The 5 Best 36 inch Gas Ranges in 2019

Gas ranges have a long history, and since the first gas stove was invented back in the 1820's, the industry has given consumers promising results. This has seen the design of great cooking appliances which have decent and latest features to help improve your cooking experience. And as time went by, manufacturers adopted the new cooking technology by supplying the market with different gas ranges with more advanced features to suit different needs.

Using gas ranges has massive benefits and even though consumers have different brands to choose from, identifying one that matches your cooking needs can be baffling. So for you to enjoy all these benefits that come along with gas ranges, you will need to invest in a quality brand. We understand how time-consuming and daunting it is to make proper decisions, that's why we have selected the best brands in the market to aid you choose the best 36 inch gas range that matches your needs. And below are our top five best picks.

Best Pick

Kucht KRG3618U Professional Gas range

Kucht KRG3618U gas range has been designed to help you unleash your cooking skills with its speed and high performance burners making it our best pick.

Budget Pick

Thor Kitchen HRG3080U Gas Range

Thor Kitchen HRG3080U gas range is affordable, easy to maintain, with four burners featuring different Btu levels for user convenience making it our best budget pick.

1. Kucht KRG3618U Professional Gas range

Looking forward to enjoying professional cooking in style? Then this 36-inch gas range from Kucht could be a great pick for you. Kucht is one of the leading manufacturers of quality cooking appliances and for years now the company has pleased their consumers by designing superior quality products that meet the industry standards, and this range is not an exception. 

The gas range has been crafted using the latest cooking technology to ensure you turn your kitchen into a restaurant cooking area. The range is not only designed to meet your cooking needs but also built to last.

KRG3618U series is a 6 burner which touts of its superior design. With this range, you can bake and cook like a pro, thanks to its extra-large window, convection oven which has a 5.2cu.ft and five rack configurations. When cooking, you do not need to keep moving your cookware from one burner to another, thanks to heavy-duty cooking grates which have been designed using cast iron making cooking more manageable.

The manufacturer has also put user safety first by integrating with an auto re-ignition feature to reduce any risk of gas leaks. Cooking temperatures are well calibrated and displayed well on the knobs for easy adjustments. Generally, this Kucht gas range is ideal for anyone who may be in need of a superior quality range for home cooking and baking needs.

Highlighted Features

  • check
    Has 6 burners ( 3 BTU 1200 burners, two 1500 BTU burners with simmer functions and one 1800 BTU burner)
  • check
    Auto-ignition feature for minimizing any gas leaks
  • check
    Convention cooking mode
  • check
    Gas-fueled with manual control for better control
  • check
    Built to last
  • check
    Ideal for both cooking and baking needs
  • check
    Features a stainless steel material which is easy to clean and maintain

2. Thor Kitchen HRG3080U Gas Range 

Unleash your cooking skills with this professional freestanding gas range from Thor Kitchen. The 172-pound range boasts of its steel construction, and it's four superior designed BTU burners which have been carefully crafted to suit different cooking needs.

Its cooking grates are constructed using a heavy duty cast iron for serious heat making your cooking a breeze. Its 4.2 cu.ft oven capacity is designed to help you prepare various dishes. Whether you are cooking foods that require high, medium or low temperature, this gas range will help you achieve that more easily. 

Through its extra-large oven window, you can easily keep track of your cooking progress. The knobs are stylish and made of steel for easy temperature control while enhancing its looks. An auto-ignition feature has been integrated to help reduce any risk of gas leakages, keeping you and your loved ones safe from any mishaps. 

Maintenance of the range has been made simple and easy, thanks to its stainless steel finish. You can quickly clean and keep your range in a good physical shape without much hassle. The stainless steel finish also blends well with any décor bringing that elegant look in your kitchen.

Highlighted Features

  • check
    Heats evenly allowing you to prepare your food within the recommended cook time
  • check
    Has an auto-ignition function for preventing gas leaks
  • check
    Easy to maintain
  • check
    Features stainless steel knobs for easy control of your cooking temperatures
  • check
    Extra-large oven window for keeping track of your cooking
  • check
    Has four burners which enable you to prepare different meals at the same time

3. Cosmo F965 Gas Range

Enjoy efficiency, convenience, and precision of an electric stove with this Cosmo gas range. The range allows you to prepare your meals faster and easy through its five burners which not only offer you convenience but also designed to deliver high performance.

Its Turbo European convention allows you to prepare your food faster and evenly by ensuring temperatures are uniformly distributed minimizing the time you spend on your kitchen. With its five high-performance burners, you can prepare different foods at the same time.

Add fun to your cooking by enjoying full versatility by taking advantage of the removable backlash and use it as a slide in or freestanding range. Its oven racks have five shelf positions which allow you to adjust the cooking position. Unlike most gas range which comes with only one fuel gas option; this F965 model features dual fuel gas option.

With this model, you can either choose from LPG gas or natural gas. However, to enjoy this flexibility, you will be required to purchase the conversion kit.

Highlighted Features

  • check
    Professionally designed stainless steel body for durability and elegance
  • check
    Removable backlash for increased versatility
  • check
    Five high-performance burners for different cooking
  • check
    Dual fuel appliance
  • check
    3.8 cu .ft electric oven on 8 functions and true Turbo European convention

4. Gusto 6BR-N Gas Range

This Gusto, six burner gas range, is designed to make your cooking a breeze even for the most high temperature demanding foods. The range touts of a heavy-duty U-shaped oven with an output of 35000BTUs. Its oven sheet is large enough to accommodate a full sized sheet pan side by side or front to back giving you convenience at its best.

All the cavity oven parts are properly enameled. Not forgetting its top and its four sides which have been insulated to ensure high cooking standards have been met. Through the inbuilt thermostat, you can easily control and regulate your cooking temperatures to suit the type of food you are preparing.

Integrated into this oven is a flame failure device for improved user safety as well as minimizing any gas leaks. Opening your oven door is simple and hassle-free. Thanks to its chrome handle that has been attached to its quadrant spring door for easy operation.

Highlighted Features

  • check
    Flame failure safety device for preventing any gas leaks
  • check
    Crafted using high technology to give you the best cooking experience
  • check
    Ergonomically designed chrome handle for easy operation
  • check
    Temperature control function
  • check
    Extra -large oven sheet for accommodating varied cooking sheet pan

5. Verona VEFSGG365NDSS Stainless steel Gas Range 

Preparing meals have never been easy, but with this Verona Pro-style range, you can easily bring your favorite meal without much hassle. The cooking appliance is one of the best 36” gas range with double oven. It has been designed using a 304-grade stainless steel material which is perdurable and highly resistant to corrosion, ensuring you enjoy health cooking for many years to come.

The cooking appliance features a new soft door, stainless steel handles, chrome knobs, flame failure device, auto-burner ignition feature and porcenalized grates made from cast iron to ensure you prepare your food in a convenient and hygienic way.

Its five gas burners are sealed using high technology and feature different BTU levels for fast and convenience while cooking. When cooking, you do not have to worry about the cook time. This Verona range has a bell timer which notifies you when the pre-set cooking temperatures have been hit.

Cleaning your appliance has also been made easy through the manual clean mode. The fact that the cooking appliance has been designed using stainless steel makes cleaning easy and hassle-free.

Highlighted Features

  • check
    Chrome knobs and ergonomically designed stainless steel handles
  • check
    Bell timer
  • check
    Five varied burners with varied BTU levels
  • check
    Flame failure safety device
  • check
    Manual clean mode for easy maintenance

Benefits of having a gas range


Unlike electric ranges which require electricity to operate, gas ranges do not. This makes the appliances a great choice for most homeowners who lives in rural areas or are looking forward to cutting down on the electricity bills. 


Manufacturers have taken advantage of technology by inventing gas ranges which allow users to customize them to fix different fuel functions.


Gas ranges are designed to accommodate all cookware and cooktops which makes them ideal for your cooking.

Factors to consider when buying for a gas range

As mentioned before, gas ranges are not the same. This calls for careful comparison of the features and how they will help you unleash your cooking skills. Take a look at what you should always look for before investing in any range.


Gas ranges come in varied sizes ranging from 30” to 48” with the standard freestanding model being the minimum size. Bigger sized models tend to cost more as compared to their counterparts, but before you can choose your preferred cooking appliance, you should take a look at the size of its cavity. This will guide you on the best brand depending on your family size.

A cavity size of two to three cubic feet is ideal for two or three people, a three to four cubic feet cavity is recommended for three of four people. Anything above four cubic feet is a great pick for more than four people.

In regards to size, you should also consider the available space in your kitchen. To avoid any disappointments, it is a good idea to measure the space in your kitchen and choose a model that will fit perfectly without overwhelming the place.

Number of burners and performance level

As much as the size of your cavity matters, the number of burners and performance of your cooking appliance will dictate how long it will take you to get your meals ready. Each burner has its BTU level which allows you to prepare different type of foods at varied temperatures at the same time. 

Compare and contrast different brands in regards to the burner BTU levels and performance to determine your ideal gas range which best matches your cooking needs.


Different materials are used to design gas stoves with the most popular being cast iron and stainless steel or a combination of both. Stainless steel and cast iron are known for their ability to withstand high cooking temperatures.  Aside from being highly recommended, stainless steel material blends well with all decors bringing that elegant look in your kitchen.

Safety features

When using gas ranges, some may leak and cause damages. Though most manufacturers have taken user safety seriously by integrating safety features for detecting gas leakages, do not just assume. Take your time and have a look at how the manufacturer has designed the appliance and whether proper safety measures have been put in place.

Ease of maintenance

As much as regular maintenance is crucial for your cooking appliances, it is also good to know the time you will be required to keep your range in good shape. Spending hours or part of the day cleaning it will limit you from attending to other important tasks that need your attention.

Though manufacturers have tried their best to design gas ranges with self-cleaning features, you will be required to pay more as compared to the manual ones. However, investing on a model that has sealed burners can help you minimize any hassles of having to unblock any food spillages that may have blocked the burners.


The cost of the gas range will vary from one manufacturer to another and may differ in regards to the features, material used or number of burners. While so many factors play part when it comes to pricing of these appliances, never spend more on a gas range than you had planned for.

However, do not go for low quality or cheap product which will not withstand the test of time. Be smart before making your purchase. Take time and read the customer reviews and determine whether the model you intent to invest on is worthwhile.

Tips for troubleshooting a gas range

Gas ranges like any other cooking appliances may develop problems. Most manufacturers pay more attention on how to use gas ranges on user manuals that they forget to address some of the problems like troubleshooting. When using gas ranges, you may encounter challenges which can cause delays or mess up with your cooking. Below are some of the problem you may encounter and how to go about them. 

Burner ignition problem

Burner ignition problems are one of the common problems as a gas ranges user you may experience, but this does not mean the end your cooking fun. The main causes of this issue could be with the gas flow or maybe you may have run out of gas.

Once you encounter such a problem, first confirm whether you have run out of gas or experiencing disconnection. If you happen to have gas supply, simply troubleshoot your burners by turning your burner’s knobs all way up. Listen if the igniter is producing any clicks. If not, label or note down the burner number. Repeat the same process for all the burners noting down those that do not produce the click sound.

In case the problem is on one burner, then there is a likelihood that the gas line has some interruptions or there is a fault with the control parts. The gas line needs inspection and any control parts by a specialized professional. Never handle or open your cooking appliance if you do not have the skills or else you may end up triggering more problems or even damaging it further.

Gas odor when burners are off

It is normal to have gas odors especially when you turn your burners on, but having these odors when off is a sure sign that there are leakages. Though manufacturers have embraced the new technology by improvising flame failure safety devices for reducing gas leaks, these devices may fail to detect or may be faulty. So never assume.

Oven does not ignite

Pull out the cover plate, broiler extender, and flame extender by opening the broiler. By use of a flashlight, carefully inspect the ignition system by looking for either a red glowing filament or pilot light. This may differ depending on the model you are using.

Strike a matchstick and hold it for ten seconds to the pilot flame aperture and remove it. In case the pilot does not remain lit, there may be a problem with the thermocouple.

If the pilot does not go off, turn on your oven burner. If you do not have an even flame, then there may be a problem with your oven burner.


Investing on a gas range is worthwhile and a long term investment which comes along with massive benefits. However, not every brand in the market will suit your cooking needs. Each model is designed to help you achieve your cooking needs if chosen correctly.

When choosing your best 36 inch gas range that suits you, ensure you consider your cooking preferences, your family size, quality of the material, budget, and any other additional features and setting that you may be interested in.

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