The 10 Best Grain Mills in 2023

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Are you a baking enthusiast? Does baking pastries make your heart sing with delight? If yes, then you are possibly tired of using store-bought flour, loaded with chemical additives and unhealthy components. You should probably invest in a grain mill to ensure you have fresh, fluffy flour to make great pastries, bread, etc. Not just wheat berries, a grain mill, if used appropriately will be able to grind any grain, nuts, seeds or berries.

It is a low maintenance, versatile and extremely functional equipment that every baker or every cooking enthusiast desires but is hesitant to get- clear those doubts away! A grain mill to grind your own flour will be the healthiest decision you ever make.

Best Pick

NutriMill Classic 760200 High-Speed Grain Mill

The NutriMill grain mill is our best pick because it is a powerful, speedy, and efficient machine that grinds flour at different settings from course to fine. It is friendly on the budget and designed for durability.

Budget Pick

Wondermill Electric Grain Grinder Mill

The WonderMill grain mill is our budget pick because of its affordability, efficient and rapid handling of large volumes of grains and simple, user-friendly operation and cleaning mechanism.

Quick Comparison: Top 10 Best Grain Mills

1. NutriMill Classic 760200 High-Speed Grain Mill  

Highlighted Features

  • Compact, well-designed grain mill; various course to fine settings
  • Sturdy, durable unit-armed with a lifetime warranty and great customer service

This attractive-looking grain mill from NutriMill is a highly efficient and powerful machine that is well-designed and made to last. It can grind about 5 cups per minute. The unit can grind a wide range of grains like rye, barley, wheat berries, corn, soybeans, etc.

It works very fast, and the flour may heat up considerably after coming out but will also cool rapidly. You may want to use frozen beans in some cases. The unit is easy to clean- there are small, individual corners- a brush or paper towel may also come in handy.

A lot of users initially find that the unit flowers a lot of dust of fine flour. But this occurs solely due to the collector vessel not placed properly and the unit detecting this as an operator error: use a lot of force and push (read: literally slam) the container bowl and the notification button will indicate that the positioning is adequate. This will cure the problem of dust clouds.


  • Great value for money- powerful, efficient, fast
  • Large capacity- there is room for a large amount of grain, both for feeding and for collecting the ground product
  • Compact, well-designed grain mill; various course to fine settings
  • Sturdy, durable unit-armed with a lifetime warranty and great customer service


  • The bowl lid may be difficult to remove- you have to pry it open using a lot of force
  • The unit is loud but not unbearably so- certain amounts of grain in the unit regulates the degree of sound that the unit emits

2. Wondermill Electric Grain Grinder Mill 

Highlighted Features

  • Two separate units- one output canister and one hopper for grinding; hose or pipe to connect one unit to the other; the filter on the canister prevents dust from escaping
  • Lifetime warranty

This efficient, and powerful grain mill from WonderMill rapidly grinds flour and different grains or bean. It actually consists of two unit- all very compact and easy to store. This unit is perfect for those who want to process large volumes of grain in a small amount of time.

The cylindrical canister is where the ground flour collects while a foldable tube or outlet directs the ground product to the canister. The blades are made of stainless steel. There is a filter on top of the canister to trap fine flour dust. There are only three available coarseness settings and not much difference between the three in the end product.

The product is relatively simple to operate and no confusing dial mechanism- with on/off switches and three settings.  The assembly and disassembly for cleaning are also simple.


  • It is fast, quiet, efficient, powerful; doesn’t make too much noise
  • Great value for money


  • Some individual grains or kernels may be spit out of the hopper especially when the amount of grain is very low
  • The unit has a lot of nooks and crevices which may clog up and require meticulous cleaning

3. Deluxe Grain Mill by VICTORIO VKP1024

Highlighted Features

  • Adjustable knob for selecting settings from coarse to fine; large, transparent hopper for feeding in large quantities of grain; milling cone for small, hard grains
  • Clamp mounts securely to any flat surface ½ to 2 inches wide
  • Additional motor available separately; removable crank handle for comfort and efficiency

This grain mill from Victorio is effective but a lot of users may find it time-consuming and slow- a little effort will guarantee you fresh flour that is full of healthy nutrients. The units mounts on flat surfaces about 2 inches thick- the rubber feet make sure they are clamped securely.

The adjustable knob works great but there is no set or lock mechanism for the setting making the dial wander a bit.  It can hold a large volume of grain in the hammer- much greater than advertised in pictures. It is an efficient, noise-free unit which is easy to assemble and disassemble.

Also, the crank can be removed for easy storage and use when required. The clean-up is relatively easy. The unit doesn’t clog and only about a teaspoon may remain attached to the cone. You may need a tall container to accommodate ground flour without dust flying around.

It may take some effort finding a place to amount and a little bit hard work trying to crank- but the final product is soft and fine and worth the effort.


  • Efficient- grinds about 5 cups in 10 minutes
  • Quiet- it hardly makes any noise while operating


  • The plastic handle may wear and slips a lot; sometimes it may come off
  • There may be a few sharp parts and you must be cautious when cleaning it

4. Blendtec 52-601-BHM Kitchen Mill 60-Ounce Electric Grain Mill 

Highlighted Features

  • Transparent collector container with a capacity of about 60 ounces (3 cups); on/off switch; dial for variable settings; stainless steel milling tools
  • Armed with 6-year warranty

This grain mill from BlendTec is one of the many functional line of kitchen appliances manufactured by this trusted company. It is a compact, simple to use, efficient machine. The unit is made up of Micronetic milling chamber, an on/off switch and variable fineness settings controlled by a dial.

The unit works very fast and you can get about 24 cups of flour in eight minutes without any of it overheating. The hopper also spits out beans and grain very frequently: after you have fed the grains at the top, cover with a plate, bowl or colander to return the grain back for milling.

Does not self-feed itself- you have to nudge and poke the grain to move it along and be ground. The place where the milling occurs is very small. Due to the unit containing a lot of nooks and crevice, there are some hard-to-clean places- also you may just a dry, soft brush for cleaning rather than soap water.

You must employ care while latching or unlatching the container as it may result in it breaking. Nevertheless, it is a great unit for the value and it will be a great and handy addition to your kitchenware collection.


  • Efficient; compact, easy to operate; speedy: produces a large quantity of flour in a relatively small amount of time


  • Product not packaged well before shipping- either they come in large boxes, or in very tight-fitting cases, with no protective packaging in both cases.
  • Very loud- louder than a vacuum cleaner
  • When the collector vessel is one third to half full or when opened- it dusts fine powder around, but attaching a small towel may absorb the dust

5. Victoria Commercial Grade Manual Grain Grinder with High Hopper 

Highlighted Features

  • Cast iron body and clamp; tin hopper in three sizes; iron grinding disks

This hand grain mill from Victoria Commercial comes in three hopper sizes- high, low, and one size. You are required to grind about 2 cups of cheap beans or white rice to get rid of the initial metal shavings. The metal plates should not be tightened to close together.

It is a handy, heavy-duty and functional equipment for grinding even the hardest beans. You can also adjust the fineness of the grind. It is sturdy and easy to clean. It is easy to set up and take apart for cleaning or storage.

Some users have complained of the unit rusting very easily, especially after the first wash. Also, the product comes pretty crammed up into the package so you must be cautious not to lose any small part or receive a dented hopper- it will no longer fit the unit.


  • Functional, versatile; efficient; great value for money


  • You may see metal shavings on your flour for the first few grinds
  • A few people have complained about the hopper beingspray painted with harmful chemicals, not being sturdy enough or not being properly polished

6. Wonder Junior Deluxe Hand Grain Mill by WonderMill 

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to mount and set up: need to figure out which part goes where
  • Excellent value for money- versatile, functional, sturdy equipment
  • Easy to assemble- attaches sturdily and securely to the surface

This hand grain mill by WonderMill redesigns a traditional mill, adding a hoard of useful features and modern outlook to it. The mill is made of cast aluminum with a powder coating, heavy-duty bronze bearings, and steel shafts. The mill also comes with two grinding systems- steel plates and stone burrs.

The steel clamps, grips, and adjustment knobs are made up of nylon. This unit doesn’t require any drilling to be clamped. You have to assemble the unit using the screws and parts provided: this is mostly intuitive but setting up and learning to use it appropriately may require some trial and error.

This unit is an excellent value for money- it is durable, sturdy, and well-designed for heavy-duty or daily use at almost half the price of commonly available grain mills in the market. It can grind all sorts of grains, beans and seed- both dry and oil, but you to need to clean up well after each use. You need considerable muscle power to get the job done but it is worth the effort. You can also do the grains twice- once on coarse setting and then on finer settings for a greater texture.


  • A heavy unit so you may have difficulty to ship or send it in the mail
  • Leaves some residue even if the hopper looks empty-the trick is to continue using it until no flour comes out of it


  • Aluminum body, steel and stone burrs for grinding, minimal plastic parts for greater durability

7. CHARD GM-150 Grain Mill

Highlighted Features

  • Large hopper made of a metal sheet; easy to assemble, mount and clamp style grinding mill; cast-iron grain mill and base
  • Coarse grinds grains and beans; may produce a little coarse flour, unsuitable for bread making

For people who use a grinding mill occasionally or those who want something which is friendly on the budget can opt for this grain mill from Chard. It is not just affordable, but also very durable. It needs to be mounted and clamped to a flat, hard surface before it can be operated. The unit also needs assembly- the bolts and screws are provided and this may seem a little difficult for a few users. The protective rubber feet stop the surface getting destroyed.

The grinder and base is made of cast iron but the hopper is made up of a thin metal sheet. The large hopper has a great capacity. The handles are removable for easy storage. This unit is ideal for flaking or cracking beans, rather than making flour. Coffee beans or cocoa beans also work fine.

This is a sturdy, durable machine that will grind grains coarse but it is not suitable for making flour. It has heavy duty constriction that is decent, given the affordable price for the unit.


  • Sturdy, durable unit that is constructed to last long given the price; efficient


  • The black plastic portion of the handle comes out all the time during grinding
  • The nuts and screws come out loose during operation and need to be tightened frequently

8. KoMo Classic Grain Mill 

Highlighted Features

  • Classis design, beech wood construction-consists of corundum and ceramic burrs
  • 360 W of power from the motor, no lump remains, produces about 8 oz. of flour per minute

This grain mill from KoMo not only looks like a classic beautiful addition to your kitchen, but it is also highly efficient. Shifting to 100% whole meal for your bread, pasta, and flours is easier with this unit. Use it with a sifter if you don’t need the bran.

Some users have reported of the unit shutting down due to overheating after 10 to 30 minutes of use. This unit is truly an investment- the construction and quality are superior and regular pastry bakers or people who prefer to grind their own wheat on a daily basis will benefit greatly from it.

This is a well-engineered unit that will last a long time- it is well worth the high price you pay for it. The system is continuous- you feed the machine dry grains from the top and collected the ground product at the bottom. It uses a stone grinder that is very precise: all you have to do is choose the desired coarseness level.

The motor is fast and efficient and runs well without overheating. The product is armed with a 12-year warranty.


  • Quieter than most of the grain mills available in the market
  • Cleaning is very easy- you have to disassemble the upper grinding stone or use a soft brush gently to clear trapped powdered flour


  • This is an expensive unit

9. Country Living Hand Grain Mill 

Highlighted Features

  • You will have to turn the mill by hand- attach a belt drive and a motor to it if you still find it too laborious; also you may try a hand crank to get the job done
  • Heavy duty; all-metal construction; consists of industrial grade ball bearing and steel grinding plates

This is a well-designed sturdy hand mill made from aircraft aluminum; the wheels are made of cast-iron while the fly-wheel is made of stainless steel. The unit comes with a packet of flour that was tested and ground using the machine itself. It is armed with a lifetime warranty.  

One accessory that will help you reap greater benefits out of this product would be a counter clamp to attach the mill bottom securely to the countertop. The unit also comes with a package of spare parts that must be bought separately: do give it some thought before investing in it as this unit is built to last!

The mill is heavy and you must consider where to install and mount it even before you purchase it. The hand mill requires assembly, which is easy and mostly intuitive. It also requires a flat surface on which it can be bolted to.  The unit may not balance and topples over until you balance out the weight and fix the whole set up.


  • It is quieter than electric mills and doesn’t produce fine, powdered dust
  • The product is sturdy enough to last a lifetime!


  • Heavy, require a workbench for mounting
  • Difficult to turn the wheel for some
  • Warranty issues- purchase of motorization from elsewhere will nullify their warranty

10. Country Living Grain Mill Motorization Kit 

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with a wooden base, complete with holes, a motor with pulley and additional parts- easy to set up and run

This motorization kit from Country Living Grain Mill is a set of additional accessories to motorize the hand mill from the same company. It does not consist of the mill itself. The kit is sold at a price similar to the mill. The kit consists of a wooden workbench/board, a motor with pulley, belt and belt guard, and several smaller hardware like screws, washers, spare parts, etc. The revolution is about 60 revs per minutes.

A fine consistency can be achieved very easily with the motor- which is difficult to achieve quickly working with your hand


  • Compact, occupies less space; quiet-makes little or no noise; well-designed; sturdy


  • Very expensive, but be willing to invest on it if you use their country mill on a daily basis
  • The wooden base does not have a finishing touch to it- leaves room for the addition of polish, etc.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Grain Mill


A grain mill may grind grains in a variety of way. The part of the machine that does the grinding is the grinding plate. In some case, they maybe stone burrs or steel burrs. Some other machines employ steel jagged teeth or spikes that crack and grind during rotation.


A grain mill may be manual and hand operated or electric.

An electric one uses about 1000 watts of power and runs on power; it is a modern, compact piece of kitchen equipment that grinds to precision, has great horsepower and superb speed. It will be useless during a power shortage.

A manual grain mill, on the other hand, does not use any power. It can be used at all times. All it requires is muscle power. You may require quite an amount of physical strength to get it to grind about half the amount you get in an electric.

A hand mill usually has a crank or wheel or handle to turn the unit. In some cases, the handle is removable for ease of storage.


A grain mill may sometimes come with an extra set of burrs. It also comes with spare screws, tools, or nuts in case you end up losing any over time. You may also be provided with a cover for the unit.

The canister or cylinder that comes with the mill is for collecting the ground flour. Hand mills usually don’t come with any collecting containers and you may have to place your own wide-mouth container at the outlet to prevent any dusting or cloud of flour scattering.


Hand operated grain mills are usually made of metal- stainless steel, cast iron or aluminum with little or no plastic parts. Some grain mills may also be wooden. The crank handles and the footings may have rubber parts for better grip.


Some units require a bit of assembly. They come with screws and parts and you must set it up using the instruction manual provided. Make sure you do not lose any spare parts or small tools during disassembly for cleaning.

A few hand grain mills need to be mounted and clamped to a flat, straight surface before you can start milling. Make sure you drill and clamp securely. A wooden plank or surface about 2 to 5 inch should be sufficient.


A grain mill can cost as low as about fifty dollars to as high as a few hundred dollars. If you’re getting one for occasional use only, you might want to purchase one that doesn’t cost as much. Most grain mills are equipped with a lifetime or at least 10 years of warranty.


Some grain mills can be taken apart for compact storage. Some others are very heavy and have fixed parts. You may need to get a cover for these kinds.


Grain mills are noisy in general. You may want to do the operations while your kids are asleep. Hand mills are usually quieter than electric mills.

Speed and Efficiency 

Mills can grind up to 5 or more cups per minute, the greater, the faster is it. With great speed and power comes great heat. Yes, mills tend to get very hot while running and the flour that comes out may heat up consequently.

This destroys the healthy nutrients in the flour. However, you have no way of knowing if your mill heats up or not. If it does- you may want to use frozen grains or beans so the temperature rise just takes it to the normal level.


A few mills are specific about the kinds of nuts and grain they can grind- usually, some mills have the limitation of not grinding oily nuts or grains.


Reading our in-depth review, you may be convinced to invest in your own grain mill to get the fresh and purest flour that is abundant with health benefits. We have compiled the list keeping in mind factors like affordability, efficiency, quality and texture of ground grain, speed, etc.

We have picked the very best grain mills available in the market so that you choose wisely and invest in one that is durable and designed to last. Our compilation will narrow down your choice and we assure you that buying an efficient grain mill is not rocket science anymore.
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