The 7 Best Hot Water Dispensers in 2023

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For easy cooking, hot water is an essential requirement. For coffee, tea and usual dishes on the menu, you cannot deny the important of hot water. Usually there are plenty of ways to warm the water. But among them one of the convenient ways is through hot water dispenser. This device will give you access you hot water in matter of few minutes only.

If you love to cook but always have time constraint, a hot water dispenser could be a great blessing for you. We can give you myriads of reasons of choosing hot water dispenser compared to kettles. This will save time, effort and overall increase the efficiency of your cooking. In this article, we would be reviewing some of the best hot water dispensers for you to provide you with the shopping convenience that you deserve.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Hot Water Dispenser


The capacity is important to understand whether you want to buy the product for family use, personal consumption or for office use.

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Filtration mechanism

Good brands have a filter included within the dispenser. But other brands offer substitute filtration methods through inner coating of bincho-tan charcoal, café drip dispensing feature and many more. Basically, look for certain features or attributes that filter the water.

Design innovation

Design innovation comes with energy efficient features, self-cleaning features, overall look, durable construction, pouring convenience and ease of operations to name a few.

Temperature control option

Temperature control options are important for preparing all types of meals and beverages. For some meals you need lukewarm water while for some you might need boiling water. Therefore, option for temperature change is needed.

LED notification

LED notification is to show whether filtration is going on or when the dispenser needs a re-fill.

Top 7 Best Hot Water Dispensers

1. InSinkErator HWT-F1000S Stainless Steel Instant Hot Water Tank and Filtration System  

Highlighted Features

  • Temperature can be adjusted from a range of 160F to 210F
  • Can withhold 2/3 gallons of water for preparing meals and beverages for everyday use
  • Provides an effective filtration system to filter out chlorine and other contaminants
  • Made with durable quality stainless steel
  • Offers 3 years warranty and 1 year warranty for the hot water dispenser and filter respectively
  • Compatible with all InSinkErator water dispenser
  • Faucets should be bought separately and plugin under the sink is need for use

This particular hot water dispenser is one of our favorites for its technical specifications and user friendly features. The good part about this dispenser is its high capacity and speed. You can actually create 60 cups of hot water within an hour. This feature is pretty convenient for preparing variety of meals in a time-efficient manner. Basically, this hot water tank can withhold 2/3 gallons of water. This quantity we felt is the suitable one for preparing meals and beverages for everyday use.

What we specifically loved about this product is its temperature control features. First of all, this makes cooking very convenient. You can easily adjust the temperature of the water based on what type of meal you are cooking. Secondly, the process is very simple to use. The temperature range up to which you can make adjustments is from 160F to 210F. This brand’s hot water dispenser provides filtration system as well. Usually all hot water dispensers do not provide a filtration system.

Also, we found users who are always skeptic about the performance of the filter. The filter present in InSinkErator Instant Hot Water Tank is one of the superior ones actually. It filters out contaminants such as chlorines and other harmful particles. In fact, the filtered out water tastes quite better and fresh. The product is durable compared to the peer products. One of the reasons is that the core material is made from stainless steel. This construction makes the product quite durable.

InSink Erator has a unique approach to its after sales customer support. You actually get 3 years warranty on the dispenser and 1 year warranty on the filter. They call this service ‘We come to you’ approach where they ensure that your product is working fine. The only problem we found with this product is that you would have to buy the faucet separately for greater convenience. Otherwise, we felt the attributes of this product is great.


  • Energy and time efficient
  • Durable
  • Good construction
  • High capacity
  • Scope for temperature adjustment
  • Superior quality filter
  • Great after sales customer support


  • Faucet need to be bought separately

2. Zojirushi 586361-CV-DCC40XT America Corporation Ve Hybrid Water Boiler And Warmer 

Highlighted Features

  • Able to retain 4 liters of water in the dispenser
  • Possess unique feature of ‘Micro computerized temperature control system’
  • Offers four quick temperature modes of 160 Degree F, 175 Degree F, 195 Degree F, and 208 Degree F
  • Comes with vacuum insulation technology that sustains the hot temperature for a long period of time without the use of electricity
  • Comes with a swivel base and detachable lid
  • Steam reducing feature that minimizes the steam after turning off the machine
  • Made from clear coated stainless steel
  • Possess indicator on when to re-fill

Zojirushi brand has always been popular in the market for its cooking friendly items. They are known to be long lasting. This hot water dispenser from this brand did not disappoint us at all. The capacity of this one is 4 liters. This is a considerable quantity of water for everyday use. We would like to take your attention to the most important feature of this product which is ‘Micro computerized temperature control system’. Basically there are four quick temperature modes to warm your water for any desired style of cooking.

This wouldn’t take much of your time. All you have to do is press the temperature button and you will have your water ready within an hour. The timing depends on the quantity of water as well sometimes. The four quick temperature modes are 160 Degree F, 175 Degree F, 195 Degree F, and 208 Degree F. Another distinctive feature of the product is its energy efficient measures. You will find that with minimum usage of electricity, your water will be made warm and temperature will be maintained in that way throughout the day.

How so? The design possesses vacuum insulation technology that sustains the hot temperature for a long period of time without the use of electricity. There is a swivel base on this product so that you do not face any difficulty while pouring water. You also get a lid which is detachable. This makes re-filling quite convenient on your part. When you turn off the heater, the product has a steam reducing feature that minimizes the steam so that the temperature does not get any higher than you wanted it to be.

The drawback of this product is that it does come with an in-built filter. Usually, boiling water keeps away bacteria but there still remain small particles and contaminations that hampers with the water taste. But yes, filters are not a mandatory feature of a hot water dispenser. This product provides the mandatory features at the best quality possible.


  • Scope for temperature adjustment
  • Use of innovative technology
  • Steam control features
  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • Easy to operate
  • Cleaning convenience
  • Optimum capacity


  • Do not possess an in-built filter or filtration system

3. Whirlpool Self Cleaning, Hot and Cold, Stainless Bottom Load Water Cooler with LED Indicators

Highlighted Features

  • 6th sense self-cleaning technology for breaking bacteria and germs with the help of unstable oxygen
  • Curved stainless steel construction to provide a superior quality design
  • Versatile product; helps to create both chilled and hot water
  • Comes with an LED indicator to notify upon reaching optimum temperature
  • Comes with a powerful water pump for user convenience

One of the top notch hot water dispensers is from the brand Whirlpool. You will find users loving the attributes of the product and we are no different. If you love high-tech products as part of your kitchen, this brand is here to serve you. It comes with a 6th sense cleaning technology. When the water is poured here that has bacteria or other contaminants, it goes through a self-cleaning process where bacteria and germs are broken down with unstable oxygen. The core material used for this construction is made from stainless steel.

For people who are very specific to design, this is a good product for them. The only problem here is you will need considerable amount of space to set up the product. It takes more space than usual hot water dispensers. The product is much more versatile compared to other hot water dispensers. Why? From the name you might have guessed already that you can get both hot and cold water from this. That is, there is scope for adjustment for both chilling and boiling water. It comes with an LED indicator.

This indicator shows when the product is going through a self-cleaning process. It also lights up when the water reaches the optimum hot or cold temperature you need for your water. It comes with an innovative pump that helps to take up the water within seconds. Overall, we felt that once the product is properly set up, using both hot or cold water for cooking becomes very convenient for you.


  • Versatile design
  • Durable product
  • Provides clean water for both hot and cold
  • Sturdy construction
  • Possess LED indicator for notification
  • Possess self-cleaning features


  • It takes more space compared to other hot water dispensers

4. Waste King H711-U-CH Hot Water Dispenser Faucet and Tank Combo Unit 

Highlighted Features

  • Able to prepare 100 cups of hot water within an hour
  • Offers the feature of providing instant hot water
  • Temperature can be adjusted up to 190 degree F
  • Comes with both hot water dispenser and faucet
  • Provides 4 inch long spout for pouring convenience
  • Offers safety function for mitigating overexpansion
  • Ideal for family use and office use

Clearly as the name suggests, the product is a set of the dispenser tank along with the faucet. This is very convenient for users since you don’t have to buy the faucet separately. The spout is 4 inch long to provide you with the pouring convenience that you need. In terms of design, this looks great from the outside to be honest. The design is both compact and user-friendly. This is one of the most suitable products for family usage due to its high capacity. Basically, you get around 100 cups of water within a span of 1 hour only.

The boiling here works much faster compared to other hot water dispensers. If you are looking for product that offers fast performance, this is the product that you should go for. The exterior is made of a satin nickel finish. This looks very eye pleasing indeed. In fact, the nickel layer keeps the product from corrosion. Our personal favorite feature in this product is its safety feature. What it does is, it keeps the temperature optimum in all situations.

This even provides instant hot water when you have limited time. Instant feature is quite rare to find among ordinary hot water dispenser. There is scope for adjustment for temperature up to 190 degree F for this product. This is a decent figure although other products provide higher temperature options. We feel that the dispenser and faucet is suitable not only for family use but also makes it an ideal choice for office use. The high capacity is pretty convenient for offices or gyms.


  • Very high capacity
  • Provides a complete set
  • Convenience in buying
  • Time efficient
  • Easy installation process


  • Not so good customer service
  • Does not come with a filter

5. Zojirushi CD-LFC30 Panorama Window Micom Water Boiler and Warmer 

Highlighted Features

  • Capacity to retain 3 L of hot water
  • Quick temperature options for 160 Degree F, 175 Degree F, or 195 Degree F
  • Easy to comprehend instruction manual
  • Water level gauge to show when its needed to re-fill
  • Has a special ‘micro computerized temperature control system’
  • The ‘Café drip dispensing feature’ works as a great alternative to filters

Zojirushi brand is one of the pioneer brands as told before. Therefore, another product from the brand also made it to our list of best hot water dispensers. For starters, it has the capacity to retain 3 L of hot water. This is good for family use for the half day. But yes, we would say the capacity is a bit lower compared to other products. But it makes up for the low capacity with its fast service. Within a span of hour you will have your warm water ready. In fact, this product comes with quick temperature options.

You can of course increase or decrease temperature based on your needs. But this four temperatures 160 Degree F, 175 Degree F, or 195 Degree F can be gained easy access to. The interesting part is that the instruction manual comes in four different languages. The installation part is also quite easy we thought. This product has a special ‘micro computerized temperature control system’. It has a water level gauge to show you when it is the right time to re-fill.

It tries to save as much electricity as possible with energy saving features. The Café drip dispensing feature works as a great alternative to filters. Basically, it takes out bad odors, chlorine and other harmful contaminants through boiling. Overall, we felt that the product is quite convenient for personal use but might be of low capacity for high volume consumption.


  • Use of innovative technology
  • Durable product
  • Easy maintenance
  • Convenient usage features
  • Compact design


  • The capacity is not so much compared to other products

6. InSinkErator H-HOT150SN-SS Invite Single Handle Instant Hot Water Dispenser System 

Highlighted Features

  • Exterior is made with satin nickel finish
  • Around 60 cups of hot water ready within an hour
  • Simple one push button to activate the system
  • Can retain 2 to 3 gallons of water in this dispenser
  • Comes with tool free tank connections
  • Offers a warranty of 1 year

Another product from the brand InSinkErator made it to the list. Why? That is because of some of their great features of course! The exterior is made with satin nickel finish. This layer of nickel keeps the exterior from rusting; thus providing the product with a durable finish. There is scope for adjusting the temperature based on your cooking needs. Within a span of hour, you will have around 60 cups of hot water ready. This is actually a pretty fast service we must say. But you need to keep the temperature at around 200 F to get such fast performance.

It comes with a one push button to activate the system. Unfortunately this product does not come with a filtration mechanism. This is the one drawback that we found from the product. We honestly felt this is a value for money deal. You can retain 2 to 3 gallons of water in this dispenser. This is an optimum quantity for family usage for both meals and beverages. In terms of installation, we honestly loved the tool free tank connections.

This makes the installation process much more convenient compared to other hot water dispensers. The sellers offer a 1 year service warranty to the product. With customer support, we find InSinkErator indeed very innovative. They follow a ‘we come to you’ policy where they ensure that the consumers are happy with the product.


  • High capacity
  • Superior customer service
  • Installation convenience
  • Simple operations
  • Durable product


  • Does not provide any special filtration system

7. Panasonic NC-EG3000 Electric Thermo Pot

Highlighted Features

  • Capacity of maintaining 3.2 quarts of hot water
  • Quick temperature settings of 208, 190, 180, or 140 degrees F
  • Comes with a fold down carrying handle
  • Energy efficient feature to sustain hot water for a period of 6 hours
  • Water gauge to show the amount of water present in the tank
  • LCD screen and touch buttons for easy operations
  • Inner part has a layer of bincho-tan charcoal for purification of water

Panasonic NC-EG3000 Electric Thermo Pot is an above average product when it comes to good attributes of hot water dispenser. It has the capacity of maintaining 3.2 quarts of hot water which is a considerable amount. If you are looking for affordable options, this product can be a good choice for you. When you compare the price to performance ratio of this product, you will actually be quite delighted. This one has temperature adjustment options where you can change temperature based on your needs.

There are quick temperature settings of 208, 190, 180, or 140 degrees F. You can keep the maximum temperature up to 212 degrees F. It comes with a fold down carrying handle. This makes pouring of hot water very convenient on your end. It comes with an energy efficient feature where it can sustain hot water for a period of 6 hours. There is a water gauge to show the amount of water present in the tank. It has bright red LED light to clearly show the readings.

The LCD screens and touch button of the product makes it easy to operate and read the instructions. The core material of the product is made from stainless steel. The inner part has a layer of bincho-tan charcoal. This component works as a substitute to filter to purify the unwanted particles and optimize the pH level of water.


  • Scope for temperature adjustment
  • Pouring convenience
  • Easy operations
  • Great water purification method
  • Energy efficient features
  • Moderate capacity


  • Does not offer any special warranty plans


Hot water dispensers are an important investment in your kitchen. It makes your life easier but bad ones can cause leakage and make your cooking more difficult than normal. Therefore, we would recommend that you research well and browse through the reviews thoroughly before making your purchase decision on hot water dispensers.

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