The 11 Best Grill Cleaners to Get Your Grills Ready for Summer

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If you love to grill but cannot seem to get the gunk and dried grease out of your grill grates, you might want to consider purchasing a grill cleaner. A grill cleaner not only lets you clean the grills quickly but also allows for a healthier cooking process. The best grill cleaners are effective, non-toxic, and perform well at all times. There are also grill cleaners that have multifarious uses and can be used as a general cleaning tool.

Best Pick

Easy Off Professional Grill and Oven Cleaner

The Easy Off Professional Grill and Oven Cleaner is our best pick because it allows you to clean your barbeque grills, ovens, and broilers effectively in just 5 minutes. It has the perfect formula for attacking all types of grease, dirt, and hardened bits and pieces. It is perfect for everyday use.

Budget Pick

Therapy Premium Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish

The Therapy Cleaner and Polish is our budget pick because it is a versatile gadget that can be used to clean a ton of household appliances such as refrigerators, stoves, sinks, dishwashers, and microwaves. It leaves you with a rich, lavender smell that keeps everything smelling nice and fresh.

Quick Comparison: Top 11 Best Grill Cleaners

1. Easy Off Professional Grill and Oven Cleaner  

Just as the name suggests, this cleaner easily removes the toughest stains on your grill and oven. The advanced cleaning formula makes it an ideal cleaner that removes tough burned on grease and grime.

The advanced cleaning formula takes at least 5 minutes to wipe off and remove grease and stains. Ovens, outdoor grills, broiler pans etc. can be cleaned using this product. But we don’t recommend using it on stainless steel cookware, stovetops, Teflon, aluminum, or chrome surfaces. We also don’t recommend using spraying it in self-cleaning ovens. 

The deep cleaning formula of Easy Off Professional oven and grill cleaner does not scratch the surfaces and is great for everyday spot cleaning. But gloves should be worn while using this product, especially if you have sensitive skin. You should also clean the grill grates with soapy water before you start grilling so that there are no chemicals intoxicating your food.

What we liked: It softens the hardened grease or dirt quickly so you will not need to go through the time-consuming process of scrubbing the surface.

What we didn’t like: This grill cleaner has a very strong odor so make sure to use it in well-ventilated areas. You will need to wear a protective mask while using this product as it may cause irritation.

Highlighted Features

  • Made with a deep cleaning formula that removes the toughest grease and stains
  • Cleans burned on tough greases and stains in 5 minutes
  • Great for everyday use

2. Therapy Cleaner and Polish

If you hate using different products for cleaning different kitchen appliances, then you can opt for this cleaner and polish from Therapy. It can successfully clean and protect all your stainless steel kitchen appliances from refrigerators, stoves, sinks, to grills.

The cleaning formula is uniquely blended with 100% natural coconut oil and infused with a vanilla lavender essential oil. Thus it protects and keeps your stainless steel streak while offering an aromatherapeutic experience.

You can peacefully enjoy your barbeque because this cleaner also works well for outdoor grill and other appliances because of the protective properties of cleaning formula. The cleaner comes in a stylish pump bottle including a microfiber cloth that will make cleaning easier for you.

What we liked: The grill cleaner does a fine job in removing harsh stains, fingerprints, and even scratches. It leaves the stainless steel household appliances looking new, shiny, and fresh for a long time.

What we didn’t like: When you spray the grill cleaner, it tends to drip down the surfaces so you need to wipe it very quickly. Otherwise, it just creates a mess.

Highlighted Features

  • Made with plant-based ingredients
  • Great for cleaning outdoors grill and appliances because of protective properties of cleaning formula
  • Comes with a 14 x 14-inch microfiber cloth
  • Cleans all stainless steel surfaces
  • Easy to use cleaner
  • Removes all grease, stains, fingerprints, and dirt
  • Vanilla Lavender essential oil is used in the formula to give off a nice fragrance
  • User-friendly and non-toxic

3. Citrussafe BBQ Grid and Grill Grate Cleaner

If you are looking for a citrus-based degreaser with a subtle scent, then Citrussafe BBQ Grid and Grill Grate Cleaner is the one you need. It can be used for cleaning both home and outdoor cooking appliances. It is recommended to be used on grills, smokers, cookers, microwaves, ovens and more.

Some cleaners contain toxic components in their formula and using those to clean cooking appliances will harm the family food. But Citrussafe provides a safe cleaning experience by utilizing the power of d-limonene compounds present in its formula.

This degreaser is not only non-toxic but also non-flammable, non-corrosive, biodegradable and free of phosphates. This cleaner is strong yet it will not scratch the surface of your kitchen appliances. Using this can also save your fuel and money as you can clean your grill while it is cool.

What we liked: You will be able to clean the inside of your grill using this product. It will not react with surfaces, making it safe for everyday use. Moreover, it is unlikely to cause any irritation so you will not need to wear gloves or goggles while using it.

What we didn’t like: It is not a strong degreaser so you will still need to scrub off the hardened bits of grease and food after spraying. Moreover, many users have said that the nozzle is not very durable or effective.

Highlighted Features

  • Safe to clean both at home and your outdoor grills
  • Citrus-based degreaser providing a safe, simple and powerful cleaning experience
  • Multiple uses work for cleaning grills, smokers, cookers, microwaves, ovens and more
  • Saves money and fuel by cleaning the cool grills
  • Effective in removing grease without scratching the surface
  • Smells great
  • Biodegradable, non-toxic, non-flammable, non-corrosive and free of phosphates

4. PIPA MINT Grill Cleaner

If most of your household appliances are made of stainless steel, then it might be a wise decision to get this grill cleaner from PIPA MINT. The cleaner is not just for grills, but you will also be able to use it to clean refrigerators, stoves, sinks, dishwashers, and other small appliances. It removes all types of dirt, grease, dust, and even fog. 

This grill cleaner helps to restore shiny surfaces within just a few minutes. All you need to is spray the cleaner directly on the stainless steel surfaces, wait for a few minutes, and then go in with the microfiber cloth to wipe off the waste. It is advised to shake the bottle before using it. This cleaner leaves a long-lasting, fantastic shine on your appliances so you will not need to clean them daily.

Although this is an effective cleaner, it does not have a strong odor or cause any irritation to the skin or eyes. This means that you will not need to wear goggles, gloves, or a facemask while cleaning.

What we liked: The grill cleaner can be used to get rid of fingerprints and watermarks easily and effectively.

What we didn’t like: Your floor may turn out to be extremely slippery if the mist falls on it. It is best if you put a cloth over the area to prevent injuries from taking place but that would add more chores to your list.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with a microfiber cloth
  • Produces a streak-free shine
  • Suitable for use on a wide range of household appliances
  • 16oz pack that is perfect for everyday use
  • Safe formula

5. Easy-Off BBQ Grill Cleaner

This BBQ grill cleaner from Easy-Off leaves your grills, broilers, and grill racks looking good as new. It does a great job in dissolving the tough burnt-on food and grease on any type of surface. Each can contains 14.5 ounces of safe cleaning materials that can be used for removing spots and also for deep cleaning. 

If you want to clean spots, then you can spray the grill cleaner onto the surfaces and wait for around 30 seconds before wiping them with a cloth. If you want to deep clean your grill, then you should spray it on the grilling surface and leave it on for at least 40 minutes for the grease and dirt to dissolve completely. 

If your grill is full of stubborn grease, dirt, or charcoal that does not dissolve easily, then you should leave the spray on the surfaces for a longer period of time, of say 8 hours.

Although this grill cleaner removes spots in just a few seconds, it takes quite a bit of time to remove hardened grease and other waste substances.

What we liked: This grill cleaner allows you to get rid of thick layers of grease with very little scrubbing. Moreover, it comes with clear instructions that allow you to use this product effectively.

What we didn’t like: You will not be able to use this grill cleaner to clean electric, gas, or self-cleaning ovens. Moreover, you will need to use a stiff wire brush to spread the cleaning material across the grill rack.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes in a pack of three
  • Does not contain any strong odor
  • Suitable for cleaning stainless steel surfaces
  • You will get a total of 1284 milliliters of cleaning material

6. CLR PB-BBQ Grill Cleaner

Looking for a powerful barbecue grill cleaner but not sure which one is safe to use around your pet or little children? Then the ideal grill cleaner for you is CLR PB-BBQ grill cleaner. Its non-toxic and biodegradable formula will keep yours in tip-top condition.

Cleaning is a tedious task but this cleaner will make your job easier. After spraying the cleaning fluid you will have to wait for two-three minutes before wiping the surface. The powerful foaming action of this cuts through the toughest stains and grease and successfully eliminates them. 

The formula of this cleaner is ¬water based. The quality formula is made using ingredients that have no acid, abrasives or petroleum solvents in it. The biodegradable quality of this formula also makes it harmless around plants and shrubs at home. It can also be used for cleaning steel surfaces.

What we liked: This grill cleaner has a foamy and thick texture so you do not have to worry about the product falling on the floor and making it slippery. Plus, it does not give off a bad odor.

What we didn’t like: It does not do a great job at cleaning stubborn grease. You will need to scrub off the waste which requires you to use a considerable amount of elbow grease.

Highlighted Features

  • Formulated with no acids, abrasives or petroleum solvents
  • Biodegradable
  • Has a powerful foaming action
  • Successfully cuts through the toughest stains and grease on grills
  • Safe to use around little children and pets
  • Does not harm plant life at home
  • Water-based formula
  • Also can clean other steel surfaces

7. Carbona 320 Carbona 2-in 1 Oven Rack and Grill Cleaner 

Cleaning your grills and oven racks can be a messy and tedious task. But with the Carbona 2-in 1 cleaner, it becomes as easy as 1 2 3. All you have to do is put your racks in cleaning bag, pour the cleaning solution, wait and then rinse it off. The cleaning bag and disposable gloves will be provided along with the cleaning fluid.

Your cleaning experience will be unique, safe and successful by using this cleaner. Both stainless steel and enamel surfaces can be cleaned without any scratches or corrosion. Cleaning your grills and oven racks will become super convenient.

It will safely and effectively remove dirt, stains, and greases. As the name suggests, it will do two tasks, cleaning your stainless steel and also giving it a shine. The grill does not have to be heated before the cleaning.

What we liked: The cleaning bag is large enough to fit two or three regular-sized grill or oven racks in it. This helps to save time and energy as you can clean a few racks at the same time.

What we didn’t like: You will need to store the grill grates or oven racks in the cleaning rack overnight or for 8-12 hours to get rid of all the grease and gunk. You are unlikely to see results in just a few minutes.

Highlighted Features

  • Available with rack cleaning bag and disposable gloves
  • Cleans both stainless steel and enamel materials
  • Easy to use
  • No grill heating required
  • Provides an easy and unique cleaning experience
  • Doesn’t cause corrosion or scratch the surface of grills

8. Goo Gone Grill and Grate Cleaner

What makes Goo Gone cleaner eye-catching is its super strength cleaning fluid that not only cleans the toughest stains but also prevents corrosion and reduces smokes/ flare-ups. It is also environment- and user-friendly

This degreaser works exceptionally well on baked-on, burnt deposits. With its fast-acting cleaning formula, it clings to the stains and quickly cleans grills and grates. Although it is safe to use on metals, grills, drip pans, grates etc. it is recommended to not be used on faux stainless steel and aluminum.

Although the cleaning formula of this cleaner is strong it is safe to use on the food-prep surface. This is fume free thus it has no bad odor. It is biodegradable and effectively cleans both interior and exterior surfaces giving them a fresh look.

What we liked: The spray nozzle has an “on/off” label on it so nothing will come out unless you adjust it. This allows for safe and easy storage as you get to close the nozzle.

What we didn’t like: Some users have said that this product is not very effective in attacking tough grease. You will still need to scrub or use a cleaning brush.

Highlighted Features

  • Reduces smoke/ flare-ups and prevents corrosion
  • Biodegradable and user-friendly
  • Removes tough baked-on burnt food deposits
  • Safe to use on metals, grills, drip pans grates etc.
  • Should not be used on faux stainless steel and aluminum
  • Super strength gel provides an effective cleaning experience
  • Super strength gel is fast acting and odorless

9. TriNova Grill Cleaner

Using a greasy barbeque grill can ruin anyone’s appetite. TriNova Grill cleaner is a phenomenal degreaser that will remove tough stains and burnt on residues. With this cleaner, you can clean both your grill and the outside cover of your grill. To get the best results, combine the grill cleaner with TriNova's stainless steel cleaner in spray form.

Some grill cleaners work best with a certain type of cleaning tool. But this cleaner works well with any cleaning tool whether it is a brush or a bristle-free wooden or steel tool. This degreaser can clean any type of grates on gas and bricks to oil stones and propane grills.

This degreaser comes in a simple non-stick bottle and it will leave your grills gleaming after use. It does not have a noticeable odor.

What we liked: The spray nozzle is sturdy and allows for easy and quick application. You only need to wait for 4-5 minutes before rinsing off the material from the grill grates.

What we didn’t like: Although there aren’t any strong fumes, the product feels a bit harsh on the skin so make sure to wear gloves while using it. Moreover, the spray alone will not produce a squeaky clean and shiny surface. You will need to use a cleaning brush and scrub the surfaces thoroughly to get rid of all the waste substances.

Highlighted Features

  • Works well with any type of cleaning tool
  • Removes tough stains and burnt on residues
  • Cleans outside cover of grill along with stainless steel cleaner
  • Has no noticeable odor

10. Kingsford BB0131 Grill & Oven Cleaner

If you are looking for an easy way to clean your greasy and dirty grills, then this grill cleaner from Kingsford might be just the one for you. It is suitable for use on a wide range of surfaces including BBQ grills, broilers, stainless steel appliances, and lots more. It is a well-designed product that can dissolve waste substances easily. 

You should spray the grill cleaner onto the grilling racks, broilers, or stainless steel surfaces at a distance of 9-12 inches. It will take at least 30 minutes for the foam to develop on the sprayed surfaces. You should let the foam sit for a while before wiping it off with a damp cloth or cleaning sponge. It is best if you do not use the grill cleaner at or near wooden or aluminum surfaces as it may cause damage.

This grill cleaner contains sodium hydroxide which is highly alkaline so it is likely to cause irritation to the skin and eyes. Plus, it has strong fumes. You should always wear goggles, a face mask, and gloves while using this product.

What we liked: The formula is quite thick and foamy so it is unlikely to trickle down and ruin the surface around it.

What we didn’t like: This grill cleaner is full of chemicals so make sure to place several layers of newspaper under the grill racks before spraying it. This will help to protect the surface below.

Highlighted Features

  • Has a net weight of 14.5oz
  • Suitable for use on all types of grills and ovens
  • Can be used on the outside of the grill grates
  • Removes baked-on grease efficiently

11. Parker & Bailey BBQ Grill and Surface Cleaner

Since summer is right around the corner, you might want to start getting your grills ready for those cookouts and tailgate parties. To get going, you might want to first grab this cleaner from Parkey & Bailey. You will be able to clean a wide range of surfaces including grill grates and tools, rotisseries, and even drip pans. You will also be able to clean glazed tiles, stainless steel appliances, and kitchen countertops using this cleaner. 

It does an excellent job in attacking the grease and grime on the surfaces. The cleaner has a streak-free formula which means that it will not leave any oil residues on the surface. 

The product will produce a squeaky clean, non-stick, shiny surface that will last for a long time. Moreover, it does not contain any harsh chemicals or phosphates so you will be able to use this product to clean the inside of your grill as well.

This item is unlikely to burn your skin or irritate your eyes so you can clean without wearing any gloves or protective eyewear. Moreover, it does not have a super strong odor which makes it suitable for use around children and pets.

What we liked: It is a multifunctional product that can be used to clean a lot of household appliances without much trouble.

What we didn’t like: You will still need to scrub the surface with a cleaning brush to get rid of the grease and waste substances fully.

Highlighted Features

  • Streak-free formula
  • 24oz bottle with a sturdy spray head
  • Leaves zero residues after cleaning
  • Has a volume of 709ml

Things to Consider Before Buying The Best Grill Cleaner 

There are so many grill cleaners out there in the market that you might just purchase the first one you see. But that would be the wrong decision because you never know unless informed which one is safe to use and will give the best results.

Some cleaners are toxic, some have bad fumes, some take a lot of time to remove the stain, and some are made to work for a certain type of grill. Therefore, before purchasing a grill cleaner it is best to consider the different factors and features of a grill cleaning product.

We have mentioned and described some of the factors needed to be considered before purchasing a grill cleaner below to help you make an informed decision and choose the best one for you.


There are grill cleaners that have strong formulas that when used can cause corrosion or scratch your grill surface. There are also toxic grill cleaners that can seriously harm you and the environment. For example, if a strong grill cleaner accidentally gets sprayed on you, the skin might get irritated. A strong grill cleaner is likely to have toxic fumes that are bad for you and your family members.

So it is very important to check the ingredients of a grill cleaner to see if it is non-toxic and biodegradable. Sometimes it is better to buy cleaners made of natural ingredients. It is also important to check if the grill cleaner has a strong odor or not. It is important to get a user-friendly and environmentally-friendly cleaner for your safety.

Ease of Application

There are different types of grill cleaners on the market today. Some have a watery formula that needs to be wiped off within just five minutes while others have a thick, foamy texture that requires you to wait for some time before wiping it off. On the other hand, there are some grill cleaners that require you to put the grill racks in a cleaning bag, along with the cleaning material, for a few hours. You should opt for one which is most convenient for you.


If you find buying a different cleaning spray for different kitchen appliance tedious then you can opt for grill cleaners that have multifarious uses. There are grill cleaners like the Therapy Cleaner and Polish that will clean all stainless steel surfaces in your home. Again there are cleaners that can both clean and give your grill a shine like the 2-in 1 Carbona cleaner.

For your convenience, you should check whether a grill cleaner has many uses or not. For example, some grill cleaners work only on a certain type of grills and grates. So before purchasing a grill cleaner do consider the uses of it.


All of us want to get the best out of any product we purchase. To get the best grill cleaner you have to consider how effectively it eliminates stain and grease in a short amount of time.

There are fast-acting grill cleaners found in the market but they do not always get the job done. Some grill cleaners need a few hours more standing time before it can completely remove the tough stains and burnt on food residue. Again there are cleaners that need only a few minutes of stand time before it breaks down the grease and completely eliminates it.


If you have a large grill or multiple grills that need a thorough cleaning, you might want to get a grill cleaner that is packed with a large volume of cleaning material. If you do not want to order the same grill cleaner frequently, then it might be more suitable for you to get a pack of two or three grill cleaners. This way, you will be saving energy and money, too. 


Grill cleaners that come with microfiber cloths, cleaning bags, or cleaning brushes allow you to use them safely and easily. It makes the cleaning process much simpler as you do not need to look for an alternative for using the product correctly.


What should I do if the grill cleaner starts to irritate my skin or eyes?

If the grill cleaner starts to cause irritations, you should immediately wash your face and hands with water thoroughly. If it continues to sting, you might want to consult with a doctor just to be on the safe side. When using strong grill cleaners, it is recommended to wear gloves and safety glasses. 

Can I use a grill cleaner to clean porcelain or aluminum surfaces?

You should never use a grill cleaner to clean porcelain or aluminum surfaces as the cleaning material is likely to react with the surfaces and cause damage. 

How long should I wait before wiping off the grill cleaner?

This depends on the type of grill cleaner you have. Some require you to wipe it off within just 5 minutes of letting it sit on the surface while others require you to wipe it off after a few hours. Make sure to read the instructions thoroughly before using the grill cleaner.


We all know how embarrassing it can get when you show up to a tailgate party or cookout session with a dirty grill. Whether you are hosting a backyard BBQ party or prepping for the 4th of July, an effective grill cleaner will not only save you from the embarrassment but will also allow you to improve the texture of your grilled food.

The best grill cleaners will allow you to remove tough grease, dirt, dust, spots, and burned-on food from your grilling surfaces without putting in much effort. Moreover, the best grill cleaners allow you to get the job done by yourself easily. You will not need to hire a professional, which allows you to save costs.

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