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The 10 Best Spice Racks in 2020

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Having a lot of spices is pretty normal in a household. You don’t have to be a restaurant owner, a chef, or a spice enthusiast to have a collection of spices to spice things up. Try checking out your own house and the chances of seeing a variety of spices scattered around your kitchen and storage cabinets are pretty high. You might have even looked into the best spice racks available in the market to help you arrange them.

And as you may already know, the spices you find all strewn inside your house needs a little bit of organizing. There will come a time that you would need one or some of these spices. When that time comes, you do not want to go around looking through each storage cabinet and checking each one by one if they are the right ingredient or seasoning that you need. Nobody wants a mess in their own home.

You do not want your own house to be chaotic and disorienting, especially the kitchen. That’s why this review exists. We hope to help you with this article as we feature eleven of the spice racks we found to be the best.

​Best Pick

YouCopia Original SpiceStack Spice Organizer With Universal Drawer

The YouCopia Original SpiceStack Spice Organizer with Universal Drawer tops this list because it’s ready to use, lightweight, and offers a wide variety of options to choose from.

​Budget Pick

DecoBros 3 Tier Wall Mounted Spice Rack

The best budget buy is none other than the DecoBros 3 Tier Wall Mounted Spice Rack that was made to mount walls and save space.

1. ​YouCopia Original SpiceStack Spice Organizer With Universal Drawer  

Highlighted Features

  • Universal flip-down drawers that allow easy pull out and access
  • Ready to use easy set-up with no installation required
  • Standard size not too big nor too small to save counter space
  • Includes printed and blank removable labels for better organization

YouCopia had always been creating products to help their consumers with organizing needs. Most of their products are easy and ready to use; no need for installation, assembling, or disassembling. Whether the need arises for an adjustable, an expandable, or a customizable organizer that could store a wide array of objects in different space requirements, they likely have a product to offer for that.

If you are a fan of drawers and also enjoy compact ability, this might be the spice rack for you. YouCopia Original SpiceStack Spice Organizer with Universal Drawer can fit all your spice bottles both round and square in one place. It has a universal flip-down drawer that includes 96 detachable labels to help you locate your spices better. The product was designed to be of standard size to fit kitchen space but YouCopia also took into consideration different options to choose from. You can buy a spice organizer that could fit 12 bottles, 18 bottles, 24 bottles, and 30 bottles (full-size) depending on your need.

You can now look forward to your cooking dinner duty because you do not need to scamper around looking for spices. You can easily find the spice you need within seconds if they are organized within a drawer. It also makes storing spices after use easier than before. Just make sure that the content of your spice organizer is equally distributed to avoid it toppling over. Having non-slip feet feature to hold the rack safe in place can only do much if the spices were not well balanced inside the drawer. This is the least incident you want to happen after finally organizing you spices.


  • Choose from 4 storage capacity available
  • Available in white and silver/black color options
  • Made out of plastic lightweight material


  • This product is a little bit expensive than others
  • Not advisable for huge spice bottles and glass jars

2. DecoBros 3 Tier Wall Mounted Spice Rack 

Highlighted Features

  • Made out of high quality sturdy steel wire
  • Includes all mounting hardware needed
  • Designed with a fine bronze finish

If you don’t have that much space inside your house and you want to make use of your walls, then this wall mounted spice rack by DecoBros could be for you. The spice rack is made out of sturdy and great quality steel wire. It is a stylish multi-purpose spice rack that has a three tier level shelf that could fit your scattered spices.

This rack is good enough for storing spice bottles, jelly jars, and even your nail polish collection. But if you own a lot of this stuff, this product might not be large enough to accommodate all of them. You might need more than one to store them all. I have seen concepts online where they lined 2 to 4 of these racks together to solve that issue.

You can use the DecoBros 3 Tier Wall Mounted Spice Rack on just about anything and everything. But refrain from placing huge and heavy objects on this rack to avoid it from bending or falling. Of course, this was made sturdily and you can eliminate the risk of falling if you carefully mount it on the wall but to be sure, don’t put anything that weighs tons. 


  • Lightweight  and compact
  • Affordable high quality product
  • Multi-functional mounting shelf


  • Not large enough if you own a lot of spices
  • May bend if holding too much heavy objects

3. DecoBros Spice Rack Stand Holder

Highlighted Features

  • Includes 18 spice bottles and 48 spice labels
  • Made out of high quality steel with chrome finish
  • Comes with free plastic foot pads to keep rack in place

You can save a lot if you opt to buy spices by the bulk. Most spices are also available in repacked versions inside a plastic pouch packaging. You can choose one or the other and still save some bucks but this arrangement now imposes a need for storage bottles and jars to keep them safe. So if you like this arrangement then the DecoBros Spice Rack Stand Holder could be what you need.

Unlike the previous DecoBros product, this one is literally designed as a spice bottle holder. This product is a combo package that includes a spice rack, 18 spice bottles, and 48 spice labels. The spice rack has 3 layers that hold 6 bottles each and is designed to fit the included bottles.

While the spice bottles are made up of a clear glass jar and a shiny lid. This allows you to see clearly through the contents of the spice for easy identification. Each bottle also comes with a removable plastic cap with holes that make up as a spice shaker. 


  • Compact design that does not take too much space
  • Fashioned  to look good and add elegance to your kitchen


  • ​Designed to accommodate only the included bottles
  • ​Issues of the spice bottles slipping out of the stand

4. DecoBros 3 Tier Expandable Cabinet Spice Rack Step Shelf Organizer 

Highlighted Features

  • Includes a separable large and medium shelf
  • 3 levels of steps display storage shelf
  • Made with 2 expandable and durable chrome frames

The brand DecoBros is so popular when it comes to spice racks that’s why this is the third one on our list. Unlike the first two, this one has 2 pieces – a large and a medium shelf that can be expanded and separated for use. It looks like a stairs step rack that you can use not just for spices.

The DecoBros 3 Tier Expandable Cabinet Spice Rack Step Shelf Organizer is also good for organizing canned goods, wine and liquor bottles, jars, perfumes, and cosmetics. It has enough space to accommodate the big stuff. It also has two sturdy metal chrome frames to support the whole structure.

It is a totally awesome tool. If you don’t like mounting racks on walls or arranging a mini cabinet, this product may be the one for you. Try to consider adding it to your kitchen to arrange all the cluttered spices in your house.


  • High quality and durable rack shelf
  • Great multi-purpose organizing tool


  • The shelves are a bit slippery being made out of plastic
  • The height difference for each level is a bit low

5. Spectrum Countertop 3 Tier Spice Rack 

Highlighted Features

  • Made and constructed out of sturdy steel
  • Includes a mounting hardware for wall
  • Very affordable with a stylish black design

This Spectrum Countertop 3 Tier Spice Rack is a multi-purpose organizer. Keep your spice bottles, nail polish, craft jars, medicine bottles, and other small items neatly arranged. It is designed as a 3 tier rack for multiple levels of shelves but is also available in a 2 tier rack.

Although the product name says it is for countertop, you can also mount this product to the wall. It even includes the mounting hardware you need to install it in the wall if you want. You can keep your spices accessibly within your sight and reach.

Spectrum has always been offering diverse designs and produce inventive solutions for storage and organization. They provide all original designs protected by copyright, trademark, and intellectual property designs. So you can only find these styles with their brand and if you like it, consider it.


  • Multi-purpose rack organization
  • Can hold a lot of small bottles and jars


  • Not suitable for huge bottles and jars
  • May fall over if the contents are not balanced

6. Talented Kitchen 12-pack Magnetic Spice Tin Set 

Highlighted Features

  • Stylish classic design made with top quality materials
  • Includes free 2 types of spice labels and conversion chart
  • Round storage spice racks are made of stainless steels

This Talented Kitchen set includes 12 magnetic metal tins, 2 types of spice labels, and a kitchen conversion chart. The magnetic tins stay securely in place, making it easy and convenient to use and store. They are designed as round storage tins with clear top lids and sift-pour for easy identification and pouring.

The 2 types of spice label stickers are water resistant. They include 113 clear spice labels and 126 chalkboard spice labels. The 113 clear spice labels are made out of clear PVC glossy material and are divided into 96 pre-printed most common spice names (black letters on transparent background) and 17 blank stickers. While the 125 chalkboard spice labels are made out of black chalkboard vinyl and are divided into 6 numbers, 96 pre-printed most common spice names (white letters on black background), and 18 blank stickers to write your own.

It even has an extra kitchen measurement conversion charts for useful information. No need to search online about measurements when you are cooking and gripped for time. This product is well-designed for cost efficiency. The 12-pack magnetic spice bundle can be the solution for organizing your spices.


  • Easily attach and remove labels on tin jars
  • Easy to wash with the use of a damp cloth
  • Affordable high quality product


  • Imitators are all over the market
  • Labels are not reusable once removed

7. Kamenstein 20 Jars Revolving Spice Towers

Highlighted Features

  • Product comes filled with premium spices
  • And includes a 5 years free spices refill
  • Also includes shaker discs for sprinkling spices

Since 1893, the Kameinstein brand is committed to quality. They make sure that what their consumers receive is made out of fresh and high quality spices. This spice rack might be the only one that offers the spice tower rack, the spice jars, and even the spices themselves in one package at a reasonable price.

The spice tower rack can hold 20 spice jars and can revolve to make storage easier and more compact. You can save space while keeping your spices at bay and within reach. Then there are the spice jars with sifter lids that are already filled with free spices. You will get basil, marjoram, garlic salt, coriander, rosemary, oregano, and more.

It even comes with a 5 years free spices refill. When someone purchases the Kameinstein 20 Jars Revolving Spice Towers, they are already entitled to this privilege. There are instructions on how you can receive and avail this on the inside top flap of the package. So if you want a spice rack organizer and is eager to have more spices added to your collection, this product is a great way to start.


  • Rotating tower rack for easy access all in one place
  • Spices are filled and sealed for freshness


  • Jars are already filled so your existing spices cannot be stored
  • There will be duplicate spices, not 20 different ones

8. MyGift Country Rustic Chicken Wire Storage Organizer 

Highlighted Features

  • Designed to hold standard size spice jars
  • Available in 3 colors – white, black, and gray
  • Rustic country design appeal

MyGift has been a manufacturer of home and kitchen products for more than 20 years. This storage organizer is a wall mounted rack that allows easy hanging on many surfaces. It can be on a pantry door, on a kitchen wall, or on the insides of a cupboard.

The MyGift Country Rustic Chicken Wire Storage Organizer is a 4 tiered wire shelf designed to secure its contents. Each level of shelf can accommodate a lot of standard size spice bottles, jars, and other kitchen products. The rustic chicken metal wiring design is a perfect complement to any farmhouse design theme.

You can save counter and cabinet space once your spices and stuff are organized. Add functionality and style to your walls when you use this spice rack storage organizer.


  • It has 4 shelves to accommodate a lot
  • Aesthetically pleasing design fit for any theme


  • It is a little bit expensive than the others

9. EZOWare 2 Tier Free Standing Countertop Multi-purpose Rack 

  • Multi-purpose versatility that can be used anywhere
  • Sturdy and decorative construction design
  • Rubber grip feet for non-slip stable rack

EZOWare designed this 2 tier rack with wider and taller shelves that can accommodate most bottles, jars, and canisters. This rack is perfect for small and standard sized containers. Each tier can even house two rows of these small containers and save you valuable space.

This product is a free standing rack that can be moved and positioned anywhere. It is a versatile product that you can utilize in the kitchen, the bathroom, or on wherever desired room inside your home. It’s the perfect tool for storing your condiments, spices, canned goods, lotions, make-up, nail polish, shampoo, etc.

The EZOWare 2 Tier Free Standing Countertop Multi-purpose Rack is very durable and stable. It is constructed out of solid steel with chrome plating making it resistant to rust. It even has a rubber grip feet to keep the rack from slipping or sliding and avoid scratching countertops or any of the place you decide to put it.


  • Does not require assembling or installation
  • Solid build that will not tip over or fall
  • Easy to move from place to place


  • Can only house small bottles and jars since it’s a 2-tier rack

10. Sorbus Spice Rack and Multi-purpose Organizer 

  • Multi-purpose 4 tier storage rack
  • Made out of durable steel construction
  • Storage rack that mounts to walls
  • Made with country rustic chicken wire

Eliminate your clutter and instantly save some counter and cabinet space with this product. You can also save time by removing the hassle of searching around for the ones you need. With a rack like Sorbus, you can quickly identify the items you need and neatly arrange them right after.

This spice rack adds some spice to your kitchen as it complements any décor. The Sorbus Spice Rack and Multi-purpose Organizer is made with classic country rustic chicken wire and high quality steel with a black polish finish. It has a 4 tier level shelf where you can organize your spices, everyday household items, and more. It is perfect for use as a kitchen and bathroom storage and transforms the space into an aesthetically pleasing decoration.

It is easy to mount on most walls and the insides of some storage cabinet as long as they are flat surfaces. The product was designed to be simply mounted so you can keep your spices and other items close by. If you really like the idea of shelves and racks instead of countertops, this is a good one to start with.


  • Lightweight, convenient, and easy to install
  • Helps eliminate clutter and complement decor


  • Tight space between shelves not suitable for tall containers
  • The hardware needed for mounting into wall is not included

11. AllSpice Wooden Spice Rack

  • Made out of a furniture quality solid wood frame
  • Includes 315 stickers of pre-printed labels
  • Accessories like hole shakers are also available

This wooden spice rack may be the most expensive one on our list. But don’t be afraid that it might break the bank for you. This wooden spice rack can prove that it could be a good investment because they are serious about spices. Over the years, AllSpice has dedicated itself to create innovative solutions for spice storage because they know they are valuable.

The AllSpice Wooden Spice Rack is one example. It is built with a solid wood frame from either one of bamboo, North American oak, or maple wood. You can even choose from seven beautiful designs because this product is available in these colors: matte black, oak, matte white, bamboo, walnut stain, cherry stain, and natural maple. There’s also an option for a small, medium, and large rack because it is also offered in a 12-jar, 30-jar, and 60-jar size. You can sort of customize it base on the design and the need.

It doesn’t even end there. This wooden spice rack also includes the jars which could fit up to 4 ounces of herbs and spices. There are also accessories added like large-hole shakers, small-hole shakers, and the AllSpice exclusive spoon scraper top. They also give out 315 stickers of pre-printed labels and some blanks for customization. Now the price seems reasonable and worth it.


  • Labels are waterproof with matte finish
  • Contains foam rubber feet to avoid skidding


  • This product is really expensive than the others

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Spice Racks

While we’ve already talked about some of the best spice racks on the market, we want to be sure you know everything you should to pick the option that best meets your needs. Even if you don’t find the ultimate spice rack here, it’ll give you a good idea of what to look out for in top quality spice racks you may find elsewhere.

The Many Types of Spice Racks

The truth is it would be almost impossible to list every kind of spice rack you could buy here, but what we can do is give you insight into the most common options. The following varieties are some of the most popular on the market.

  • Cabinet Door Spice Racks – This sort of spice rack attaches onto the inside of the door of your kitchen cabinets. One of the biggest perks of this option is that it saves you wall and counter space. However, it does keep your spices hidden away, hiding them from your guests’ view.
  • Drawer Insert Spice Racks – These spice racks are designed to fit into your drawers, which has the same downfall as a cabinet door spice rack in that most people will never see it. However, it can also be a fantastic choice for someone who doesn’t want to mount a rack on the wall and prefers to keep their spices hidden away.
  • Magnetic Board Spice Racks – These come in two types: countertop and wall-mounted. Essentially, the spice jars pair up with bases that have magnetic backs. This gives you a high degree of versatility since any magnetic surface can be used to hold the jars and bases.
  • Pull-Down Spice Racks – One of the biggest things going for a pull-down spice rack is the fact that you can keep your spices hidden away when you want, but when it comes time to use them, the process is effortless. Many of these racks come with the option to label the spices so you can easily pick out what you want to use.
  • Standalone Spice Racks – Another common choice is the standalone rack, which will be found in both homes and commercial kitchens. These come in many designs but are built to be stable when sitting on a counter or other surface.
  • Wall-Mounted Spice Racks – If you have a lack of space in the kitchen, this spice rack is for you. It has a simple design that allows you to mount the rack on the wall in a place where you have easy access. This means you don’t have to worry about taking up precious counter space.

Materials Used in Construction

Most spice racks are made out of plastic, metal, and wood. The most common metal is steel with some kind of finish on top of it. The reason this is a common choice is that steel is quite durable and can hold a large number of spice jars without bending or breaking under pressure.

Wood can also be a good choice, especially since it can match other furniture in the kitchen. There are also plastic spice racks out there, but these tend to be less frequently found. However, many of the provided options are sturdy and look great in the kitchen.

The Capacity Level of the Spice Rack

Another good thing to think about is how many bottles or jars a rack can organize without overflowing. The truth is that these racks come in a diverse range of sizes, so one might hold a handful of small jars while another can handle dozens of spice jars, soup cans, or jelly jars. What really matters here is making sure that the rack you choose will offer enough space for you to organize all of your spices.

Deciding Whether You Need Spices Included

Sometimes spice racks come with everything you need, including the jars for the spices and the spices that go inside of them. In other cases, all you’re getting is a rack. Neither of these options is better than the other, but you should consider your needs and use that to determine which makes the most sense for your kitchen.

Going for prefilled spices can be excellent for someone who requires the most common spices but may not be useful for someone who already has jars and spices but only needs a rack. If you do go ahead with prefilled spice jars with your rack, consider that some brands will even offer you free refills for a certain number of months or years after purchase. This can end up saving you money in the long run.

Price and Budget When Purchasing Spice Racks

Spice racks come in a huge range of prices from $10 or less to more than $50 depending on the materials and design. However, there’s no reason to pay over the odds for a simple kitchen tool when you have so many options available to you. Although you should undoubtedly consider quality, that doesn’t mean that only the most expensive options are going to last for years.

The Bottom Line

With a wide range of racks on the market, you should be able to find the best spice rack within your budget that matches your style and has enough space for all your spices. If you aren’t sure where to start, use our tips above to narrow down your options.

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