What Does Goat Cheese Taste Like

What Does Goat Cheese Taste Like?

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The universe of cheese is not a small one at all. There are many types of cheese ranging from smell to texture to size. Among all, goat cheese is the most talked about. And because of valid reasons. Because of its pungent smell and unique texture goat cheese has been admired for a long time. It has been ruling the world of dairy products for thousands of years too!

What is Goat Cheese

What is Goat Cheese

As you can already tell, it is a dairy product that is made from goat’s milk. But if we try to go back into history a bit a lot of stories unfold. Goats' cheese originated 10000 years ago. However, where it originated from is still unknown. Some say it originated in France since it has a french name chevre. Goat cheese is softer and more tender than cow's cheese. It also doesn’t have as much casein as cows' milk does. The tangy smell that this cheese is most famous for is because of the increased fat content in it. But the lactose content is the same here as in cow's milk.

The difference is the fat molecules are smaller which is why it is easier to digest than cows' milk. It is also known to be healthy because of the good bacteria in it. The same bacteria helps prepare curd from milk. The bacteria itself is sold at markets as a healthy product. Goat cheese is white, unlike most other types of cheese. However, as it gets old the color turns to yellow. When heated up, the cheese gets runny. So you need to be careful while putting it in the oven. YOu can compare the texture with butter from cow's milk instead of cheese.

How is Goat Cheese Made

Goats were domesticated very early. Hence their milk has been in use for a long time too. Making cheese out of it has adapted lots of processes and has been there for a long time. In a lot of cultures and countries, goat cheese is one of the main sources of dairy. Goats have a specific time to produce milk. That time span is from Match to July.

Therefore, by the time cheese is made it's almost late spring to summer. You can get the best fresh cheese at that time of the year. The way it is made is the milk gets curdled. Then it is drained and separated from the whey. Then it is pressed into the form of cheese. These cheeses can be preserved from a few days to months. To try it for yourself, get a box of delicate creamy textured goat's cheese!

What Does Goat Cheese Taste Like

What Does Goat Cheese Taste Like


Unlike cow's milk goat's milk and cheese actually have particular flavors. The taste is defined as pungent and tangy. The reason for this smell is the fatty acid that rests in goat's milk, unlike any other type of milk. Cows milk doesn’t really have any flavor or taste like this.

Another thing that determines the flavor of the milk is the strength of the hormone of the female goat that has been producing the milk. But the general taste of this cheese is tangy, earthy a little gamey. It also has a slightly nutty flavor that makes it stand out the most. Goat cheese is also very soft. But it is not runny until heated up.

The flavor has been described already. Although some people avoid goat cheese immediately, most love it because of this very reason. The flavor is so strong, you need to eat something very mild to give all the spotlight to goat cheese. Since it gets runny, goat chees can be spread onto many dishes to enhance flavor. It is easily used with risotto, pasta, green salad, etc.

You will see white cubes in salads with other green vegetables and fruits. The mild or bland taste of those gets blended pretty quickly with goat's cheese. You can also play with the taste a bit by adding sweet ingredients like carrots to the salad. You can also eat goat cheese with crackers and biscuits. Toasts or crackers complement the cheese very nicely


The smell is definitely the first thing you will notice. That actually makes the chees taste better in many ways. It tastes really good with cheese crackers and the smell blend right in. But there's a catch. If the smell is too strong it means that the milk isn’t fresh. Fresh goat's milk will have a slight or mild smell and tangy flavor.

However, goat cheese got its fame because of the same flavor and smell. Therefore sometimes the seller would keep the milk fermented for even a year so that the smell stays and transfers to the cheese. Surprisingly the cheese gets sold because of the smell too. So you can tell how popular this pungent smell is. The duration of time milk has been kept reserved changes the taste of the milk and cheese too.


The cheese ripens so quickly that it gets creamy over time. You can easily cut into the piece of cheese without having to press it too hard. It is also crumbly and chalky. The older it gets the outer part starts to harden but whereas the center of the cheese remains creamy and soft.

As it gets older it gets even firmer. The moisture and softness go away weeks after. However, it never reaches the texture of cow cheese.

How to Use Goat Cheese in Recipe

It is usually used with crackers and cheeseboard. But you can also use it with bread. After the toppings add some goat cheese to enhance the flavor. You can also try to make fried cheese balls with it. All you need to do is roll it in breadcrumbs and fry it in oil. Last but not the least, adding it on top of pizza will create a great fusion.

Especially in thin-crust pizza, this will be a great addition. The list of recipes that go well with this cheese is long! Here’s a video of a quick recipe that you can follow as you decide whether to try goats cheese or not

The flavor, texture, and taste of goat cheese are eccentric. It can’t be compared to any other whatsoever. That's what makes it stand out among all.


Other than the taste and texture goat cheese brings some amazing health benefits too. It has been shown to improve the cardiovascular health of obese people according to a study. It also provides a great source of omega-3 and linoleic acid that help with cardiovascular issues. And that’s another reason among many why you should totally try goat's cheese!

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