Joseph Joseph Microwave Cooking Set Review : A Easy Solution to Cook Meals Everyday

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Cooking appears to be a hassle for some people. For me, I love ready-to-eat meals as I am not a fan of cooking. Recently, I found a cooking set which cooks meals easily in the microwave and I do not have to stand in front of the stove for stirring and adding items. The cooking set is from Joseph Joseph.


The cooking set is very handy and you can carry it with you if you are staying in a hotel. It does not take a lot of space in your luggage and is a lifesaver when you are hungry. With this, you can cook anywhere where there is electricity and a microwave. 

The cooking set is assembled with

  • A griddle for grilling vegetables or frying bacon. 
  • A steamer to help steam cook meats or veggies. 
  • 2 cooking pots for cooking pasta, rice, spaghetti, etc. 
  • A lid that can be used on the pots and the steamer.


I received the cooking pot in a nicely packed box. All four parts of the cooking pot were assembled. A manual is given with the pot mentioning the cooking duration and guidelines. One thing to keep in mind is that different microwaves have different wattage power. You need to customize the timing according to your microwave to perfectly cook the food. 

What can be cooked in this pot?

The main focus of designing this pot is to cook the meals effortlessly at the same time. I tried making some mashed potato and a steamed chicken and it came out pretty well. You can try cooking bacon, asparagus, mushroom, carrots, broccoli, green beans, potatoes, fish, chicken, rice, and spaghetti. 

I have also read that pasta can be prepared on the cooking pots. I like the fact that the manual mentioned the amount of water required to cook a certain quantity of items. The cooking time and standing time are also mentioned but the time can vary depending on the specification of your oven.


How to use the assembled parts?

The microwave-safe cooking set has 4 parts on which you can cook the meals. The 2 cooking pots that come with it are 2 liters each. On these pots, rice, boiled eggs, tomatoes, and potatoes can be made. In addition, if you want to cook pasta or spaghetti, you need to white large pots to cook.


A steamer is given to steam cook the veggies. Steam veggies are very healthy as they keep all the nutrients intact. To steam the veggies, put water in one of the pots, place the steam plate over the pot and cover the steamer with the lid. The steamed vegetables will be ready in 5 to 8 minutes. The steamed chicken takes around 10 to 15 minutes. The steamers come in black color. 

Thirdly, the griddle helps to make the morning breakfast easily. Slices of bacon can be made within 2 to minutes on the orange griddle. You can place slices of bread that will develop a crisp around the edges with the bacon. 

The griddle can work individually but for the other parts, you need to use the lid. I love the lid that comes with this cooking set because it is flexible to use with every part. The lid can be used to cover the pots for cooking rice or any other meals. Also by reversing the lid, it can be used as a steaming plate to heat stale pizza, bagels, etc. 

This stackable microwave cooking set can be served on the table as its design is quite appealing. Moreover, the lid and the pots have handles on both sides to safely hold the hot parts. However, one unpleasing thing about this cooking set is that it gets stained easily if you marinate the fish or chicken with turmeric or chilies or any ingredient that gives a colorful look to the meals. Other than that, it is a compact cooking set that is easily washed in the dishwasher and can be stored in the kitchen cupboard without wasting much space. 


  • This stackable cookware lets you cook various items at the same time. 
  • This cooking set is safe to use in the microwave for cooking. 
  • The lid has handles to easily take off the lid. 
  • The pot includes a steamer, griddle, and 2 cooking pots. 
  • The set can be cleaned in the dishwasher. 
  • The design of the cooking pot is flexible enough to change the pieces when you want.


  • The cooking set can only be used to cook in the microwave. 
  • The pots can easily get stained from red chili powder or turmeric powder.

All the cooking times of the meals are mentioned considering an oven of 800W. So it is essential to read the guidelines thoroughly before buying this microwave cooking set. For me, it was a life savior as I can put the meals on the pot, start the microwave with a certain cooking time. While the meal is being cooked, I can get done with my other work at home.

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