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The 15 Best Beverage Dispensers in 2023

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A beverage dispenser is a perfect addition to any party or event. Allowing you to serve cocktails, juices or beverages to all your guests, a beverage dispenser takes away the hassle of pouring each glass. Simply fill up the dispenser at the beginning of the party and relax. Guests can choose when they want a beverage and fill their glass as they wish.

With so many dispensers on the market, it is hard to narrow down the choices and find the best beverage dispenser for your next party. Below, we have compiled a list that we believe may help you choose.

Best Pick

Arrow Home Products Beverage Dispenser

The Arrow Home Products Beverage Dispenser is our best pick because of the spacious 2.5-gallon capacity that makes it perfect for big parties and large gatherings, the high-quality construction that allows you to use it for a long period of time, and the low weight and sturdy handles that make it easier to transport. This is a well-built dispenser that is easy to clean and use.

Budget Pick

Buddeez Party Top Beverage Dispenser

The Buddeez Party Top Beverage Dispenser is our budget pick because it is not only a well-built product that is made using fine and safe materials but also looks appealing to the eye. The ice cone can be refilled easily by removing the lid on the ice cone from the beverage dispenser. The stand has a built-in ice cone as well. There is plenty of space on the top compartment for you to display snacks and to store the cups.

Quick Comparison: Top 15 Best Beverage Dispensers

Product NameMaterialCapacity
Product Dimensions
Arrow Home Products Beverage DispenserPlastic2.500.5014.75 x 5.5 x 9.5A
Buddeez Party Top Beverage DispenserPlastic1.753.009 x 9 x 14.5A
FineDine Beverage DispenserGlass1.004.4212.36 x 8.98 x 7.64A
Igloo Beverage DispenserPlastic1.005.4026 x 13.5 x 20A
Creative Ware Bark Beverage DispenserAcrylic 2.503.7610.5 x 17 x 10.5A
Buddeez Unbreakable Beverage DispenserPlastic3.505.3014.4 x 11.9 x 11.7A
Anchor Hocking Heritage Hill Glass Beverage DispenserGlass2.008.848.75 x 8.75 x 13.5A
Circleware Beverage DispenserGlass1.003.106 x 6 x 10A
Creativeware Unbreakable Beverage DispenserAcrylic3.004.5011 x 11 x 19B
KooK Mason Jar Glass Drink & Beverage DispenserGlass 0.634.163.2 x 3.2 x 12B
KooK Tall Square Beverage DispenserGlass 1.003.6611.6 x 9 x 7.6B
Estilo Glass Beverage DispensersGlass 2.007.8314.06 x 13.46 x 7.87A
Home Essentials & Beyond Del Sol Hammered Beverage DispenserGlass 2.255.0023.03 x 18.11 x 13.19B
2 pk Daily Chef Unbreakable Stackable Beverage DispenserPlastic1.757.0019 x 10 x 9.5A
Artland Oasis Beverage JarGlass 2.005.4010.5 x 10.5 x 17.5B

Best Beverage Dispensers Reviews

1. Arrow Home Products Beverage Dispenser

This beverage dispenser from Arrow Home Products has a spacious capacity of 2.5 gallons which is equivalent to 40 cups. This makes it great for parties and large gatherings as you it will keep a lot of people hydrated. You will be able to store any of your favorite beverages, be it lemon iced tea, or fruit juices. Moreover, you will be able to have a free-flowing spigot by lifting the valve upwards and loosening the lid on top for more airflow. 

This product is made using high-quality plastic that does not include any traces of BPA. It does not include any harmful toxins that may put your health at risk. Not only is this beverage dispenser safe for consumption but it also has a durable and sturdy construction. Plus, it has a compact size which makes it easy to store. It can easily fit into tight spaces.

Moreover, the ergonomic handle allows you to wrap your fingers around it comfortably. Plus, it weighs only 8 ounces which makes it easier for you to carry this beverage dispenser from one place to another easily. Moreover, the large opening enables you to pour in your beverage from the jar or bottle within just a few minutes. You can also put in large ice cubes through the opening. 

What we liked: The plastic does not give off a strong odor or alter the taste of your beverage. Moreover, the large opening allows you to clean it easily. 

What we didn’t like: This item has no air vents. You will need to keep the lid loosened at all times to keep the water pressure high.

2. Buddeez Party Top Beverage Dispenser

This beverage dispenser from Buddeez has got to be one of the best beverage dispensers in the market right now. With a capacity of 1.75 gallons, this product is great for when you are hosting a small or cozy party. It has a high-quality construction that enables you to use it for a long period of time. Plus, it has a lot of compartments such as a party top on which you can store your paper cups, sweeteners, or sliced fruits, an ice cone that helps to keep the beverage chilled, and a stand that can be detached. 

It also comes with a hangtag so your guests can know what kind of beverage you are serving them. The ice cone is kept separate from the beverage so the ice cubes will not be able to alter the taste or texture of your beverage when they melt. 

This well-built item is made with Tritan that is BPA-free plastic. There are no harmful substances used in this beverage dispenser. Moreover, if you buy two or more Buddeez beverage dispensers, you will be able to stack them on top of one another.

What we liked: The beverage dispenser has a flat base that sits well on any flat surfaces. It is not necessary to use the stand. 

What we didn’t like: You will need to buy chalks separately to be able to write on the hangtag. Plus, it has a low capacity so you might need a few extras if you are having a big gathering.

3. FineDine Beverage Dispenser

This item from FineDine is one such beverage dispenser that is well-designed to give you and your guests an easy time when filling their own beverage. All the parts are made of high-quality materials. The clear body is made using premium-grade glass that is thick and durable while the spigot is made of 18/8 stainless steel. 

It comes with an ice cylinder that is easy to put in to keep the beverage chilled for a few hours. Even if the ice melts, the taste, consistency, or texture of your beverage will remain unchanged. You can easily pick up the ice cylinder to refill it. The tin metal lid is tight and secure which means that you will be able to use this item for storing carbonated, fizzy beverages. Plus, it helps to keep flies, bugs, and dirt away from your beverage.

The stainless steel spigot is fixed to the body of the beverage dispenser and allows for a steady flow of the beverage. You can easily pour the beverage into your cup by turning the spigot sideways. It is quite sturdy and durable which means that it will not drip or leak everywhere. On the other hand, this item is super easy to clean. You can either wash it by hand using warm, soapy water or you can leave it in the dishwasher for a quick and easy cleaning process. 

What we liked: The spigot does not become clogged when you put in fruits, jello, or pulp in your beverage. Plus, there are no traces of lead found in the construction. Plus, you can store it in the refrigerator. 

What we didn’t like: You might need to refill the beverage dispenser from time to time as it has a capacity of only one gallon. So if you are having a large group of people at your place, you might want to use a bigger beverage dispenser.

4. Igloo Beverage Dispenser

Made with high-quality plastic that is safe for consumption, the Igloo Beverage Dispenser works well with all types of beverages. The thick construction allows the item to maintain its internal temperature for a long period of time. Moreover, it is equipped with UV inhibitors and infrared technology which protects it from sun damage.

This beverage dispenser has a capacity of 5 gallons which makes it more than perfect for catering to large groups of people. You can easily take it with you on your camping trips, picnics, cookouts, and many more outdoor activities. 

The beverage dispenser has sturdy handles on both sides that make it easier to carry this 5.4-pound product. The lid can be locked in tightly which not only helps to maintain the quality of the beverage but also keeps bugs and dirt away from it. Moreover, the spacious opening on top allows you to clean the product easily by hand. The spigot is very easy to use and does not drip liquids everywhere. Plus, the durable materials protect it from molds. Just press it lightly to fill your cup.

What we liked: The body is insulated which means that you will be able to store hot or cold beverages in it for a long period of time. The temperature will not affect the internal temperature of the beverage dispenser. 

What we didn’t like: It does not have a clear build so you will not be able to see how much beverage is left in the dispenser. Plus, it might be difficult to transport the item when it is full.

5.Creative Ware 2.5-Gallon Bark Beverage Dispenser

Made of acrylic, this 2.5 gallon holds enough beverage to serve most parties. It is lightweight and so easy to set up.

The ice cone underneath keeps drinks cool without thinning down the drink as the ice melts. The faucet does not drip after pouring liquids, or leak, making serving a very clean and hassle-free process.

The dispenser can be locked onto the base so it does not move, ensuring stability. The placement of the faucet is high on the dispenser, allowing you to place glasses underneath it.

What we liked: The knob on the spigot allows you to control the flow of the beverage pouring into your cup. 

What we didn’t like: This beverage dispenser is made of acrylic which means that it is likely to break apart if it ever falls down.

6. Buddeez Unbreakable Beverage Dispenser

The Buddeez Unbreakable beverage dispenser is a very large dispenser that can hold up to 3.5 gallons of any beverage. This makes it very appropriate and a must have for any large parties and gatherings.

The dispenser also has a removable cone inside that can be filled with ice. This allows you to keep your drinks chilled no matter the temperature outside. Since you do not have to put ice in the beverage itself, the beverage does not thin down as the ice melts. When the ice begins melting in its compartment, you can simply remove the cone and place fresh ice inside.

The dispenser is well made using BPA free plastic, making it safe to use. The stainless-steel faucet will not leak and is easy to use. The dispenser comes with a stand that is not prone to slipping. It can also be washed in the dishwasher, making it easy to use and hassle-free.

What we liked: This item has a slip-resistant base that is made of rubber. This prevents it from skidding across the surface and helps to keep it stable. 

What we didn’t like: This item is quite bulky which makes it quite difficult to store if you have limited space. Plus, it might be difficult to clean in a small sink.

7. Anchor Hocking Heritage Hill Beverage Dispenser

This entire glass beverage dispenser holds 2 gallons of beverage. The lid is made of glass while the faucet is stainless steel. The thick glass is beautiful to look and is durable. As it is made of glass, you can rest assured that it is safe to use and clean. Even after many uses, the glass will not be stained. The dispenser is also dishwasher safe, making cleaning easy.

The dispenser can also be refrigerated when not in use. The large mouth makes it easy to pour beverage and ice into the dispenser. The faucet is leak proof and can be removed from the dispenser for washing. It is easy to use, which makes it perfect for children to use as well.

What we liked: The large opening makes it easy to refill and clean the beverage dispenser. Plus, the spigot can be replaced. 

What we didn’t like: This item does not have a built-in ice cone which means that you will need to pour the ice cubes directly into the beverage to keep it cool. This might make your beverage a bit too watery.

8. Circleware Beverage Dispenser

Smaller than other beverage dispensers on this list, this dispenser holds 1 gallon of liquid. The small size and capacity make it appropriate for small venues and small parties. This is also appropriate for personal use at home or taking to a picnic.

The stabilized base makes it easy to rest on a surface without a stand. The clear glass allows you to look inside at the drink. Being made of glass, this dispenser is also good for anyone who is environmentally conscientious. The faucet is also leakproof.

What we liked: This item shows no traces of BPA, phthalate, PVC, or polycarbonate which means that it is safe for consumption. Plus, it has a stain-resistant body which makes cleaning a breeze. 

What we didn’t like: It has a capacity of only one gallon. This product might not be suitable for catering to a large group of people.

9. Creativeware Unbreakable Beverage Dispenser

The Creativeware beverage dispenser holds 3 gallons of beverage. It is made of acrylic and is strong, making it lightweight but not fragile. It is perfect for outdoor events with a large number of guests.

The ice cone at the base is easy to remove and refill as the ice melts. The melting ice, kept separate from the beverage, does not compromise the taste of the drink. The faucet is easy to use and does not drip. It is easy to remove for cleaning. The top of the dispenser is large for pouring the beverage in and has a handle for easy lifting.

To preserve the quality of the dispenser, it is recommended that the dispenser is washed by hand.

What we liked: The 3-gallon capacity makes this item perfect for large hangouts with friends and family. 

What we didn’t like: This item is not dishwasher-safe because of its acrylic construction. Moreover, it is best if you do not store acidic beverages in it as they tend to react with the material.

10. KooK Mason Jar Glass Drink & Beverage Dispenser

This beverage dispenser is not only visually pleasing but is also highly functional. It looks like a large mason jar with a total capacity of one gallon. Made with durable glass that does not crack or shatter easily, this item is quite long-lasting. It is perfect for storing chilled beverages such as iced tea, cocktails, juices, or even cold coffee. 

The stainless steel construction of the spigot protects it from rust and molds. It will not leak or drip any time soon. Plus, the spigot can be removed from the beverage dispenser for easy cleaning. If your spigot becomes loose, you can easily tighten it by fixing the bolts and screws. The lid can be secured tightly as well which protects your beverage from germs and spillage.

This item is great for birthday parties, bridal showers, cookouts, picnics, or get-togethers with friends and family. Since it is made of premium glass, you will be able to use it in the dishwasher and freezer. The quality of the beverage dispenser is unlikely to deteriorate when exposed to extreme temperatures. 

What we liked: The square base helps to keep the item steady. It will not wobble or lose balance easily. 

What we didn’t like: It does come with an ice cone or cylinder so you will need to put the ice cubes in the beverage directly to keep it cold. It might become too diluted when all the ice cubes are melted.

11. KooK Tall Square Beverage Dispenser

Made from lead free glass, this 2.5 quart (0.6 gallon) dispenser is a compact and squared dispenser which is well suited to being stored in the door of the refrigerator, on the countertop or in the yard for your smaller gatherings.

As well as having a base designed for maximum stability, this dispenser also has a glass push on lid with a silicone seal, making it ideal for holding drinks such as kombucha. The stainless steel spigot is easy to use.

What we liked: This beverage dispenser has a compact size which enables you to store it in the refrigerator. Moreover, the spigot is made of stainless steel which means that it is unlikely to rust or corrode any time soon. 

What we didn’t like: Since the item does not have a built-in stand, it needs to be placed at the edge of the table. Otherwise, you and your guests will not be able to access the spigot. Moreover, you will not be able to store hot beverages in this beverage dispenser.

12. Estilo Glass Beverage Dispensers

You should not spend most of your time refilling your beverage dispenser instead of enjoying your party. That is why you might be interested in this set of beverage dispensers from Estilo. You will receive two glass beverage dispensers, each with a capacity of 1 gallon.

You will be able to make two gallons of your favorite beverage or add variations. These beverage dispensers look like large mason jars, giving off a modern and elegant vibe. These will allow you to take your table presentation to a whole new level. They go well with any type of event, be it baby showers or bachelorette parties.

Both the beverage dispensers have sturdy constructions. They are made using high-quality thick glass that will not break or shatter easily. Plus, it will not produce any odor or alter the taste, texture, or appearance of the beverages. Acidic beverages are unlikely to react with or stain the item. You can store any type of beverage in this, as long as it is not hot. Although these items are not dishwasher-safe, you can easily wash them by hand using mild dish soap and warm water. The large opening allows you to reach all the parts easily. 

What we liked: It comes with a metal stand that can be used to fit both the beverage dispensers. Moreover, it also comes with chalkboard labels and chalks so that your guests can easily understand what beverages you are serving. 

What we didn’t like: The spigots tend to leak and drip everywhere. Their quality is not satisfactory. Plus, there are no handles which make it difficult to carry.

13. Home Essentials & Beyond Del Sol Hammered Beverage Dispenser

This beautiful beverage dispenser is made of glass. The hammered pattern is visually pleasing and will draw the eyes of any guest at your party. It holds up to 2.25 gallons of liquid, which is good for small to medium-sized parties.

The durable glass will not stain and the faucet is made to pour liquid smoothly. The metal stand serves as a place to place your glass and is also sturdy.

What we liked: The item has a large opening which makes cleaning easier. Plus, the knob on the handle allows you to lift it comfortably. 

What we didn’t like: Many consumers have reported that the spigot is leaky. Moreover, the lid is loosely fitted on top which means that this beverage dispenser is not suitable for storing carbonated or fizzy beverages.

14. 2 pk Daily Chef Unbreakable Stackable Beverage Dispenser

With two tiers, this is one of the best beverage dispensers on our list in terms of versatility. You can serve two different drinks in each of the 1.75-gallon dispensers or serve 3.5 gallons of one drink. This dispenser is made of transparent Tritan.

Tritan is a BPA-free plastic that has an extremely long life, will not shatter and is lighter than glass. This makes the dispenser easy to set up on and carry around. The dispenser is also dishwasher safe, so it does not have to be hand washed.

Both dispensers have separate ice cones inside them. This allows you to place ice inside and keep the drinks cool without risking making them watery. If one of the dispensers are not used to serve drinks, you can also keep ice inside to keep the other dispenser cool, or to serve ice in glasses. For ease of use, the faucets are well made and easy to turn. The dispensers come with two hanging labels, so you can name the drinks. The tops of both dispensers can act as a serving tray and cut down on space. You can easily place cups for pouring the drink and garnishes or food on top of the dispenser.

What we liked: You can stack the beverage dispensers on top of each other. Just place the stand on a table, then place the beverage dispenser on it and the remaining one will go above the first one. This comes in handy especially when you have limited space on your table. 

What we didn’t like: The spout of the beverage dispenser is likely to get clogged if your beverage has pulp or sliced fruits such as berries and apples in it.

15. Artland Oasis Beverage Jar

This beverage dispenser can hold up to 2 gallons of beverage. The ABS spigot is strong and durable and will not be stained by the drink being served. There is separate ice cone, for keeping any ice cubes away from the drink itself, keeping the drink chilled. Perfect for summer parties a!

This dispenser also has an infuser which allows you to make infused drinks. Slices of fruit can simply be put in the infuser and the dispenser filled with water. Over time, the fruit will infuse in the water and you can serve fruit flavored water to guests. The faucet is easy to turn and is tested to be leakproof, which keeps the dispenser easy and clean to use. The size makes it appropriate for moderate to small gatherings and does not look overly bulky.

While the dispenser is dishwasher safe, it is recommended that it be hand-washed. This will preserve the look of the plastic and make sure it lasts longer. The galvanized steel stand is sturdy and would be perfect for a cozy, rustic ambiance.

What we liked: The parts can be disassembled which makes them easy to clean and store. Plus, the metal spigot is well-built to provide you with a consistent flow of beverages. 

What we didn’t like: The infuser does not have a spacious capacity which means that you will not be able to put in a lot of fruits. You will need to cut them into smaller pieces to make them all fit.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying the Best Beverage Dispenser


If you usually have large parties or big gatherings, a beverage dispenser with a spacious capacity will be more suitable for you than one with a small capacity. You might want to invest in a beverage dispenser that has a capacity of at least 2 gallons if you are catering to a large number of people. A large beverage dispenser will be easier to use compared to the small ones as you do not need to refill it frequently. However, a beverage dispenser with a capacity of about 1 gallon will work just fine if you usually have small parties or gatherings. Plus, small dispensers can be stored in the refrigerator easily. 


Beverage dispensers usually come in two different sizes including a round shape and a square shape. Some users say that the round ones take up less storage space compared to the square-shaped ones. Whatever shape your beverage dispenser has, it is very important for it to have a flat base so that it does not wobble or lose balance easily. 


The high-quality construction will enable your beverage dispenser to perform well for several years. The most common materials used in its construction are plastic, glass, or acrylic. If you are using a plastic beverage dispenser, make sure that it does not contain any BPA or harmful chemicals that may deteriorate your health. A high-quality glass or acrylic beverage dispenser should not crack or shatter easily. You should always invest in one that has a sturdy and durable build so that you do not need to look for a replacement any time soon. 

Ice Cones

Beverage dispensers that come with ice cones are easier to use compared to the ones that do not come with ice cones. Ice cones help to keep your beverage chilled for a long period of time without affecting its taste, texture, or appearance. 


A stainless steel spigot is likely to perform better than a plastic one. Your spigot should be easy to use and maintain. You should always invest in a leak-proof spigot that has steady water pressure. Spigots that can be disassembled make it easier to clean the beverage dispenser. 


Beverage dispensers should be cleaned using warm, soapy water. You should not use any harsh dish detergents or brushes while cleaning the item. If you want to save time and effort, you might want to invest in a beverage dispenser that can be used in the dishwasher.


What should I do to stop the beverage dispenser from leaking?

If your beverage dispenser is leaking, then you should check to see if the screws and bolts of the spigot are tightly fixed to the body. If not, then you can just tighten the spigot by placing one hand on the spigot while putting in the other hand through the opening. If your spigot is not loose, then it is best if you replace it to stop the leakage. 

How do I keep my beverage cold without diluting it?

If your beverage dispenser does not come with an ice cone, it might be quite difficult to not water it down by adding ice cubes. One thing you can do is freeze small fruits such as berries and grapes and put them in your beverage. If you do not mind a hint of fruity flavor in your beverage then you might want to try out this lifehack.

Final Verdict

We can all agree on the fact that a beverage dispenser is a party essential that saves you a lot of time and effort. Instead of going to your guests individually to see if they need a refill, you can just place one or two beverage dispensers on the table so that each person can refill their own cup whenever they want to. Most beverage dispensers are easy to use and do not require much attention but the best beverage dispensers will allow you to enjoy your drink without worrying about a single thing. You will not need to think about any leakages or drippings from your beverage dispenser during your party.

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