Best Spice Grinders

The 15 Best Spice Grinders to add the flavor of freshly grinded spices to your dish

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Does your dish lack in flavors despite adding various spices? The spice grinders are machines that can grind the spices in a few seconds no matter how hard or soft the ingredients are. The grinder comes in manual and electric which have their specialty. The stainless steel blades protect from rust and grind the spices equally.

Furthermore, the blades are attached to the grinding bowl so it needs to be cleaned carefully. Not all grinders have a removal grinding basket so you need to pour the grounds out of the bowl. As you can also ground coffee on this grinder, you need to look for the capacity of the bowl before choosing the best spice grinder for yourself.

Things to Consider Before Buying Your Spice Grinder

Do your pre-grounded spices not have any flavor? The spices lose their essence as they come in contact with air. As a result, your dish won't taste the same way with pre-ground spices as it did with fresh spice grounds. You need to look for some features in the spice grinder that will fulfill your needs.

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Manual or Electric spice grinders?

The spice grinders are found in 2 types in the market. Both of them almost have the same tools but electric grinders grind the spices with the help of a motor. Whereas manual grinders require manpower. Both types of grinders are designed to fit at any corner of the room without wasting any pace. 

As an electric grinder requires power, it cannot be carried for outdoor events. But the grinders make fine grounds of hard and dry spices. It is very comfortable to use and result in producing consistent spice grounds. 

On the other hand, manual grinders are easy to carry as they require no electricity. However, it can take some time to get the desired spice grounds as you need to twist and check frequently. The manual grinders are easy to clean as you can place them directly underwater. 

Are the blades or teeth sharp enough for fine grinding?

The most important part of the grinders is the teeth or the blades. The manual grinders have diamond-shaped teeth to crush the hard shell of the ingredients. The electric grinder has 2 blades or 4 blades to grind and mix the spices. 2 blades can easily grind the hard items but for wet spices, 4 blades are required. Most brands use blades made from stainless to ensure the sharpness of the blades so that the grinders give a durable service.

Speed and sound of the motor

The electric grinders use motors that are 200 or 300-watt motors. The motor runs the blades to grind the spices into fine grounds. The higher the power of the grounds, the swift the grinder will grind the spices. But, high rotation can overheat the motor. So you need to give a break after running the grinder for 30 seconds. 

According to Sloan, the temperature can directly affect the insulation of the component and reduce its lifespan by 50%. Furthermore, the motors can create noise while grinding the spices. Depending on the purpose of buying the spice grinder, you need to choose the one that works fast or produces less noise. 

Is the bowl fixed or removable?

The design of the spice grinders varies from brand to brand. Usually, all the parts of the manual grinders can be separated easily and that makes the cleaning easier. On the other hand, not only the electric grinder has a replaceable grinder bowl. Some brands fix their bowl on top of the motor and other removable. 

The removable bowl can be thoroughly cleaned with water and sometimes can be put in the dishwasher. The grinders whose bowls are fixed need to be cleaned with a brush and then wipe with a damp cloth. Depending on your daily schedule you need to decide which grinder will be efficient for you. 

The capacity of the grinding bowls

The manual grinders have a small capacity compared to the electric ones. If you want to use the grinder for multiple purposes like grinding herbs as well as coffee, you need to choose a grinder with a large capacity. If you are looking for your restaurant, you need to choose a commercial spice grinder that can grind spices in huge quality. For a coffee addict, a grinder that can grind beans for 6 to 8 cups at a time will be the best spice grinder for them. 

Will the sharpness of the blade be durable?

According to knives and tools, the stainless steel is manufactured with various components to make it hard and durable. Carbon is the major element in stainless steel to retain the sharpness and hardness of the blades. Various components like chromium, nickel, silicon, etc of different ratios are used to construct the blade. Rust can be developed if the stainless steel blades are not properly maintained. To make the blades durable, make sure to wipe them dry after cleaning with water. 

Do the grinders include a cleaning brush?

The tricky part of owning a spice grinder is the deep cleaning process. As the blades are fixed to the grinding bowl, it can be hard to clean under the blades. The removable bowl can be placed under running water for thorough cleaning. But the bowls that are attached to the machine are not suitable to be put under the water.  

You can clean the remnants by rubbing them with a wet cloth. Various brands provide a thin cleaning brush to reach the corners of the blade. 

How easy is it to operate the grinders?

The spice grinders are used to make the grinding process uncomplicated and to reduce the physical labor. The manual grinders need to be twisted a few times to get the grinds you need for your dish. On the other hand, you need to press on the lid to run the electric grinders. For fine grounds, you need to hold the lid for long seconds. To stop the grinding process, just remove the hand from the lid. 

It can be hard to determine the range of grinding for coffee grounds if there is no control panel with mentioned ranging modes. However, the duration of each type of ground is mentioned in the respective manual.

Top 15 Best Spice Grinders

1. KRUPS Spice and Coffee Grinder

Highlighted Features

  • The blades are designed in an oval shape to grind the coffee or spices evenly.
  • Stainless steel is on the blades to prevent rust or corrosion.
  • The grinder can grind 3 ounces of coffee beans that can serve 12 cups of coffee.
  • It is a versatile electric grinder that can crush all hard food items like nuts, seeds, spices, etc.
  • It has a lid-activated safety switch that does not start operation unless the lid is locked.

If you can’t go a day without coffee, you can save a lot if you opt to brew your own. This remarkable electric grinder will then be the perfect accompaniment to create freshly ground beans even at the comfort of your humble abode. You can have better tasting coffee than when you use pre-ground coffee.

KRUPS has always preserved their high quality standard for more than 150 years and with the KRUPS F203 Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder; you can have a product that is not only useful but convenient and versatile as well. It features a powerful stainless steel blades that can grind up to three ounces of coffee beans (up to 12 cups) in less than 10 seconds. I personally love how they can prove that less is more.

You can also achieve different types of uniform grind depending on the time you spend grinding. You can spend 30 seconds to accomplish the fine espresso grind or 3 to 5 seconds for a coarse ‘Turkish coffee’ grind. This functionality then allows you to customize your grinding based on your preferred consistency

Moreover, the blades are suitable to grind various spices like nutmegs, herbs, etc. For the lid safety lock, the spice or coffee grounds will not scatter in your countertop and will save you from creating a mess. Cleaning the grinder can be tricky as you need to wipe the blades carefully with a wet cloth. The grinder is constructed with premium quality materials to give long-lasting service.

2. Golden Bell Spice and Herb Grinder

Highlighted Features

  • It has 3 chambers to provide the perfect grounds and retains the freshness of the spices.
  • The lid is magnetized to hold the ingredients intact on the grinder.
  • The entire grinder is made of heavy-duty zinc alloy to give a durable service.
  • The grinder is compactly designed that can be easily carried for outdoor events.
  • This manual grinder has diamond-shaped teeth that grind the ingredients in various ranges.
  • A pollen scraper is added to the package to clean the mesh filter.

This compact and stylish grinder might be exactly what you have been looking for. The Golden Bell 4 Piece Spice and Herb Grinder is made with heavy duty zinc alloy designed with 4 pieces and 3 chambers. It’s boasting about how easy it is to use and carry at 2 inches in size that makes it perfect for home and travel needs.

The first and second pieces comprise the first chamber which contains the sharp diamond-shaped teeth that you can twist around smoothly to grind your herbs and spices. The third piece is the mesh screen and middle chamber that can filter very fine pollen. Last but not the least is the fourth piece – the bottom chamber – that catches and collects what you have ground.

It also contains a thin Poly O-Ring for smoother grinding with less friction. The magnetized lid significantly helps prevent spilling too. I like this product because it does what it intends to do.

3. Hamilton Beach Coffee Grinder

Highlighted Features

  • It has an electric grinder that swiftly prepares the grounds for coffee or cooking.
  • A simple on and off button to start the grounding process.
  • The transparent cover gives the view of the grounds to determine when to stop.
  • The grinding chamber can be removed easily and put in the dishwasher for cleaning.
  • The stainless steel blades are capable of grinding coffee beans, nuts, cinnamon, etc.
  • The cord can be easily stored at the base of the grinder.

Those who love to cook know that freshly grind species give an extra flavor to the dish compared to pre-ground spices. You can easily grind the nutmeg cloves, cinnamon altogether or separately with this grinder. The stainless steel blade will uniformly ground the spices. The chamber where the spices are grounded is removable that makes it easier to add the spices to the dish without carrying the whole grinder. 

On the other hand, you can enjoy freshly ground coffee with this grinder. It can ground 9 teaspoons of coffee beans at a time which can be beneficial if you want to enjoy freshly grounded coffee at your office. The grinder does not take much storage space and the cord can be kept on the cord storage provided at the base of it.  

As it is an electric grinder, you can not put it in the dishwasher. You can simply rub the base with a damp cloth for cleaning. Moreover, the grinder does not come with a wide grinding range. You need to observe closely while grinding the coffee beans to prevent them from making them into powder.

4. Kozo Herb Grinder

Highlighted Features

  • This is a manual grinder that requires a few twists to get the freshly ground herbs.
  • You can easily control the consistency of the grounds as it is manually operated.
  • The 3 chamber grounds and filters the perfect ground spices to the storage chamber.
  • The exterior of the grinder is designed to provide grips while grinding the spices.
  • The magnetic lid prevents from spilling the herb grounds.
  • The grinder is small in size that can be easily carried inside a purse.

For outdoor barbecue parties, this grinder will be an appropriate one as it will prepare the herb and spices in a few minutes. You can make the barbecue more flavorful with freshly grounded spices which are not possible with the pre-ground rub. With a few twists, the teeth will break and crush the spices and fine mesh will filter the pollen.

Furthermore, you will also get a sturdy grip for grounding as the exterior of the grinder is designed with a grip for fingers. The ground herbs will not blow away as the magnetic lid will prevent it. However, you cannot grind the coffee beans on this or you can grind but they will not be good enough for a great coffee. 

As there is no mention of the grinder being safe to clean in the dishwasher, it needs to be hand cleaned.

5. iRainy Herb Grinder

Highlighted Features

  • This manual grinder has 2 mesh screens to filter the fine grounded powder.
  • The diamond-shaped teeth on the grinder crush the spices or herbs in a few seconds.
  • To avoid creating a mess with spice grounds, a neodymium magnet is used on the lid.
  • It is light in weight that makes the grinder portable and comfortable to use.
  • To remove the pollen from the chambers, a little scraper is provided.

The iRainy 5 piece herb grinder has 2 different mesh screens to help you get a finer powder. It has a small scraper included to help with powder collecting and cleaning. It is made out of long lasting zinc alloy metal that is light in weight. The grinder is designed like a ring to grant an easier and quicker grinding experience.

At 2.2 inches in diameter and 2.5 inches in height, it’s the perfect size for grinding herbs, tobacco, spices, tea, etc. to get a fresher taste. With 5 pieces on its design, you can simply assemble and disassemble it to match what you need. There’s also a magnet in the lid to help hold the top of the grinder.

You can easily store the grinder in your kitchen drawer as it does not have a lot of space. The sharp diamond-shaped teeth are designed to crush the herb or spices with a few twists, but they are not versatile to grind all types of spices.  the ingredients that have hard shell-like pepper seeds, cinnamon, star anise, etc can not be crushed on this grinder.

You also don’t have to worry if by any chance you are not satisfied with your purchase because they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They take pride in providing their customers with satisfaction. So if ever you find a problem with the product, you can feel free to contact iRainy and they will immediately solve it to the best of their ability.

6. Mueller Austria Spice/Coffee Grinder

Highlighted Features

  • The grinder is electric that can crush not only coffee beans but also hard shell spices.
  • The lid has a safety lock feature that prevents it from creating a mess grinding.
  • You can control the coarseness of the coffee beans to enjoy coffee of various flavors.
  • It grinds beans or herbs without producing much sound.
  • The stainless steel blades prevent rust if used regularly.

This grinder from Mueller Austria will grind all types of spices and herbs so that you don't have to waste time preparing the spices manually. It has a synchronous motor that will crush the soft and hard ingredients evenly to enhance the flavor of your meal. It is a single switch grinder to grind the bean or spices into a fine coarse. 

However, it can be hard to handle the range of grinds of coffee as you continuously need to monitor. The basket is not replaceable so you need another spice container to store the grounds. The grinder is tested to pass 3 professional grades so you can use it without any worry. 

The plastic lid can be easily cleaned by placing it under the tap water, the bowl needs to be wiped clean with a damp cloth. The bowl can be put under the water as it has a motor.

7. Quiseen Coffee Grinder

Highlighted Features

  • This electric grinder can serve 7 cups of freshly ground coffee in less time.
  • It is a one-touch operation to grind coffee beans and various spices.
  • The safety lock on the grinder keeps the grinds stored in one place.
  • The grinder has built-in space to store the cord at the base.
  • The compact built of the grinder allows you to carry on your vacation.

This multipurpose one-touch electric grinder will not only grind coffee beans but even your spices, herbs, nuts, and grains as well. It has stainless steel blades with a sturdy and resilient motor. It can actively go on even if you use it every single day.

As seen in the picture, it has small lumps on the surface and that makes it graspable. It also has a transparent lid so you can make sure its grinding seamlessly to match your desired grind. You can serve up to 7 cups of coffee because the grinder can hold 2.5 ounces (70 grams) of coffee beans. It will be ideal enough to share with your family and friends.

It also features a safety lock which is a really good thing to have with anything that involves blades. If you’re somehow agree with me, protecting your fingers from blades is a must. That’s why the Quiseen One-Touch Electric Coffee Grinder is one of our top spice grinders.

8. SHARDOR Coffee and Spice Grinder

Highlighted Features

  • This electric grinder comes with 2 grinding cups that fulfill different needs.
  • The grinding cups come with 2 blades and 4 blades crush the ingredients into fine grounds.
  • It serves a multi-purpose feature as it can be used for coffee beans as well as soft and hard shell spices.
  • The grinder operates when the lid is placed on the cup and holds for a few seconds.
  • The grinding cups are safe to put in the dishwasher for cleaning.
  • A powerful motor and sharp blades produce fresh spice grounds swiftly.
  • A brush and a spoon are given with the grinder to clean and pour out the groups from the cups.

The spices and coffee beans require different pressure and intensity to crush. The SHARDOR coffee and spice grinder have 2 cups to grind dry and wet ingredients. For coffee beans, nuts, cinnamon, etc use the 2 blade cup for fine grounds. On the other hand, 4 blade grinding cups are great for grinding chilies, garlic, etc, and mixing them to make a rub. 

The best feature is that the cups are moveable. So you do not need to pour the grounds into another bowl. The bowls are safe for cleaning in the dishwasher. The bowl and the blades are made from stainless steel that will prevent rust and give a durable service. 

Moreover, it has a different operative mode. The spice or beans will start grinding when you place the lid on the grinder. The longer you hold the lid, the finer the grounds will be. As the has no mentioned duration for creating ground, it can be hard to get the desired grounds.

9. HadinEEon Coffee Grinder

Highlighted Features

  • This grinder has a powerful motor that grinds the beans in 10 seconds.
  • The grinder cup can hold 50 gm of ingredients to grind at a time.
  • A single switch on the grinder starts the grinding process.
  • A safety switch is given to fit the lid on the grinder and prevent any mess.
  • The grinder stops automatically if the motor reaches a high temperature.
  • The grinding cups can be cleaned with the given cleaning brush.

For coffee lovers, this grinder will prepare the beans into medium grounds in 10 to 12 seconds. The stainless steel blade has the sharpness that crushes the beans effortlessly. You can make spice mix on the grinder as well. The grinding bowl is not replaceable but you can easily will the remnants with the cleaning brush. 

As it has a powerful motor, it is advised not to run the machine for more than 30 seconds at a time. If the grinder gets heated while running, it has an auto turn-off feature to prevent any damage. Also, the grinder has a lid-activated lock where the grinder won't start working unless the lid is locked.

The grinder is easy to store in the kitchen cupboard and countertop. The base of the grinder is designed to keep the cord safe. The grinder comes in travel size that can be easily packed and carried anywhere.

10. Secura Coffee and Spice Grinder

Highlighted Features

  • The grinder has a grinding bowl and a chopping bowl to serve various purposes.
  • The blades constructed from stainless steel helps to pulverize the wet and dry ingredients in very little time.
  • The grinding bowl has room to accommodate 75g beans at a time.
  • The beans and spices start to form grounds with a single press on the lid.
  • An additional transparent cover is given on the cups to reduce the mess.
  • Smart overheat protection is given to the motor to avoid any accidents.
  • The grinder stays stable as it has rubberized feet at the base.

The Secura coffee and spice grinder makes the spice mix or coffee grounds swift with its powerful motor. The two grinding bowls with 2 and 4 blades are designed to grind the dry and wet items. The bowls are replaceable and make it easy to clean them under running water. 

The lids and bowls can be washed with water but avoid dripping water on the motor. The lid is the important part of the grinder as you need to press them to crush the ingredients. The more time you press the lid, the finer grounds you will get. As a result, you can easily enjoy the freshly brewed espresso or drip coffee at home. 

For durable use of the grinder, allow it to rest after operating for 30 minutes. Also, avoid running the machine for more than 30 seconds at a time. The grinder has a built-in thermal switch to protect from overheating.

11. Cuisinart Spice and Nut Grinder

Highlighted Features

  • It has a 200-watt motor that grinds coffee beans and spices within minutes.
  • The grinder starts to function with a single press at the top of the lid.
  • The grinding bowl can hold 90gm of ingredients all the time and is removable.
  • The parts apart from the motor are safe to clean in the dishwasher.
  • The sharpness of the blades will last longer as they are made from stainless steel.

This electric spice and nut grinder by Cuisinart features sturdy stainless steel blades, a heavy duty motor, and a push the top lid to act as the on and off control. The blades were exclusively designed to grind spices and nuts but there won’t be any problem even if you use it for seeds, herbs, and more. It includes a detachable lid and bowl that can hold up to 90 grams per grind.

You can enjoy the taste and smell of freshly grounded spices with the help of this product. It will be easier to rind any kind of spice or even create an original blend of mixed spices. The product is also large enough to accommodate a variety of spices with its 5 x 6 x 9 inches dimensions and 2.4 pounds weight. 

12. LINKChef Spice Grinder

Highlighted Features

  • You can prepare the perfect ground coffee with its sharp blades.
  • The grinder can granulate 2 ounces of beans in less than 20 seconds.
  • The stainless steel blade provides uniformly grounded spices.
  • A single power button is sufficient to operate the machine conveniently.
  • The base of the grinder is made stable to lessen the vibration while grinding.
  • The motor will not burn up as it has an overheat protector.

This grinder has a satiny outlook that blends with your environment. For those who love freshly ground coffee at home, this grinder can make coffee grounds for 6 to 8 cups in very little time. You can grind the number of beans that are required for a day or you can carry this grinder for outdoor picnics to enjoy freshly brewed coffee with friends. 

The powerful grinder and 4 blade grinding bowl prepare the dry and wet spice grounds as well. It is operated with a single switch at the front. You need to press the button for a longer time to get finer ground. The lid is transparent to help you to control the degree of grinding. 

However, the grinding bowl can not be removed so the grounds need to be replaced in another bowl. You can not also put the bowl under the water but a cleaning brush is given to remove the remnants of the grounds. For deep cleaning, you can wipe the bowl with mild soapy water.

13. HadinEEon Coffee and Spice Grinder

Highlighted Features

  • The grinder grinds coffee beans to serve 12 cups of coffee.
  • The grinder has a regulator to set the 3 modes for grinding.
  • The storage bowl is moveable and can be washed in the dishwasher.
  • The grinder has dual security locks for safe use.
  • Overheat protection is added to the grinder to extend the life of the motor.
  • It has a heat vent to discharge the hot air from the machine.

This grinder from HadinEEon is different from other grinders as it has an adjustable mode for grinding the beans or spices. The grinding bowl has a huge capacity to grind dry and wet ingredients. You need to set the range of grinding to get the desired grounds. The 2nd degree grinding will give the fine grounds of your ingredients. 

You can demount the bowl by twisting anti-clockwise and clean it quickly. As it has a 300-watt motor, the grinder tends to vibrate due to its power. To keep the machine stable, rubber feet are attached to the base for your convenience. Stainless steel is used to construct the blades and bowl of this grinder that will not rust with time. Also, you can manually control the grinding on this machine.

14. QUELLANCE Coffee and Spice Grinder

Highlighted Features

  • The grinder has a double-layer stainless steel blade to crush the items into finer grinds.
  • The grinder is operated just by pressing on the lid for a few seconds.
  • Twisting clockwise and anti-clockwise will help to move the bowl from the machine.
  • All types of food items can be ground on this machine.
  • The base has 3 silicone suction cups to prevent slip off while grinding.
  • A cleaning brush is added with the grinder for deep cleaning.

This grinder from Quellance is a multi-functional grinder that can crush all types of ingredients with its powerful motor. The bowl is steel material that has the capacity to hold 60 to 70 gm of ingredients. A transparent lid is given to cover the bowl and prevent from spilling the grounds. 

The press on the lid starts the grinding process and you can control the degree of grinding with your hand. A user manual is given where the duration for different types of grounds is mentioned. As the bowl is removable you can easily clean it with water and a brush. However, always remember to wipe the bowl with a dry cloth before placing it on the machine. The long cord can be put inside the base of the grinder.

15. KitchenAid Coffee and Spice Grinder

  • The entire grinder is made of stainless steel that ensures durability.
  • The 4 ounces removed bowl can be easily removed for cleaning.
  • The grinder starts operating with a single touch on the lid.
  • The bowl, blades, and cover are safe for cleaning in the dishwasher.
  • A spice grinder accessory kit is provided with the grinder.

The BCG2110B model includes a durable motor housing, a detachable stainless steel bowl with up to 4 ounces of capacity, stainless steel grinding blades, clear top cover, and the spice grinder accessory kit. You can enjoy a quick and simple grinding experience with this kitchen aid. The grinder can even accommodate enough coffee beans for 12 cups.

The stainless steel bowl has markings on the inside that indicates the amount of the appropriate beans needed for 4, 8, 10, and 12 cups of brewed coffee. With the detachable bowl functionality, it is also easier to transfer the grind to the coffee maker. The clear top cover and the one touch control give ease of usage with single button touch.

You can also use this to grind spices with the comprised spice grinder accessory kit. It has stainless steel, spice optimized bowls and blades good for spices like cumin and coriander. You might want to consider this one if you need a heavy duty grinder with a large capacity.


Why are homemade spice grounds better than the store mix?

Homemade spices are better than store mix as you can add the fresh spice grounds that will add an extra flavor. Store mix grounds usually lose their flavor as they are made many days ago. 

Is there a different blade for dry and wet spices?

Do I need to roast the spices before grinding?

The spice grinders are capable of grinding hard and soft spices or herbs. It does not require roasted spices. But if your grinder is not producing the perfect spice powder, you can try roasting before grinding them.

Is it okay to grind coffee beans in spice grinders?

The electric grinders can be used for grinding spice and coffee. If you are a coffee enthusiast, look for a grinder that will serve both the purpose.


Spices are essential for cooking any dish as it adds flavors and aromas. The flavors of spices or herbs work best when they are freshly ground and directly to the dish. The spice grinders make the grinding effortless as they have sharp blades and motors to run the process. For outdoor cooking, you can use the manual grinder as well.

All in all, a spice grinder saves a lot of cooking time. You can use spice grinders to make coffee grounds to enjoy the fresh aroma of the coffee. We have discussed the features and specifications elaborate in our article that will help you to choose the best spice grinder for your regular cooking.

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