The 12 Best Licorice Brands To Enjoy As Snacks In Picnics Or Parties

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Are you looking for a snack that you want to keep with you all the time? Licorice is a handy snack that comes in various flavors. They can be hard or chewy, depending on the manufacturing brand. Licorice is found as black and red. Red licorice brands use red vines, which taste more like candies. However, black licorice is considered actual licorice as it contains the licorice extract.

Moreover, the flavors of licorice vary from brand to brand. Finding the best licorice brand for you can be hard but look for the flavors before you opt for one.

Quick Comparison: Top 12 Best Licorice Brands

1. Darrell Lea Licorice

Premium quality

Licorice from Darrel Lea is produced in small quantities to maintain the quality. It is plant-based and palm oil-free, and everyone can take it. It has no fructose syrup added to the licorice, making it healthy for intake. The licorice comes in 7 ounces bag without adding any preservatives or flavors. 


Vegans can take this licorice without any concern as it is vegan-friendly. Sunflower oil has been used instead of palm oil to make it vegan. The licorice is also kosher certified, allowing a certain group to include it as their supplements. 

Various flavors

This licorice is produced in Australia with the finest ingredients. They have soft eating licorice available in various flavors. The chewy and soft licorices are available in the flavors of strawberry, mango, and mixed flavor.

2. YumEarth Organic Licorice


The licorice from YumEarth is certified as organic because it is flavored and colored with real fruit juice. It comes in a small piece of candies and contains no nuts, dairy, or soy. It is naturally sweetened with organic sugar cane. It is one of the best black licorice in the world that is perfect for adults and kids.

3. Tara's Black Licorice

Naturally flavored

The black licorice is kettle cooked in small amounts following a century-old recipe. It has a combination of sweet and bitter flavors, which makes it unique. The licorices are naturally flavored with anise. 

Premium ingredients

Real butter, fresh heavy cream, and vanilla from Madagascar have been used to make this caramel flavor licorice. It has no high fructose or fat fillers. The licorices are naturally caramelized and are individually wrapped. You get a soft bite from the licorice that doesn't stick to your teeth.

4. Twizzlers Twists Licorice

Twisted licorice

This is a 7 ounces bag of twisted Twizzlers. These are chewy candy that is a great snack for hangouts or movie nights. Also, the licorice contains low fat, so people on diets can have it.

Kosher certified

This is a certified kosher bag of twisted licorice. Jewish people can enjoy these licorices in their snacks.

5. SweetGourmet Black Licorice


This pack is the best licorice in the world licorice which is made in Italy that is wheel-shaped. Molasses, wheat flour, coconut oil, modified potato starch, etc., are used to make the licorices. Moreover, they come in a zip-lock pouch that retains the flavor for a long time. 


The licorices are free of GMOs. No artificial colors or flavors are used in making the licorices. These black licorice can be used as decorations on desserts.

6. Panda Natural Licorice


Only four ingredients are used in making this pack of licorice. Wheat flour, molasses, aniseed oil, and licorice extract are the main ingredients of the licorice. Moreover, they are not produced through biotechnology, making them a non-GMO product. 

Gelatin free

The licorice is not made using any kind of gelatin. Also, no artificial flavors or colors were used in making the licorices. 

7. RJ's Licorice


The licorice is made of cane sugar, wheat flour, glucose syrup, licorice extract, etc., which all are vegan. It has no artificial flavors, colors, or high fructose that can be enjoyed by everyone. 

Soft and chewy

No artificial preservatives are used in making the licorice. The licorices are soft and chewy and are available in various flavors like raspberry, black, mango, etc. This plant-based is kosher-certified, and kids can enjoy them.

8. KOOKABURRA Licorice


To bring out the natural taste of the licorice, cane syrup, wheat flour, water, corn, molasses, etc., are used. Licorice extract, palm oil, and anise extract are also used to make the licorice more flavorful. 

Chewy and delicious

These are traditional Australian black licorice that gives the classic taste of the licorice. They are very rich in flavor, chewy, and delicious.

9. Venco Licorice


These are the coin-shaped black licorice that is imported from Holland. The main ingredients used for making the licorice are sugar, glucose syrup, gelatine, starch, glazing agent, etc. the licorice contains no fat, cholesterol, or dietary fiber.

10. Red Vines Licorice

No preservatives

Red Vines is one of the red licorice brands. Corn syrup, wheat flour, molasses, caramel, salt, anise extract, etc., are used in processing the licorice. The licorices are free from fat and contain no preservatives. Moreover, it is kosher-certified licorice that allows a certain group of people to enjoy the licorices.

11. Wiley Wallaby Black Licorice

Vegan candy

This is vegan licorice made in Australia in a traditional way and is one of the best licorice candies. The licorice is soft, chewy, and full of flavor. The licorices are made by using sustainable palm oil. Moreover, this is a fat-free and eco-friendly candy containing no high fructose corn syrup. 

All-time snack

These are black licorice that gives flavor to every bite. It comes in a zip-lock bag. You can munch on this bag of licorice anytime you want and store them easily. In addition, you can take this licorice on movie nights, parties, or picnics as they are a great snack.

12. Fazer Licorice

Salty licorice

These are Finnish licorice that has a salty taste to them. The flavor of the licorice is deeper and more intense than the other traditional licorices. The licorices are hard, small, and round in shape. Each bag weighs 160 grams.


Licorice is a kind of candy that people enjoy while watching movies, or hanging out. You will find licorice candies in various shapes and flavors in the market. We will help you find the best licorice brand in this article. We have mentioned the flavors and intensity of the licorice so that you can find the one you want. 

Moreover, there is licorice for vegans. Look for the ingredients on the packet before choosing  licorice. They also mention caution related to any allergic ingredients.

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