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Shore to Door – The Best Seafood Subscription Boxes

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With more of us wanting or needing to stay at home right now, subscription boxes are the ideal way to cut down on some of our grocery store visits or even just as an easy way to stock up your freezer. In this review we take a look at the best seafood subscription boxes which will deliver either fresh or flash frozen (and sometimes live) seafood to your door – even if you are 1,000 miles away from the nearest ocean!

Continue reading to learn more about ‘shore to door’ or seafood subscription services, some of which offer just seafood boxes, while others offer boxes and individual portions of seafood. There are also a few that will deliver live lobster to your door if you fancy a lobster dinner one Saturday night. We also offer some tips for you as to what to look at when selecting a seafood subscription box.

Quick Comparison: Top 15 Best Seafood Subscription Boxes

Subscription BoxGrade
Fulton Fish MarketA+
Wild Alaskan CompanyA-
Vital ChoiceA-
Sitka Salmon SharesA-
Greensbury MarketA-
Thrive MarketB+
Gourmet Seafood BoxA-
The Fresh Lobster CompanyA
Cameron’s SeafoodA
Seafood CrateA-

1. Fulton Fish Market

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Direct from Fulton Fish Market in NYC, this truly is a ‘one stop shop’ for all your seasonal fish and seafood requirements. Whether you want to buy a wild or farmed whole fish ready for baking or grilling or a bundle of seafood to store in your freezer then this is well worth an online visit.

As a fish market, it offers a wide variety of wild and farmed seafood sourced from US waters and further afield including specialties such as Scottish freshwater trout and Spanish turbot. Many fish are also available as fillets and steaks –which may be fresh or frozen. You can also order a selection of smoked fish.

As well as many species of finfish, Fulton Fish Market offers shellfish such as lobster, crab, oysters, scallops, shrimp and more. If you are looking for something more exotic for your next recipe, you can also order octopus, sea urchin, eels and more. For easy BBQs, you can also buy ready prepared salmon burgers, salmon hot dogs and more.

Fulton Fish Market offer a range of bundles so you can stock up on white fish or salmon - ideal for freezing and using at a later date. They also offer dinner boxes such as for a fresh paella, a lobster and scallop dinner, or even a selection of seafood that you can serve up at a four person dinner party. Other bundles available include the grilling bundle with tasty black sea bass and shrimp, or you can just order a ‘Stay In Box’ for four people. There are also a variety of other products such as domestic and imported caviar that you can add to your order.

You may also want to have a look at the deals page which offers weekly deals with a 15% discount – perfect for stocking up the freezer with.

As a full fish market, the in-house fishmongers at Fulton Fish Market survey the market each night to select the freshest and best quality fish and seafoods for shipping out. This expert team also includes a Culinary Institute of America trained chef! As well as supplying seafood to your door, the market supplies many leading chefs and restaurants across the US.

When you choose your seafood for delivery, it is identified where the seafood is sourced from, as well as if it is wild or farmed and sustainable. It also provides nutritional information and gives you some tips for cooking and some great recipes.

When you order your seafood, it will be shipped out in biodegradable packaging along with food safe reusable gel packs to keep it cold.

If you live in or around New York, then Fulton Fish Market also offers the Fulton Fish Drop. Here, you can subscribe to a regular delivery of seafood either weekly, biweekly or monthly. There are a number of boxes available which are either finfish or fish and seafood, or you can make up your own box. The shipping costs are included for these boxes.

Highlighted Features

  • Offers a subscription or one off service to all the 48 states of USA
  • Wide variety of fresh and frozen seafood in individual portions, whole fish or budget friendly bundles
  • Offers wild, sustainable and farmed seafoods
  • Delivered in biodegradable packaging with reusable ice packs


The Fulton Fish Market Salmon and Cod Stay In Box retails at $86.40 and includes enough for four people while the Stay In Box with shrimp costs just over $109.

A seafood lovers bundle containing farmed salmon, shrimp, scallops, live oysters, frozen shrimp and more currently costs just over $266. Orders over $99 are shipped free.

The Fulton Fish Drop Try ‘Em All Box starts at $84.95 and if you are a smaller household, then the Just For Me & You box of fish or fish and shellfish starts at $64.95.


Products from can be shipped to continental US (excluding Alaska and Hawaii).

Boxes available through Fulton Fish Drop ( are delivered to anyone in United States and delivery availability can be checked on the website.

2. Oceanbox

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Oceanbox emphasize sustainability with their subscription boxes for freshwater and saltwater seafood. Their wild fish is caught by pole, hook and line etc. and any farmed fish supplied by Oceanbox also carries an ASC rating to prove it is sustainable.

The shipping packaging is non-toxic, recyclable and biodegradable. Shipping costs are included with the cost of the box.

It takes just a few minutes to set a new account up online and there you can manage your orders, skip weeks and more. You can cancel your subscription at any time. The site also offers tips, recipes and more.

Subscription box size varies, with the smallest box proving four 5 oz servings, and the largest providing twelve 5 oz servings of seafood. You can choose to have your box delivered weekly, biweekly or monthly and once you have decided on your box, you can then select your fish and seafood choices from a wide selection and finally choose the best delivery day for you.

Highlighted Features

  • Offers a good selection of sustainable freshwater and saltwater seafood
  • The seafood is always fresh rather than frozen
  • There are three box sizes available which can be delivered weekly, biweekly or monthly


Boxes from Oceanbox start at $42 for four 5 oz servings including shipping costs.


At present, Oceanbox cannot deliver to all zip codes as the fish supplied by Oceanbox is within three days fresh from the ocean. You can check your zip code on the Oceanbox website.


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Providing a range of top quality saltwater fish and seafood to most of the US, the fish supplied is flash frozen soon after catching so that it keeps its freshness until you are ready to thaw and cook it.

Much of the seafood supplied by is wild caught although some species are farmed. You can select if you want just wild fish, or a selection of wild and farmed seafood. There are also plenty of recipe ideas on the website and recipes and menus are curated monthly. The Prime subscription (wild and farmed) and Prime Plus (wild and farmed) allows you to choose up to 14 servings in each box. You can manage your account easily online, including skipping a delivery if you need to. There is no commitment for a subscription.

The fish is delivered in a reusable and recyclable cooler with dry ice to ensure the fish is delivered frozen. Each fish portion is also vacuum sealed and ready to go straight into the freezer. Portion sizes vary but most are 4 or 5 oz plus.

Highlighted Features

  • Offers a wide variety of wild and farmed saltwater fish and seafood
  • Pre-frozen seafood delivered on dry ice to keep its freshness until you are ready to thaw and cook it
  • You can order up to 14 portions of seafood in each box


One portion in the Prime subscription costs $6.99 and for the Prime Plus subscription, $7.99. You can order up to 14 servings in each box and shipping costs are included.


Available to continental US but note there are specific shipping windows for certain regions.

4. Wild Alaskan Company

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The Wild Alaskan Company delivers sustainable and wild caught frozen seafood to your home on a monthly on two monthly basis. You can choose from a white fish option, salmon or combo box containing either 12 or 24 individually wrapped portions. The seafood is packaged in an insulated cooler and on dry ice, ready to transfer to your freezer when it arrives. It is easy to sign up online and you can manage your account online or via email with customer services.

All the seafood is sourced from sustainably managed wild fisheries in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest and is frozen as soon as it arrives on shore. Salmon is available in 6 oz portions and the white fish come as similar sized portions.

Highlighted Features

  • All fish supplied is wild caught and sustainable from Alaska and the Pacific Northwest
  • You can choose from a salmon, white fish or combo box to be delivered once every month or every two months
  • The fish is frozen as soon as it reaches shore, so it keeps fresh until you are ready to thaw and cook it


Each 6 oz portion costs $10.99 and you can order either a 12 or 24 portion pack each month.


Boxes are available to mainland US including Alaska and Hawaii.


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Now offering an online subscription service, SEA TO TABLE provides a selection of frozen fish and seafood either on demand, every week, month or two months. There is a wide choice of boxes available, including salmon, selections for grilling and you can also add extra portions of seafood to your delivery.

SEA TO TABLE is a certified B Corp and the seafood is wild caught in US fisheries. Once caught, the seafood is flash frozen and shipped on dry ice and eco-friendly insulation. All portions are individually wrapped so you can just put them straight into the freezer. There are also lots of tips and recipes on the website to help you make the most of your subscription box.

Highlighted Features

  • Offers a selection of seafood boxes that you can subscribe to weekly, monthly or two monthly, or even just buy on demand
  • Seafood is flash frozen so you can cook at a later date
  • The seafood is wild caught from US fisheries and the company is a certified B Corp


Boxes currently start at $100 for 12 servings and include a variety of seafoods. You can also add smaller portions of seafood to your order. Smaller orders up to $49.99 cost $45 shipping, orders up to $89.99 cost $30 shipping but orders over $99 are free to ship.


Seafood can be shipped within the US with the exception of Alaska and Hawaii.

6. Vital Choice

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Offering wild caught fish that is certified by the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) or listed as a Good Alternative or Best Choice by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch, Vital Choice is also a certified B Corp with supports ethical suppliers and donate some profit to environmental programs.

The fish is all wild caught and the portions are flash frozen, individually wrapped and vacuum sealed. The seafood is shipped on dry ice in an eco-friendly box so you can place the seafood straight into the freezer once it arrives.

There are currently three subscription boxes available that you can order online; salmon, fish or seafood and these contain between 10 and 22 servings – depending on the box chosen which is delivered on a monthly plan. The box is delivered on the second week of the month and you are emailed each month to confirm if you want the next box or you can skip a month or even just cancel.

Highlighted Features

  • Offers a choice of three boxes of wild caught fish and seafood on a monthly basis
  • Seafood is sustainably caught by a certified B Corp which also catches MSC certified fish
  • Portions are pre-frozen and individually wrapped and vacuum sealed


A wild salmon box offers between 10 to 14 servings and currently costs $129. As the subscription boxes are over $99, shipping is free (Hawaii and Alaska include a $19.95 surcharge), otherwise there is a cost for cold shipping.


Vital Choice seafood boxes can be shipped to anywhere in the US (including Alaska and Hawaii) as long as the address is served by the specified couriers.

7. Sitka Salmon Shares

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This service offers wild caught and sustainable fish from Alaska and the North Pacific which are then flash frozen in either Sitka or partner plants before being delivered to your door on dry ice.

Unlike most seafood subscription services; Sitka Salmon Shares is a community supported fishery (CSF) scheme or values-based seafood business. This means rather than you buying a subscription box, you are actually buying or reserving your ‘share’ of the catch during fishing season. This share service supports smaller fishermen who generally receive between 10% and 30% more of the value of the catch through the scheme than they would if selling elsewhere.

The fish in your box can differ to the projected harvest as can the weight provided, as unlike traditional subscription boxes that provide a set amount/species mix in every box, the shares are sold before the catch is caught.

With a selection of boxes available, including salmon, white fish and seafood, the boxes also detail the source of each catch and newsletters, blogs and other information is published by the fishermen.

Highlighted Features

  • A community supported fishery scheme which allows you to buy a ‘share’ of the catch during the fishing season
  • All fish and seafood are wild caught from Alaska and the North Pacific and generally pays more to the fishermen
  • The seafood is flash frozen and shipped on dry ice to keep it at its freshest until you are ready to thaw and cook


Boxes start at $119 and each box contains around 4½ lbs. of fish and seafood – depending on availability. Shipping costs are included in the share box delivery.


These boxes are only available during fishing season (approximately April to December) and can be delivered across the US.

8. Rastelli’s

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A provider of frozen meats for decades, Rastelli’s also offers a good value seafood sampler box. Current contents are around 6 lbs. of salmon, cod, shrimp and salmon burgers. You can also make your own box up of seafood and add meat if you like. The seafood sampler (and other seafood items) is shipped frozen on dry ice.

It is easy to open an online account and you can manage your subscription through here. You have the choice of having the seafood sampler box delivered every one, two, three, four or six weeks, or you can even just buy a box as a one-off.

Highlighted Features

  • A frozen seafood sampler box can be ordered on a subscription basis or as a one off
  • You can also make up your own seafood box and add meat if you want
  • Each box contains around 6lbs. of seafood and is shipped on dry ice


The seafood sampler box currently costs $109. Shipping is an extra $10 unless you spend over $200 and then it is free.


Boxes can only be shipped to continental US (not Hawaii or Alaska).

9. LobsterAnywhere

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If you want Maine lobsters delivered to your door, then LobsterAnywhere offers an online subscription service to anywhere in the US.

Lobsters can be delivered live, ranging in size from small to monster six pounders. Lobsters for live shipping are taken from the boats and moved into live holding systems where they are hand selected and packed. As well as live lobsters, you can order a variety of fresh or frozen lobster tails and meat. Shrimps and scallops are also available along with favorites such as lobster dinners, Surf & Turfs, frozen bisques and chowders.

Highlighted Features

  • Available as one off buys rather than a regular subscription
  • A range of fresh, frozen and even live Maine lobster delivered to anywhere in the US (season permitting)
  • You can also order a range of other products such as frozen chowders or a lobster dinner


Fresh or frozen lobster tails start at $27.95 with discounts available when you order more. Lobster meat currently starts at $48 or a live lobster starts at $29.95. Shipping costs vary depending on cost of order and depending on shipping service requested/required.


Available to continental US (extra charges payable for Hawaii and Alaska). Not all products will be available throughout the year due to the timing of lobster season.

10. Greensbury Market

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Offering a range of fish and seafood products as well as a seafood sampler box, Greensbury market can also deliver meat packs to your door. You can buy a seafood sampler as a one off or set up a regular delivery which has a 5% cost reduction. You can choose how often you receive the box and can manage your account online. The seafood sampler contains 15 servings of fish and seafood which is wild caught and MSC certified.

The seafood is flash frozen and then shipped frozen on dry ice in a cooler which can be reused.

Highlighted Features

  • Offers wild caught and MSC certified seafood
  • As well as ordering a seafood sampler box, you can buy fish and seafood separately as well as meats
  • All seafood is flash frozen, so it stays fresh to your door


The seafood sampler currently retails at $160.93 and as the order is over $150 then shipping is free. Below this, shipping costs will vary depending on your zip code.


Seafood can be shipped to anywhere in the contiguous US. No shipping is currently available to Alaska or Hawaii.

11. Thrive Market

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Thrive Market is a membership-based online market which as well as offering seafood, offers meats, groceries, wine, supplements and more. Many products are also organic. To order from Thrive Market, you will need to take out a monthly membership which can be as little as $5 per month and you can then order products that can have as much as 50% off the retail price.

 You can order seafood as individual items or ‘build your own bundle’. The box will contain your choice of four frozen seafoods (such as cod or scallops) plus two deluxe frozen seafoods (such as crab claws or lobster tails). You can also buy a salmon box or wild caught box. The seafood available is either wild caught or responsibly farmed and all is traceable.

Highlighted Features

  • Available from a membership-based online market which sells other groceries and products at often lower than retail prices
  • All seafood is wild caught or sustainably farmed and then fast frozen for freshness
  • You can buy a set box, build your own bundle or just buy seafood products separately


A build your own seafood box currently retails at $169.99 and free shipping is included with this. You will also need to sign up to monthly membership to order from Thrive Market.


Available to contiguous US, excluding Alaska and Hawaii.

12. Gourmet Seafood Box

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The Gourmet seafood box is offered by a company that has been directly importing and distributing seafood for almost 30 years, which then moved into subscription boxes to offer fresh fish to all customers – wherever they live.

The seafood available is flash frozen for freshness on the day of the catch and is then shipped on dry ice in a cooler ready for you to move straight into your freezer.

A subscription box offers a selection of natural and smoked seafoods, with a sampler box containing 12 servings varying between 4 oz and 6 oz each. There are other boxes available, including the Wild Box.

As well as natural fish and seafoods, there are also prepared products such as salmon burgers and bacon wrapped scallops, and these are available within the subscription boxes. You can also build your own box with a minimum of 12 items.

Highlighted Features

  • Selection of flash frozen seafood and fish
  • Also offers smoked seafoods and ready prepared products such as salmon burgers
  • You can choose ready boxes or build your own seafood box


A sampler box is around $93 or a family box at just over $163 which contains 18 items. Shipping costs are included.


Gourmet seafood boxes can be shipped to anywhere in the continental US.

13. The Fresh Lobster Company

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Offering a wide range of seafoods and seafood favorites, such as sushi, stuffed clams, crab cakes, chowders and more, The Fresh Lobster Company can also ship a fresh lobster - from small to 15 lbs. monsters - anywhere in the US overnight.

You can also order fresh fish portions as well as more unusual seafoods such as octopus and eel. Seafoods arrive in a decorative gift package, making these boxes perfect for gifting as well as enjoying yourself! Where required, the package also includes a manual for live lobster and shellfish preparation.

Highlighted Features

  • Provides live or freshly steamed lobster straight to your door
  • Offers a wide range of popular and more unusual fish and seafood products – cooked and uncooked
  • Seafood comes in decorative gift packaging so you can also gift a lobster!


A live lobster starts at $18.25 or a fresh gourmet seafood sampler is $167. Some products include free shipping, but other shipping costs will be calculated on shipping method and expediency.


Can be shipped to anywhere in contiguous US (excludes Alaska and Hawaii)

14. Cameron’s Seafood

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The Maryland fresh seafood retailer Cameron’s Seafood now ships a selection of crab and other seafoods fresh to your door. Options include Maryland crabs, Alaskan King and Snow crab legs, crab meat, lobster, shrimp, clams, shucked oysters, scallops and more. There is also a selection of salmon and white fish available.

You can order seafoods as one off items, or you can choose a sampler box, such as the Maryland seafood sampler or Alaskan crab leg sampler. Some items are shipped fresh while other will be shipped frozen on dry ice depending on the season.

Highlighted Features

  • Offers fresh and frozen Maryland and Alaskan crabs and other seafoods
  • Seafood available fresh or as shucked/prepared
  • You can also buy a variety of other seafoods and finfish as one off items or in sampler boxes


A Maryland seafood sampler currently costs $174 and this includes free shipping. Standard fresh Maryland crabs start at $43.99 plus shipping.


Can be shipped anywhere in the US. Shipping costs will vary depending on shipping area and cost of order.

15. Seafood Crate

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Seafood delivered from the seafood crate is delivered fresh rather than frozen. You can choose from a large selection of fish such as white fish and salmon as well as seafood such as lobster, oysters, shrimp and more. Some of the products are sustainable and certified by the ASC.

As well as ordering products separately, you can order crates which range from small (containing around three portions) to larger crates of fish, seafood or even a sushi mix. These contain around ten 7 oz portions. The seafood is shipped cold as fresh rather than on dry ice and shipping costs are calculated per order.

Highlighted Features

  • A wide selection of seafood delivered chilled
  • Offers a selection of sustainable and certified seafoods
  • You can also choose small or large boxes or ‘crates’ of a variety of seafoods


A small crate of fish and/or seafood starts at around $42 plus shipping. The larger crates containing around ten portions are $111.


Seafood Crate currently only delivers in Canada however is planning to expand to the neighboring US states.

Buyer’s Guide for The Best Seafood Subscription Boxes

As we have seen above, there are different types of seafood subscription boxes. Many are available for delivery weekly, biweekly or just monthly. They are also sized for different households, as well as of course, containing different species mixes.

When thinking about a box, consider how often you eat seafood – or would like to eat seafood – as this will help you decide how often you would like a subscription box.

Then think about if your preference is for finfish or seafood as you are better choosing a company that will supply more of what you want or like. If you prefer white fish, then choosing a subscription that focuses more on shellfish is perhaps not the best idea.

As subscription boxes can contain fish and seafood that you may struggle to find in the grocery store, this can give you some new tastes to experience, but of course, there is also the risk that you may not like some of the more unusual offerings provided.

Unlike buying fish in the grocery store, subscription boxes often contain handy guides on how to prepare seafood – or publish them on the website – and there are usually lots of recipes available. So, even if you are a seafood lover, you may be surprised by some of the ways you can make the most out of that frozen salmon or those fresh scallops.

Fresh or Frozen Seafood?

If you choose fresh (or even live) seafood rather than frozen, then your choices are limited to what is in season at that time. Some companies offer a mix of fresh and frozen products, so you could order live lobsters from them in season, but out of season, you can order frozen lobster meat.

There are always debates as to whether fresh or frozen seafood is better. Especially further inland, fresh seafood is rarely that fresh due to the time – maybe as much as one week - it has taken to move the seafood into the supply and distribution chain. Some seafood you buy from the grocery store may be in the refrigerator to be sold as fresh, but if you check closely, the packaging may say that it has already been frozen and was defrosted for sale.

Because frozen seafood is usually fast or flash frozen on the same day or within the next day of it coming in from the boats it actually means that when it is thawed, it can be much fresher and be nutritionally more valuable than the ‘fresh’ fish you buy from the store.

Frozen seafood also allows you to enjoy seafood year round that would otherwise only be available fresh for a couple of months of the year.


Although some subscription boxes are fully sustainable and certified, other companies offer a mix of sustainable and other products although reputable suppliers such as those reviewed here will always do their best to responsibly source their products.

Sustainability certification to look out for include Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) or products listed against Best Choice or Good Alternative by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch. Some companies may also be certified B Corporations.

Wild seafood which is certified sustainable can also carry more of a price premium than farmed or imported seafood.


Strictly speaking, companies which ship to continental US means the 49 states (excluding Hawaii) and those that ship to contiguous US means the lower 48 states – but it is always worth checking the exact shipping region as the terms are used interchangeably. There may also be extra shipping charges for some states.

Seafood is often shipped frozen which means it will be packed on dry ice. This not only limits which handlers will ship the box but will also add to the overall cost. If you look to buy smaller portions of seafood, then you will usually have to pay for the shipping which can be quite expensive. Look at what the minimum spend is for free shipping or choose a box that already has the shipping costs included.

As a rule of thumb, the more seafood you buy, the less it will cost as the extra shipping costs for cold shipping will be absorbed more.

The type of packaging for cold shipping will vary. Some will be easily recyclable, while others – such as those with Styrofoam – will be more difficult to recycle at curbside. Some packaging is also reusable, such as the ice packs.


Because seafood is shipped cold, you should plan ahead for your delivery. You must also plan ahead if you want to order live seafood. If you know you will in the office on your delivery day for a cold shipment, make sure you designate somewhere suitable for the box to be left so it will still be cold once you arrive home. You should plan to be home to receive live seafood.

Seafood that is shipped frozen should go straight into the freezer unless you are planning on cooking it the same or next day. In which case, you can place it into the refrigerator to thaw before cooking.

You can either choose to leave the fresh seafood in the refrigerator for the next few days (most products will include precise storage time information) or if it is individually packaged – which most shipped seafood is – you can place it straight into the freezer to eat at a later date.

Live seafood must be stored and prepared as detailed by the supplier, but generally, live shellfish should be stored in a shallow dish covered with a moist towel or paper towels. Live lobsters and crabs should be cooked on the same day you receive them. Oysters and clams in shell need using within seven to ten days (do not forget to deduct shipping time from this).


If you live far from the coast, are trying to increase the amount of seafood in your diet, or just prefer to keep your freezer well stocked, then seafood subscription boxes, or ‘shore to door’ deliveries are the perfect solution.

Whether your tastes run to live, fresh or frozen seafoods, then you will certainly be able to choose the best seafood subscription box from the many great options that we have reviewed here.
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