Gotham Steel Pan Reviews 2020 : Worth Buying?

If you are a Batman fan and reading this in the hope that this article is about the Gotham city, then it might not be what you have been expecting, but if you are looking for a superb brand for a wide assortment of reliable and efficient non-stick pans, then you are at the right place without any doubt. You might not have heard about them, but Gotham Steel is a company that has been around for a while and has gained popularity through their infomercials that have been extensively aired on the television.

They specialize in making well-built and high-quality non-stick cookware, including knives, pans, pots, griddles, etc. Since pans are one of the most widely used and versatile kitchenware, we are going to focus on Gotham Steel pans in this article.

It is difficult to know about a company's product line, let alone the products themselves. Hence we tackled the challenging part which is the researching, and have turned all the information we have gathered in this article which contains five Gotham Steel pan reviews. Through this article, you will be able to have an idea of each of the Gotham Steel pans and also be able to have a comparative look at the pans using the comparison table that we have included.

​Best Pick

Gotham Steel Titanium Ceramic 9.5” Non-Stick Copper Deep Square Frying & Cooking Pan

This pan is a true all-rounder with a generous amount of depth and other parts that make it a versatile pan with which you can deep-fry, steam, boil, bake and do so much more. Apart from its versatility, its large size allows you to cook a meal for your whole family or a party very easily. By looking at its efficiency in accomplishing various cooking techniques and the large interior space, it was very easy to select this as our best pick product on this list.

​Budget Pick

Gotham Steel 10.5” Non-Stick Grill Pan

This is the grill pan from Gotham Steel that we think deserves the top position in terms of budget. This is a very economically wise choice to spend your money on since it has the excellent quality you can expect from Gotham Steel and also is a very versatile pan that can be used for both indoors and outdoors cooking.

If you have like our best and budget pick, you would be glad to know that we have more pans of similar caliber from this company that we want to bring forth to you since although they have the same high standards of manufacturing and design, each of them has its unique functions and features. Having a comparative perspective at these pans through the next section of our article will make it easy for you to decide which one to buy.

1. ​GOTHAM STEEL 9.5 inches Non-stick Titanium Frying Pan

This pan has an optimum size that is perfect for cooking any medium sized meal and for breakfast preparations. The reason for that is that the pan is circular rather than square, which is a shape you would want your most breakfast items to be, such as omelets, crepes, pancakes, etc.

The pan has a well-optimized depth, which is deep enough to let you stir fry and cook dishes like spaghetti inside the pan, but it is also not too deep so that you can flip things like eggs inside the pan smoothly.

Like all other Gotham Steel pans, it has an exceptional non-sticky surface which is resistant to scratching and is safe to be washed in the dishwasher. The handle is long enough to give you a good leverage over the pan when you want to swirl or flip the contents of the pan and has an ergonomic contouring so that you have a comfortable grip on it. The handle has a hole at its tip so that it can be hanged for drying or storage.


  • check
    It has a circular shape which is great for making pizzas, omelets, pancakes, and other round-shaped dishes
  • check
    The pan’s walls are deep enough to allow you to stir your food without spilling but it is not too deep so that you cannot make shallow crusted food such as crepes
  • check
    It is safe to be put into the oven up to 500 degrees F
  • check
    The handle is long enough and stays cool when cooking so that you can have a comfortable grip
  • check
    The pan has the Ti-Cerama non-sticky surface which is safe to be washed in the dishwasher and to be used with metal utensils without scratching


  • check
    It does not come with a lid
  • check
    It cannot be used with an induction cooktop

2. Gotham Steel 10.5” Non-Stick Grill Pan

When it comes to anything related to grilling, this is a non-stick pan that would quite exceed your expectations. This pan from Gotham Steel has a square shape, which gives you a larger surface area for fitting big portions of food such as a rib-eye steak, large pieces of chicken or a salmon fillet.

The Ti-Cerama non-stick surface allows you to braise, sear and grill your food without using excessive amounts of oil or butter, but to cook the food using their own fat and water content. This makes the food cooked using this pan a lot healthier and flavorful as the original taste and aroma are preserved in the dish. 

Apart from that, the inner surface of the pan has a ridged pattern, which helps to create the signature grill marks on the food, which makes the resulting dish look more appetizing and professional. The inner perimeter of the pan has a lowered ridge, which collects the excess oil from the food and further cuts down the calorie content of your food. Since the pan has a large 10.5” x 10.5” cooking surface, you can use it for preparing a wide range of meal sizes, without having to worry about uncooked parts or the contents spilling out from the pan.

 This pan is perfect for being used both inside the kitchen and also at outdoor events such as a barbecue party or for browning marshmallows at a camp event. Like all other Gotham Steel pans, the non-stick surface and the aluminum core are made to be very durable so you can use it for heavy-duty purposes and also wash it in the dishwasher.


  • check
    The square shape of the pan provides a larger surface area for cooking large pieces of food with ease
  • check
    It has a large 10.5” X 10.5” size which helps you to cook large meals at the same time
  • check
    The pan specializes in grilling, searing and braising techniques, which are usually hard to do on other pans
  • check
    The base of the pan has ridged, which gives the food the grill marks
  • check
    It can be used for versatile cooking purposes both inside and outside the kitchen
  • check
    The effective non-sticky surface allows you to cook using only the food’s fat content, which preserves the flavor and taste of the food better and is also healthier
  • check
    It is safe to be washed in the dishwasher


  • check
    It cannot be used on induction cooktops
  • check
    It has shallow rims so it might not be good for cooking things like soup

3. Gotham Steel 1371 Tastic Bundle 7 Piece Cookware Set Titanium Ceramic Pan

Would you rather use one pan for cooking a large batch of broth, make one omelet and bake a medium-sized pizza, or would you use three different pans for individual purposes?

 Nine out of ten people would probably prefer the second option since it is easier to make a great dish using a pan or a pot that specializes in that function. If you feel the same way, this set is what you have been looking for to give a full coverage of all your cooking needs. 

This set includes a square-shaped, deep-rimmed 9.5-inch pan, a circular 12.5 inches pan and another circular 9.5-inch pan. The round pans have a medium depth which would help you to make any breakfast meal, bake pizza, fry eggs and much more, while the square pan would let you make a large meal, roast whole chickens, cook rice, and other similar dishes. Apart from the three variations in the pan type, this set comes with a steaming rack and a frying basket!

This means that you can make crunchy crusted fried chicken, French fries, croquettes whenever you have a craving for deep-fried food, or make steamed dumplings, steam salmon, vegetables, etc. if you feel like having a comforting non-oily food. The large 12.5 inch round pan has a very user-friendly feature, which is a small handle at the top end, which will make it easy to take it out of the oven or balance it on the stove top. Like the old saying goes, two is better than one, two handles are safer, easier to move the pan, and more convenient for the cooking process, compared to only one handle.


  • check
    The set has three different pans and other components which makes it a versatile set
  • check
    The square pot of the set comes with a frying basket for deep-frying and a steaming rack for steaming your food
  • check
    All three pans have the features that are found in Gotham Steel pans
  • check
    The 12.5 inch round pan has a small handle at the opposite end of the long handle which makes it safe to use, portable and easy to balance while cooking
  • check
    The square deep pan comes with a tempered glass lid
  • check
    The set comes with a recipe book which you can use to cook new recipes


  • check
    ​The round pans in this set do not come with lids.
  • check
    ​If you are looking for a single pan, then this might not be the choice for you

4. Gotham Steel Titanium Ceramic 9.5” Non-Stick Copper Deep Square Frying & Cooking Pan

This 9.5-inch square pan from Gotham Steel has a unique feature compared to the others on the list and it is that the base of this pan has been equipped with a magnetic material which enables it to be used with induction cooktops.

This means that you can use this pan not only on gas stoves and in ovens, but also on an induction stove. This is a very useful feature to have since it means the pans can be used anywhere without a gas stove, for example, if you are traveling with your induction cooker or if you are want to use it in an RV that does not have a gas stove.

This set includes a fine mesh basket for deep frying which comes with a clip which keeps the basket lifted inside the pan. This will help you to create delicious fried foods such as doughnuts, fried chicken, Fish and chips, with a crispy exterior and a soft and juicy interior. The tray for streaming also comes with clips which will secure the tray onto the pan safely. The pan also comes with a lid which will help you to keep the food covered while it is cooking, trapping in the heat and the flavors of the dish within the pan and preventing the sauce from becoming reduced. A transparent glass lid also means that you can keep an eye on the progress of the cooking without having to lift up the lid.


  • check
    The square pan of this set has a magnetic base which allows it to be used on an induction cooktop
  • check
    The set comes with a frying basket and a steaming rack
  • check
    The frying basket has fine metal meshes to strain the fried food and to remove excess oil and has clips to keep it elevated inside the oil
  • check
    The steaming rack has clips which will secure the tray inside the pan
  • check
    ​The pan comes with a tempered glass lid to trap the flavors of the dish and to allow the cooking to be even
  • check
    ​All the parts of this set are safe to be washed in the dishwasher
  • check
    ​The handles on the lid and the pan are made to stay cool during the cooking process to provide you with a comfortable and secure grip


  • check
    It does not have a round shaped-pan

5. Gotham Steel 10-Piece Kitchen Set

Whether you have just stepped into your culinary journey or you are a seasoned chef, you would not have to worry about pans anymore if you have this one set in your kitchen collection.

The reason why we are saying this is because this set has three different sizes of deep pots and two differently sized frying pans, along with a handled steamer basket, and what’s even better is that all of them are of Gotham Steel quality: non-sticky, durable, exquisitely designed and dishwasher safe. 

All of the pans except the smallest one in this set also come with their lids, so you would not have to worry about having to buy the lid that would be compatible with the pans. The first pan of this set that we are going to look at is the deep pan with a capacity for cooking 5 quarts of any meal, which easily allows you to make soup, stew, porridge, rice, pasta, broth, etc. This large pan also comes with a stainless steel basket with holes on the base, which can be perfectly fitted onto the pan for steaming your food.

Steamed food is a lot more healthier than fried food not only because of the obvious reason that it contains fewer calories than fried food, but also for the fact that steaming helps to preserve the essential minerals, vitamins, and fibers present in vegetables and fruits compared to other cooking methods, as it has been proved for broccoli in a scientific study. The steaming basket of this set also has another advantage of having its own handles, which means that it is a lot easier to set and remove the steaming basket from the pan. Hence this pan is a must-have if you are planning to develop healthy eating habits.

Secondly, this set has two saucepans, one with a capacity of 1.5 quarts and another one with a capacity of 2.5 quarts. Both of them are great for daily cooking whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner in small to medium amounts. Because they both have a generous amount of depth, they are suitable for techniques like slow-cooking and boiling. The third highlights of this set are the two sturdy frying pans, one with a diameter of 8.5 inches and another with a diameter of 10.5 inches.

They both are great for things like stir-frying vegetables, making pancakes, frittatas, etc. They both have a medium depth so you can flip your omelets or crepes like a pro.All the pans of this set are safe to be used in the oven so you can bake anything from cakes to pizzas and they also give you the option to choose from a set of pans with a vibrant red exterior or a classy black exterior.


  • check
    The set includes three deep round pans and two frying pans of different sizes which allows you to use the set for a wide range of cooking purposes
  • check
    All the pans except one in the set come with a tempered glass lid
  • check
    The largest pan of the set has a capacity for cooking 5 quarts of food, which will help you to cook a large amount of food at the same time
  • check
    All the pans have a Ti-Cerama non-sticky surface and are safe to be washed in the dishwasher
  • check
    All the pans can be used in the oven
  • check
    The largest pan comes with a steaming basket with handles
  • check
    You can choose from red or black exterior for the pans


  • check
    The pans are not compatible with the induction cooktop
  • check
    The set does not have a square pan

Things to Consider Before Buying a Gotham Steel Pan


If you are looking for a specific pan, for example, a pan only for your grilling purposes, then you can choose to buy the pans from Gotham Steel that are sold individually. If you want a complete solution to all your kitchen needs and are looking for a comprehensive set to give you full coverage starting from small breakfasts to a dinner party, then you can choose to buy the sets which include multiple pans as well as other components such as frying basket and steaming tray.

Induction compatibility

Many people who are living in a college dorm or at a temporary housing will not want to go through the trouble of owning a gas stove and would rather prefer an induction cooker. If you are looking for a pan that can go on top of the stove as well as on the induction cooktop, then Gotham Steel has some excellent pans that have a base that is able to conduct heat from the induction cooker.

One thing that you should be aware of is that not all pans from Gotham Steel has this ability, so if you do not have a gas stove, then you should check if the pan you are going to buy is induction compatible or not.

Size, shape, and depth

Do you want a pan for making pizzas, bake round shaped cakes, or make a home-made stock? Depending on what you want to make, you have to carefully select the size of the pan, whether it will be round shaped or square and also how deep you need it to be. 

The good news is that Gotham Steel offers you a wide range of sizes and depth, and also offers you both round and square pans hence once you have decided your desired specification, you will surely find it in Gotham Steel’s collections.

What makes Gotham Steel pan special compared to the pans from other brands?

When it comes to kitchenware, there are many renowned brands and you might be wondering, why Gotham Steel? Well, here we will answer your question by looking at the key aspects of Gotham Steel pans which set them apart from the others on the market

Exceptional non-stick surface

There are very few brands that can compete with the non-sticky surface of Gotham Steel pans. The non-stick surface is made of a special compound called Ti-Cerama, which is titanium combined with ceramic. First of all, this combination makes the non-sticky surface very efficient.

Whereas many other brands which advertise themselves as "non-sticky" still requires some kind of oil or butter to help the surface stay well lubricated, Gotham Steel will provide you the non-sticky feature without the use of any oil. You can poach eggs, make omelets, crepes, caramelize sugar, melt chocolate, and do a lot more things without the use of any oil. One good example here is melting or searing cheese. 

Even with non-sticky pans, melting cheese or searing them is a disaster for the pan since they will invariably stick to the pan and it will be almost impossible to remove the burnt cheese from the pan. But with Gotham Steel pans, you can make even a very thin sheet of melted cheese and it will slide smoothly out of the pan like magic. This superior non-sticky feature also means that the cleaning is easier than you could have ever imagined.

All you need to do is to wipe the surface off and the pan is ready to be used again. This is very important when you need to cook food one after another using the same pan, in a short period of time. For example, you want to roast some tomatoes as a side to your poached eggs. You can poach the egg first, wipe the surface with a cloth, and directly start roasting your tomatoes on the same pan without wasting time by putting the pan into the dishwasher, drying, and then going for the next step.

Extremely durable

When we were younger and were helping out our mothers in the kitchen, we remember her warning us not to use any metal spatula on a non-stick pan and also to never use any abrasive sponges for cleaning non-sticky pans. Non-sticky pans were always to be treated as a delicate cookware that needed to be washed and used with extra care and the fear of damaging the non-stick coating. But now, Gotham Steel pans have changed it all! The titanium of the non-stick surface makes it so scratch resistant that you can use any metal utensils on it while cooking.

This means that if you have baked a pizza using a Gotham Steel pan, you can run a pizza cutter through the pizza while it is still in the pan. This also means that you can mix a cake batter using an electric beater inside the pan that you want to bake the cake in. Incredible, right?

The exceptionally durable non-sticky pan also has the advantage that it can be washed in the dishwasher without the fear of the detergents damaging it. Also, since the surface is so resistant to chemical damage, you can cook acidic food such as a sauce with a high acid content such as tomatoes and vinegar, without causing any damage to the pan.


One of the first questions we ask ourselves when we buy a new kitchenware is whether it can be used for multiple purposes. For Gotham Steel pans, the answer would be an absolute yes, since each of the pans from this company can be used to do almost anything from simple daily cooking to performing gourmet culinary techniques that you would only watch your world-famous chefs do on the TV.

For example, while the Gotham Steel pans can be used on the stove to stir-fry your vegetables and make omelets, they can also be used to bake pizza, cakes, casseroles and many other things in the oven as they can withstand temperatures as high as 500 degrees F. 

They can also be used for outdoor cooking such as grilling your favorite item at a barbecue party or make yummy smores at a camp night. Another unique feature of the Gotham Steel pans in this regard is that it is flameproof, and what this means is that you can Flambe your food! Flambe is a fancy technique used in many restaurants to add a spark of drama to the culinary experience.

The dish or dessert is set on fire, and you can watch the gorgeous flames dance around the food before you have them. This is something that is unimaginable to be done with other non-sticky pans since this would damage the surface of the pan, but with Gotham Steel pans, this dream becomes a reality. Another great feature of some of the sets by Gotham Steel is the deep pans that come with a steaming rack and a frying basket.

This takes your cooking to the next level because you can make deep-friend dishes and steamed dishes without having to buy a steamer or a deep fryer. Apart from this, some pans from Gotham Steel is also compatible with induction cooktops, which means you can get all your cooking done without the need for a stove.

Contemporary design 

Not only will Gotham Steel pans change the way you cook inside your kitchen, but will also change how your kitchen looks. All of their pans come with an elegant matte black exterior and a copper-colored interior, which adds a classy look to your kitchen collection.

The lids that accompany the pans also look very modern since they are made of high-quality tempered glass. The handles of the pans are designed to be sturdy and ergonomic at the same time, which will give you a comfortable grip while cooking.


Hidden under the elegant exterior of any Gotham steel pan is an aluminum core, which makes sure that the heart is well-conducted to the food and the heat is distributed evenly throughout the food, preventing any undercooked or over-cooked parts. The handles of these pans are made of stainless steel which will stay cool during the cooking process and keep your hands protected from any accidental burns.

Now that you know why the Gotham Steel pans are different from the other pans that you have been using, and how they can make your life so much better, easier and healthier, this is the time you go on to the next section where we will tell you about the factors to be considered in order to decide which Gotham Steel product to buy.


We hope that you found all the information you needed to know about Gotham Steel pans in this article where we compiled the best Gotham Steel pan reviews and that you are ready to buy one and start using it to have the wonderful experience of cooking with a Gotham Steel cookware.

If you have already used Gotham Steel pans and are looking for another brand that makes high-quality non-sticky pans and pan sets, then you can know more about it here.  

12 thoughts on “Gotham Steel Pan Reviews 2020 : Worth Buying?”

  1. I purchased about 3 of your Gotham fry pans. Very satisfied except one has a tendacy to STICK I have not used
    any SOS pads or anything else just my sponge that I use on all my pans and dishes. Can you tell me why this
    is happening . It as one of your First Fry Pans to come out $ 19.99 . If you can send my another one NO CHARGE
    I would appreciate it very much. Eggs, stick bacon sticks making grilled cheese sandwiches stick, so something
    must be wrong to have this happen.
    Your attention to this matter is greatly appreciated. I purchased all my pans thru you on your TV advertisement.
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Thank you
    Barbara Keys

  2. Vincie Segriff

    I bought 2 of your skillets one is 11 inches the other is 9 1/2 inches. I take very good care of my pans, never been in the dishwasher, always washed by hand with a soft sponge no metal utensils ever used and i was very happy with them. Now the large skillet is fine, never sticks, but the 9 inch one it does not matter what I cook in it, it sticks. I have tried putting in a bit of vegetable oil in it to prevent the sticking, to no avail, the sticking still happens. I’m very disappointed with this pan, it’s the most convenient size for me, as there are just my husband and I. I hope you can rectify this problem by sending me a new pan. Looking forward to hearing from you regarding this matter. Thank you.
    Mrs. V. Segriff

    1. foodsharkmarfa

      Hello Mrs. V. Segriff,

      You need to contact customer support. DId you buy from amazon? Then please ask on the support there.
      We are a website that reviews products. We are not the owner of this products.


      1. I got the 9.5” skillet as a Christmas present was told I had to send them the fry pan freight on me then had to pay them 9.98 shipping and handling so I was paying more to exchange the pan. I would never buy anything else with the name Gotham steel.
        To say disappointing is a understatement

      2. I also bought the pan and now it sticks worse than a regular pan, even with oil. the surface is strong so even a wire brush leaves no mark, but now that is needed.

    2. I winced when I saw that you used vegetable oil on your pan in desperation. You didn’t say which kind of oil but the directions on most of these non-stick pans warn against using vegetable oils – olive oil being the worst. These oils leave an extremely difficult to remove residue behind that just about kills the non-stick surface.

  3. I have had the small pan for about a year and without some oil, even eggs stick.

    And one of the design flaws of this pan is that the handle is fastened through the pan, rather than welded to the outside of it. So, anything that touches these fastener heads while cooking, will stick and actually builds up. So diligent scrubbing of these heads is necessary.

    The fact that this pan did operate as advertised (without oil) for the first few months leads me to belief that some of the coating has disappeared (I wonder where it ended up!).

  4. Larry Ziegler

    Bought a 9 1/2 Gotham pan and found it to be one of the biggest pieces of crap I’ve ever purchased. Can’t cook anything in it without oil and with oil it still sticks. Don’t really think you could cook anything in it that wouldn’t stick. The BBB needs to look into this company for false advertising and about a product that is just a plain piece of crap. Would like my money back and to be reimbursed for return postage.

  5. I am like others leaving reviews
    I have not had one meal that didn’t stick
    Biggest piece of junk. And I will contact BBB and let them know in order to replace it it’d cost me more in freight and handling than they are worth
    I hope people read reviews before wasting their money

  6. Edward Bagdonas

    Bought this after seeing video don’t know what pan he was using the Gotham one I bought is a piece of crap after making 2 fried eggs and absolutely demolishing them it’s in the bin old tefal one put it to shame.

  7. As expressed prior on this site, the smokeless grill coating worked fine for several uses. Then food began to stick and it is impossible to clean. Always careful with treatment, and never used metal on the grill. Explicitly says can wash in dishwasher, which I have done. Very angry that I can’t communicate with the company directly to get information, express concerns or obtain help to deal with the surface sticking. We have purchased several sets from the TV shows.
    I believe any reputable company would allow the purchasers to express concerns or complaints and obtain redress directly.

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