The 10 Best Propane Smokers in 2023

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You’ve probably been spending a lot of time searching across so many sites on which might be the best pick as a propane smoker especially if you are a first-timer in the grilling/BBQing area. Well, here you might get all your answers as we’ve carried out all the ayes and naes of the top seven LP gas smokers listing alongside each product all the benefits and downsides of each of these items as well as answers to all the questions you had jumbled up in your mind regarding this line of BBQ products.

Smokers are the modernized version of grilling machines to start with. Who doesn’t love grilled food? But to pick the right smoker requires a lot of thought and thinking about which to choose can get you easily confused as there are so many offerings of electric as well as LP-gas smokers in the market nowadays. In our detailed reviews of the top-rated smokers after thorough research and customer validation, you will find ease in choosing the right one for yourself. Our review will not only save you hours of browsing the internet and get flabbergasted, instead, help you decide on the best propane smoker (Our best and budget pick will navigate you well enough)

The Top 7 Propane Smokers for You

So, you clearly would give your attention to a smoker that goes by the “set & forget” approach rather than staying up late. Here’s where Vertical Propane Smokers come to your rescue. Have a look at the list we have in mind for you of the top 7 vertical propane smokers that will serve your purpose just right.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Propane Smoker

How to choose a propane smoker:

Everyone loves a perfect warm Saturday afternoon outside with friends and family, relaxing by the smoky aroma of grilled food. Smokers add a whole new level of diversity as it provides the versatility of adding great smokehouse quality flavors by adding small ingredients like wood chips of various types to enrich the smokiness to your recipes.

These products range a long list varying in prices, sizes and qualities which might overwhelm you to a stressing level. Well, we have come up with the top 7 rated fun and most efficient, super easy-to-use propane smokers with the surety of making your purchase decision a lot faster as you will find practically every answer to any of the questions that are roaming around in your mind right now. Here we go!

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The answer to what a smoker actually is:

As you’ve already come to know, smokers are quite similar to grill machines which you are familiar with. The turning point in the market today in respect to propane smokers is the efficiency and comfort level that it delivers. You can basically smoke any meat, veggies or even whole turkeys in these smokers due to the added advantage of racks/shelves that give you the chance to cook a number of items in a single unit, at a time.

The use of wood-chips are an added bonus for you to incorporate rich smoky flavors in the tender meats that you’ll put inside of the smokers. Propane smokers are compatible with just about any cut or whole sized meat, number of vegetables gifting you with the perfect taste you longed for.

Some common features you should consider

Smokers are not much complicated. Apart from the initial assembly on some models, most are pretty fun and easy to use. There consists of mainly 5 basic structures across most propane smokers. These are: A main cooking chamber inside of the top door that holds the grates on which the foods to be smoked are kept, vents on the sides for smoke outlet and temperature equalization, a water and wood chip tray (separate on many models), temperature gauge and burners lastly, a hose to connect the main unit with the propane gas cylinder.

Smokers are usually fueled by a variety of materials. Some works with wood or charcoal, while many others run electrically similar to the function of an electric oven or stove as well as use propane or natural gas in case of the propane smokers that we’ll be highlighting throughout this article.

You will find a very special feature in the smoker grills we will cover here in this article to be exhaust vents located in different sides of the units which are added bonuses for optimum temperature control and excess smoke emission ensuring maximized flavors across all items that you want to cook using these smokers.

Also, temperature gauges are common across most smokers since controlling and monitoring temperature is of utmost importance while smoking meat to give you your desired results rather than your favorite recipe going wrong. Water bowls/pans, mostly porcelain steel-built adds further value by providing optimum moisture control inside the cooking chambers. For those of you who might still be confused on assembly of the smokers, the products’ user manuals will get you going smoothly.

Why smokers over classic grills

The point where smokers differ from basic grill stations is the unbeatable taste and smokiness which, in the case of regular grills you would have to invest much precision and monitoring to control the heat and smoke manually. The temperature gauges along with the exhaust vents help you to sit back and relax with your favorite Agatha Christie novel on your back-yard.

Most smokers come with the option of multiple adjustable chrome-plated grates that gives you access to preparing a large number of smoked meat and veggies all in one go saving you the time and energy on preparing yet another round of hectic curing and marinades for a second batch. This translates into more food at less time. Also, portable smokers give you the added advantage of having your favorite turkey away at a camp-out or road-trip over the summer holidays.

Propane smokers

Let’s get you well-acquainted on the two alternatives of propane smoker then you’ll know how propane smokers should be your choice. The charcoal/wood enabled smokers are a go-go for rich smoky flavors as well as cheap. The point of retreat on these is the effort,precision and time that these require as too much of charcoal might bitter up the meats inside the cooking area, too less might make the meat taste bland.

Electric smokers are the ones you ought to look for if ease of use is what you’ve been searching for, then again, electric smokers are good if you are an occasional BBQ person and won’t use it too often, as taste is not a prime focus. Hence come the propane smokers.

These contain both the benefit of electric smokers as well as charcoal powered ones. Ease of use along with the surety of great and lavishing flavors are what you can expect from propane smokers. Propane smokers don’t require the constant monitoring like a charcoal smoker does and it also doesn’t need to be around a power source like that of an electric smoker, phew! 

Top 10 Best Propane Smoker

1. Masterbuilt GS40 20050211 Black Propane Smoker

These 40 inched sleek and black powder-coated outer-shelled propane smokers also facilitate four adjustable as well as removable, smoking-racks is an absolute favorite of most BBQ lovers just like you who just love the taste of smokehouse flavored turkey with your friends and family both at the comfort of your gardens as well as outdoors.

As much as you love a classical barrel smoker, it does drive you crazy spending hours after hours just getting the fire started only to face the hassle of burning off the meat due to the overheating, right? 

Well, the Masterbuilt propane smoker gives you the versatility of cooking so many pieces at the same time providing you with the absolute freedom of the time and heat control via the gas control valve and spark igniter that eases up the start to your perfect day outdoors which you just do not see in the age-old barrel smoker. Then there is the built-in temperature gauge right on the door, letting you check the temperature while the smoking is still going on. The removable wood-chip tray eases your worry of emptying the ashes out.

It also comes with a porcelain water bowl which adds moisture and more of flavor to your favorite cut of meat. If you are uncomfortable around too much smoke, this is just the right pick for you, thanks to the adjustable air dampers that facilitate smoke control (ensuring that the taste will tear you up, not the smoke!) The 4 racks that come with this model are each capable of carrying meat and vegetables varying from whole ribs, briskets, turkeys to sea-food and cabbages as well never once compromising the aroma of slow-cooked, rich and tantalizing flavors just like the classic grilled smoky ones that everyone drools over and let’s not forget the 1300 square inches of cooking space that you’ll be getting in this extra-large smoker.

Also, you will find the Masterbuilt maestro containing a heating element of 15,400 BTU (British Thermal Unit- which really is nothing as fancy as it might sound like, but tells you how much fuel it will use in a given amount of time). Another really significant feature nevertheless of this smoker is that the four legs add height for easier access to help you not cramp your legs by stooping down too much. This might just be the best option for you if you like to arrange family gatherings frequently, and surely will help you have a great time without compromising the taste of perfectly smoked flavors that everyone will enjoy. You might also like to take a look at a custom-fit cover for this amazing smoker


  • Extra-large cooking space
  • Gas-control valve and spark igniter for ease of starting
  • Removable wood-chip tray for easy clean up post-BBQ
  • Temperature gauge for perfectly balanced heat and smoke-control


  • The single door might come in the way of retaining the accumulated heat inside of the cooking chamber, better not open the door too often

2. Cuisinart COS-244 Vertical 36" Propane Smoker

Next in line, you will find this super fun smoker that comes in a compact build ideal for patio or kitchens even, and guess what, you don’t even need to be a great deal of an expert at barbequing to get your cooking going perfect on this smoker, thanks to the easy-to-follow recipe book that comes along with it.

The start-up process on this smoker is super convenient and smooth as it also includes a 40-inch hose, which attaches very fast to any standard propane tank that won’t take up more than a few minutes within lighting the smoker and start your smokin' experience! 

The 4 stainless steel racks along with the total of 784 square inches of cooking space inside the smoker serves the purpose of getting just about any party appetizers to regular meals perfectly cooked over your week-long busy schedule. A porcelain-enamel steel tray holds the wood chips along with water so as to maximize the delicious aroma of A-class smokehouse BBQ.

Also, you’ll find that the gas supply on this smoker is so much flexible as it comes with maximized control over heat while the vents located on the back of the unit can be raised and lowered to ensure the appropriate amount of exhaust necessary to create the perfect balance of flavors in your recipes. This gives you a tabletop space to keep sauces and marinades close to you while cooking. Featuring a legible thermometer located on the main door makes keeping track of the internal temperature of the cooking chamber much more comfortable. To further keep all those amazing aromas intact, the doors can be tightly sealed just by twisting the handle.

Also, this model comes with two doors, one on the top is the main cooking chamber, while the lower, bit narrower door is for the porcelain-glazed sliding steel tray which carries the wood chunks and water pan above the flame aperture. Smoking food has been made so much easier with this masterpiece in which you can cook just about any cut of meat or veggies, in under only 2 hours with lots of other possible try-outs of dishes that you will find very easy to follow in the recipe book that gives you some amazing heads up on the easiest and delicious smoked food recipes with this great and fun smoker!


  • Great for outdoor parties on the patio or your back-yard
  • Separate doors for the cooking chamber and wood-chip tray each
  • Recipe book included that lets you to try out so many options from a wide range of fun recipes
  • Ample tabletop space
  • Door stays tightly sealed with a twist of the handle locking all your flavors in


  • The wood-chip tray and water pan are supposed to be carried out by one single tray that might cause a bit of a confusion at first, but you’ll get to the bottom of it just after the first cooking session

3. Dyna-Glo DGW1235BDP-D LP Gas Smoker

The Dyna-Glo LP gas smoker is for those of you who love a high-quality smoker which also features least maintenance time but provide you with all the more efficiency that you wanted.

This wide body smoker comes with a total of 1235 square inches of cooking space along with a massive 20,000 BTUs coming from the special featurette of dual cast iron burners that’s a go-go for long-lasting durability, heavy duty performance as well as consistent temperature maintenance come shine or snow, convenient, isn’t it? Well that’s just the starting of a list that only goes on further. 

The special feature on this smoker is a push-button electronic ignition that emits quick pulse to facilitate reliable and swift lighting. The high capacity water bowl and the heavy gauged enamel steel wood chip box are added bonuses to capacitate retaining heat plus enhancing burning efficiency. Cooking flexibility comes in the shape of sausage hooks in this LP gas smoker as well as a very innovative removable, chrome-plated rib rack that gives you the heads up on a variety of cooking options too.

The four adjustable cooking grates come with a massive holding capacity of 25 pounds per grate. Then let’s get to the fun part. For those of you who are a first timer at this smoker, will find the stainless temperature gauge that has a special smoke zone indicator to help you achieve that ideal temperature and infusion of the delicious smoky flavor across all items in the cooking chamber.

So as to not stress you out on any flavors escaping through the doors, the Dyna-Glo LP smoker offers pre-installed upper and lower door seals to minimize heat and smoke loss. This smoker's unique grease and condensation management makes it super easy for you to have the perfect stress-free, clean and well-maintained BBQ party that you longed for.


  • Long-lasting durability
  • High performance with the dual burners for maximum heat emission
  • Sausage hooks
  • Unique grease and condensation management gives you stress free cleaning
  • Push button electric ignition for super-fast start up
  • Door seals minimizing heat and smoke loss


  • Might lose heat if you open the door too often so you might try and avoid opening it way too often

4. Smoke Hollow 38202G 38-Inch 2-Door Propane Gas Smoker

With 4.3 stars on a scale of 5, you can pretty much guess how valued the Smoke Hollow Duo-door wood smoker is towards BBQ lovers like yourself. The 3.4 cubic feet cooking chamber along with the 20000 BTU gas output gives you the idea about the capacity of this fun smoker.

The added advantage of this series lies within the upper and lower vents which support optimized temperature control which you won’t find in regular off-set smokers. 

The separate doors also add furthermore control on your part by providing easy access to control internal heat and moisture as well as the versatility to feed water and necessary wood chunks (we recommend using 4/5 chunks) as needed at your convenience without causing distortion to your on-going recipe.

If that wasn’t enough bonuses, you get the chance to add your favorite marinade in the water bowl as you like, put in the wood chips/chunks in the lid-enabled wood tray, connect your gas, opening it, and pushing the gas igniter (the bronze colored button on the left of the burner button and voila, you're ready! You can always use the control knob and damper on the back of the unit to achieve the desired temperature if that’s what’s confusing you by checking the temperature gauge situated on the upper door.

Oh, don’t forget to hit that ignition and get the burning on whenever you hear the hissing sound after connecting and starting the LP gas, as too much gas might cause a flare up. Whoa, wait, before you hastily put your recipe inside for cooking, allow a little cure to the smoker by spraying on the chamber with an olive oil bake-spray give it an hour at max and now you can start your amazing cooking session and get that juicy steak ready to crack-a-lacking smokin’ !


  • Upper and lower vents
  • 20,000 BTU gas output
  • Can add marinade instead of water for extra rich smokiness


  • Might take a bit longer than the other smokers we’ve listed here
  • The gas igniter might take a little time getting used to

5. Char-Broil Vertical Liquid Propane Gas Smoker

Too cold outside? Struggling with your food getting damp right after bringing it out of your smoker? Let’s get you started on the Char-Broil 45” Liquid Propane Smoker and BBQ Oven that comes with the bonus as you can adjust the damper that's situated on the top of the smoker which also features specialized warming grates ensuring your marinades and garnishes won't ever go cold all the while working as an exhaust so as not to let the smoked foods go bitter from too much smoke.

Three adjustable oven-grade, stainless-steel grates with multiple level adjustment gives you the heads up on trying out different cuts of meat and let’s not forget the neat 595 square inches of primary cooking surface, the total cooking space marking a hit on a massive 7,566 cubic inches of cooking space. 

The double firebox drawer further adds the options of easier access to tend the porcelain water bowl and wood chips box so as to not cause even the slightest amount of heat loss to the main cooking chamber or distort the smokiness to your favorite T-bone. You’ll also find the handles to be Spring-style cool touch protecting your hands from burning out. One rotary ignition is situated just beside the main aluminized burner that supports a total of 16,500 BTUs plus, the burner has a self-monitored temperature controller along with the temperature gauge situated on the top door as well for maximized heat and smoke control.


  • Massive cooking space
  • Double drawers one for the water pan, the other for the wood-chips
  • Cool-touch handles
  • Adjustable damper with warming grate for warming your sauces and marinades
  • Rotary ignition


  • Novice users might find this assembly to be rather complicated
  • Water pan might need a replacement if used for a prolonged period
  • It is essential that you keep constant check on the temperature or else you might end up with slightly uncooked meat since temperature control is a very sensitive issue while smoking

6. Masterbuilt 20050116 Patio-2-Portable Propane Smoker

If you’re on-the-go a lot and love road-trips or camp out on the weekends, this portable smoker is our pick best for you. Masterbuilt has brought you the most suitable portable smoker to take with you on those long road-trips to get the perfect BBQ experience practically anywhere.

From push-button ignition to give you the head-start on fast and easy lighting to slide-on wood chip tray for easy ash removal, this smoker is the ultimate portable BBQ chef that you can’t leave on your next camping trip. 

The two chrome-coated smoking racks are perfect for nearly a whole a turkey or ham, slabs of ribs basically your favorite BBQ. The 5000 BTUs stainless-steel burner and the regulator knob helps in adjusting the right amount of flame. This comes with an air-damper for moisture and smoke control too. Worrying about how to get rid of all that grease from the steak you just prepared? The removable grease tray gives access to fast and easy clean-up for you as it catches all those excess food drippings from the cooking chamber.

The most efficient feature on this smoker is the folding legs that gives so much more storage capacity while packing your car trunk before starting out on a road-trip and the easily removable wood chip box as well as the water bowl ensures maximum ease and comfort. Also, you might face a confusion initially if you try to light the burner after pressing on the ignitor button on low or no gas flow causing a vapor-lock automatically. Don’t worry, this lock can be easily unlocked.

  • Just turn the burner and gas cylinder knob off
  • Disconnect regulator from cylinder to relieve the lock
  • Reconnect, slightly opening the cylinder valve gradually, then further give it a one full turn
  •  Now turn the burner knob to high so that you can easily light with the ignitor button and you’re done.


  • Easily portable
  • Perfect for transporting on long road-trips or camp-outs
  • Foldable legs for maximized storage capacity


  • The vapor-lock might deem tricky to first-time smokers

7. Landmann USA 3895GWLA Smoky Mountain Vertical Gas Smoker

Like every other amazing vertical smoker, the key to mind-blowing smoky BBQ is getting the grip on constant control and monitoring of the smoke and heat inside the chief cooking chamber.

You already know, how opening the door to your smoker causes distortion to the ingredients inside as the accumulated heat and smoke inside of the cooking unit might escape causing disruption to your perfect smoky recipes. 

The inside of the cooking chamber is a fully welded cabinet made of cold-rolled steel covered with high heat-powder coated paint that’s a heads up on years of top performance and durability. 5 chrome-plated wire smoking racks accommodates total 690-1540 of smoking area. The two-drawer system makes further room for a large porcelain coated steel water pan that capacitates ample water and easy tending on the upper drawer while the lower drawer consists of a wood chip box that comes with a lid too.

The burner is a little bonus, owing to its cast brass build for longer life and anti-rusting properties too varying across models with BTUs ranging from 16,000-18,000 (Oh don’t forget, the cast brass cap has a 10-year warranty too!). Next to the burner on its left is an igniter knob and this LP-gas smoker generates the appropriate heat for just about any smoking applications from 200-250 Fahrenheit. Simply turn the burner knob to the high setting and turn the igniter knob clockwise till you hear a click as the fire starts.

Simple, right? You can then adjust the knob to any of the three(high-medium-low) settings as your need. Three adjustable vents allow fine-tuning to achieve the desired amount of temperature as well as maintaining ambient conditions. The three adjustable vents consist of a top adjustable chimney that can be raised or lowered, and two side vents to get that perfect smokiness to your recipes. Two large side-handles for easy movement of the unit. The entire unit stands on 4-angled legs giving access to greater stability while the smoking has started.


  • Cast brass burner gives it longer life
  • Five chrome plated grates accommodating greater number of items
  • Ease of use.
  • Perfect for first timers


  • Magnetic closures on the door may start to lose grip after prolonged use
  • Requires more fuel than the electric smokers

Summing it all up:

If you’ve stayed on track with us till this part, we believe you’ve become quite an expert at propane smokers. Every item on our list is a great buy. You won’t regret buying any of these products as we’ve kept you up-to-date on each and every feature along with the constraints on the best propane smokers to help you judge the right one for yourself, as what might be popular across most consumers, might not prove to be of great value to you. Just keep this guide in mind the next time you’re about to buy a propane smoker, you will definitely find it useful. Good luck!

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