What Does Gamey Taste Like

What Does Gamey Taste Like?

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The word gamey will be used to describe meat very commonly. It leaves people wondering what it actually is. Is it a type of meat? Is it an animal? Is it a type of processing the meat? A lot of questions surround this word. The word gamey has a specific description. Let’s see what gamey is all about.

What is Gamey

What is Gamey

If you have looked up a couple more articles on food, you must have read the word gamey a few times. If you are wondering if it has anything to do with meat, you are right. This word is commonly used to describe the taste of meat. It has become a common expression as well. It has some specific usage while describing the meat. It is used to describe wild meat. Specifically for wild animals who live off natural food. For example, leaves, grass, nuts, herbs, etc. Therefore it actually indicates the lean, natural meat that develops in wild animals.

That is why you won’t be associating the word with regular farm-raised animal meat like beef, pork, chicken, duck, etc. It is also used as a term to describe domestic animal organs. The meat is of natural taste. Most wild animals, like buffalo, rabbit, and deer, will have gamey meat.

The most interesting part is that it can refer to that food that produces wild animal meta taste too. Now that you know what exactly gamey is, let’s focus on what gamey taste means.

What Does Gamey Taste Like

Gamey taste is a tangy, earthy taste that is found in wild animals. The type of meat that is called gamey will have an intense smell and flavor distinguishable. Let's break down each one to have a more detailed idea.


The flavor is acidic and metallic. Although it sounds odd, the taste depends on the animal's diet. Some farm-raised animals are fed organic and natural food. These animals will also have the same gamey taste that is found in wild animals. Wild grass will produce this taste that is like a burnt nutty flavor. The closest comparison that we can make with familiar taste is that of cows and animals' livers or hearts.

Some people might dislike it but it depends on the taste buds. But everyone should expect a tangy and sour taste. In fact, it might taste like when the meat starts to rot. But it is not as bad as it sounds! Why this happens is because of the enzyme that breaks down the muscle fiber.


Gamey meat is soft and melts in the mouth. They are often cooked as steaks as they create very tender ones. Once you try it your standard for steaks will be very high that you will want to move away from beef or chicken steaks. Most of the texture happens because of the fat that is in the meat. Which makes the meat very juicy too.

So you should expect a very soft texture. If you have ever tried the famous and expensive beef wagyu that is only produced in Japan, you might be able to find similarities. Most gamey meat will have that texture as both animals are fed organic food.


The smell or scent is very intense. It has a pungent odor that not everyone is okay with. However, you can season the meat to avoid the odd smell. It also goes with the flavor of the meat. There are specific ways to cook gamey meat that will tone down the smell and make it more enjoyable.

Health Benefits of Gamey Meat

Health Benefits of Gamey Meat

The most interesting and good thing about gamey meat is that it is actually the healthiest although it doesn’t smell like one. It is healthier than the ones that are marketed as organic and artificial preservation free. These meat are actually organic and natural food fed. Some of the good things about this type of meat are

1. This type of meat isn’t raised in an unhygienic environment. If you stay updated on the poultry or farm news, you will know how bad the conditions are in most farms to produce the maximum output. The animals are fed artificial food and kept in a small space. Some of the animals are slaughtered without they got a chance to walk around properly.

A lot of animals also fall sick in that condition. Most of the viruses produced by animals come from farm-raised animals like bird flu, anthrax, etc. It can contaminate our food too. But wild animals roam free and feed on the most natural food. They are mostly in the wilderness which is why they have hygienic and organic meat. Gamey meat is mostly free from these viruses.

2. Gamey meat also has less fat in them since they aren’t kept in small spaces. Animals who roam around free will burn their fat and have only lean meat. Lean meat is also the healthiest and produces a lot of proteins in our bodies. Gamey meat provides a lot of calories and nutrients and they are considered the healthiest. You can increase your protein intake this way as well.

3. Gamey meat is also full of nutrients and proteins. For example, according to USDA, 100 grams of gamy deer meat will provide 335 mg of potassium, 226 mg of phosphorus, and 30 g of protein. It also has copper, zinc, and iron. That is just one of the gamey meat in the market. You will find a lot of others easily. Although they might be a little expensive, it is worth buying once in a while for the nutrient boost. You can find this video where people try several  types of game meat and explain the benefits

4. Another good thing about gamey meat is that it will have fewer antibiotics and artificial medicines. Farm-raised animals get injected with hormones and medicines that are harmful to our bodies. People develop hormone instability, and several issues because of that. That is fortunately not the case with gamey meat as they are wild animals.


As it is proven now that gamey meat is of a specific taste with much healthier benefits, what is stopping you from trying one the next time you are on a food hunt? Let your taste buds explore a little and taste the healthiest meat you can find in the market! You can find 5 types of game meat here as a sausage!

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