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The 7 Best Chocolate Syrups in 2023

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There’s something that is just so satisfying and pleasing that having the best chocolate syrup drizzled all over and on top of your vanilla ice cream. Whether it’s because chocolate has such an undeniably pleasurable taste or perhaps it’s because who can resist some more sugar in their dessert?

Whatever the reason for people wanting to use chocolate syrup, what these same people may not know is how versatile it is as well. While many people can only think of putting chocolate syrup on their ice cream, it can also be added to your milk to create your own version of chocolate milk. Better yet, if your pie’s crust looks rather dry, you can add some chocolate syrup to it to add some moisture and more texture to it.

There are plenty of great chocolate syrup choices out there and while it may seem like a similar product in the end, there can be lots of differences between them. The amount of sugar used, the type of chocolate (white or dark), and the amount of calories are all factors that can affect both the taste and people’s preference over which one to choose.

Best Pick

Torani Sugar Free Chocolate Syrup

Our best pick chocolate syrup is the Torani Sugar Free Chocolate Syrup. Full of that bold and rich chocolate taste but in a syrup format, it’s really hard to find one that tops this one in terms of quality, taste, and value.

Budget Pick

ChocZero's Chocolate Sugar-Free Syrup

Shoppers looking for a chocolate syrup on a budget will be delighted with the ChocZero's Chocolate Sugar-Free Syrup. On top of being easier on the wallet, this one is also very health-conscious and contains no added sugar in its syrup.

Quick Comparison: Top 7 Best Chocolate Syrup

For people looking for the absolute overall best chocolate syrup need to look no further than the Torani Sugar Free Chocolate Syrup. This chocolate syrup is a cut above the rest thanks to its superb value and more health-conscious ingredients, which may surprise some people.

Chocolate syrup may not necessarily be known to be the healthiest of toppings to your ice cream or milk but with the Torani, this problem just might be solved. That’s because this chocolate syrup is actually sugar free and if you were to take a peek at its nutrition facts, you would see for yourself that this chocolate syrup contains zero grams of total sugar.

If you’re wondering where it gets its sweetness from, the answer is it uses Splenda to sweeten it. In using Splenda as its sweetener, it reduces its sugar content to zero which makes this the perfect guilt-free chocolate syrup to add to your vanilla ice cream. An added benefit of not having any sugar in its recipe is that it does not come with any calories as well!

Many people have raved about this Torani Sugar Free Chocolate Syrup and for good reason, too. Aside from the guilt-free pleasures of consuming it, this syrup also comes in a pack of four containers of this delicious chocolate syrup. Each container is filled up with 25.4 fluid ounces of sugar free chocolate syrup or approximately 750 milliliters.

What we liked: despite having no sugar in this chocolate syrup, which is almost too hard to believe, it tasted amazingly great and full of that familiar chocolate flavor. Its texture was also very much like any other syrup, both rich and smooth.

What we didn’t like: as much as we loved this Torani Chocolate Syrup, four bottles of this syrup is definitely way too much for us to consume, no matter how guilt-free it is to consume it!

For people on the prowl for the best bang for their buck, the ChocZero's Chocolate Sugar-Free Syrup is likely the top choice. Some people simply just want the best product for the best (lowest) possible price and the ChocZero’s Chocolate Syrup offers great value and most importantly, a high-quality chocolate syrup.

Decadent, indulgent, smooth, and full of chocolate flavor are all the ways you can describe this chocolate syrup. As its name mentions, it is also sugar free which means you don’t have to feel bad putting a bit extra in your milk or on your ice cream.

Despite not having any sugar in it, it still manages to produce a sweet syrup taste thanks to its usage of real cocoa liquor and top-quality cocoa beans. What’s even more impressive is that this chocolate syrup also doesn’t use any water to dilute it down and what you end up with is a perfectly smooth and rich syrup that is also free of any preservatives.

Each serving of this sugar-free syrup (one tablespoon) does contain approximately 37 calories but it does also contain a dietary fiber intake of 14 grams. Each container of this chocolate syrup comes with 12 fluid ounces, or roughly 350 milliliters.

What we liked: we really enjoyed the texture of this chocolate syrup. It was very consistent with other and even more unhealthy chocolate syrups, as it was very fudge-like and it tasted just as good as some of these other syrups. The fact that it didn’t contain any sugar was a big bonus, especially if you want to eat this with your ice cream but want to keep a close eye on your sugar intake.

What we didn’t like: what we didn’t like was that it advertises itself as being friendly for the Keto diet but what we experienced was that immediately after eating this syrup, it knocked us out of ketosis and we felt pretty terrible for a few days. A few other people have also experienced this as well.

Another excellent and delicious chocolate syrup brand to consider is the Walden Farms Calorie Free Chocolate Syrup. This chocolate syrup is made and produced in the USA and much like our top choice and budget-friendly choice, it also offers another guilt-free way to enjoy chocolate syrup to go with your favorite desserts.

Indulging in gluttonous vanilla ice cream doused in chocolate syrup can be a dream and a fantasy for some people. For those who fantasize it, one drawback could be that this chocolate syrup could be packed with both sugar and calories. Those fears can be eliminated with this Chocolate Syrup because it is both sugar free and calorie free as well. What makes this chocolate syrup even more appealing is that it also does not have fat or cholesterol added into it either.

There’s no fat in this chocolate syrup because it is made of cocoa powder that has been defatted. Pair this defatted powder with a natural flavor, water, and caramel color and you have a very guilt-free chocolate syrup product! Even though it doesn’t contain any sugar or calories, it does, however, contain sucralose, which is an artificial sweetener. Depending on where you stand with sucralose, it can be a polarizing sweetener choice for some people.

This Walden Farms Calorie Free Chocolate Syrup comes in a pack of 6 bottles. Each bottle contains 12 fluid ounces or roughly 350 milliliters.

What we liked: despite having no sugar, the taste of this chocolate syrup is surprisingly quite good. We used in a variety of different ways, such as on our ice cream, in a smoothie, and to make chocolate milk, and each time, the taste turned out great and we were happy with it.

What we didn’t like: one thing we particularly didn’t enjoy with this chocolate syrup is its texture. It’s rather goopy and oftentimes chunky, and not the smooth and rich texture you would come to expect from a top-notch chocolate syrup.

We couldn’t possibly talk about chocolate or chocolate syrup without referring to one of the biggest chocolate-making brands in the world, Hershey’s. The Hershey’s brand is so revered in America that its corporate headquarters are located in the town named after this famous chocolate-making company, Hershey, Pennsylvania. Thus, it’s no surprise then that they also produce some of the most satisfying chocolate syrup around.

If you’ve ever had a Hershey’s chocolate, in particular, those infamous Hershey’s Kisses, you’ll know exactly what their chocolate tastes like. Now, with their Chocolate Syrup, think of it tasting exactly like it would if you were to melt those Hershey Kisses and put it into a bottle!

That sweet, rich, and familiar taste of that dark milk chocolate melted down into a perfectly smooth and rich chocolate syrup is precisely what you’ll get with Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup. This Chocolate Syrup will pair well with any dessert and for parents looking for a less sugary chocolate syrup choice, this Hershey’s one actually contains less sugar, up to 50% less sugar to be exact.

This Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup only contains 20 calories for every tablespoon, which is actually great when you consider that the only thing they know how to make is chocolate! A bottle of their Chocolate Syrup comes in 18.5 fluid ounces, or roughly, 550 milliliters.

What we liked: we absolutely loved this Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup for its taste and nostalgic factor. It distinctly reminded us of our childhood when we had it and the fact that it contained less sugar, which was very noticeable in its taste, meant that we didn’t have to think twice about feeding it to our children.

What we didn’t like: there really isn’t much to not like about this blast from the past chocolate syrup. Perhaps, one thing that we did notice was that instead of using less sugar, we also did notice a faint taste of an artificial sweetener of some kind.

Ghirardelli is a premium chocolate brand that is known for their collection of stores where customers go to purchase their favorite sweet treats. They also have an incredible line of sweet products, highlighted by their chocolates. In its liquid form, their Ghirardelli Premium Sauce White Chocolate is an excellent chocolate syrup choice for people that want something a bit different with their chocolate syrup.

As the name of this product mentions, this Ghirardelli Premium Sauce White Chocolate is the best choice for people who prefer white over dark chocolate. White chocolate tends to have a less bolder and sometimes, a sweeter taste than dark chocolate. People that love white chocolate will instantly recognize that delicious and sweet white chocolate taste with this white chocolate syrup.

This white chocolate syrup is made with real cocoa butter and can be used in a number of different ways. It can be used as a topping on top of your ice cream but the flavor of this chocolate syrup is also versatile enough to be used well in espresso-based drinks and other hot beverages. Adding this white chocolate syrup to these beverages will make it a perfect substitute for ordinary sugar.

Ghirardelli offers their White Chocolate Syrup with their familiar classy branding in a bottle that looks equally as classy. Be careful though, as you will get plenty of white chocolate syrup with this one as it comes in a large, five-pound size bottle. Since there is so much syrup in this one container, you might want a pump to make it easier to extract the white chocolate syrup, however, you’ll have to purchase this pump separately.

What we liked: the flavor of this white chocolate syrup is great and is perfect if you’re looking for a break from that regular dark chocolate syrup you always usually have.

What we didn’t like: one thing that we were really disappointed with was how clumpy this white chocolate syrup got. We don’t have the pump and every time we’d try to take some syrup out, all we ended up getting were thick, chunky globs of white chocolate syrup.

For chocolate syrup lovers looking for a premium dessert experience need to look no further than Monin’s Gourmet Dark Chocolate Sauce. Packaged in a fine bottle, that kind of resembles a small shampoo bottle, this chocolate syrup is a deluxe experience for those that enjoy the finer products in life.

Bold, rich, velvety, dark chocolate flavors are what you’ll get with this Monin Chocolate Sauce. Its texture is perfectly similar to what you would expect of a high-quality syrup and there are plenty of ways this syrup can be enjoyed with. Whether that’s on top of your ice cream, as a dipping sauce for your pastries, or even in your beverages, this Monin Chocolate Sauce will add plenty of great chocolate flavor and will not disappoint.

In terms of taste, many people say this Monin Chocolate Sauce is among the best as you get that intensely bold dark chocolate flavor and sweet smelling fragrance. Its texture is very creamy and velvety, yet not excessively sweet as well, striking that fine balance between the sweetness and acidity of dark chocolate.

This Monin Dark Chocolate Sauce comes in a BPA-free bottle that contains 12 fluid ounces (355 milliliters) of chocolate syrup. It’s also very health conscious as well as each serving will only produce 60 calories and only 12 grams of sugar. It doesn’t include any artificial colors or flavors in its recipe and is also free of gluten and Kosher as well. Making this chocolate syrup as accessible to as many people as possible is exactly why it is an amazingly great addition for any dessert.

What we liked: if you’re looking for an ultra-premium chocolate syrup experience, there’s a good chance you won’t find one better than this one. We were very happy that after using it for months, the texture of the sauce never changed and got clumpy. The texture remained smooth throughout our usage of this bottle and we would totally recommend it.

What we didn’t like: one thing this chocolate syrup could definitely improve upon is the consistency of its sauce. This syrup is a bit on the thicker side and could probably be less thick. This would help it to come out of its bottle a bit easier. However, if you prefer your chocolate syrup on the thicker side, this is a very good choice.

If you’ve ever had chocolate syrup before whether at a restaurant, an ice cream parlor, or even at your friend’s house, then there’s a good chance that the chocolate syrup used was The Original Bosco Chocolate Syrup. This chocolate syrup is a timeless classic and Bosco first started producing chocolate syrup all the way back in 1928.

This classic throwback of a chocolate syrup will take you back to your childhood days where times were much simpler. You wouldn’t think twice about asking for extra pours of this delectable chocolate syrup. That smooth and rich chocolate syrup would come easily gushing out of its bottle and all over your vanilla ice cream for you to enjoy.

Now, you can reminisce and purchase that slice of nostalgia for you and your kids. The Original Bosco Chocolate Syrup still tastes exactly the same as when it did when you were a child as they have not changed their recipe. Each pour of their chocolate syrup still produces that perfect chocolate malt taste that pairs well with any of your favorite desserts.

Each bottle of this Original Bosco Chocolate Syrup comes with 22 ounces of fluid or roughly 650 milliliters. Their chocolate syrup is made of natural cocoa and contains a decent amount of B vitamins. Each serving size does contain 22 grams of sugar so be mindful of that when you pour it out onto your ice cream.

What we liked: we had completely forgotten about the Bosco brand and their chocolate syrup until we recently tried it again. Not only did it taste exactly how we remembered it when we were kids, but we were just very happy to see our kids enjoy as much as we did when we were their age. An absolutely terrific blast from the past that is still delicious!

What we didn’t like: now that we’re older and pay attention to calories and sugar contents, this Bosco Chocolate Syrup does have a higher sugar and calorie (110) count per serving so watch out for that if you pay attention to these figures as well.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Chocolate Syrup

Type of Chocolate Syrup

When people think of chocolate syrup, their minds will usually default to the dark, smooth, and sweet chocolate syrup you typically tend to see on top most ice cream sundaes. However, while the overwhelming vast majority of chocolate syrups are of the dark chocolate variety, there are plenty of white chocolate ones out there too.

White chocolate syrup is definitely for people who prefer white chocolate over dark chocolate. After all, why miss out on the fun of having white chocolate splashed all over your ice cream? In many ways, white chocolate syrup tastes just as good as dark chocolate syrup and is just as sweet of a treat to enjoy on your favorite desserts.

Sugar Content

You probably already know that when you’re pouring tons of chocolate syrup all over your ice cream or in your milk, it’s going to taste quite sweet. Most chocolate syrups tend to be derived from natural cocoa sources and with that, it brings plenty of sweetness to the syrup.

However, there are plenty of great chocolate syrups that try and keep the sugar content as low as possible. Even better, there are some chocolate syrups out there, Torani’s comes to mind, that even offer sugar free chocolate syrup! It will, however, uses alternative means to sweeten the syrup (i.e. Splenda) but the sugar content will effectively be zero.

If you’re someone who has to watch the amount of sugar you intake, we suggest you definitely read through the nutritional content of the chocolate syrup you have your eye on. Most of them do come quite sweet, as evidenced by its sugar levels, but there are a few ones out there that exclude it completely.

Caloric Content

In a similar vein to the sugar content, the calories in a chocolate syrup can be rather high when you break it down on a per serving level. There are some chocolate syrups that offer a modest amount of calories per serving, in the range of 20-40 calories. However, because chocolate is quite sweet and decadent, there are a few chocolate syrups that run calories on a per serving level above 100.

If you’re one who watches their calories frequently, you’ll be happy to know that there are still some tasty and amazing chocolate syrups that don’t contain any calories in it whatsoever. Not only is this a massive bonus but it definitely lets people not think twice about reaching for that extra pouring of chocolate syrup!


When it comes to the texture of chocolate syrup, the simple answer is that it can vary. The majority of chocolate syrups are very runny yet, at the same time, very smooth when it comes out of the bottle. For the most part, when you squirt chocolate syrup out of the bottle, it usually will tend to run out quite easily and without any resistance.

There are times, however, where that may not be the case. There are instances where the chocolate syrup can tend to thicken or clump up together inside the bottle. What happens here is that it no longer will come out smoothly from the bottle. When it does come of the bottle, it generally won’t be very liquid-like and instead will just end up looking like globs or clumps of chocolate.

To prevent this, it’s important to read the instructions of where to store your chocolate syrup after using it. Some bottles will require you to refrigerate it right away after using it while others may tell you to keep it in a dry, pantry.

Final Thoughts

Creamy, smooth, rich, and sweet. These are all of the magnificent ways people tend to describe chocolate syrup. Whether you use it on your ice cream, in your milk, on your dessert, or even on your crepes, its versatility as that finishing sweet touch to your food is endless.

So, next time you go and get a scoop of that vanilla ice cream or if you want to change things up with your next glass of milk, consider adding in some of the best chocolate syrup to it. We promise you that you won’t regret it.
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