The 12 Best Wireless Meat Thermometers for Safe-Cooking

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When it comes to cooking food on the grill or in the oven, temperature plays an important role in bringing out the flavors and desired textures in food. The temperature should be high enough to kill all the harmful bacteria so that you do not contract any diseases. If you are cooking steak or following a specific recipe, the food should reach the desired temperatures for the best results. If you struggle to keep track of cooking temperatures, a wireless meat thermometer might just do the trick for you. 

A wireless meat thermometer allows you to monitor the temperature of the food without being in front of the grill at all times. Most meat thermometers offer a wireless connection via WiFi or Bluetooth.  With the best wireless meat thermometers in hand, you will be able to sit back and relax while keeping track of the food.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Wireless Meat Thermometer

Using Thermometers for Safe Cooking and Serving

Thermometers aren’t just there for cooking meat, they can also be used to help ensure we store and serve food at the correct temperature, all of which can help minimize our risk of food borne illness.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) sets temperature requirements to help maintain food safety. The USDA states the minimum requirements for cooking raw pork, beef, veal and lamb chops and roasts is to an internal temperature of at least 145°F before turning heat off. The meat should also be allowed to rest for three minutes or more before carving or eating. Ground meats should be cooked to at least 160 °F and poultry to at least 165°F.

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The USDA also recommend that fish, shellfish and fresh hams are cooked to an internal temperature of 145°F. If you are reheating a ham already cooked, then you should reheat to 140°F if it was packaged in a USDA-inspected plant, otherwise all other hams should be reheated to 165°F.

If you are using chafing dishes when serving, you should keep any hot food (including meats) at 140°F or above. Cold food should be kept at 40°F or below.

Food between 40°F and 140°F is in what is called the Danger Zone as this is the temperature range in which pathogens grow most rapidly. Some bacteria can double in number within 20 minutes in the Danger Zone. This is why safe cooking temperatures are usually above 140°F.

The USDA recommends we always use a food thermometer for accuracy when cooking meat, fish or even other foods such as eggs. The USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service or FSIS say that in their research, one out of every four hamburgers cooked actually turned brown in the middle before it had reached a safe internal temperature.

Using a thermometer also prevents us from overcooking – something that sometimes happens when we cook for longer just to be certain that it is cooked. Unfortunately, when we do overcook meat, it not only dries out, but also loses flavor.

Traditional Thermometers vs. Wireless Thermometers

The traditional thermometers tend to be those used during cooking i.e. we must keep popping the thermometer in the steak on the grill or take the chicken out of the oven to check it. Wireless thermometers allow us to leave the probe in during cooking, whether in the over, on the grill, in the pan or in the smoker. Unless specified, wireless thermometers cannot be left in food cooked in the microwave because the probes are stainless steel. Instead the thermometer should just be used to check temperature when the food is taken out.

Do be careful to make sure the cooking temperatures will remain within the specified temperature range for the thermometer. Being able to leave the thermometer in the meat is what allows us to make sure that it cooks to the correct internal temperature, but, unlike the traditional thermometer reduces the risk of us overcooking.

Wireless thermometers take temperature readings constantly, often around every second and they are called wireless because they use wireless technology such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi or may operate on a radio frequency (RF). If a thermometer is wire free, this means that the probe does not have a wire or cable connecting it to the transmitter or unit.

The probe on most wireless thermometers is usually attached via a wire to a transmitter or unit which stays near the grill or oven and the transmitter then sends the temperature info to either a standalone receiver and/or to an app via Bluetooth. This wireless set up means that you do not have to stay near the oven and watch the temperature, instead you can move around - as long as you stay within range of the transmitter.

There can be some issues around Bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi connectivity if you do not have the best signal and if you may want to use a wireless thermometer when RVing or camping, it’s worth checking suitability before you leave.

Battery life can also be a consideration. If you tend to do a lot of long smokes or roast very large joints, you may want to consider using higher powered branded batteries rather than generics. Some thermometers also have a low battery alarm which you may find helpful.

Level of Accuracy

If you are looking for a wireless meat thermometer that reads temperatures accurately, you might want to get one that has an accuracy level lower than or equal to ±1.8˚F. Anything beyond this range may disrupt your cooking process. 


It is important to get probes that are made of high-quality materials that provide a sturdy and durable build. If you usually grill a variety of food in one grill, you might want to get a thermometer that comes with more than one probe. Some are compatible with up to six probes at a time. If you are cooking for lots of people or your guests want to adjust the doneness levels of their steaks, you might want to get a dual-probe or multi-probe system.

Using Food Thermometers Correctly

Thermometers should always be inserted into the thickest part of the meat or fish and you should make sure you avoid any fat, bone or gristle as these will give different temperature readings.

If you are cooking poultry or turkey, then insert the thermometer into a thigh – avoiding the bone. You should also check temperature in a wing and the thickest area of a whole turkey or a game bird.

For ground meat and patties insert the probe into the thickest area. If your patties are thin, then insert the probe sideways into the center.

When a thermometer is taken out of meat it should always be washed in hot soapy water before you use it again and you should also refer to any additional manufacturer’s instructions for using the thermometer properly.

Food borne Illness

Cooking meat and fish to the recommended minimum temperature helps reduce the risk of foodborne illness, something that causes around 3000 deaths and 48 million illnesses every year in the US. Not only can foodborne illnesses be caused through eating undercooked meats but also through cross-contamination of different meats and between raw and cooked meats.

Just some of the main bacterial contaminants or pathogens in meat are Campylobacter, Clostridium and Cryptosporidium. Other pathogens include E.coli 0157:H7 which is common in ground beef, Listeria in cold cuts and deli meats, Salmonella in poultry and Vibrio vulmificus in fish.

At the least, these pathogens can cause severe cramps, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea – sometimes bloody. Young children, the elderly or sick may also be at risk from additional complications if they acquire a foodborne illness.

Pre-Programed Temperature Settings

Most wireless meat thermometers come with pre-programmed temperature settings that set a standard temperature and time setting for cooking meat or fish. There may be different settings for cooking different types of meat. Some wireless meat thermometers allow you to adjust the degree of doneness of the steak. It usually comes with five doneness levels and you can easily suit your preferred one from the given options. However, these preset temperature settings may not always suit your preferences so you might want to experiment at first.

Quick Comparison: Top 12 Wireless Meat Thermometers

Product NameNo. of ProbesNo. of BatteriesInternal Temperature Range (°F)Wireless Range
ThermoPro TP20 Wireless Meat Thermometer24 AAA32 to 572300A
MEATER Plus Wireless Meat Thermometer11 AAA14 to 212165A
TP-08S Dual Probe Thermometer24 AAA32 to 572300A
ENZOO Wireless Meat Thermometer44 AAA32 - 572500A
NutriChef Smart Bluetooth BBQ Grill Thermometer22 AA32 to 482328A
MEATER Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer11 AAA32 to 21233A
Soraken Wireless Meat Thermometer42 AA32 to 572170A
Govee Bluetooth Meat Thermometer22 AA32 to 572230B
BFOUR Wireless Meat Thermometer23 AAA33 to 572200B
Oprol Bluetooth Meat Thermometer62 AA33 to 572196A
Yunbaoit Digital Meat Thermometer24 AAA14 to 572500A
SMARTRO ST49 Professional Thermocouple Meat Thermometer12 AAA-22 to 572N/AA

1. ThermoPro TP20 Wireless Meat Thermometer  

Highlighted Features

  • Dual probe technology allows for two meat or one meat and oven/grill monitoring
  • Pre-programmed with USDA approved temperatures

The battery operated ThermoPro TP20 Wireless Meat Thermometer is a dual probe thermometer which means you can use it to monitor two different meats at the same time, or just one meat and the temperature of your oven, smoker or grill. Its mobile receiver has a range of up to 300ft which allows you to monitor your cooking without having to stay in the kitchen or yard.

The temperature readings are available in Fahrenheit and Celsius and it has been programmed with the USDA temperatures for a range of different meats such as poultry and ground poultry, lamb, beef and ground beef, pork, veal and fish. The LCD display is also backlit, providing ease of use in the dark.

As well as offering the pre-set programs for different meats, the TP20 is also programmed with five USDA approved ‘doneness’ levels. Although this makes it easy for you to cook your meat to these preferences, whether Rare or Well Done, you may need to experiment slightly as it may be that these doneness levels may under- or over-cook slightly to your personal preferences.

There is a timer and you can set an alarm when cooking so that when the food reaches the required temperature, the thermometer will beep and flash. There is the option to either stand the thermometer up or hook on the oven door and when it is turned off, it stores its temp and timer settings.

CE certified, FCC certified and ROHS approved, the temperature range of the TP20 is 32°F to 572°F (0°C to 300°C) with an accuracy of +1.8°F (+1°C) and the probe and wire can withstand a temperature of 716°F. (380°C)


  • Dual probe
  • Designed to leave in meat during cooking
  • Pre-programmed with USDA temperatures


  • The pre-programmed temperature settings may not suit your preferences
  • You will not be notified when your grill or oven reaches a very low temperature

2. MEATER Plus Wireless Meat Thermometer  

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with AAA batteries
  • Compatible with Alexa, iPhones, and Androids
  • Can be used to monitor multiple dishes

The MEATER Plus Wireless Meat Thermometer lets you grill perfect steaks every time. It has two sensors which mean that it can record both internal and temperatures at the same time. You can control the thermometer remotely by connecting it to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth. This means that you can relax in your living room while letting the food grill. 

The app lets you monitor the internal temperature, ambient temperature, and the duration of the cooking time. There are pre-programmed temperature settings for cooking lamb, poultry, pork, beef, and even fish. You can also set up your own customized temperature setting through the app. You will be able to set four different custom alerts based on the internal sensor, the sensor, or by time. 

This meat thermometer can withstand an internal temperature of up to 212°F whereas it can withstand an temperature of up to 527°F. This makes it perfect for cooking a wide range of meals without under- or over-cooking them. The temperature probe can be easily injected into the meat. Moreover, it is dishwasher-safe which makes for easy and quick cleaning. 

The meat thermometer is very easy to store. The bamboo box has a magnetic base that lets you stick it onto metallic surfaces so you can easily store the thermometer in the box and stick it on the cover of your grill or on your refrigerator door. It is also very easy to charge. All you need to do is place it in the wooden box that has a AAA battery attached to it. The light turns on when the thermometer is charging.


  • The 165 ft wireless range makes it suitable for outdoor cooking
  • The app connects easily to your device
  • It has an accuracy of +/- 1°F


  • Many users have had connectivity issues
  • It can only withstand a maximum internal temperature of 212°F

3. TP-08S Dual Probe Thermometer  

Highlighted Features

  • Can extend warranty from one to three years after purchase
  • Dual probe means one meat and oven monitoring or two meat cooking

The TP-08S Dual Probe Thermometer not only allows you to monitor the temperature of the meat but also allows you to monitor the temperature of your grill, smoker, or your oven. You will be able to monitor the temperature of two separate portions of meat at the same time, too. The transmitter can be hooked onto your oven door or stood up and the receiver also has its own built-in stand. The transmitter has an 8.5” food-grade stainless steel oven probe and 3” oven/BBQ probe which can withstand temperatures of 716°F. (380°C).

The probes also obtain temperatures quickly and accurately between the range of 32°F to 572°F (0°C to 300°C) with an accuracy level of +1.8°F (+1°C). With the receiver able to operate up to 300ft, the TP-08S is shockproof and has a timer and alarm, allowing you to pre-program your cooking requirements. It’s worth noting that the four AAA batteries may drain quite quickly if you’re using it for longer cooks such as overnight smokes.


  • 300ft receiving range
  • Dual probe
  • shockproof


  • Batteries may drain quite quickly if using for long cooks/smokes

4. ENZOO Wireless Meat Thermometer  

Highlighted Features

  • LCD display screen for clear, sharp resolution
  • Pre-programmed with USDA approved temperatures
  • Provides a wireless range of up to 500 ft

A well-designed and accurate meat thermometer may be all you need for cooking juicy, mouthwatering meals on your grill. One such tool is the ENZOO Wireless Meat Thermometer that has an accuracy of ±1.8℉. It comes with four temperature probes that allow you to monitor the temperature of four different types of food at the same time. This makes it perfect for cooking a variety of meals perfectly in one single batch. 

The probes have wires that are made of stainless steel mesh materials and have a length of 43 inches. The probes need to be connected to the Digital Thermometer Transmitter and it will automatically send the required information to the receiver device. It has a magnetic surface that allows you to attach it onto metallic surfaces easily. It also has a bracket mount that enables you to keep it on the table for easy access. 

The transmitter offers a 178° view that helps to display the temperature of all four food on one screen. You can choose to record temperatures in either °C or °F. Moreover, the LCD display screen allows you to read the temperatures clearly, even in low-light situations. This thermometer comes with a carrying case in which you can store all the parts and accessories easily. 

The meat thermometer can withstand a wide range of temperatures, starting from 32°F to about 572°F. It comes with pre-programmed temperature settings that allow you to cook 11 different types of meat including lamb, poultry, fish, pork, veal, ground beef, and lots more. Once the food reaches the set temperature, the Digital Cooking Thermometer Receiver will beep and send out flash alerts.


  • The wires can withstand a maximum temperature of 716°F
  • The user manual can be downloaded on your phone or tablet
  • Batteries are included
  • Preset temperatures can be adjusted


  • The probes get very hot so make sure to wear heat-resistant gloves when holding them

5. NutriChef Smart Bluetooth BBQ Grill Thermometer  

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with two stainless steel probes
  • Bluetooth controlled
  • Can record temperatures in either °C or °F

The NutriChef Smart Bluetooth BBQ Grill Thermometer is perfect for outdoor cooking, especially during cold winters. You do not need to stand in front of your grill throughout the cooking session since this thermometer offers an outdoor wireless range of more than 200 ft and an indoor wireless range of up to 100 ft. You can easily connect it with your phone via Bluetooth for remote monitoring. This allows you to spend more time with your friends and family or focus on other important tasks. 

You can easily download the EasyBBQ app on your iPhone or Android. The app is free and includes tons of features that make your grilling process much easier. It shows you the internal temperature and the target temperature clearly. You will be able to set a timer, too. It also has preset temperature settings for cooking beef, veal, lamb, chicken, and lots more so you can make adjustments through your phone quickly. When the meat inside the grill has reached the target temperature, your phone will automatically notify you via the app. 

The tip of the probes is made of sturdy stainless steel that allows it to withstand a temperature as high as 482°F. The cables are also made of stainless steel and can resist up to 716°F. Each cable has a length of 47.2 inches so that it does not come into direct contact with the heat source. If you have a big grill or usually cook a variety of meals simultaneously, you might want to get extra temperature probes. This thermometer can be used to monitor the temperature of up to six probes all at the same time.


  • Records both internal and ambient temperatures
  • Can set preset alarms for different probes
  • The app displays a temperature graph


  • It does not come with a very detailed instruction manual

6. MEATER Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer 

Highlighted Features

  • Wire free probe
  • Offers guided cook system
  • Compatible with Alexa

The probe of the MEATER Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer is fully wire free, with one sensor to monitor the meat temp and a sensor at the other end which monitors your oven/ambient temperature. The meat temp is measured up to 212°F and the ambient/grill temperature up to 527°F.

Using Bluetooth connectivity, it has a 33ft range, or with Wi-Fi this extends up to 165ft. The MEATER app allows you to connect to Alexa via the MEATER Cloud account so you can check on cooking progress without having to look at the app. Full use of this thermometer may be limited by your Bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi connectivity, so you may want to investigate further as to whether your personal devices will support full operation at distance from this unit.

The MEATER also offers a guided cook system and an Advanced Estimator Algorithm which will allow you to estimate meat cooking and resting times. You can also set up notifications based on cooking time/temps.


  • Probe is wire free and stores in a magnetic box
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connected


  • If you have limited Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, you may not be able to use it as easily

7. Soraken Wireless Meat Thermometer 

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with four temperature probes
  • Provides an outdoor wireless range of up to 170 ft
  • Preset programs are available

The Soraken Wireless Meat Thermometer allows you to accurately monitor the temperature of your food so that it turns out perfect every time. The meat thermometer comes with four color-coded probes and a detailed manual that allows you to use it efficiently. It can withstand a maximum temperature of 572°F, making it perfect for grilling or smoking lamb chops, beef steaks, fish fillets, and lots more. 

You will be able to monitor the temperature of your food remotely from a distance of 100 ft indoors and 170 ft outdoors. All you need to do is download the EasyBBQ app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android and then connect via Bluetooth. It offers preset temperatures for cooking 11 different types of food and also offers 5 different steak cooking levels. You can also set timers and alarms using the app. 

The four probes have silicone handles that can resist temperatures of up to 482°F. On the other hand, the cables can resist temperatures of up to 716°F. Each cable has a length of 47.2 inches which helps to keep it away from the heat source. The meat thermometer also comes with a probe rack that allows you to store the probes safely. 

The back of the wireless meat thermometer is magnetic so you will be able to stick it onto magnetic surfaces for easy storage. The thermometer has a large LED screen that displays the temperature clearly. You do not have to take your phone out of your pocket frequently to monitor the progress of your food.


  • Can display temperatures of six different probes at once
  • Your phone will vibrate or ring when the probes reach the target temperature
  • The app is easy to use


  • The probes are neither dishwasher-safe nor waterproof
  • It might be quite difficult to find replacement temperature probes for this model

8. Govee Bluetooth Meat Thermometer 

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with 2 AA batteries
  • Provides a Bluetooth range of up to 230 ft
  • Easy setup

If you are someone who cooks food on the grill, smoker, or in the oven regularly, the Govee Bluetooth Meat Thermometer might prove to be a useful gadget that deserves a place on your kitchen shelves. With an accuracy of ±1.8℉, you can expect this thermometer to read both internal and temperatures accurately. It is extremely sturdy and durable and provides a strong Bluetooth connection that allows for remote monitoring. 

The Bluetooth meat thermometer has an LCD display screen that lets you view the temperatures easily. It is paired with a strong magnet on the back so you will be able to stick it onto magnetic grill handles, covers, ovens, fridges, and more. It makes for easy storage and allows you to check the internal temperature easily. You can connect it with your phone and monitor the temperatures within a distance of up to 230 ft. 

It comes with two meat claws, two AA batteries, and six probes with racks. The meat claws can be used to easily shred, carve, or handle the freshly grilled or baked meat. The six probes are color-coded, made of food-grade stainless steel, and allows you to monitor the temperatures of six types of food at once. The probes can withstand a temperature ranging from 32°F to about 572°F. This enables you to cook in a variety of styles.


  • Includes 6 preset temperature settings for cooking a wide range of meals
  • It only takes 2 seconds to read the temperatures
  • he probes are waterproof


  • You will need to share your location to connect the app to your phone
  • You will need to wear gloves when taking the probes out of the meat

9. BFOUR Wireless Meat Thermometer 

Highlighted Features

  • Accuracy of ±1.8℉
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty
  • Certified RoHS, FCC, and CE

The BFOUR Wireless Meat Thermometer comes in a complete package. It includes two probes, a pair of probe clips, and a user guide. You can connect the thermometer with your phone via Bluetooth to remotely monitor your cooking from up to 200 ft away. It uses the up-to-date Bluetooth 5.0 version for a stable and smooth connection. 

The dual-probe system allows you to measure the temperature of two types of food simultaneously. The probes are made of 304 food-grade stainless steel that enables them to withstand a high temperature without warping or melting away. They can record a minimum temperature of 33°F and a maximum temperature of 572°F. It is safe to leave them in the grill or oven. Moreover, each probe has a cable length greater than 43 inches. You can add up to six probes at a time. 

The wireless meat thermometer is equipped with 11 USDA-approved preset temperature settings that are ideal for cooking mutton, beef, turkey, chicken, pork, fish, and lots more. It also allows for BBQ smoke, hot smoke, or even cold smoke. There are also preset temperature settings for cooking Rare, Medium Rare, Medium, Medium Well, and Well Done steaks. The app sends alarm notifications once the probes reach the target temperatures.  

The app also displays temperature graphs that allow you to make comparisons between the current and target temperatures of the food. It helps to show the estimated time for cooking the food. On the other hand, the large LCD display screen lets you monitor the temperature of your food from afar clearly. It has a very bright backlight which means that it will be able to display temperatures clearly during the night, too.


  • The probe winder allows for easy and safe storage
  • The probes have fire-resistant cables
  • Each probe gives independent, accurate readings


  • The manual is not very detailed so you might face some difficulties trying to connect your phone to the app

10. Oprol Bluetooth Meat Thermometer

Highlighted Features

  • Six probes for multi cooking
  • Contains a range of programs in line with USDA recommendations
  • Easy to use app

Designed for multi cooking, the Oprol Bluetooth Meat Thermometer has six probes that can be used to read meat and/or grill temperatures at the same time. Its Bluetooth connectivity offers a range of up to 100ft indoors or 196ft outdoors. The probes have heat resistant silicon handles and are color coded for easy use.

The temperature is shown on the backlit display screen that helps you to read the temperatures clearly, even in dimly-lit situations. The temperature is also shown on the app that is easy to use. It can be downloaded on your smart devices within just a few minutes. There are various pre-set programs in line with USDA recommendations. There is an alarm on the app and on the unit itself. A set of meat claws also come alongside this thermometer.

Its temperature range is 33˚F to 572˚F (1˚C to 300˚C) with ±1.8˚F/1˚C accuracy.


  • Six probe thermometer
  • USDA recommended temperature programs
  • Good indoor and outdoor Bluetooth range


  • Poor Bluetooth connection may limit its usefulness

11. Yunbaoit Digital Meat Thermometer

Highlighted Features

  • Provides a stable wireless connection of up to 500 ft
  • 10 USDA-approved preset temperature settings
  • The transmitter is splash-proof

The Yunbaoit Digital Meat Thermometer is a professional-grade kitchen gadget that makes sure that you are grilling food to the proper temperature. This thermometer can not only be used to track the temperature of food inside a grill, but also inside a smoker, a kamado, an oven, or even a kettle grill. 

It comes with two probes that can read temperatures with an accuracy of ±1.8˚F within just 1-3 seconds. The probes have a high-quality construction that makes them extremely sturdy and durable. With a temperature tolerance ranging from 14°F to about 572°, you will be able to use the probes for monitoring the temperature of a wide variety of food. Moreover, the probes are super easy to wash by hand. You can also stack them in the dishwasher. 

You will receive a receiver and a transmitter. The receiver has a 3.2-inch wide display screen whereas the transmitter has a 2.2-inch wide display screen. You have to keep the receiver close to you since it lets you monitor the temperature, adjust temperatures, and set alarms and timers. You can also use it to set a preset temperature program or to adjust the doneness level of your steaks. 

On the other hand, the transmitter needs to be connected to the probes in order to display the temperatures. The transmitter has a magnetic back that allows you to stick it onto most metallic surfaces such as the cover of a grill, oven door, or on any other magnetic surfaces. You can also hang it on a hook for easy access. What makes this thermometer different from the others is that it is splash-proof which means that rain or splashes of water will not hinder its performance. 

Both have backlights on the LCD screen so you will be able to read the temperatures of the two probes in low light conditions such as on a gloomy day or in the evening or nighttime. If you do not want trouble with connectivity, keep the transmitter and the receiver at a maximum distance of 500 ft apart.


  • The probes and cables are waterproof
  • Reads temperatures within 1-3 seconds
  • Anti-glare display screen


  • It is not completely wireless
  • Batteries not included

12. SMARTRO ST49 Professional Thermocouple Meat Thermometer

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with 2 AAA batteries
  • IP67 waterproof probes
  • Certified NSF, CE, and RoHS

If you are looking for a meat thermometer that reads food temperatures in the blink of an eye, you might want to get the SMARTRO ST49 Professional Thermocouple Meat Thermometer. It has a compact size, is easy to store, has a long and highly functional probe, and weighs only 7 ounces. You can easily carry it in your hand while grilling or smoking food. 

What amazes us is that this thermometer can display the temperature of the food with an accuracy of ±0.7°F. You will be able to grill professional-quality steaks using this device. It is completely waterproof and can withstand a maximum temperature of up to 572°F. You can use it while deep frying food or making candy. It can also record negative temperatures of up to -22°F so you will be able to monitor the temperature of your refrigerator, too. 

The thermometer is equipped with a motion-sensing display that helps to save energy. It turns off automatically when not in use and wakes up when you touch it or move it around. Moreover, the backlit technology provides enough brightness to display temperatures clearly in low light conditions. On the other hand, there is no fuss about downloading any app or trying to pair your device via Bluetooth. You do not need to worry about adjusting the temperature or be interrupted by loud alarms. This helps to save time and allows you to start grilling in no time.


  • The batteries have a lifespan of 4000 hours
  • It is waterproof to up to 1m of water
  • The loop handle and magnetic surface allows for quick and easy storage


  • You will not be able to monitor temperatures remotely


What should I do to reduce connectivity issues?

If you have trouble trying to pair up your phone with the app, you might want to turn the thermometer off, reset all Bluetooth settings, and start fresh. If this does not fix your problems, you might want to sit at a place that is not too far from the thermometer. It is best to open all doors and windows when using it indoors. 

What else can I use a meat thermometer for?

If your meat thermometer is made of sturdy materials and can resist a high temperature, you might be able to use it to monitor the temperature during deep-frying or making candy. If you are planning to dip the thermometer into liquids, it might be wise to get a waterproof one.


Every year, about 48 million people in the US suffer from foodborne illnesses. Eating fully cooked meals is likely to reduce your chances of contracting such illnesses significantly.  A wireless meat thermometer not only ensures that all parts of your food are cooked properly but also helps to improve your steak-cooking skills. The best meat thermometers give accurate readings, are easy to use, and make your cooking process easier.

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