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The 10 Best Powdered Coffee Creamers in 2023

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Coffee is one of the world’s most popular beverages to consume and for good reason. On top of being flavorful and full of aroma, it does its intended purpose, which is to wake you up. However, when drinking a coffee, many people drink it in different ways.

While some people prefer their coffee black, or without anything in it, many other people also prefer to put some cream or milk to balance out the acidity in the coffee. But, what maybe many people who put cream in their coffee have yet to realize is that powdered coffee creamer may just be as good as regular creamer.

In this review of the best powdered coffee creamer, we’ll tell you exactly why powdered coffee creamer is better than regular creamer. We will introduce you to the 10 best products on the market today and tell you the good and the bad about each.

Best Pick

Nestle Coffee mate Coffee Creamer

Full of smooth, sweet, and rich vanilla flavor, the Nestle Powder Coffee Creamer, French Vanilla is our top powdered creamer pick. This ultra-value pack comes with 12 canisters of this powdered creamer but it is a delight to have it in our coffee in the morning.

Budget Pick

Laird Superfood Coffee Creamer Vegan

Budget shoppers will rejoice in finding a healthy and affordable powdered creamer choice with the Laird Superfood Coffee Creamer Vegan. This plant-based powdered creamer is vegan and gluten friendly and tastes amazing.

Quick Comparison: Top 10 Best Powdered Coffee Creamer

The best choice for powdered coffee creamer in our list is the Nestle Powder Coffee Creamer, French Vanilla. This French vanilla flavor adds plenty of great sweetness and taste to your morning coffee. This powdered creamer is lactose-free meaning anyone can enjoy this creamer with their coffee.

This premium French vanilla powdered creamer is easy to mix in with your coffee as you simply just pour however much powder you want into your coffee and stir until it turns a lighter color. The end result is a coffee that is smooth and rich in vanilla flavor.

This is one of the more popular flavored creamers around and Nestle is also known for making a very tasty Hazelnut flavor as well. But, for the French vanilla, many people say it’s the best way to start the morning because it adds plenty of character to that morning coffee. Some people even say that because of the sweetness of the vanilla flavor, they don’t need to put as much sugar into their coffee as well.

When buying this Nestle French Vanilla Powdered Coffee Creamer, be sure you have had it before and like it as this pack is quite large. It comes in a pack of 12 powdered creamer canisters with each canister being 15 ounces (nearly 1 pound) in weight.

What we liked: we really enjoyed the silky smooth and deluxe flavor of the vanilla in this creamer. We stir it in and it dissolves easily and quickly and honestly, it tastes better than any regular creamer we’ve ever had.

What we didn’t like: there isn’t really anything we didn’t like about this powdered creamer option because it was just fantastic. However, 12 canisters of this powdered creamer seems far too much to buy at one time so we would explore maybe just buying one or two at a time.

The Laird Superfood Coffee Creamer Vegan is our best choice for people who are looking for the most affordable powdered creamer options. This powdered creamer is plant-based and is a healthy choice for people who are vegan and gluten free diets.

This regular flavor creamer is dairy-free too and does not contain any GMO ingredients. The ingredients are naturally sourced from sustainable providers. Health conscious people will especially like this powdered creamer because it doesn’t include any artificial ingredients or sweeteners that many powdered creamers will have in order to preserve its sweetness and taste.

This powdered creamer is made coconut milk powder as its primary ingredient and some sweetness is added from the organic coconut sugar. All the ingredients in this powdered creamer are organic including the coconut oil as well. It also features aquamin, which is a rich and health mineral, to promote a healthier diet.

To use this affordable and delightful creamer, simply scoop up two tablespoons of powder and mix it in with your coffee. You can add or use less powder in the future as it aligns with your coffee-drinking, taste preference.

Many people that use this powdered creamer love its nutritional benefits and the fact that all of the ingredients are organic. For them, it’s important what they put into their body as they know that other powdered creamers can contain many preservatives that they do not want to consume.

What we liked: we really enjoyed that this powdered creamer recipe included organic coconut oil in it. Coconut oil is one of the healthiest oils you can consume and brings along many health benefits with it so we were glad we were drinking a creamer that promotes a healthier lifestyle.

What we didn’t like: unfortunately, it does not seem to mix well into our coffee but it could be perhaps that our coffee is a darker roast. After we mix in the creamer, it’s hard to really discern how much powder is in there because it simply doesn’t do the best job at mixing.

The Vital Proteins Collagen Power Coffee Creamer is a powdered creamer choice that is non-dairy and also has numerous health benefits. Starting with the collagen-focused proteins in this creamer, it aids in promoting healthier skin, hair, and joints. Each serving of this creamer produces roughly 10g of collagen.

This boost in a healthier life is made possible by the energy-supplementing medium chain triglycerides (MCT). MCT’s are a beneficial and healthy type of fat derived from coconut milk and is why this powdered coffee creamer gives off a slight coconut taste.

People that are on strict or special diets will be pleased to know that this powdered creamer is gluten and dairy free and people on the keto and paleo diets are more than safe to consume this creamer. This creamer does not contain any additives or preservatives and while people may get a hint of sweetness from this creamer, they should know that for each serving, there’s only 1g of sugar.

While many people loved using this powdered creamer in their coffee, other people also loved using it in their food as well. Some users poured some of this creamer into their cereal, smoothie bowls, and granola’s for the collagen health benefits.

What we liked: we used this creamer for a month and while we can’t say it tastes great, we can definitely say that we noticed an improvement in our skin and joints from using this creamer. Our skin definitely felt less dry and more smooth so it does work in that regard.

What we didn’t like: as we briefly mentioned, the taste of this creamer is not all that good and it could definitely use more flavor and more sugar to increase the taste of this creamer.

If you’re looking for a powdered creamer that tastes similar to fresh coconut milk, look no further than the Z Natural Foods Organic Coconut Milk Powder. This organic powdered creamer uses only the healthiest ingredients to produce a creamer taste that tastes like coconut milk.

This health-conscious creamer choice is great for people that pay close attention to the ingredients. What they’ll see is that this powdered creamer contains no dairy, gluten, additives such as sugar, and no chemicals. This product is imported all the way from Vietnamese farms where fresh coconuts are grown and the coconuts used are a great source of MCT.

Many Vegans love this creamer choice because it does not contain dairy or milk and is a fantastic superfood substitute for their diets. But what many people love this Coconut Milk Powder for is its versatility. Yes, it tastes amazing in coffee, but it also tastes great in foods such as smoothies, pancakes, and yogurt.

With this package of Z Natural Foods Organic Coconut Milk Powder, you will get approximately one pound of powder. To mix it in your coffee, simply take one tablespoon and mix. Add more or use less powder as it pertains to your preference.

What we liked: the taste of this powdered creamer is simply excellent. If you’re a fan of coconut milk but want a healthier alternative to it, it’s really hard to find one that might be better than this one.

What we didn’t like: when it arrives, it comes in a giant clump and de-clumping the powder can be an arduous chore. Many people have suggested dumping it all into a zip-lock bag and de-clumping it using your fingers and hands. However, after doing this, we still noticed smaller clumps that, when put into our coffee, just refused to dissolve.

Another perfectly great and healthy powdered creamer choice is the 360 Nutrition KETO Creamer With MCT Oil. As we know already, MCT oil is one of the healthiest oils you can consume and it is featured prominently in this powdered coffee creamer.

Along with MCT oil, this coffee creamer is also made with coconut oil to give it a very natural sweetness thanks to the sugar derived from the coconuts. The result is a magically refreshing and wonderful tasting coffee that is also keto friendly.

People that are lactose intolerant will also be happy to know that this creamer comes dairy free and also does not use any animal products as well. If you’re looking for artificial flavors, you won’t find any in this creamer which is great for vegans and people who are gluten free.

As we mentioned, MCT oil is a key ingredient in this powdered creamer and it’s widely believed that MCT oil can improve concentration and your energy levels so that you stay fresh for longer periods throughout your day.

Lastly, one thing that makes people really happy when they use this powdered creamer is that it mixes very easily into your coffee. It tends to not clump as much and can be easily stirred with a spoon for easy integration into your coffee.

What we liked: it’s really true that our energy levels got a big boost from this powdered creamer. We found that we were far more alert throughout the day after having this creamer in our morning coffee.

What we didn’t like: unfortunately, the price of this coffee creamer is relatively higher compared to others of similar package sizes. If you’re shopping for a powdered creamer that is more on the affordable side, we suggest you choose a different powdered coffee creamer.

Laird makes another appearance on our list of powdered coffee creamers but this time, it’s their Superfood Non-Dairy Coffee Creamer Cacao - Powder Coconut Creamer that we’ll feature here.

This powdered coffee creamer is plant-based and the primary difference between this one and the other one on our list is that this one is unsweetened. Some people prefer unsweetened creamers as they either prefer their coffee with no sugar or want to use their own sugar.

This unsweetened powder creamer is also free of dairy and is gluten and soy free, and is vegan friendly. For people on the keto diet, this is perfect because of its lack of sugar content. Keto dieters will especially love this creamer because it’s made of coconut milk powder and coconut oil.

Since this is an unsweetened product, it does not contain much flavor at all and, in many ways, tastes comparable to what a normal liquid creamer would taste like. However, this has healthier ingredients and is more friendly towards people with strict diets.

To use this creamer, simply add two tablespoons of the powder and mix it in with your coffee. The result should be a coffee color that is alike to what you would see with a coffee with normal creamer in it.

What we liked: we liked the simplicity of this powdered coffee creamer. It reminded us very much of normal liquid creamers and we’re not really big into flavored creamers and this job is just a really good, no-frills type of creamer.

What we didn’t like: we didn’t like that the powder didn’t completely dissolve once inside the coffee. We realized after that much of the powder was still very chunky inside its packaging and we had to massage out the chunks to make it more powdery before using it again.

For coffee lovers that enjoy a pop of flavor with their coffee creamer, the PRYMAL Coffee Creamer Powder with MCT might just be right for them. This powdered coffee creamer comes in a super tasty butter pecan flavor. PRYMAL takes it a step further and says it tastes similar to that scoop of butter pecan ice cream you had when you were a kid.

Don’t let the sweetness of ice cream fool you however, as this coffee creamer is made of top-notch ingredients for a healthier lifestyle. Starting with the inclusion of coconut milk and coconut oil – both are great ingredients to have in a creamer. Another key ingredient is the usage of MCT, a fatty oil that is one of the healthiest ones to consume.

This coffee creamer is also beneficial and consumable for people on strict diets like the keto diet. Despite the sugary-sounding flavor of butter pecan, this creamer is actually low in sugar and only 1g of carbs. Vegetarians and non-dairy enthusiasts will also be able to use this powdered creamer in their coffee since it is friendly to people who are lactose intolerant.

Many people have said they enjoyed using this creamer in both their hot and cold coffee beverages. It worked perfectly well in both and tasted great. PRYMAL also offers other tasty powdered creamer flavors including caramel, cinnamon dolce, and pumpkin spice.

What we liked: the butter pecan flavor really is phenomenal and really takes you back to those days you spent as kid in the summertime waiting for that delicious butter pecan ice cream. It’s just as much of a treat in your coffee as it is as an ice cream!

What we didn’t like: the only thing we wished we wanted more of was the actual powder itself. The package is not very big at all weighing only 11.3 ounces (0.7 pounds) and it’s fairly easy to go through a bag of this powder quickly.

Another excellent powdered coffee creamer that offers a distinct flavor is the Leaner Creamer Peppermint Mocha Coffee Creamer Powder. This creamer choice is for those that enjoy that minty aftertaste feeling from their coffee.

This powdered creamer is another one that focuses on the ingredients as it uses all natural and healthy ones to ensure you get proper nutrition out of it. Among its most beneficial ingredients, they include coconut oil as well as green tea extract. Like many other powdered creamers on our list, this creamer is free of sugar and gluten and contains no artificial coloring.

As for the taste, many people really enjoy the smoothness of the peppermint and mocha flavors as they say it offers just the right amount of flavor but one that isn’t overpowering. According to Leaner Creamer, this creamer also includes herbs found in teas to help increase your energy levels to keep you feeling more refreshed throughout the day.

This creamer powder comes packaged in a bottle that looks similar to a milk glass you would find in your grocery store. Inside, you will get 280g worth of this flavored creamer powder. Leaner Creamer also offers other flavors including caramel, French vanilla, hazelnut, matcha, and pumpkin spice, but many people agree that this peppermint mocha flavor is their best one.

What we liked: we like this creamer because of its excellent minty flavor but also because of the caloric intake. We find that we consume much less calories using this creamer as each serving only contains 15 calories. This is great for people who keep a watchful eye over how many calories they consume.

What we didn’t like: unfortunately, as delicious the flavor of this powdered creamer is, you actually have to use quite a bit of it to be able to taste it in your coffee. They say one serving is two teaspoons, but we had to use closer to four or five teaspoons to be able to taste the flavor.

For people that are shopping for terrific value in a powdered creamer, plenty of people have enjoyed the N’JOY Coffee Creamer Powder. This powdered coffee creamer is perfect for your morning coffee and in buying this pack, it is sure bound to last you for a long time.

This powdered coffee creamer comes in a value pack of eight canisters, with each canister containing 16 ounces of coffee powder. Thus, if you’re looking for a powdered creamer to last you a long time, this is probably the best choice for you.

It is a simple, no-frills type of creamer too, if that’s what you’re after. It’s not a flavored coffee creamer and is perfect for people who just want that normal creamer taste in their coffee. The best thing about this value pack is that the creamers will stay good for a very long time as well, giving you peace of mind knowing you have awhile to use them all up. It also doesn’t need to be refrigerated after opening so that will save you valuable space in your fridge.

Each serving size is just one teaspoon, however, you’re more than free to add more depending on your preference. Each canister contains about 227 servings, which as you can see, will last you a long time. Simply put, many people enjoy this powdered creamer because it offers tremendous value and is a no-nonsense type of creamer.

What we liked: this powdered creamer is excellent at not getting in the way of being able to fully taste the bold flavors of our coffee. When using flavored creamers, we found that it could often interfere with the taste of our coffee but that does not happen with this coffee creamer.

What we didn’t like: there is probably way too much powdered coffee creamer in this pack. Since you’re already getting 227 servings per canister, if you only use one serving a day, an entire canister can last you nearly a year. We would have preferred this pack to come in either two or four canisters.

People that love coconut and the coconut flavor in their food and drinks, then they might want to see if they enjoy having a coconut flavored powder coffee creamer. With the Coconut Cloud: Premium Coconut Milk Powder, you’ll get plenty of that coconut taste you love and in your coffee.

This coconut powder creamer is a delectable delight in morning coffees but better yet, many people also love using this flavored powder to make their own coconut milk. Simply mix in some of this powder with hot water and voila, instant coconut milk that can be consumed or used in your other recipes.

This coconut powder creamer is completely dairy free which means lactose intolerant people can consume this with no effects. The coconut flavor in this creamer is derived from milk powder coming from high quality coconuts. On top of being dairy free, this power is also free of lactose, gluten and soy.

To use in your coffee, it’s recommended to add one tablespoon of powder into your coffee. Each serving contains roughly 57 calories and an entire package of this coconut creamer powder weighs 16 ounces. Coconut Cloud also offers other flavors aside from coconut but we think this one is the best.

What we liked: we really enjoyed the subtle hints of coconut flavor in our coffee in the morning. It does not overpower the taste of your coffee but you get hints or notes of coconuts that adds a nice complement to your coffee.

What we didn’t like: this brand is particularly quite expensive relative to other flavored powder creamers. Also, considering how much powder you get in this package, the price can be hard to justify.

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Powdered Coffee Creamer

Purchasing powdered coffee creamer for the first time can be a daunting task. Quite frankly, there are many brands out there and it can be hard to pinpoint just one to buy. However, many people have purchased creamer powder before and these are just some of the main considerations they have thought about when buying one.

Flavor or No Flavor?

Many people drink their coffees differently. Some people enjoy their coffee with no extra flavors in them and thus, would probably prefer using a regular, non-flavored creamer. However, some others would prefer that extra pop of flavor in their coffee and may opt for creamer that is flavored.

Whatever your preference, just know that there are options that satisfy all coffee drinkers. As we have shown you, there are plenty of powdered coffee creamers that come with unique flavors, such as butter pecan, coconut, and peppermint mocha, to name a few. There are also other powdered creamers that simply have no flavor to them and acts just like a regular liquid coffee creamer.


The ingredients used in powdered coffee creamers is another important consideration for many people. For people that pay close attention to the ingredients, what many are looking for is whether or not they use any extra additives or preservatives and whether or not they can be used for people who are on specific diets.

Today, many of the most common diets include keto and gluten free diets and many of the best powdered coffee creamers will specifically say whether or not it can be consumed by them. Another thing people are looking for in the ingredients is whether or not it is dairy free and lactose free.

People that are lactose intolerant will often have gastrointestinal issues if they consume dairy products or any products aren’t free in lactose. A helpful tip is to always read the packaging first for the ingredients, especially if you are on a particular diet, as it will usually say if you can consume it.


One of the best things about powdered coffee creamers is its shelf life and longevity. No doubt that one of the frustrations of using a liquid coffee creamer is its rather fast expiry date. But, those hindrances are really put to the side with powdered coffee creamers. When properly sealed and kept away from moisture, powdered coffee creamers can last anywhere between six and twelve months. It should be stored in a dry place, such as your pantry, and it does not need to be refrigerated after opening it.


One of the advantages that liquid creamers have is that it is usually very easy to mix it in with your coffee. Depending on how much you put in, you should see your coffee turn into a much lighter shade of brown with no residue of the creamer separating from the coffee.

However, mixing powdered creamer with coffee can sometimes be a bit of an adventure for some people. While some people may have no issues with it, other people will experience the powder not mixing well with their coffee.

What usually tends to happen is that chunks of the powder just won’t mix with the coffee and the result is a coffee that does slightly change in color but also has chunks of powder floating at the top of their coffee. One helpful tip is to try and flatten out your powder when you get it so that it is a purely fine substance with no chunks. This will help to reduce chunks from not mixing in your coffee.

Final Thoughts

The best alternative to liquid coffee creamer is powdered coffee creamer. For many people, it’s the best option for them. Many of these coffee powders offer healthy ingredients as well as different and unique flavors. But, perhaps the biggest reason why you should buy the best powdered coffee creamer over liquid creamer is its shelf life as it will last you a much longer time than liquid creamer.
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