What Does Thai Tea Taste Like

What Does Thai Tea Taste Like?

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One of the popular drinks among tea lovers is Thai tea. From its vibrant color that catches every eye to its being creamy and tasty, Thai tea has won the hearts of many food lovers.

Thai tea can be served hot or cold too which makes it an excellent choice for any kind of dish at any time of the day. What makes it so popular? Let’s find out in detail-

What is Thai tea

What is Thai tea

If you can’t tell by the name already, Thai tea comes from Southeast Asia. It is a popular drink there that also goes with their cuisine really well. It is not strictly a hot or cold drink. It can be served in both ways. The most distinguishable and particular feature of this tea is that the main ingredient, which is the tea, is called Ceylon tea.

The vibrant orange color that makes it stand out also comes from Ceylon tea. Although the tea is Thai, Ceylon comes from Sri Lanka which isn’t very far from Thailand. Ceylon has other types as well such as oolong, green Ceylon, etc. The notable characteristic of this tea is that it makes your drink very refreshing and floral aromatic.

Thai tea is a popular and regular drink throughout Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries. It is also known to be a very healthy and strong-flavored tea. But Thai tea isn’t as strong. Because of other ingredients added to it, it tastes mild, subtle, and runs smooth. But the smoky aroma and floral flavor come from Ceylon which makes Thai tea a popular option.

What Does Thai Tea Taste Like

What Does Thai Tea Taste Like

Unlike green tea, any kind of Thai tea will be sweet. Although Thai tea consists of several ingredients and can range from blue to orange, from creamy to not-so-rich, one ingredient stays in its sweetness of it. So, it sounds like a piece of good news to those with a sweet tooth. This might be the drink for them. A lot of people think Thai tea is similar to a chai latte, or the texture is close to milk tea.

However, Thai tea actually has a distinctive taste and flavor to it. The biggest difference between chai and Thai tea is that the latter tends to have a rich creamy texture.

But chai doesn’t have that. Chai is more liquid and mild. Also, in chai, they use liquid milk, not condensed ones. The rich texture of Thai tea comes from condensed milk and vanilla. Condensed milk also adds sweetness to it. You can try to use unsweetened condensed milk as well if the sweetness gets too much.

Thai tea tastes like its name too. It has a bit of mild eathy taste and floral aroma to it. This special taste makes it great to have with southeast Asian cuisine. However, the main ingredient, the tea itself, dictates most of its flavor. The smoky flavor citrus flavor and strong tea leaves make it a strong yet balanced drink. It also runs smoothly which goes with other spicy or soupy dishes. The spices in Thai tea add different flavors to it as well.

Star anise, cinnamon, cardamom, and sometimes usage of tamarind create a blend of sweet, sour, and floral taste that makes it so heavenly. Sounds like something you want to try? Get Prince of Peace Instant Thai Tea here right now!

Often times people also compare the taste with Hongkong milk tea. But Thai tea has a hint of bitterness and sourness and a nutty taste that is missing in Hongkong tea. But Thai tea might not be the healthiest option among all others since it is too sweet. 

The condensed milk and sweetness added to it would be a bad option for diabetic people or those who are trying to cut off on sugar. But you can make it healthier if you get the one without condensed milk.

Another substitute for that is evaporated milk.  Thai tea also has boba and looks very vibrant. Not only does it taste good, but it also looks very aesthetically pleasing too. 

Blue Thai Tea

Not only does the color of Thai Tea change, but also its ingredients, flavor, and texture! Unlike vibrant orange color, Thai tea can be found in an ocean blue color that clams your mind or gives you a sea beach vibe. It has ingredients like butterfly pea flower, sugar, lemon, chamomile honey, milk, boba, etc. All of these add a sweeter and more refreshing taste.

The different taste is the woody and lime flavor. Chamomile and lemongrass add a fresh and citrus flavor that won’t be found in other types. It also creates a healthier version. 

Green Thai Tea

After the oceanic blue color, comes the most awaited green Thai tea. Most people mistake it for green tea. But it is nothing like green tea but if anything it is better than that. The green color that this one has comes from the mint. Green Thai tea has mint, and jasmine, along with sugar, lemon, and Ceylon tea.

The mint and jasmine create an amazing floral aroma and fruity flavor that is nothing like other Thai teas. The sweetness blends with the freshness of mint to create a summer punch taste and flavor. If you are looking for a fruity tea, go with green Thai tea.

Red Thai Tea

If you were thinking they can only create one vibrant color with Thai tea, think again. Because another version of Thai tea is red! But it is not that different than regular or most popular orange Thai tea. This one has a spicy flavor added to it and a different version of condensed milk that is evaporated.

Other than that, the sweet and rich texture of orange Thai tea stays. The way it becomes red is the tea is brewed for a longer period. That makes it very strong too. But the spicy and sweet flavor tones it down to a level that is different and enjoyable.

How to Make Thai Tea 

How to Make Thai Tea
  • The first step of making any type of tea is boiling water. After the water has been boiled for 5-6 minutes, you can add the spices that you want to add like cardamom, star anise, cinnamon, etc. Then add sugar and tea bags. Wait until the sugar dissolves and the tea gets the color that it needs.
  • After removing the heat, let it chill for half an hour. Thai tea has a very strong flavor which is why it needs to sit still with tea bags for a long time. The duration can go up to two hours as well. 
  • You can then remove the spices and tea bags from the water. So that enough flavor has been added to the tea and it can sit still. You can now store this tea for future use as well. This is one of the advantages of making Thai tea. You can store it really well.
  • When you are making the drink, you can then add half of the glass with the type of milk you are using. Then fill the other half of the glass with tea. You can also add whipped cream on top for visuals or for taste.


Although it might sound like a drink that is too sweet, Thai tea also brings healthy values to your drink. The Ceylon tea used in it can reduce stress, lose weight, and widen arteries that make the blood run smoothly. In fact, black tea has been medically approved as a way to reduce blood cholesterol according to a study.

You can also customize the tea with less sugar, unsweetened condensed milk, etc to make it healthier. You can watch this to see the 3 ways you can brew this drink for different tastes too!

Whichever way you try it, it is definitely worth giving a try.

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