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The 9 Best Tofu Presses in 2023

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Tofu, a wondrous type of food that looks white as snow and softer than gelatin if not just as soft. Yes, we can agree with you that it tastes like nothing, but that’s the interesting part, well at least to us it is. If it doesn’t have any taste, then why not create your own flavor. We mean, we have all the spice and ingredients.  

And today, our topic of discussion is “tofu presses”. Tofu presses are used to drive out excess moisture from your block of tofu giving it a denser texture which makes it easier to absorb the flavors. Finding the best one especially when you have only surface knowledge about the product may be a tedious job and this is where the significance of our article comes into play. We have selected some of the best tofu press on the market and you and us will go through it one by one and understand the mechanics, differences, factors that need to be played, and mainly why we think that a particular product is better than the other

Best Pick

Tofuture Ltd Tofu Press

The tofu press from Tofuture Ltd does get placed in our best pick. With no gimmick involved, being dishwasher safe and having integrated 3-in-1 parts- strainer, presser, and lids makes this our favorite. The sleek-looking tofu press is easy to store and because of the plastic plates, it’s light and you won’t have issues if it drops.

Budget Pick

EZ Tofu Press

Just as the best pick, the budget pick one has the same mechanism as it’s simple, efficient and works like a charm. The reason why the tofu press from EZ comes in our budget pick is because of a tiny difference.  Unlike the tofu press from Tofu Presser, this one doesn’t have springs. The springs help you in feeling the tension as you twist the knobs, giving you a general feedback. 

Quick Comparison: Top 9 Best Tofu Presses

1. Tofuture Ltd Tofu Press

Featuring a stylish and lightweight design, the Tofu press from Tofurture is the first product that we will be reviewing first in our article. There are 3 parts that help the press work efficiently. The exterior of the press is made from BPA-free that will not make your food come in contact with unhealthy toxins. Moreover, it is dishwasher-friendly which means you do not have to waste your valuable time washing it after you are done using it. 

As mentioned, there are 3 parts to this product. At the bottom is the box for excess water to be stored. Then comes the strainer, where you will be putting your tofu in. And at last but not least, the presser also acts as a lid. This product is of compact design and can be stored anywhere, even in the fridge for storage purposes if you would like.

The way this product works is simple and mess-free. All you need to do is put the strainer over the box and then put your tofu in the strainer. After that, put your lid on the strainer where the tofu is. Now you may find that it's not closing in tight because of the tofu. What you have to do is, on the sides of the presser, there are those two popups.

Pop them up, and you will find two bands. On the box at the sides, there are 3 levels of pressure. Use your bands from the presser and fit in on those levels depending on the pressure you want to have. And make sure that after fitting your bands, you close those two popups inside the presser to get a secured grip for the pressure.

What we liked: We love the fact that this product does not require any manual pressing or frequent adjusting of the knobs, making it super easy to use. 

What we did not like: The pressing time with one maybe top plate tofu presses too much compared to its competitors.

Highlighted Features

  • BPA-free gives your product a sigh of relief as it won’t affect your food and contaminate it.
  • This tofu press is dishwasher safe, so goodbye to spending time cleaning your tofu press.
  • The presser also has a lid that can be used as a dish cover

2. EZ Tofu Press

Just like the first one, this has the same ground design. It is simple and does what it needs to do. The slabs are constructed with plastic that is USDA-approved and is BPA-free. Hence your tofu won’t be contaminated while using it and you can use your squeezed tofu without any worries. This also comes with two knobs at the top for squeezing the tofu that will be in between two slabs. 

One food feature about this product is the fact that at the bottom slab, you have a centered mark in the middle showing you where to place your tofu giving you the ability to squeeze your tofu perfectly every time you do it. There are no springs or bands here to wear out so you don’t have to think about all the parts of this product and the durability of it.

Using this product is also the same as the first one. You simply put your tofu in the middle between the two slabs. The centered mark at the bottom slab makes it easier for you to put it off where it should be. Then simply turn the knobs at the top until you see that your tofu is being squeezed properly. When that happens, stop turning and leave it for about 15 min so that the water can get out of the tofu for you to start using it.

What we liked: The product is super time efficient as it can press tofu in like 5-15 minutes and we think that is amazing!

What we did not like: The tofu press cannot be collapsed into a flatter version which may make it difficult to store it.

Highlighted Features

  • USDA approval gives you the mental peace of using this product without having a second thought that this might have a defect or something can go wrong
  • BPA gives you the assurance that the product won’t germinate your food and have toxins
  • There is a center mark at the bottom slab that gives you the precision of where to put your tofu when squeezing

3. Tofu Presser Super Tofu Press

One thing is clear; tofu press should not be a hassle for your cooking. It needs to be simple and be made to do only one thing, and that is pressing tofu. The Super Tofu Press from Tofu Presser does just that. The two plates are made from plastic that is BPA and HDPE-free.

So your tofu won’t be affected while you prepare your tofu as it's being squeezed. All the nuts, bolts, and springs are food-friendly and are approved by FDA which assures that your food is safe. You can also use this tofu press on anything that needs to be pressed and can fit between the two plates.

The instrument works in a very simple way and requires you to only put your tofu between the two plates and then tighten the knobs firmly to remove the excess water. After you have tightened the two knobs with enough tension, the presser needs about 15 minutes to drain out all the water, giving you a finely pressed block of tofu.

What we liked: We love that it is top-rack dishwasher compatible which means you do not have to allocate extra time for washing it separately.

What we did not like: The knobs of the press require frequent adjusting and it can get quite frustrating.

Highlighted Features

  • The plastic that is BPA and HDPE-free is always good. It assures you that it's food-friendly and won't affect your food
  • FDA approved makes things safer because you know that it has been checked by the government and approves the product
  • Because it's a presser, you can also use it for other things that need to be pressed

4. Mangocore Tofu Maker Press Mold Kit 

This tofu press from Mangocore comes in a light food-grade plastic form that doesn’t have any bad odor and is harmless to your tofu. This tofu is mainly specialized in making tofu but can also be used for pressing tofu.

With its off-white color design and straight space for drainage for the excess water, you can not only make your tofu but press your tofu with ease and style. The tofu press also comes with a cheesecloth which is an important piece when making tofu. Using this product is fairly simple and easy.

All you need to do is put the tofu in the middle of the box and with the lid which is also the presser, just press it down. With enough pressure from top and time, excess water will start to come out and you will get your tofu all set and ready.

What we liked: The durability of the product makes it our favorite as you will not be required to look for replacements and can make a satisfactory purchase. In addition to that, the compact size makes it a good addition to the kitchen as it is easier to store.

What we did not like: The knobs may be slightly loose which would require frequent adjustments

Highlighted Features

  • The plastic of this tofu press is food-grade meaning it’s safe to use in the kitchen
  • The tofu press from Mangocore also comes with a cheesecloth which is essential for making tofu

5. YARKOR Tofu Press

YARKOR offers you a tofu press that features a professional design that can be your ultimate solution for pressing your tofu block. This is super convenient once you have set it up and will not require you to manually fix anything and you can relax as it does not require frequently tightening the screws. 

Because of the transparent design, it is easier for you to peek and monitor the condition of the tofu that you are pressing. The spring-loaded press has an in-built draining feature that helps you to remove as much water as possible from the tofu without requiring any additional bowls or plates.

Moreover, the body of the tofu press is constructed from BPA-free FDA-approved plastic that makes it a safe choice as it will not contaminate your food with harmful chemicals.

What we liked: We love how effortless this is in terms of pressing as well as cleaning up, ensuring your utmost comfort and ease of use.

What we did not like: We have not come across any downsides of the product that is worth mentioning and loved each feature.

Highlighted Features

  • The product creates a minimal mess as the excess water can very easily be removed from the tofu
  • The built-in drainage system and the forceful spring make result in the best tofu blocks
  • The plastic body of the press is safe for human health and will last a long time

6. That tofu thing - Tofu Press

That tofu thing offers you a tofu press that allows you to make restaurant-like tofu at the convenience of your home with a very pleasing texture and flavor. With this, you do not have to worry about keeping your tofu marinated overnight as it requires only 15-minutes to press and you can visually monitor your monitor soaking up inside your tofu. 

Apart from the super efficiency, the tofu press features a unique single screw design that allows you to hold the press with just one hand and use the other hand for applying pressure. You will know when your tofu is done pressing just by holding the press.

What we liked: We loved the durability that it offers and the satisfaction guarantee that it comes with. This means that you will not be required to look for alternatives after a few times of use only.

What we did not like: The screw in the press is slightly tough and may require extra strength while turning it.

Highlighted Features

  • The tofu press is very time efficient as you will need as long as 15 minutes to get the perfect tofu block
  • The dual orientation structure of the press ensures the ease of use
  • The raw materials used in its construction is of food-grade quality

7. TofuXpress Gourmet Tofu Press

Unlike the first two, this one is a bit different. And sometimes, different can be quite handy at times. There are two parts to this product. The first part consists of the handle, a spring, and the presser. The second part consists of the box where the tofu will be put and a lid underneath the box that can be picked off which later can be used for storing your tofu after it has been pressed.

The whole construction over here is mainly plastic other than the spring itself. The plastic is thermoplastic, so it won't be damaged over the temperature change and the spring is made from stainless steel. The whole product is FDA approved so you don’t have to worry about your food being toxic.

The Gourmet Tofu Press from TofuXpress is dishwasher safe; you won’t have to spend time washing it manually. Also, you will get a recipe book and some cards where you can write down your recipe whenever you've created a great dish and want to write it down. Using this product can be a little tricky but once you get the hang of it, it becomes a piece of cake. The first thing you have to do is set up the handle, spring, and the presser together.

There are two locks from both the presser and the handle and the spring needs to be locked in on both ends before using it. When that is ready, just put your tofu on to the box and then use the presser that you’ve locked with your spring and the handle and squeeze until you reach the lock on both ends of your box. When that happens, just lock in your handle to the box lock. You will already see that the water is being squeezed out.

What we liked: We loved the versatile use of this product as it can be used for pressing fruits and vegetables as well.

What we did not like: It might not be the ideal product for you if you are in a hurry as it requires several hours to press the tofu to perfection

Highlighted Features

  • The plastic here is thermoplastic. Thermoplastic ensures that it can take the temperature change and won’t damage your product
  • The product is FDA approved meaning you can be content with the product as it has been thoroughly checked by the government
  • Dishwasher safe is always a good thing as you won’t have to hassle about cleaning it with your hands
  • With this product, you get a recipe book and some cards. By looking at the recipe book you can start cooking your tofu-based dishes and not have any worries. The cards are meant for those times when you've made a great dish and you want to write it down
  • It also comes with a lid that is attached underneath the box. You can take it off and seal your box with the tofu inside or any food really for storing

8. Glue Theory Simple Drip Tofu Press

The eighth entry on our list is from Glue Theory who offers a unique design that features all the premium quality functions that you would want from your tofu press. The body of the product is made up of BPA-free plastic which makes it a safe option as there is no risk of your tofu being impregnated with harmful toxins. The body is kept in position using food-grade stainless steel nuts which means that they are not at risk of rust. 

Being completely mess-free, the tofu press is designed with two 2-springs. The bottom plate comes with holes that will work as a strainer. It also features a detachable bottom drip tray that you can use to very easily discard after you are done with the pressing.

What we liked: We love that this product is backed by a 100% money-back guarantee in case of any issues faced with the quality of the product.

What we did not like: The parts of the press is not detachable so it is more difficult to store it

Highlighted Features

  • The design of the tofu press makes it ideal for much versatile use starting from fruits and vegetables
  • The tofu press is top-rack dishwasher safe which makes it convenient for users who do not have enough time for washing their dishes
  • You can use this for both sliced tofu as well as block tofu as there is enough space for holding both

9. Raw Rutes - Tofu Press (Ninja)

Raw Rutes Tofu Press is a very unique presser from the company Raw Rutes.  This product heavily depends on weight and pressure without any gimmick or any extra force. It comes in two parts. One is the box, where you put your tofu in and another which acts as a presser. The whole product is made from stainless steel.

This product is as simple as it gets as there is nothing extra.  There are not small pieces of nuts or screws to lose or any type of coating that will have an effect on your tofu. One extra feature about this tofu press is that you can also make your own tofu if you know how to make and have the ingredients.

The working of this product is very simple. All you need to do is put your tofu in the box and then apply the presser on top of the tofu. Wait till fifteen minutes so that the excess water can come out.

What we liked: No manual effort such as turning screws is required in this product which makes it very convenient.

What we did not like: There are no major downsides of it however, it may not be ideal for those who are on a budget as it is a pricier option.

Highlighted Features

  • The whole construction is mostly stainless steel ensuring durability and for rough use.
  • With this tofu press, you can also make your own tofu if you are able to.

What is a Tofu?

Tofu is essentially soybean that is watered, coagulated, and then finally pressed and that is how we get those soft white rectangular shapes of goodness that’s called tofu.  Tofu contains a high value of protein and iron which is good for your muscles and strength.

Tofu has mainly four types of textures which are extra firm, firm, soft and silken. Depending on the texture of your tofu, various dishes are created, whether they are for soups, grilling, frying, or even plain cooking.

Types of Tofu Presses

1. Plate-style tofu press

In a plate-style tofu press, there are two plates either made of plastic or of metal which can be tightened with the help of screws to apply tension on the tofu. The pressure will cause the excess water to be drained. The screws or more appropriately known as knobs are adjustable and will require frequent adjusting as the block of tofu shrinks as the water drains out of it. These are more effective in pressing tofus and are considered more time-efficient. 

2. Box-style tofu press

This type features a container and only one top plate that is either weight-loaded or spring-loaded. With this one, you do not have to continually adjust the knobs as you only need to place the block of tofu between the container and the top plate. The plate will continuously exert a force on the tofu, draining the moisture out. The only limitation of this type is that it allows you to press rectangular tofus only.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Tofu Press

1. Material

Generally, the tofu presses are constructed from plastic or stainless steel. When it comes to a plastic body, you need to be careful to make sure that the plastic used in the making is BPA-free or not. Otherwise, your food will be at the risk of being subject to harmful toxins. Plastic tofu presses are inexpensive and readily available.

As for the stainless steel tofu presses, they offer greater durability and easy cleanup processes. They will not rust and provide service for a longer time. 

Tofu presses are also sometimes made from wood but they are not a common pick by the customers. 

The other supporting parts of the tofu press such as the springs and screws are usually made up of stainless steel. Even though the tofu being pressed are not in contact with these, it is still wise to go for stainless steel that is of food-grade quality.

2. Ease of Use

Tofu press is not mandatory when having tofu, but it is mandatory when cooking dishes that need tofu without water. At times like that, you really do not want a contraption that will take your time which makes things lengthier and stressful. Hence we should always look for products that are easy to use and necessarily don’t have a lot of parts that can make the whole process confusing.

Generally, box-style tofu presses are easier to use but if you are running late then you should go for the plate-style ones as they are time-efficient. Moreover, the later type required frequent adjustment of the knobs making it more inconvenient.

3. Dishwasher safe or not?

Maintenance is an important factor that should be considered while choosing the best tofu press. Most of the tofu presses offered to you in the market are top-rack dishwasher friendly. However, some may require hand washing for better maintenance and extending its service life.

Tofu presses that can be disassembled are obviously easier to clean than the ones which cannot be.

4. Ensures smooth texture

Tofu does not have a taste of its own and that is the beauty of it as you are offered the freedom to cook it the way you like it to be. However, you can make it taste delicious when it has a firm and good texture. This can only be obtained by draining out the excess moisture from it and you should go for tofu presses that can effectively do so.

5. Unique features

Unique features can sometimes be helpful and sometimes not. Because at the end of the day, what you need to realize is that you are buying a tofu press for your tofu to be pressed. Any other features can be valuable but with some unnecessary features, it can be just be making more mess instead of being actually helpful.

Additional features that can be considered as a bonus or are helpful are an attractive outlook, warranty or guarantee, unique design, or an in-built draining tray.

How to Use a Tofu Press?


1. How long do I need to press my tofu? 

A. There is no definite time for pressing tofu as it varies from one tofu press to another. Each product has its demands. However, 15 minutes can be considered to be standard and a common time required by most of the tofu presses offered to you in the market. 

2. Can I get already pressed tofu?

A. Yes, you can get already pressed tofu. However, they are not very popular and are only available in a few grocery shops. The already pressed ones are usually very firm and require a longer cooking time.

3. What is silken tofu? Do I need to press it?

A. Silken tofu is a particular type that is very soft and crumbles upon exertion of little force. Therefore, this type does not require pressing. They are usually ready to be used right out of the packet. However, if the recipe you are following requires you to press them, you can press them between paper towels with the use of your hands.


Tofu is great. It’s an interesting dish by itself because not many might know, but you can have tofu right out of the packet. But of course, the texture has to be soft or silken. Tofu by itself is wonderful and contains a high percentage of nutrients that are valuable for health. If cooked correctly and done right, it can be delicious and healthy.

We think that understanding food and the kitchen utensils are important. And hence we have written this article so that you can you can get an idea of what is this all about. We hope that after reading it, you get an understanding and start making delicious and healthy tofu dishes in no time.

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