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The 6 Best Tofu Press in 2020

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Tofu, a wondrous type of food that looks white as snow and softer than gelatin if not just as soft. Yes, we can agree with you that it tastes like nothing, but that’s the interesting part, well at least to us it is. If it doesn’t have any taste, then why not create your own flavor. We mean, we have all the spice and ingredients.  

This article is about the best tofu press. But before we go with the reviews, we just want to talk about what tofu is. Because not everyone knows what tofu is.  And for those who do, they just aren’t just keen on it. And we don’t blame them because; they just don’t want to try something that tastes bland.  But we believe that, if you can make something out of nothing and in this case something that doesn’t taste like anything, then that’s an achievement.

Tofu is essentially soybean that is watered, coagulated and then finally pressed and that is how we get those soft white rectangular shaped of goodness that’s called tofu.  Tofu contains a high value of protein and iron which is good for your muscles and strength.

Tofu has mainly four types of textures which are extra firm, firm, soft and silken. Depending on the texture of your tofu, various dishes are created, whether they are for soups, grilling, frying or even plain cooking.  Also not to mention that tofu press is also used based on the texture of your tofu. And in this case, firm and extra-firm are highly recommended because of its solid structure.

Now, these things are confusing and you are not alone. Moreover, finding a good tofu press can be hard to find, especially when you don’t know of which one to buy. That is why we have written this to make things easier for you. We have selected some of the best tofu press on the market and you and us will go through it one by one and understand the mechanics, differences, factors that need to be played, and mainly why we think that a particular product is better than the other.

Best Pick

Super Tofu Press

The point of having a tofu press is to do of what its name suggests. And the tofu press from Tofu Presser does just that and gets placed in our best pick. With no gimmick involved just plain pressure from the two knobs that make the plates go against each other while the tofu is in the middle of them makes things easy and quick.  Because of the plastic plates, it’s light and you won’t have issues if it drops.

Budget Pick

EZ Tofu Press

Just as the best pick, the budget pick one has the same mechanism as it’s simple, efficient and works like a charm. The reason why the tofu press from EZ comes in our budget pick is because of a tiny difference.  Unlike the tofu press from Tofu Presser, this one doesn’t have springs. The springs help you in feeling the tension as you twist the knobs, giving you a general feedback. 

As above, we have given our verdict of what we think is the best and budget among the products that we have chosen. But we won’t stop there. If you want to get the full answer and understand why we have chosen those two products then please do continue to read as we will go on a full thorough review starting with the grade and comparison table.

1. Tofu Presser Super Tofu Press

One thing is clear; tofu press should not be a hassle for your cooking. It needs to be simple and be made to do only one thing, and that is pressing tofu. The Super Tofu Press from Tofu Presser does just that.  The two plates are made from plastic that is BPA and HDPE free.

So your tofu won’t be affected while you prepare your tofu as its being squeezed. All the nuts, bolts and springs are food friendly and are approved by FDA which assures that your food is safe.  You can also use this tofu press on anything that needs to be pressed and can fit between the two plates.

The way this product works is very simple. You simply put your tofu in the middle of between two plates. After that, you simply use both the knobs at the top and tighten it firmly. After you’ve turned your knobs enough and see that your tofu is being squeezed, leave it for about 15 minutes and all the excess water will be removed from it.

Highlighted Features

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    The plastic that is BPA and HDPE free is always good. It assures you that its food friendly and won't affect your food.
  • check
    FDA approved makes things safer because you know that it has been checked by the government and approves the product.
  • check
    Because it's a presser, you can also use it for other things that need to be pressed.

2. EZ Tofu Press

Just like the first one, this has the same ground design. It is simple and does what it needs to do. The slabs are constructed with plastic that is USDA approved and it is BPA free. Hence your tofu won’t be contaminated while using it and you can use your squeezed tofu without any worries. This also comes with two knobs at the top for squeezing the tofu that will be in between two slabs.  

One food feature about this product is the fact that at the bottom slab, you have a centered mark in the middle showing you where to place your tofu giving you the ability to squeeze your tofu perfectly every time you do it. There are no springs or bands here to wear out so you don’t have to think about all the parts of this product and the durability of it.

Using this product is also the same as the first one. You simply put your tofu in the middle between the two slabs. The centered mark in at the bottom slab makes it easier for you to put it off where it should be. Then simply turn the knobs at the top until you see that your tofu is being squeezed properly. When that happens, stop turning and leave it for about 15 min so that the water can get out of the tofu in order for you to start using it.

Highlighted Features

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    USDA approval gives you the metal peace of using this product without having a second thought that this might have a defect or something can go wrong.
  • check
    BPA gives you the assurance that the product won’t germinate your food and have toxins.
  • check
    There is a center mark at the bottom slab that gives you the precision of where to put your tofu when squeezing.

3. TofuXpress Gourmet Tofu Press

Unlike the first two, this one is a bit different. And sometimes, different can be quite handy at times. There are two parts to this product. The first part consists of is the handle, a spring and the presser. The second part consists of the box where the tofu will be put and a lid underneath the box that can be picked off which later can be used for storing your tofu after it has been pressed.

The whole construction over here is mainly plastic other than the spring itself. The plastic is thermoplastic, so it won't be damaged over the change in temperature and the spring is made from stainless steel. The whole product is FDA approved so you don’t have to worry about your food being toxic. 

The Gourmet Tofu Press from TofuXpress is dishwasher safe; you won’t have to spend time washing it manually. Also, you will get a recipe book and some cards where you can write down your own recipe whenever you've created a great dish and want to write it down. Using this product can be a little tricky but once you get the hang of it, it becomes a piece of cake.  The first thing you have to do is setup the handle, spring and the presser together.

There are two locks from both the presser and the handle and the spring need to be locked in on both ends before using it. When that is ready, just put your tofu on to the box and then use the presser that you’ve locked with your spring and the handle and squeeze until you reach the lock on both ends of your box. When that happens, just lock in your handle to the box lock. You will already see that the water is being squeezed out.  

Highlighted Features

  • check
    The plastic here is thermoplastic. Thermoplastic ensures that it can take the change in temperature and won’t damage your product.
  • check
    The product is FDA approved meaning you can be content with the product as it has been thoroughly checked by the government.
  • check
    Dishwasher safe is always a good thing as you won’t have to hassle about cleaning it with your hands.
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    With this product, you get a recipe book and some cards. By looking at the recipe book you can start cooking your tofu-based dishes and not have any worries. The cards are meant for those times when you've made a great dish and you want to write it down.
  • check
    It also comes with a lid that is attached underneath the box. You can take it off and seal your box with the tofu inside or any food really for storing.

4. Tofuture Ltd Tofu Press

Tofu press from Tofurture is easy to use, stylish in design and light in weight. The press consists of 3 parts that are essential for it to work. The whole construction is made of plastic is BPA free, so you can assure that your food does not contain any unhealthy toxins. It is also dishwasher safe, so you don't have to waste your time cleaning it.

As mentioned, there are 3 parts to this product. At the bottom is the box for excess water will be stored. Then comes the strainer, where you will be putting your tofu in.  And at last but not least, the presser which also acts as a lid.  This product is of compact design and can be stored anywhere, even in the fridge for storage purpose if you would like.

The way this product works is simple and mess-free. All you need to do is put the strainer over the box and then put your tofu in the strainer. After that, put your lid on the strainer where the tofu is. Now you may find that it's not closing in tight because of the tofu. What you have to do is, on the sides of the presser, there are those two popups.

Pop them up, and you will find two bands. On the box at the sides, there are 3 levels of pressure. Use your bands from the presser and fit in on those levels depending on the pressure you want to have. And make sure that after fitting your bands, you close those two popups inside the presser to get a secured grip for the pressure.

Highlighted Features

  • check
    BPA free gives your product a sigh of relief as it won’t affect your food and contaminate it.
  • check
    This tofu press is dishwasher safe, so goodbye to spending time cleaning your tofu press.
  • check
    The presser also has a lid that can be used as a dish cover.

5. Raw Rutes - Tofu Press (Ninja)

Raw Rutes Tofu Press is a very unique presser from the company Raw Rutes.  This product heavily depends on weight and pressure without any gimmick or any extra force. It comes in two parts. One is the box, where you put your tofu in and another which acts as a presser. The whole product is made from stainless steel.

This product is as simple as it gets as there is nothing extra.  There are not small pieces of nuts or screws to lose or any type of coating that will have an effect on your tofu. One extra feature about this tofu press is that you can also make your own tofu if you know how to make and have the ingredients.

The working of this product is very simple. All you need to do is put your tofu in the box and then apply the presser on top of the tofu. Wait till fifteen minutes so that the excess water can come out.

Highlighted Features

  • check
    The whole construction is mostly stainless steel ensuring durability and for rough use.
  • check
    With this tofu press, you can also make your own tofu if you are able to.

6. Mangocore Tofu Maker Press Mold Kit 

This tofu press from Mangocore comes in a light food grade plastic form which doesn’t have any bad odor and is harmless to your tofu. This tofu is mainly specialized in making tofu but can also be used for pressing tofu.

With its off-white color design and straight space for drainage for the excess water, you can not only make your tofu but press your tofu with ease and style. The tofu press also comes with a cheesecloth which is an important piece when making tofu. Using this product is fairly simple and easy. 

All you need to do is put the tofu in the middle of the box and with the lid which is also the presser, just press it down.  With enough pressure from top and time, excess water will start to come out and you will get your tofu all set and ready.

Highlighted Features

  • check
    The plastic of this tofu press is of food grade meaning it’s safe to use in the kitchen.
  • check
    The tofu press from Mangocore also comes with a cheesecloth which is essential for making tofu.

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Tofu Press


All of us should understand how things work. Because if we don't, then we can’t do things correctly. Hence when it comes to tofu press, it is mandatory that we know how it works. Otherwise, we will be just wasting good and nutritious tofu.

Ease of Use

Tofu press is not mandatory when having tofu, but it is mandatory when cooking dishes that need tofu without water. At times like that, you really do not want a contraption that will take your time which makes things lengthier and stressful. Hence we should always look for products that are easy to use and necessarily don’t have a lot of parts that can make the whole process confusing.

Unique features

Unique features can sometimes be helpful and sometimes not. Because at the end of the day, what you need to realize is that you are buying a tofu press for your tofu to be pressed. Any other features can be valuable but with some unnecessary features, it can be just be making more mess instead of being actually helpful.


Tofu is great. It’s an interesting dish by itself because not many might know, but you can have tofu right out of the packet. But of course, the texture has to be soft or silken. Tofu by itself is wonderful and contains a high percentage of nutrients that are valuable for health. If cooked correctly and done right, it can be delicious and healthy.

We think that understanding food and the kitchen utensils are important. And hence we have written this article so that you can you can get an idea of what is this all about. We hope that after reading it, you get an understanding and start making delicious and healthy tofu dishes in no time.

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