Best Whipped Cream Dispensers

The 13 Best Whipped Cream Dispensers in 2023

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Sundaes, hot chocolate, lattes, ice creams, pies - none of these are complete without a dollop of divine whipped cream. It’s not difficult to prepare whipped cream at home, especially when you have an electric mixer or a whisk. But the experience becomes a whole lot satisfying when you have a whipped cream dispenser.  

The possibilities of using whipped cream dispensers are endless. Whipped cream dispensers are kept on the bar counter as well. A couple of squirts will upgrade your drink or coffee in an instant. So if you’re wondering where you can find the best whipped cream dispensers, we have some incredible suggestions for you.

Best Pick

ICO Whipped Cream Dispenser

ICO Professional Whipped Cream Dispenser stands as a league of its own. With its 1-pint aluminum body, the product will prepare delicious homemade whipped creams, desserts, sauces, and infused liquors on the go. It is everything you might need and more.

Budget Pick

EurKitchen Whipped Cream Dispenser

For those on a budget, the EurKitchen Professional Whipped Cream Dispenser offers a leak-proof reinforced aluminum thread along with three nozzles, allowing you to craft customized treats in no time.

Quick Comparison: Top 13 Best Whipped Cream Dispensers

1. ICO Whipped Cream Dispenser 

Highlighted Features

  • Warranty offered over the product along with full money back guarantee
  • Offered by a trusted European brand with presence in Central America, Mexico, Canada, Europe and USA
  • Can be used to create infused liquors, soups and aerated sauces in addition to whipped cream

The ICO Whipped Cream Dispenser ranks as the best whipped cream dispenser due to its superior functionality and convenient design. This multifunctional cream whipper makes a perfect addition to your home kitchen and is also idea for professionals. This cream dispenser has been designed for preparing desserts, whipped cream, soups, sauces, cold and hot creams. This kitchen friendly tool lets you enjoy fresh whipped cream in no time.

You can create preservative-free, quality whipped cream of up to 2L in just 30 seconds. All you need to do is to pour ingredients into the cream whipper and charge it with N2O charger. This dispenser is compatible with cream charger of other brands as well. ICO whipped cream dispenser permits you to enjoy savory creams, aerated soups and mousses at home. You can experiment with fun and latest culinary trends with this dispenser which comes with a 2-year warranty.


  • Body made from 100% TUV certified aluminum
  • Backed by 2 years warranty over the product
  • Comes with 3 decorative tips, an instruction manual as well as a charger holder
  • Compatible with N2O chargers of other brands  


  • The cartridge holder is not sturdy and may give away if not handled appropriately.

2. EurKitchen Whipped Cream Dispenser

Highlighted Features

  • Ideal for professional caterers, home chefs, artisan bakers and chocolate enthusiasts
  • Takes your culinary creations to the next level
  • Comes with an aluminum dispenser, brushed aluminum head, 3 decorating tips, cleaning brush and black lacquered canister
  • Durable and safe
  • Warranty and express money-back guarantee is offered over this dispenser

EurKitchen Professional aluminum whipped cream dispenser will never let you miss on your favorite toppings in the form of delicious and creamy whipped cream as well as sauces. You can elevate the entire experience of devouring delicious pies, ice cream sundaes, beverages, crepes, baked goods, fancy desserts and mousses.

This durable whipped cream dispenser lets you make healthier and tastier treats. The aeration process of this dispenser requires less fat and you make airy and light indulgences that are less on calories but not flavors. The all-aluminum body as well as head are lightweight and have been developed keeping safety in mind.

You can place the dispenser in the fridge if you have leftovers and use it the next day. The airtight vacuum seal will prevent any breakdown of your delicate topping. This easy-care equipment can be cleaned in no time with just hand wash. A brush is provided for cleaning the dispenser head as well as the decorating tips


  • Durable aluminum body
  • Comes with three decorating tips for making a professional-looking presentation
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Comes with a valve cover and charger holder
  • Recipe book is offered along with this product


  • Is not dishwasher safe

3. iSi Gourmet Whipped Cream Dispenser

Highlighted Features

  • Can be used for both hot and cold applications
  • Gourmet whip is available in three different sizes
  • Variety of accessories are available for elevating your entire experience

iSi brand is suggested by both professionals and home chefs worldwide. This cream whipper also be used for desserts, soups, sauces, cold and hot creams along with whipping cream. This dispenser is both durable and versatile. The iSi cream whipper is ideal for both cold and hot applications. This product features a stainless steel bottle as well as head. Both are sturdy and are dishwasher safe. These can easily take up the load of professional kitchens.

This whipped cream dispenser comes with three SS tips-tulip, straight and star. It comes with a charger holder as well as a cleaning brush. This whipper is available in three different sizes. A plethora of accessories are offered by the manufacturers that can help you maximize your culinary creations. The iSi whipper is ideal for preparing fluffy and light finger food, cold and warm sauces, whipped sauces along with desserts and whipped cream.

This multifunctional food whipper has been designed for professional use as well. The head features a fixed stainless steel value which permits easy dispensing as well as a protective silicone grip. The silicone gasket is heat resistant and features a removal tab for hygienic and quick cleaning. Innovation, design and functionality are the key features of iSi cream whipper. It is extremely easy to use and can enrich your experience while using it.


  • Both body and bottle are made from stainless steel which is dishwasher safe as well as durable
  • It comes with a cartridge holder, a cleaning brush and three decorative tips
  • It is “HACCP and NFS qualified


  • Is not backed by any warranty

4. Otis Classic Whipped Cream Dispenser 

Highlighted Features

  • Offers reliable service for several years
  • Backed by 1-year warranty on charger holder, tips and gasket
  • The diverse tip styles permit you to create fancy designs with your whipped cream

This whipped cream dispenser will become your favorite kitchen tool owing to its sturdy construction and multipurpose usage. The stainless steel build renders this device sturdy. This commercial grade cream dispenser has been built for the food service industry but is ideal for home kitchens as well. It features 3 decorating tips and is easy to clean.

Otis Classic whipper can be used not just for making creams but as well cocktails and mousses. The use of stainless steel in designing this whipper is what makes it a safe choice. Stainless steel does not react with food. It is durable when compared to aluminum whippers. The thermal conductivity of stainless steel is lower. All these factors make it a safe choice.

This whipped cream dispenser comes with a whipper, 3 decorative nozzles, a storage cap, a charger holder, an instruction manual and a cleaning brush for decorating tips. This device uses a standard NO2 charger which is not included in this package. It has been recommended to clean this whipper manually


  • Made from food-grade stainless steel
  • Backed with 1-year warranty
  • Is durable, safe to use and light


  • Is not dishwasher safe
  • Is expensive when compared to other models offering the same features

5. FineDine Professional Whipped Cream Dispenser 

Highlighted Features

  • The package includes three plastic nozzles and three more stainless steel nozzles, allowing endless potential
  • The product is crafted with heavy-duty aluminum for long-lasting service
  • All the materials used in the production are food-grade material

FineDine Professional Whipped Cream Dispenser is a wonderful tool for light and homemade whipped cream. You can put together delicious and foamy cream with the ingredients at home. It will be a healthier and tastier alternative to their store bought counterparts. 

From mousse and ice cream to butter, the dispenser works its charm on any dish or dessert. Made of durable aluminum material, the product is designed to serve you a long time. It is crafted with an ergonomic body keeping your convenience in mind. 

Moreover, the product comes with three plastic nozzles and three stainless steel nozzles, providing endless options to work with. A collection of exciting recipes is also included in the package.


  • The body is made with durable and sturdy material. Longevity is guaranteed
  • The product is safe and healthy to use as it is made of food-grade materials
  • The ergonomic body allows a comfortable grip


  • Customers have reported that the product fails to deliver when used heavily. It delivers from 250 to 500 cartridges

Highlighted Features

  • Made from high quality stainless steel bottle and head
  • Features a removable stainless steel piston with a silicone seal with quick release tab
  • Comes with decorative tips, a cleaning brush and a charger holder

Are you looking for a high quality and professional quality cream whipper that will offer hassle free services for years to come? If yes, then you need to check out this iSi professional cream whipper. The whipper as well as the body is made from high grade stainless steel that does not react with acids, does not retain odors or stain.

This professional cream whipper features a silicone seal that comes with a quick-release tab. The removable stainless steel piston permits you to clean the whipper quickly and easily. This whipper comes with a decorative tip, a cleaning brush, a charger holder as well as a stainless steel thread.

You can craft delicious desserts, flavored cream and pure whipped cream. This whipper yields twice the amount of whipped cream when compared with other whipping techniques. This professional cream whipper can be utilized in pastry shops, ice cream parlors as well as coffee shops.


  • Removable stainless steel piston and silicon seal
  • Is easy to use and dishwasher safe
  • Is NSF-certified


  • Several users have reported leaking issues

7. CastleWiz Professional Whipped Cream Dispenser

Highlighted Features

  • The head and body are made of high-quality aluminum, ensuring a long-lasting shelf life
  • Features a silicone rubber for better grip
  • Includes six nozzles and a long brush for cleaning the inside

CastleWiz Professional Whipped Cream Dispenser is engineered for everyday use. The high-quality aluminum build can withstand regular use, providing you comfortable rubber grip throughout. It is also leakproof, making the product a top choice for people who enjoy whipped cream and some foam on their coffee. 

The package includes six nozzles, allowing you endless options for decoration. It also comes with a long cleaning brush that will go all the way to the bottom of the dispenser. Although it is not dishwasher safe, cleaning the product is relatively easy.


  • The product is very easy to clean and maintain. It also comes with a cleaning brush
  • The product features a leak-resistant design, allowing smooth operation every time


  • The product is not dishwasher safe

8. RestaurantWare Whip Tek Whipped Cream Dispenser

Highlighted Features

  • The product is made of aluminum and the capacity of this dispenser is 0.5 liter
  • The package includes three decorator nozzles and a whipper. The cartridges are sold separately

RestaurantWare Whip Tek Whipped Cream Dispenser is a highly functional device, equipped with three nozzles, a cap, and a cleaning brush. Working with this product will minimize hand fatigue as it promises a smooth operation. Mousses or cream - you can easily dispense a large amount of whipped cream without tiring your hands. 

The product comes with a cartridge holder and cap. All you have to do is pair it with a coordinating cartridge in order to achieve the perfect amount of charge. Owing to its aluminum construction, the dispenser is promised to last for a long time, all the while catering to your needs. It also offers a high-quality look, even when used on a regular basis.


  • The product is easy to clean as it comes with a cleaning brush
  • Crafted from durable aluminum the product promises longevity
  • The product has a swift lever that is easy to pull and operate


  • Some customers have reported a lack of consistency in this dispenser

9. Gorgeous Kitchen professional whipped cream dispenser

Highlighted Features

  • Useful kitchen tool that lets you make gorgeous as well as delicious desserts
  • Dispenses tasty and beautiful toppings
  • Delivers premium performance owing to the perfect designing
  • Comes in an exclusive packaging which makes it an ideal gift for foodies

This aluminum whipped cream dispenser features three decorating nozzles which helps you to garnish your desserts with whipped cream every time. You can decorate your waffles, cakes, hot cocoa and ice creams in no time. Three decorative nozzles render a professional as well as fancy touch to your designs.

This whipped cream dispenser is made from high quality aluminum which has been designed to last for years to come. You can store any extra whipped cream in a refrigerator for a few days. The entire set up of the dispenser is easy to clean. You need to wash the dispenser in soapy, warm water.

This wonderful kitchen tool saves your precious time that you waste in hand whipping. As an added bonus, this whipped cream dispenser comes with a stainless steel coffee scoop along with a bag clip.


  • Comes with a bonus product alongside the whipper
  • Comes with a charger holder, 3 decorating nozzles, instruction manual and a cleaning brush  
  • Risk free purchase because of guarantee offered by the manufacturer


  • Quite heavy in designing because of double walled insulation

10. OrangeHome Whipped Cream Dispenser

Highlighted Features

  • The product works with a nitrous oxide cartridge
  • The aluminum body does not retain odor or stain
  • The package includes three plastic nozzles to help with decoration

OrangeHome is a widely trusted name in the kitchenware industry and their Whipped Cream Dispenser is just as good. Using the product, you will not experience any hand cramps. The machine will do all the work for you. 

All you have to do is put in a nitrous oxide cartridge, which is sold separately. And voila! It leaves no aftertaste, unlike carbon dioxide cartridges. The dispenser is ideal both for home cooks and professionals. It is capable of producing whipped cream in large quantities regularly. 

There are three culinary decorating nozzles: a star-shaped one, a straight tip, and a tulip tip. It also includes an injector nozzle that is used for injecting whipped cream into cupcakes or pastries. Moreover, there is a cleaning brush that makes maintenance super easy.


  • This whipped cream dispenser leaves no aftertaste
  • The matte finish along with the ergonomic design offers a secure grip
  • The product is easy to care for


  • Customers have raised concerns about the durability of the lever

11. Swice Whipped Cream Dispenser

Highlighted Features

  • The product features a sleek and sharp design in black finish
  • Includes six interchangeable nozzles for decoration
  • The lever is placed close to the dispenser offering a comfortable grip

If you’re looking for a professional-grade whipped cream dispenser, then look no further than Swice Whipped Cream Dispenser. This product is one of its kind when it comes to durability and performance. 

With six nozzles, the dispenser will help you create stunning displays on desserts, cakes, and drinks. The lever offers great grip and allows you to exercise complete control over the device. Creating rosettes on cakes has never been easier. Moreover, there is a recipe book included with the package so you can try out some new dishes.


  • Elegant design makes the product suitable with both modern and classic style kitchen utensils
  • The comfortable grip makes decorating rosettes feel like a breeze
  • The package includes a complimentary recipe book and accessories


  • The machine does not include any instructions, which makes it difficult for beginners to operate

12. ADTZYLD Whipped Cream Dispenser

Highlighted Features

  • The product is compatible with 8-gram Nitrous oxide cartridges
  • Package includes three stainless steel nozzles
  • The dispenser has a silicone seal ring on the head, making it leakproof

Compatible with 8-gram nitrous oxide cartridges with a capacity of 1-pint, ADTZYLD Whipped Cream Dispensers will end your search for the perfect device. The product stands at an affordable price point. It proves that quality doesn’t necessarily mean expensive. 

Both container and lid are made of aluminum, making it durable, heavy-duty yet lightweight. The weight is bearable without any trouble. Moreover, the container is accompanied by three decorating nozzles made of stainless steel. They are sturdy and won’t get damaged even if changed frequently. The brand ensures safety by providing the charger holder with a tight grip.


  • The dispenser has a non-slip texture design
  • The product is made of aluminum which makes it both lightweight and durable
  • There is no chance of cream leaking out, offering smooth operation


  • Some users have reported that the lever comes off after a few use

13. Nuvantee XK1008 Whipped Cream Dispenser

Highlighted Features

  • The head and body are designed to be leak proof
  • The canister can hold up to 500 mL of cream
  • Package includes three plastic nozzles and a cleaning brush

Here’s a budget-friendly apparatus for your kitchen. The Nuvantee XK1008 Whipped Cream Dispenser is equal parts stylish and functional - making one of the best whipped cream dispensers on our list. It will help you jazz up your drink or desserts with minimal effort. 

The product comes with three decorative tips, in cross, plum blossom and lotus shapes. This will help you create interesting whipped cream designs. Besides cream, you can whip frostings, ice cream, butter, and so much more. 

The canister features a rubber fitting that ensures that there’s no leak when you topping the sweets with whipped cream. It also makes the cap easier to remove. The dispenser is also quite simple in design, making it very easy to put together and operate.


  • The rubber fitting on the canister offers an ergonomic grip and leakproof operation
  • The product is dishwasher safe, making it easy to maintain
  • The design is sleek and modern


  • Some customers have reported a metallic smell after a few use

Things to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Whipped Cream Dispensers


Aluminum or stainless steel materials make the best whipped cream dispensers. Most of the products on our list are made of aluminum as they offer a sturdy yet lightweight body with a nice design to look at. There are dispensers that are made of both aluminum and stainless steel material at the same time, sometimes with a plastic cap. These machines also promise longevity along with versatility. 


This is a vital consideration when you’re choosing a whipped cream dispenser. Pick a product that comes with multiple nozzles - the more, the merrier. Nozzles will give you more options when it comes to decoration. This is especially essential for creative bakers who enjoy improvising their designs. It’s best to pick a product with several tips or nozzles so you won’t have to buy them separately. 

Why Should You Own a Whipped Cream Dispenser? 

It’s very natural to ask this question when there are tons of options if you want to buy commercially made whipped cream from a store. But the benefits of jazzing up desserts and drinks with your own whipped cream are immense. Here’s why you should get a whipped cream dispenser: 

Controls calories 

Although we enjoy a good bite of cake, many of us are still conscious of calories and their impact on our wellbeing. When you’re making your own whipped cream, you can always replace sugar with sugar-free sweeteners and minimize the number of calories you intake. This is just a start. You can replace all the ingredients with a low-fat and low-sugar substitute. It’s only going to bring good results. 

No artificial flavors 

Artificial flavors are a deal-breaker for many dessert enthusiasts, including myself. When you’re making your own whipped cream using a dispenser you have full control over the cream. You can choose all-natural flavors in the cream, crafting the cream just as you like it. 

Moreover, you can customize the design using food colors, fresh ingredients, and whatnot. Change the nozzles to incorporate a variety of designs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are whipped cream dispensers worth it?

Nothing compares to whipped cream dispensers in terms of convenience, consistency, and quality. Not only does it help you create whipped cream swirls like professionals, but the dispensers will also store the cream for longer than any container. You can store whipped cream in a dispenser for up to ten days in a refrigerator. 

Baristas and bakers already have their hands full, so whipped cream dispensers are designed to make whipping cream a lot easier. Now the final touch on a drink or dessert will come out perfectly, without even breaking a sweat. So if you’re thinking of investing in a decent whipped cream solution, a dispenser should be the answer.   

Why is the dispenser releasing liquid whipped cream? 

Whipped cream is a colloid substance, which is a combination of liquid and gas. However, sometimes you might get liquid whipped cream out of a dispenser. This happens for one of two reasons. 

First, the seal on the canister might be broken. This will cause the gas to leak and deliver inconsistency. Another reason might be expired whipped cream. Check the canister to see whether the cream is fresh or not. 

Are there any safety concerns associated with whipped cream dispensers? 

There have been several reports of explosions of cream dispensers. The gas capsules expelled at high speed, causing injuries and damage. They mainly were caused as a result of excessive pressure inside the canister. 

However, there’s nothing to worry about because those models have been identified, and their production was discontinued. The problem has been addressed, and the recent models are safer.


Whipped cream dispensers offer a variety of options when it comes to decorating and jazzing up sweets, desserts, or drinks. Whether you’re a barista, creative baker, or whipped cream enthusiast, purchasing a dispenser and making your own whipped cream is always a good idea. Look into the features of the best whipped cream dispenser before making a purchase decision. You won’t regret it, that’s for sure.

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