The 10 Best Range Hoods in 2020

The kitchen is one of the areas that have poor air quality, odor, moisture, and smoke. This can interfere with your cooking process or penetrates to other rooms leading to poor air circulation which can be very risky for you and your loved ones. Studies have linked excessive exposure to cooking fumes as one of the leading causes of pulmonary complications. But with the help of a range hood, you can create a serene and friendly environment free from smoke or any odors.

Aside from freshening up the air inside your kitchen, a range hood is also known to offer substantial benefits as well as enhancing the aesthetic value of your kitchen. However, for you to enjoy all these benefits, you should make sure that the appliance you choose is of high quality and meets the industry standards. The market will offer numerous brands to choose from but identifying the best range hood can be at times overwhelming. To help you invest wisely, here are the top ten quality range hoods you should take advantage of.

Best Pick

Broan 423604 ADA Range Hood

Our best pick goes to Broan 423604 ADA Range Hood. The appliance is designed with high quality materials to withstand the test of time. Its performance is great with minimal noise levels. Comes with appliances of varied colors and width to choose from.

Budget Pick

Broan F403011 Convertible Range Hood

Our best range hood for money goes to Broan F403011 Convertible Range Hood. The exhaust hood is affordable, elegant, efficient and easy to maintain with dish washer filters.

1. Broan 423604 ADA Range Hood

In case you may be looking for the best under cabinet range hood, then you should give this Broan 423604 series a try. The appliance features a long-lasting fan which can operate for years without faults. Integrated into this exhaust hood is a protective lamp lens which evenly distributes light over your cooktop while controlling light activation and fan speed at the same time.

The appliance has an inbuilt 7” adapter and only install in a 7” round ducted. It also accepts any bulb of up to 75watts a feature which allows you to use any light bulb within that range.  Its grease filter is made from high-quality aluminum material and is dishwasher safe. 

With an airflow displacement of 190CFM, this exhaust hood can freshen up the kitchen and create a serene environment. The model also comes with appliances which blend well in color giving you the freedom to choose your favorite color that well matches with your décor.

Highlighted Features

  • Noise 6 ones
  • Air displacement of 190CFM
  • Made using high-quality stainless steel
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Accommodates light bulbs of up to 75 watts
  • Has a protective lamp lens for even distribution of light
  • Built to last

2. Broan F403011 Convertible Range Hood 

Broan F403011 is a four-way convertible hood which installs on either a 7” vertical round ducting, or ducted, 3¼ by 10 inch horizontal and vertical ducting. The range is designed using high-quality stainless steel which not only offers you years of quality service but also blends well with most kitchen decors.

Broan takes user experience seriously and is not only focused to supplying the market with high-quality products but also appliances with great features and this F403011 have not been left out. The appliance boasts of its effective, quiet and high-quality fan and a dishwasher-safe filter.

The design of this range hood allows faster and efficient channeling of smoke and other unwanted smells out of your kitchen leaving the environment safe and favorable. Its motor is continuously lubricated to ensure smooth operation all the time. That’s not all; the appliance has a protective lamp lens that is dedicated to distributing light over your cooktop evenly, and accommodates bulbs of up to 75W.

Overall, Broan F403011 is a quality range hood that is efficient and designed with great features to help make your cooking easy and manageable. Its performance is unrivaled regardless of whether it has been ducted vertically or horizontally.

Highlighted Features

  • Has an Aluminum filter which is dishwasher safe
  • Efficient
  • Noise levels of 6.5 ones
  • Constantly lubricated motor for efficiency
  •  Air displacement of 160CFM for the 7" vertical rounded ducting, or 190 CFM for 3 ¼ by 10 inches ducting
  • Under cabinet range hood model
  • Two motor speeds
  • Accommodates virtually all applications
  • Comes along with a 7" round adapter / 3 ¼ by 10-inch damper
  • Has a lamps lens for distributing light

3. AKDY 30" Island Mount Black Range Hood

AKDY range hood features a powerful 198 W motor that delivers great performance with air efficiency of 1.77. The appliance boasts of its smooth stainless steel construction and an elegant feel that brings contemporary looks in your kitchen.

Located on the bottom side of this appliance are two black baffle filters made of steel for infiltrating grease and bad odors. Its front control panel gives you easy access to a 12-hour clock, four lights and four-speed fan for convenience.

The range hood offers a ductless recirculating installation but will require you to purchase a carbon filter kit which is sold separately. However, this AKDY range hood is efficient with minimal noise levels of below 65db at 470CFM.

Highlighted Features

  • Four powerful speed fans
  • Stylish with black finish
  • 12-hour clock for convenience
  • Air displacements of up to 470CFM with noise levels below 65db
  • Easy to operate
  • Baffle stainless steel filters

4. Kitchen Bath Collection STL75 Range Hood

Improve the quality of air in your kitchen by taking advantage of this amazing range hood from Kitchen Bath Collection. The 30inch appliance features a wall mounting installation solution with great features.

To ensure you enjoy using your appliance for generations to come, Bath collection ensures that the materials are of high quality. The exhaust hood has been designed using a 304-grade stainless steel which is corrosion resistant and easy to maintain.

Its design is topnotch and features a smooth finish with no seeable welding seam signs on its three faces. 
Compared to other brands with the same features, this kitchen Bath model is unmatched to none. Its superior quality LED lights produces light three times brighter offering you convenience at its best. Through its three speed settings, you can easily control the fan without much hassle.

A flexible aluminum duct is included for convenience during installation. The model also has charcoal carbon filters for your ventless installation. Overall, this Kitchen bath Collection range hood is designed with high-end features to help you enjoy your cooking. It’s created using a 304 food grade stainless steel to withstand high temperatures and ensure no contaminations. Charcoal carbon filters are also included for ventless installation and increased efficiency.

Highlighted Features

  • Air displacement of 412 CFM
  • Designed using high-quality food material
  • UL certified motor for increased efficiency
  • Comes with a flexible aluminum duct for easy installation
  • Has two high quality LED lights with 49 bulbs each
  • Charcoal carbon filters and dishwasher friendly aluminum micro-cell filters
  • Touch screen control panel for easy operation
  • Three speed setting for convenience
  • Noise levels: Low 48db, high 58db

5. Cosmo under Cabinet Range Hood 

This Cosmo model is one of the best ductless range hoods in the market. The appliance boasts of its space saving design which makes it ideal for installation in kitchens with limited space. With this model, you can either choose to install it on the wall or under your cabinet.

Its performance is great with air displacements of 200CFM. Operating the appliance is easy and simple, thanks to its easy to use five button controls which allows you to adjust the setting to suit your preferences.

The appliance relies on a 5 inch rounded duct for exhaust ventilation. Its superior filtration makes the range hood ideal for installation in apartments and condos. Though powerful, it delivers quiet operation creating comfy environs. Its inbuilt LED lights evenly distributed light over your cooktop making your cooking and preparation of your recipes easy. With an optional carbon filter kit, the appliance can also be used duct-free.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to operate control buttons
  • Led lights which deliver enough light for your cooking need
  • Powerful with quiet operation
  • Three-speed motor settings with a 56db max noise level
  • High-end filtration with air displacements of 200CFM
  • Designed using high-quality 304-grade materials

6. BV Ducted Range Hood

This BV range hood delivers powerful performance and high infiltration to ensure quality air circulation in your kitchen. The appliance has light bulbs which produce enough light needed any time of the day.

A powerful inbuilt aluminum motor fan is efficient and delivers smooth operation even for extended purposes with minimal noise. At maximum speed, the fan produces noise levels of 3.6 ones with air displacement of 800CFM.

For increased efficiency, this BV model has two inbuilt motors. The materials used to design this range hood are of good quality with easy to disassemble parts making the maintenance process manageable. Overall, this BV appliance has been designed with high-end features to infiltrate air without producing much noise. Its stainless steel baffle filters help trap all the odors, grease and oil creating a serene environment.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Has two powerful motors
  • Delivers excellent performance with minimal noise
  • Air displacement of 800CFM
  • Has light bulb for distributing light
  • Has three-speed fan push control buttons for controlled operations
  • Under cabinet installation model

7. Chef 36" Under Cabinet Range Hood

Bring elegance, performance, and convenience right in your kitchen by taking advantage of this range hood from Chef. The appliance features six-speed control settings with a delay shut off function for appliance safety.

Its contemporary design brings elegance to any kitchen. In addition to its design, the exhaust hood also helps you freshen up the air quality while saving on energy, thanks to its energy-saving LED light bulbs. Integrated into this appliance is a digital touch screen clock which helps you reset your fan run time.

The range hood displaces air at 860CFM while capturing all the odors, oil or grease. Its delayed shut off function also helps vent out any smell or grease that may have been left out enhancing the quality of air. The baffle filters are made of stainless steel for increased durability and are easy to remove making the cleaning process easy.

Chef range hood also boasts of its three-way venting which features a 10 by 3-1/4 inch rectangular adapter, 6 inches round vertical adapter or a 10 by 3-1/4 inch rear venting adapter. Overall this appliance is built to last with smart features to freshen up your kitchen. Its performance is great which makes it stand out from other models.

Highlighted Features

  • Digital clock with a touchscreen
  • Delay shut off function
  • Energy saving lamp lights
  • Six varied speed settings
  • Air displacement 860CFM
  • Dishwasher baffle filters
  • Brings elegance to your kitchen
  • Built to last

8. Cavaliere SV218B2-30 Wall Mount Range Hood

Cavaliere SV218B2 is a 19 gauge stainless steel range hood which features a powerful, quiet motor which clears lousy odor and grease effectively. The appliance has a telescopic chimney which accommodates up to 9ft ceilings.

The model is loaded with smart features and is easy to operate. A touch responsive LCD keypad that features an easy to read blue lighting, two dimmable halogen lights, and six-speed settings makes the operation of your appliance a breeze.

A programmable delayed power shut off function has also been integrated into this kitchen appliance to ensure the motor shuts down properly. Besides, a 30 minutes reminder is also another notable feature that is dedicated to reminding you when cleaning is required.

Cavaliere not only brings you quality, functionality, and efficiency in your kitchen but also elegance. The range hood has excellent features that make it not only ideal for residential use but also for commercial purposes.

Highlighted Features

  • 35 watts halogen lights
  • Programmable auto shut off delay function
  • Dual quiet motor
  • Touch responsive LCD keypad
  • 19 gauge stainless steel brushed appliance
  • 900 CFM centrifugal blower
  • 30 minutes cleaning reminder
  • 6-inch duct vent and dishwasher aluminum meshed filters
  • Six-speed controls
  • Handy

9. Broan NuTone 413004 Range Hood

A ductless range hood with an inbuilt Microtek filtration system, the Broan NuTone 413004 is a 30" hood with two speed options and an exhaust fan designed for years of hassle-free service.

This Broan range hood is an ideal solution for installing under cabinet when it is too difficult or expensive to install a ducted system in your home.

The filtration system uses a removeable charcoal filter to remove odors and smoke and because this is made from stainless steel with smooth surfaces, it means you will not need to spend as much time cleaning it. Although the bulb is not included, the 75W lamp on this range hood is able to distribute light evenly over your cooktop and this range hood is suitable for using in ADA-compliant applications.

Highlighted Features

  • Ductless under cabinet 30" range hood
  • Two motor speeds
  • The 75W lamp distributes light evenly on the cooktop
  • Can be used in ADA-compliant applications
  • Made from stainless steel for easy cleaning
  • Removeable charcoal filter

10. Cosmo QS75 Under Cabinet Range Hood

Designed to be powerful with its 900 CFM, the QS75 undercabinet range hood from Cosmo is also quiet with its highest speed running at a maximum of 65db.

This is a 30" range hood which not only comes with easy to use and backlit soft touch controls but a handy remote control so you can alter the speed without needing to get up from the dining table! 

This range hood contains twin centrifugal motors with four speed settings and with its premium 430 grade 18 gauge stainless steel satin commercial-style finish, it will suit most styles of contemporary kitchen. You can install this under cabinet as a ducted system which vents to the top for 7.5" ducting, or with the addition of a carbon filter kit, you can use it as a ductless range hood.

Lit by two energy efficient 1.5W LED bulbs for better night visibility, this range hood also contains Arc Flow permanent filters. As these filters are stainless steel, they can be cleaned in the dishwasher rather than you needing to buy new ones every few months.

Highlighted Features

  • Under cabinet 30" range hood with four speed settings for convenience
  • A commercial style range hood made from premium stainless steel with a satin finish
  • Ducted or if you buy a carbon filter kit, you can install it ductless
  • Air displacement of up to 600 CFM
  • This is top vented for 7.5" ducting
  • Operates through the easy to use touch controls or the remote control
  • The maximum noise output on the highest setting is 65db

Benefits of using range hoods

Regulates temperatures

When cooking, excess heat is produced which if not controlled can increase the temperatures inside making the environment unfriendly. Imagine a scenario where you are preparing your recipes and you are sweating excessively such that you cannot bear the heat anymore and the only option left is to bring the cooking into a standstill and move out of your kitchen to look for fresh air.

This can be devastating, right? But with a range hood, you can say goodbye to excessive heat. The appliances have fan blowers to help regulate temperatures creating serene environment.

Enhances the quality of air

Smoke, vapor and other odors are produced in the kitchen which affects the freshness of the air inside your kitchen. What a range hood does is to infiltrate all the unwanted odors, grease and smoke displacing them out of your kitchen creating a favorable environment.

Improves the elegance of your kitchen

Range hoods feature varied designs and color to help you improve not only the quality of air inside your kitchen but also improve the aesthetic value.


Modern range hoods come with smart features to help you enjoy the art of technology. Some of the most standard features that you will find in almost every model are light bulbs which provide enough light any time of the day. Other features include a touch responsive control panels, timer, and auto delay shut off function for added efficiency.

Factors you should consider when purchasing a range hood

Investing on exhaust hood is worthwhile, but you will only enjoy all the benefits if you choose your preferred model correctly. Though the market will offer a variety of brand to choose from, not every brand will work best for you. But if you outline your needs properly, you can select a quality model that fits your needs. And here is what you should be on the lookout.

Installation type

Range hoods are ducted, non-ducted or convertible. The installation type you choose should be convenient enough for your kitchen. Factor out your kitchen layout and the available space to help you determine the right exhaust hood

For instance, if you stay in a condo or you require infiltration and recirculation then, a ductless range hood is the best way to go. Note that for better performance of your hood, you will be required to replace your filters if you choose a duct-free model.

If you wish to get rid of all irritants and your cooktop features an island or has an interior wall then a duct range hood type will help you achieve this much faster. For increased efficiency of your appliance, ensure that the duct is short.

Convertible exhaust hoods allow for either ducted or duct-free installation type for increased efficiency and better performance.


Most modern exhaust hoods are made using stainless steel material. The materials are corrosion resistant and long lasting. However, you should also check out if the material is food grade.


For convenience, the width size of your exhaust hood should be equal or higher than your cooktop width. As a rule, allow for a 3-inch leeway on all sides.

Air displacements capabilities

Exhaust range features different air displacement capabilities. The type of range hood you choose should have air circulation capabilities that match with your stove BTU output. To identify a model with the right air displacement capabilities, you should divide your BTU output with 100. The resulting figure should guide you to select an appliance that will have the capabilities to displace any unwanted odors effectively.

Fan speed

Most modern exhaust hoods feature different control fan speed to allow you to customize the fan speed. Some may have two or more control speed settings, but the one you choose should suit the type of cooking.  For instance, if you are looking for an exhaust hood for commercial purposes, you should choose one with a high number of fan speed settings to allow you to vent out unwanted odors faster.

Cooking methods like stir-frying, and grilling produce a large amount of smoke and odor and require a fast fan with great air displacement capabilities.


Blowers help regulate the airflow and heat in your kitchen by keeping them at optimal levels. However, as much as blowers help improve the performance of your kitchen appliance, not all exhaust hood brand have inbuilt blowers. Remember that, investing in a model that does not have this option will require you to buy a fan separately which may be costly.

Noise level

Exhaust hoods are designed to produce some sound as they operate. The noise levels produced normally differ. Models with high air displacement capabilities (CFM) produce higher noise levels as compared to their counterparts. Some manufacturers have embraced the state of art technology by introducing sound dampening features to help create a serene environment.

Going for models that have minimal noise levels or those that have noise dampening features will help reduce the noise levels.


You will require enough light when cooking or preparing your recipes. Exhaust hoods with light bulbs offer convenience by distributing light evenly over your countertop. If you are looking forward to saving energy, consider investing in a model that has energy saving features.

Ease of maintenance

With time, grease will build up on the exhaust hood and will call for regular cleaning from time to time. Though most of these hood materials are dishwasher safe, you should also consider their ease of disassembling and assembling. Other features like cleaning reminders help notify you before matters get out of hand.


The price of an exhaust hood depends on the installation type, quality, performance, and features. If you opt for ceiling installation hood type, be ready to pay more than an under cabinet model.


Greet your loved one with great aromas permeating from your kitchen by taking advantage of exhaust hoods. The appliances are designed with great features to ensure proper circulation of the air and ambient cooking environment. With varied exhaust hood designs, sizes, styles and installation types you can quickly identify the best range hood that best suits your needs if you factor in all the above aspects discussed above. Note that, all the above brands are quality and great picks for you if chosen correctly.

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