Best Store Bought Steak Seasoning

The 15 Best Store Bought Steak Seasoning That Can Be Sprinkled On Various Items

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Do you want a restaurant-type steak at home? Steak seasonings that are sold in stores are prepared in gourmet style so that you can have the restaurant taste at home. The seasoning not only enhances the taste of steaks but also of other dishes too. The store-bought steak seasoning reduces a lot of work collecting herbs and blending them to create a mouthwatering steak.  

Though the ready-made steaks might not be as aromatic as a freshly ground spice, it is helpful for those who have busy schedules. It can be hard to decide on one particular seasoning but the best store bought steak seasoning would be one that can be used for variable purposes.

Best Pick

Pappy's Fine Foods Seasonings

The Pappy's Fine Foods Seasonings is our best pick on our list as this seasoning is prepared for gourmet meat preparation. Garlic, salt, spice, and paprika creates a flavor that doesn't require any use of MSG or additives. The sugar content is low, which makes it suitable to eat for diabetic patients.

Budget Pick

McCormick Steak Seasoning

The McCormick Steak Seasoning is our best budget pick because it is a Montreal-style spicy seasoning with less amount of sodium. Not to mention, it is gluten-free which allows people on diet to add it to their salads, soups, etc. This granulated seasoning comes in a flexible bottle with which you can pour and sprinkle the seasoning on your meal.

Quick Comparison: Top 15 Best Store Bought Steak Seasoning

1. Pappy's Fine Foods Seasonings

Seasonings change the tastes of food completely and this seasoning from Pappy's Fine Foods easily blends with all types of food. The basic spices which are salt, paprika, granulated onion and garlic, and other spices are mixed. As a result, you can use this seasoning on salads, spaghetti, soups, etc. The seasoning is great for barbeque, steak, brisket as well. 

Moreover, it has a 12% sodium content which is required to get the taste of the food. It is packed in a plastic jar that you can carry outdoors without any difficulty. 

However, the seasoning has no preservative so it can go bad if it is not packed in an airtight bottle. The bottle on which the seasoning comes is not airtight, so you need to store it in a different container. The brand produces seasoning of different spices which you can use to change the taste from time to time.

Highlighted Features

  • This seasoning can be used on steak, beef, pizza, seafood, bagel, etc for mouthwatering taste
  • Premium quality spices are collected around the world to make the blend
  • It has no addition of MSG that will enhance the taste of the food
  • It contains no preservatives so you need to store it in a cool place after opening the lid

2. McCormick Steak Seasoning 

Seasoning is like salt as it works to enhance the taste of the food. The McCormick Steak Seasoning is a blend of salt, spices, garlic onion, two types of pepper, sunflower oil, and an extract of paprika. To level up the spiciness, red and black pepper is used for those who love to eat spicy food. 

This dry seasoning is 29 ounces that you add on your steaks, grills, brisket, etc. At home, during a movie, you can easily prepare spicy popcorn by sprinkling the seasoning on the popcorn. If you love the flavor of the seasoning, you will enjoy the flavor in almost everything. 

However, the seasoning has the addition of natural flavors but the name of the flavors is not mentioned. So we don't know if the natural flavoring will cause any discomfort to you. The seasoning is not yet approved by the FDA and has no other certifications.

Highlighted Features

  • This is a spicy seasoning as black and red pepper is used along with the other basic ingredients
  • The lid is designed that allows you to sprinkle or measure the spices on the food
  • It is a gluten-free seasoning that you can add to your salads
  • The seasoning has got all the original flavor and taste from the natural herbs
  • The sodium content is low compared to other seasonings

3. Hardcore Carnivore Seasoning

The Hardcore Carnivore seasoning has all the basic ingredients that are used in all seasoning but it has active charcoal that gives a smoky flavor and a different outlook. For the presence of charcoal, the meat will have a dark exterior and it will prevent overcooking your steaks and barbeques. 

Moreover, the seasoning has no deep flavor and has a balanced spice level. It has no added preservatives or MSG to intensify the flavor. The smoky flavor from charcoal can give a different experience but FDA has prohibited the use of activated charcoal in food or beverages. Also, it has no certification from FDA to be responsible for an allergic reaction after consuming the seasoning. 

The seasoning comes in a plastic jar with a flexible lid which you can carry out for a picnic. As it has activated charcoal, it can not be used for seasoning pizza, popcorn, etc.

Highlighted Features

  • The seasoning has activated charcoal seasoning along with other spices
  • It is a seasoning that is keto-friendly
  • The seasoning gives a great texture to all red meats that make them unique
  • This gluten-free seasoning has no MSG to increase the taste or flavor

4. Big Cock Ranch Seasoning

This seasoning from Big Cock Ranch is particularly made for preparing delicious ribeye, T-bone, steak. The pepper gives a certain spice taste and the paprika creates a texture on the meat that makes a great combination of crispy crust and tender inside. Brown sugar is used on the mix to make it a healthy seasoning. 

Also, the blend does not contain any products that have gluten in them. Nonetheless, the seasoning is produced in the area where dairy, fish, nuts, wheat are processed at the same time. We like the fact that the seasoning is not spicy and people of all ages can enjoy the food with this seasoning. After adding the seasoning to the meat, let the meat rest for an hour to get the best flavor. 

The seasoning comes in a plastic bottle that is easy to handle. You have to store it in a cold palace after opening the lid. The lid is not leakproof and airtight, so the seasoning can get bad if kept unused for a long time.

Highlighted Features

  • The seasoning has a mild flavor and spices that you can use on your regular meals
  • The seasoning is great for bringing out the flavor of ribeye, T-bones, filets, etc
  • Those who cannot have wheat, flour, barley can easily have this seasoning as it is gluten-free
  • The spices are mixed and prepared after running through various experiments in the kitchen

5. Jack Daniel's Seasoning 

Steaks are loved by everyone during the holidays but seasoning contains high amounts of sodium which is bad for your health. Jack Daniel's Seasoning has low sodium content that allows high blood pressure to enjoy the steaks without worrying. 

The feature we like about this seasoning is that it is gluten-free and also refrained from using MSG to enhance the flavor. The unique feature of the seasoning is that it is in granular form. As they are largely shaped, it is hard to cover the whole piece of meat. Moreover, the meat will take time to absorb the flavor. 

The seasoning has to be coated with cooking oil on the meat to marinate. You can put the marinated meat on the grill after seasoning for 30 minutes. To properly marinate the steaks, a large amount of this seasoning is needed compared to the powdered ones. This seasoning cannot be used for variable purposes as well.

Highlighted Features

  • This seasoning is prepared in Montreal style with the perfect blend of all spices
  • The seasonings are in big granules rather than powder form
  • This gluten-free seasoning is made in the USA
  • The original flavor is achieved with premium quality ingredients

6. Badia Longhorn Steakhouse Grill Seasoning

The Badia Longhorn Steakhouse Grill Seasoning comes in powdered form that is easy to marinate on the meat. The seasoning has an overpowering flavor that increases your appetite. But after several bites, it can taste too salty. If you do not want an overpowering taste, we advise you to pour less amount of seasoning.

The seasoning comes in a small container and holes on the lid let you sprinkle the powder easily. As it comes in a small container, it is a great seasoning for those who live alone or have very few family members. 

You can use it to spice any kind of food with this seasoning. However, it is not diet-friendly or free from gluten or dairy. We recommend not opt for this seasoning if you have a serious allergic problem as it is not FDA approved yet.

Highlighted Features

  • The seasoning has great flavor with all the spices and peppers added to it
  • Cumin seeds are added to add some sweetness and bitterness to the seasonings
  • It can be used on seafood, chicken, chops, etc
  • It comes in 6 ounces in each bottle that will not go bad when coming in contact with air

7. Bolner's Fiesta Steak Seasoning

If you want Texas flavor in your steak, the Bolner's Fiesta Steak Seasoning will bring the flavor to your kitchen. With premium ingredients and a perfect blend of spices, you will enjoy a delicious meal.  

The seasoning is not in complete powder form and is in small granulated form. Sprinklintinh it 30 minutes before grilling will give an appetizing flavor. You can marinate the meat with this seasoning for 24 hours to get the flavor. It is not spicy so you can add extra chili if you are a spice lover. 

This seasoning is manufactured for gourmet use so you can use it at the restaurant as people prefer different spice levels. The flavor is not overpowering and retains the smoky flavor of the barbecue.

Highlighted Features

  • It is gourmet that you can enjoy the restaurant flavor at home
  • The seasoning comes in a 20 ounces bottle that you can easily serve a family dinner
  • The ingredients give the flavor of Texas

8. Texas Roadhouse Sirloin Seasoning

If you enjoy red meat or beef, this seasoning from the Texas Roadhouse can be the one. This seasoning is great for sirloin as you can see from the name. The seasoning grounds can be used on other meats for great flavor. 

In addition, the seasoning contains MSG to enhance the flavor. The basic ingredients are also available in the mix. The spice level is not high so you can easily use this on your fillet, ribeye, T-bone, etc. 

As this seasoning is FDA approved, look for the ingredients that can cause any allergic reaction to your body. The seasoning is not keto or any diet-friendly. The lid of the bottle does not have the option to sprinkle so the seasoning can go bad if not used for a long time after opening the seal.

Highlighted Features

  • The hand-selected ingredients bring out the bold flavor of the seasoning
  • The seasoning is suitable to use in steaks, rib eyes, hamburgers, etc
  • The ingredients are perfectly grounded so that you can sprinkle them easily

9. McCormick Steak Seasoning

For outdoor picnics, preparing freshly mixed seasoning is hard. With the help of McCormick Steak Seasoning, you will be able to enjoy your picnic as well as your outdoor meal. The bottle contains 7 ounces of powdered seasoning that you can easily pour out of the bottle. The lid of the bottle is easy to open and holes for sprinkle lets less air access to the mix. 

Moreover, the ingredients are basic but the proportion of them is different which gives the taste of the restaurant. However, it can be too spicy for some people as it has used spices. I

f you are a spice lover, you can use this seasoning on burgers, falafels, curry, etc. Most importantly, it is a gluten-free spicy seasoning for those who want to enjoy some dishes. It has 260 mg of sodium content which is less than other steak seasonings.

Highlighted Features

  • It is a bold blend of garlic, pepper, spices, and herbs that gives a taste of steakhouse
  • Roast, burgers, or on a salad can be prepared with this seasoning
  • The bottle has an airtight lid with a flip-top opening for easy access to the seasoning
  • The seasoning is prepared with all the gluten-free ingredients
  • No addition of MSG can cause any discomfort

10. Weber Steak Seasoning

Usually, meat is not always included in our meals and vegetables can be boring. The Weber Steak Seasoning is produced to use on veggies as well. In meat, the seasoning needs to be marinated and kept for 30 minutes to 1 hour before grilling. But you need to sprinkle some seasonings on the veggies and they are ready to eat. 

If you love the flavor of classic steak, this seasoning you should choose as it is made to provide the original flavor. After grilling the meat with this seasoning, you will get a crunchy outside and tender inside. 

The seasoning comes in a transparent plastic bottle that you can easily store in your kitchen cabinet. The seasoning has a balanced mix of herbs and spices to give a subtle flavor with bold bold spice levels. As a result, the seasoning does not end up giving an overpowering taste. There is no mention of it being diet-friendly.

Highlighted Features

  • This seasoning has the original flavor that gives you the authentic taste of steak
  • This seasoning is great for using on veggies along with meat
  • Manufactured with gluten-free products
  • The granules are medium in size that will give a crispy crust

11. Wayward Gourmet Steak Seasoning

Markets are filled with seasoning that can be used on meat. Very few brands concentrate on vegan people and Wayward Gourmet is one of them. Their seasoning comes in a small jar of 5 ounces which is especially for vegans. Now vegans can enjoy their hummus, salads with this spicy seasoning. The addition of variable ingredients makes it unique from other seasonings. 

The seasoning is also called a dry rub that can be used on lamb, beef, pork, etc. If you want to use it as dry, you need to shake the jar before applying. 

If you look closely, the seasoning is made of original ingredients and is mixed after drying for a long time. Not to mention, it is free of gluten elements and has no addition of MSG for flavors. It has low sodium content and protein, carbohydrate, sugar is present but in very low amounts.

Highlighted Features

  • It is a rub that can be used as a seasoning to prepare barbecues, steaks, etc
  • The seasoning is made for vegans with all the plant-based products
  • Lemon peel, thyme, caraway seeds along with other spices creates a unique flavor
  • The rub is spicy to give a bold kick in your first bite

12. Killer Hogs Steak Rub

The Killer Hogs Steak Rub is a premium seasoning that is used by chefs worldwide. Dehydrated garlic, onion are the basic ingredients but dehydrated parsley adds a new flavor to the seasonings. However, sugar is added to the mix but the content is low that is negligible in the whole mix. Though the sugar is added, the rub is not suitable to eat in diets.

With this rub, you can satisfy your craving for the grill as well as steak. The sodium content is low but will result in high blood pressure if consumed frequently. This 16 ounces rub is able to serve a large gathering of people. The lid of the bottle is designed in a flip system that helps you to sprinkle the seasonings without creating any mess. 

After grilling you will get a thin layer of a flavorful crust. If you want a thick layer you can add more seasoning but we recommend starting with less as it might be salty for your taste bud. As not many spices are added, the seasoning won't be spicy.

Highlighted Features

  • The seasoning is a combination of spices that you can use in steaks and chops
  • The recipe for the seasoning is great to satisfy the chefs and pitmasters
  • It is made in the USA with all the authentic ingredients

13. Happy Belly Steak Seasoning

The Happy Belly steak seasoning used the least amount of ingredients to make a flavorful but original seasoning. The bold flavor you will get from the seasoning is due to the garlic and spices. It will not be spicy and children will love the seasoning on their steaks. You can apply a generous amount of seasoning on your filet, sirloins, etc but it will not give an overpowering flavor. 

The feature we like about this seasoning is that it is kosher certified. Though it has not used any animal product, it is also produced in the area where animals are not packaged. It comes in a small bottle, so you can try it for the first time without wasting it.

Highlighted Features

  • Salt, spices, and garlic are used to create a bold flavor on this seasoning
  • It can be used on various items but it is great for T-bones, NY Strips, filets, etc
  • The seasoning is kosher certified that can be consumed by a certain group of people
  • It has a flavor close to Montreal steak seasoning

14. St. Elmo Steak House Seasoning

Whatever food we intake, it causes a bad reaction to our health if not accepted by our body. This gluten-free seasoning is a great option for those who cannot have wheat, barley. They can enjoy a steak with this seasoning without having any distress. There is less chance of an allergic reaction as it has no MSG added for the flavor. 

This seasoning is also acceptable for those who only eat fish and veggies. It is not a vegan-friendly seasoning. With this seasoning, you will enjoy spicy steaks, fiery shrimp cocktail as black pepper and paprika are used for ensuring spiciness. Another feature of this seasoning is that it is kosher certified for those people who eat food that is obtained with some religious values.

Highlighted Features

  • Ingredients like evaporated cane juice, celery, garlic, etc are used for making this powdered seasoning
  • It is a seasoning that can be used on veggies, seafood, chicken, etc
  • This kosher certified seasoning has no addition of MSG on the ingredients
  • The seasoning contains very low amounts of sodium

15. Saltgrass Steak Spice

Lastly, we have the Saltgrass steak spice that can be used as rub as well as seasoning. It has a reddish color that makes it look spicy. If you add some barbeque sauce, a different kind of flavor is found. This seasoning is capable of baking, grilling, and broiling. 

If you are bored of eating the same flavored nuggets, you can use this seasoning in the ingredients of the nuggets. The nuggets will get a new flavor and will also get a thin crust of the seasoning. This seasoning easily blends on thick-cut meats. 

However, it is not kosher certified nor is gluten-free. It comes in a plastic bottle that you can store easily in your kitchen cupboard.

Highlighted Features

  • The seasoning comes with a spicy flavor that is enjoyed by spice lovers
  • This powdered seasoning is great to use on thick-cut meat
  • You can bake, grill or broil with this rub easily
  • The seasoning can be used as a rub to marinate the t-bones

Things to consider before purchasing the Best Store Bought Steak Seasoning

Are you thinking of surprising your guests with a new steak flavor? You need to keep in mind if they are allergic to something and what level of spice they prefer in their food. Also, you can keep the seasoning on the table if you are not sure how much seasoning they would prefer in their meal. 

The spicy level

Seasoning is not added only to be spicy but also to give a flavor to the meat. As everyone has their preferences in spice level, the seasonings also vary due to the spiciness. You will see that some brands used red and pepper on the seasoning to give a spicy kick. The seasonings are also used on pizza, popcorn, salads so you need to determine which steak seasoning will be better for you. 

Powdered or granular seasoning

A perfect blend of seasoning is necessary to get the perfect taste of the steak. The seasoning comes in two forms and you can use either of them for meat. The powder seasoning easily sits on the meat and you can reach every corner of the meat. However, the granular seasoning does not sit on the meat slices and meat takes hours to properly absorb all the spices and herbs. The granular seasoning creates an uneven crust as well. 

Variable usage of the seasoning

Salt, pepper, garlic, onion, oil are the basic ingredients of the seasonings. The brands use different proportions of herbs and spices to create a unique flavor. You will find the addition of MSG to enhance the taste. 

The seasonings can be used as a surprising element on salads, burgers, popcorns, etc. But if the seasoning has elements like activated carbon, you will not be able to use it on various things. Depending on what type of taste you want on your steak and how widely you will use the seasoning are the factors that need to be considered before opting for a seasoning. 

Certification from FDA

The ingredients that are used in preparing the seasoning are mostly basic items and they are FDA approved. However, most of the seasoning has no approval from the FDA. Checking the ingredients used in the manufacturing of the seasoning is necessary if any of the ingredients is allergic to you. 

Suitable to include in diets

For healthy living, we often go on diets. On diets like paleo and keto, you are not allowed to have dairy, grains, sweets, etc. so some seasonings are made with ingredients that can be easily consumed on diets. 

Percentage of sodium

If you taste the seasonings directly without any meat, you can taste the salt and spice. Salt is an essential element to make everything taste delicious. According to WHO, 2 grams of sodium should be consumed every day. So, if you are a patient with high blood pressure, we recommend you check the amount of sodium of the seasonings before purchasing. 


How long should I marinate the meat with seasoning before cooking?

After marinating the meat, wait at least 1 hour before grilling or cooking them.

Do I need to rub oil on meat before grilling?

No, it is not necessary to rub oil but some brands have different directions of using the seasoning. Follow the instructions before using the seasoning. 

Are rub and seasoning the same thing?

No, rubs and reasoning are not the same things but they contain the same elements. 


Is it hard for you to decide on the steak seasoning as there are many options in the market? Considering your health condition is essential before buying the seasoning as it contains salts and sugar. 

Also, you need to store the seasoning in a dry place in an airtight bottle. Not all bottles are airtight and you will not get any flavor if the air is entered into the bottle. In our article, we provided the details of flavor to help you find the best store-bought steak seasoning to enjoy your barbeques.

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