can hamper its air circulation process.


  • With this one, you can drink high purity distilled water as an activated carbon post filter is included in its purification system
  • It is accompanied by a one-gallon glass container
  • The machine comes with advanced features like a timer and a shut-off switch
  • It is enhanced technology helps it to continuously self-sterilize
  • The boiling tank is detachable which makes it easier to clean
  • You can use it straight out of the box as it requires no installation processes


  • It is a bulky option which makes it difficult to handle
  • It is quite expensive and may not the one for those who are looking for a budget deal

6. VEVOR Stainless Steel Water Distiller

The water distiller from VEVOR purifies water through steam distillation and operates with a 50Hz (750 watts) heating element which is responsible for a super-fast distillation process as it can distill over a quarter of water per hour. The distiller is super effective when it comes to removing impurities from tap water. 

The steam chamber, the dome, and the condensing coil are constructed from 100% food-grade quality 304 stainless steel which makes it easier to clean and maintain. 

Moreover, the plastic used to build its exterior is also of food-grade quality and is BPA-free which means it is secured for the human body as it prevents the distilled water to be impregnated with harmful toxins from the plastic even when exposed to high temperatures.

Apart from these amazing features that make this distiller super useful, it is extremely low maintenance as you are not required to buy and replace different parts like filter cartridges. The distiller and carafe come with large openings which allow you to access them easily and clean as per your requirement. Not only that but the thermostatic controller distiller comes with an auto shut-off button that prevents overheating when the temperature reaches above 300 degrees Fahrenheit. This feature ensures your utmost safety as it keeps you away from any serious accident.


  • The product prevents overheating as it features an automatic switch-off button
  • It comes with an easy-to-operate “start” button which promotes simplicity
  • You have the luxury to choose from a wide range of colors, whichever suits your kitchen decor
  • The distiller features aluminum fans which are far better than plastic ones both in terms of cooling down and resisting warps
  • It features a handle on top of it which makes the handling of the unit easier


  • You are required to monitor the water level as if it is too low, it can cause damage to the distiller and can leave behind residues that are difficult to clean
  • It does not have an “off” or “stop” button which would allow you to manually stop the process

7. ROVSUN Countertop Water Distiller Machine

Another stylish option on our list of the best water distillers is this one from RovSun. It is one of the latest models to hit the market. Most of its construction is stainless steel. The body, inner tank, and other parts are made of high-quality 304 stainless steel.

Its container is made of shockproof glass and comes with a handle for easy lifting. All these materials are food-grade. The fan is made of aluminum and a soft catheter is incorporated to prevent leakage. The container can hold up to 4 liters of water.

This is a highly efficient machine since it runs on 750-watt power and produces up to 1 liter of distilled water per hour. You can continue with your daily tasks and other involvements when the distillation process is going on. It will automatically switch off when the cycle is completed. It can also turn off if the temperature reaches over 320 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent accidents. You can let it run overnight too since the noise made by this device is pretty low and will let you have a sound sleep all night.

Like every other RovSun unit, this distiller is also built and tested for good health and longevity. It is, in fact, one of the few water distillers which are listed and approved by both the FDA and the CE. The American FDA approval ensures its safety for the human body, while the European CE certificate guarantees conformity with health, safety, and the environment.

It is easy to clean up due to the large openings in both the distiller and carafe. The portable compact design takes up the least amount of space. Several gifts come with it including three activated charcoal sachets and chamber cleaning powder.


  • It features a large capacity of 4 liters and will distill 1 liter of water every hour
  • The distiller is accompanied by a shockproof glass container that can be used to drink water
  • It comes with other bonus gifts as well which includes charcoal sachets and cleaning powder
  • The product is approved by FDA and certified by CE so it is a safe and healthy choice
  • It makes low noise which makes it super user-friendly and will not cause any sort of disturbance in the house


  • The product requires assembly and cannot be used straight out of the pack
  • The distilled water produced by the distiller has an unpleasant taste which may be a major drawback

8. Waterwise 4000 water distiller

As the eighth entry in our review article, we have chosen the water distiller from Waterwise with their 4000 model which is accompanied by a collector made of glass that is capable of enhancing the sophisticated aesthetics of any kitchen.

Along with a stylish container, it also efficiently keeps the water free from all harmful contaminants. Firstly some ordinary tap water is poured into the distiller and the start button is pressed. Then this water is heated up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit or 100 degrees in Celsius.

This process kills all the bacteria, viruses, and cysts present in the water. The steam distillation causes the removal of dissolved solids, heavy metals, salts, and other similar elements. Finally, VOCs are also taken out of the water through post-filtration. This way, it can distillate 1 gallon of purified water per hour. Within 24 hours, it can produce up to 6 gallons of distilled water. After each distillation of the one-gallon cycle, it is automatically shut off.

The construction is kept safe and sustainable with the stainless steel interior The boiler and condenser made of stainless steel prevent further contamination of the water. When not in use, the glass collector can be kept inside comfortable for easy portability and compact storage.

 Weighing at 10 pounds, it is pretty light to carry around. Being certified by CE of Europe and CSA of the USA and Canada, this distiller is one of the most reliable water distillers in the market.


  • The distiller can distill 1 gallon of water per 4 hours
  • Steam distillation method is used as the purification method followed by a post-filtration which makes the water highly pure
  • It features an auto shut-off function which means you are no longer required to frequently check on the distillation process
  • The product comes with a CE and CSA certification which means it is a safe option


  • Even though it does not come with any major downsides, it is more of a high-end product

9. H2O Labs Most Convenient Water Distiller

Another creation from the brand H2O Labs is one of the most convenient countertop water distillers the market has to offer you. The lightweight product features a very modern design that includes all the advanced functionality that you seek in your water distiller.

Taking about 5 hours to produce 1 gallon of distilled water, it is very easy to use and you will be notified when to refill it by the LED indicator which features refill and reset functions. 

Moreover, the product is energy-efficient so will not cost you a fortune to use it. The exterior and the carafe is made from BPA-free plastic material which ensures the safety of this product as you will not be at the risk of harmful toxins entering your body.

The residues left behind after the distillation process can easily be cleaned by the use of vinegar. Furthermore, the refilling tank also facilitates refilling as it is easy to lift out.


  • It offers super affordability so is an ideal choice for those who are looking for pocket-friendly water distillers
  • With this, you will be able to produce 4 gallons of distilled water in a day
  • You can refill this even when it is already in the process of distilling water
  • This is ideal for elderly people as it makes no fuss and is very easy to operate


  • It is not as sturdy as the stainless steel ones
  • The distiller produces a considerable amount of hot air which may be a major problem as it can make the temperature of your kitchen uncomfortable
  • The cleaning process requires disassembly which makes the whole cleaning procedure difficult

What Does It Mean By Distilled Water?

Of course, everyone knows that distilled water refers to the water purified through the distillation process. But many of us keep wondering - why is it so special? Distilled water is free from most contaminants including minerals, metals, and microorganisms which have high melting and boiling points. The amount of heat applied to the original water deletes those harmful entities from the H20 composition and converts the water into steam. The steam is then cooled down leaving only clean water in the container.

Why Should One Drink Distilled Water?

Free From Contaminants

Water-borne contaminants are the main reason behind fast spread of critical diseases. Distilled water can ensure safe consumption by eliminating such contaminants from the drink.

Free From Chemicals

Municipal water may contain many harmful chemicals like chlorine and fluoride. Drinking chlorine-infused water can affect your skin adversely and cause cancer. Fluoride, on the other hand, can result in discoloration and enamel breakdown of teeth. Distilled water is free from both of these elements, along with other chemicals, and thus is safe to drink for all.

Natural Detox

Distilled water can be the best natural detox for your body. It absorbs toxic substances present there and eliminates them. However, this detoxification should last for only two or more weeks at a time.

Healthy Glow 

By using distilled water in other aspects of your life in addition to drinking, you can enjoy a healthy glow on your skin and hair. All cells of your body will react to the purified water positively and bring that shine you craved for.

Things to Keep In Mind

No Consumption While Fasting

Never drink distilled water while fasting. Your body already lacks electrolytes and minerals after fasting for a day. Distilled water is free from those minerals. So drinking it after fasting can cause heart irregularities and high blood pressure.

Take Breaks

Drinking distilled water on a daily basis for more than a few weeks can cause health problems. It actively absorbs carbon dioxide every time the water comes in contact with air. So drinking it regularly in large amounts can make the body acidic. Take short breaks from distilled water to prevent your body from high acidity.

Storage Material

Since distilled water can absorb minerals from any material in touch, make sure the container you store it in is safe. The material of that container should be safe to consume in trace amounts like food-grade plastic.

Important Terms


VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds. These are chemicals that have a low boiling point and thus can evaporate easily at room temperature. It can cause sensory irritation, liver damage, kidney damage, and many other diseases. For babies and children, it can cause allergic and respiratory problems.


FDA is the Food and Drug Administration of the United States. It is responsible for supervising the quality of food and consumption products including pharmaceutical drugs and tobacco. An FDA approval ensures that the product is safe for the human body. WHO has identified it as one of the highest testing standards for such items.


CE stands for Conformité Européenne and is the European safety standard for products. Such products meet the necessary requirements of being safe for both the environment and health.


Q. Does distilled water taste “flat”?

The bottled distilled water we buy from the stores comes with taste because it has dissolved salts and minerals but, to be honest pure water is tasteless. So, freshly produced distilled water does not exactly have a “flat” taste, rather it is tasteless and bland. 

Q. Is distilled water good as it removes necessary minerals from it? 

You need to first address the fact that the main source of minerals for your body is NOT water rather a mineral-enriched diet. Even though it is true that distilled water removes all kinds of minerals and gives you a pure form of water, it will not mess with your mineral intake as you can replace it with a good-balanced diet. 

Q. Is distilled water harmful to babies? 

It is not. However, it is suggested not to give it to infants who are less than 6 months old as it may meddle with their regular nutrient intake.

Final Verdict

If you have successfully made it to this section of our review article, then you have come across everything that you need to make an informed purchase of a water distiller. It is of utter importance to evaluate the safety standards of each water distiller by going its specifications and looking for reliable certifications as you are looking for a purer form of water and it should not risk your health by any means. You will be the ultimate judge when it comes to picking the best water distiller for your family. Keep them free from germs, chemicals, and all other harmful entities by ensuring clean drinking water.

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