The 13 Best Chocolate For Melting To Use For Baking Cakes Or Coating Fruits

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Do you know what chocolate is best for melting? To bake any kind of cake, you need chocolate to enhance the taste of the cake. You can choose between white chocolate and dark chocolate. Preferences for the flavor of chocolate vary from person to person. Some melting chocolates have wafers that give a different texture to the liquid. 

Moreover, not all chocolate melts easily. In some chocolates, you need to add some oil or butter to melt smoothly. In this article, we have mentioned some of the best chocolate for melting to make it easy for you to choose for your desserts.

Quick Comparison: Top 13 Best Chocolate For Melting

1. Wilton Candy


Wilton offers cocoa and vanilla flavor candies. You can add them to all kinds of confectioneries to enhance the taste. The candies contain milk and soy as the main ingredients. Moreover, each of the packets is 12 ounces. 


This is a versatile pack of chocolates that can be used by melting or as a topping on cakes. You can easily use the candies to dip or drizzle on food.

2. Hu Kitchen Dark Chocolate Gems


These are chocolate gems made with organic cacao, unrefined organic coconut sugar, and organic fair-trade cocoa butter. Vegans will like chocolate as it is a vegan product. You can serve the chocolates as a snack to your guests as well. 

Kosher certified

The gems are kosher certified, allowing the Jews to enjoy the chocolates. Moreover, the chocolates are free from gluten, refined sugar, and alcohol. They come in a zip lock bag that makes them easy to store.

3. Merckens Milk Chocolate


The chocolates are in wafer form that can be used as snacks for travel. It comes in a 2 pounds bag. You will get the intense flavor of chocolate as it contains cocoa butter. 

Easy to use

The chocolates require less heat to melt. Melt the chocolates easily and decorate your desserts easily. Moreover, the chocolates are delicious, smooth, and have a creamy milk chocolate flavor that makes the desserts tasty. You will not get any waxy taste from the chocolates.

4. Callebaut Belgian Dark Chocolate

Premium quality

These dark callets of chocolate are the best dark chocolate for melting and are made with the finest Belgium chocolate. This is one of the best Belgian chocolate for melting which is rich in cocoa and has a balanced taste. These chocolates are crafted after roasting the whole beans so that you can get the intense taste of cocoa. 

Kosher certified

The chocolate has passed the kosher certification, allowing a certain group of people to enjoy the taste of the chocolates. 

Easy to store

Each packet weighs 2.2 pounds. You can use the required amount of chocolate as needed for your dishes. The packet has a zip-lock seal to keep the chocolates in good condition for a long period.

5. Merckens White Melting Chocolate

White chocolate

This is a bag of white chocolates that are coated with melting wafers. The weight of the whole bag is 5 pounds. You can easily melt the chocolates and use them as a topping on desserts. These vanilla flavored candies have to waxy taste. Enjoy the delicious, smooth, and creamy chocolate as a snack or as a topping.

6. Enjoy Life Foods Baking Dark Chocolate

Premium dark chocolate

This is the best dipping dark chocolate is made of 69% cacao to give the indulgent flavor of chocolate. It is rich in chocolate flavor that is perfect to use for baking or decorating desserts. 


These are the best chocolate chips for melting which are also vegan and made with organic elements. It is also certified as a halal and kosher product. Not to mention, these chocolates are free of gluten and dairy. Everyone can enjoy these dark chocolates in their desserts.

7. Ghirardelli Chocolate Company


These are milk chocolates that come in wafer form and are the best chocolate melting wafers. Each bag contains 10 ounces of wafers. They come in a zip lock bag that helps to store the wafers easily. 

Easy to use

This is good melting chocolate as they don't take much time to melt. You can easily coat the pops and fruits after melting the chocolates. Also, the liquid form is so smooth that it allows using the chocolates for the chocolate fountain.

8. ChocoMaker Milk Chocolate

Smooth texture

This chocolate smoothly melts when heated on its own. You don't have to add any oil or butter to melt the chocolate. It is one of the best dipping chocolate as it is smooth and delicious. These are gluten-free chocolates made from milk and soy. 


You can melt chocolate easily in the microwave. There is not necessary to add oil or butter to the chocolate. This is fountain-ready chocolate that can be served at any event.

9. Sarah's Candy Factory


Sarah's Candy Factory offers chocolates in three different flavors. You can buy dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate for your dessert. The chocolates come in a plastic jar that can be reused. Each jar weighs 3 pounds. 


The chocolates can be easily melted in the microwave. You can also put the chocolates in a bowl on top of hot water to melt. They easily melt and allows you to decorate cupcakes, desserts, donut, pastries, etc.

10. SACO Dolci Frutta Hard Chocolate

Easy to use

If you are looking for chocolates that melt and harden easily then this is the best chocolate for melting and hardening. The chocolates from Saco are very easy to use. You can easily microwave the chocolates to melt. It is one of the best chocolate to melt and coat fruits or nuts with it. It hardens on the fruits making it the best chocolate for melting and hardening. Moreover, it is also available in various flavors. Use the chocolates to decorate your dessert table. 


The chocolates contain no peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, eggs, or gluten. You can easily serve the desserts made from these chocolates as they are made in a nut-free facility. Each container weighs 8 ounces and is suitable for 15 servings.

11. King David Baking Chocolate Bar


This is a chocolate bar made with sugar, cocoa butter, palm fat, etc. all the products are vegan-friendly, so vegans use it. Moreover, this is non-dairy chocolate which is also kosher certified. 


This chocolate is available in as dark chocolate and white chocolate. Each bar is 300 grams. You need to add a small amount of vegetable oil or butter to melt the chocolates. Also, break the bar into pieces before melting the chocolates.

12. Ghirardelli Chocolate Company


This is a pack of white chocolate chips with luxurious deep flavor and smooth flavor. You can melt the chocolate and use it for baking or sprinkle it on top of cookies. Each packet contains 11 ounces of chocolate chips that can be used to bake five dozen cookies. 


Sugar, kernel palm oil, milk powder, soy, and vanilla are the main ingredients of the chocolates. The chocolates can contain some trace of nuts. So read the caution before choosing the chocolate chips.

13. Nestle Toll House Milk Chocolate


This melting chocolate from Nestle is free of gluten. No artificial colors or flavors are added to the chocolate to enhance the flavors. The chocolate is made of sugar, cocoa butter, soy, etc. the packet weighs 3 pounds, with which you can make different types of cookies.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Chocolate For Melting

Are you planning to bake a cake for your parent's anniversary? Bad chocolate can damage the taste of the cake. So, you need to find the best one that suits the flavor of your cake.


Finding the chocolate that is vegan-friendly is hard. You need to look for the ingredients to find if they contain any kind of non-vegan products. Also, the brands mention that their chocolates are vegan. However, the good thing is that there are many brands that are making vegan chocolates. 


Not everyone can digest gluten. Those who are in the confectionary business need to bake cakes according to the orders of the customers. So, it is necessary to find chocolates that are free from gluten. 

Easy to melt

Melted chocolates are used to coat fruits or nuts or added to the cake batter. Waiting long to melt the chocolates can be irritating for people. So use the chocolate chips as they are easy to melt and can be melted in the oven. 


If you are allergic to nuts, you need to avoid those brands of chocolates. You will find in the packet if the chocolates are made in an allergen-free space or not. 


Have you found good melting chocolate to add to your desserts? Some chocolates have an oily texture that leaves a bad aftertaste. Oily texture makes the cakes more oily. So, choose the melting chocolates that are easy to melt.  

Moreover, some dark chocolates can have an intense taste that might not be liked by everyone. Also, do not forget to check if the chocolates contain any allergies that might cause discomfort to the guest. So, choose the best chocolate for melting after going through all the recommendations mentioned in our article.

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