What Does Mahi Mahi Taste Like_

What Does Mahi Mahi Taste Like?

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Before answering the above question, you might want to know what a "mahi-mahi" is. You're well aware of the fact that a vast area of our planet, almost 1/3 is covered by water. In that water lives an enormous variety of life. And by enormous it means broad enough that we haven't been able to classify all that yet.

Some of those include plants, some microbes the zooplankton and phytoplankton, mammals and many invertebrates. Among these animals are the famous world-wide delicacies, the fish. Fish are major food staples on islands and coastal areas. They are divided into many types based on their habitat, size, and mode of nutrition.

This Mahi-Mahi is also a dolphin-fish having the honor of being the second most eaten fish in the world. It also has common capturing contests because this fish is swift and hard to catch.

In the early 1980s, it was commonly called a dolphin. This caused an uproar among the people that the restaurants are serving Dolphins!! However, In reality, they are not even related to them in any sense. The dolphin is a marine mammal and as such is very different from dolphin-fish which is, in fact, a fish in true nature.

Mahi-mahi weigh around 5lbs, but the weight up to 50 – 60lbc has also been reported. The male mahi-mahi is also called "bull."

The term Mahi-mahi comes from Hawaiian, meaning “strong strong.” They were named as such probably because these fish are a hard one to deal with. Mahi-mahi is closely related to the Pompano Dolphinfish, both are members of the Coryphaenidae family.

Now, you'll know other famous fishes like cod, salmon, sardines, and tuna. Some of these are considered expensive delicacies, while others are everyday seafood staples. They are all nutritious and good for your health. Mahi-mahi is a fish that you'll find tasty and nutritious. It is famous for its beautiful iridescent colors golden, blue, green. The colors grow dull when it dies.

Where Is mahi mahi Found

Where Is It Found? The Peak Seasons

The mahi-mahi flourishes in temperate waters and is mostly consumed in Japan and Hawaii. It is found in the Caribbean Sea, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Tahiti and Gulf Of Mexico. Its Spanish name is Dorado Maverick. The name means Golden Maverick, which is probably because of its bright colored scales. You might also be familiar with the Japanese cuisines such as sushi and sashimi. Both of these dishes are based on the fish mahi-mahi.

Mahi-mahi is a fish that dwells on the surface. They are therefore easily found near sea debris. Experts can even guess what type of mahi-mahi will be near a specific a kind of debris. They are carnivorous and eat smaller fishes and other organisms. They are mostly found swimming in large schools.

Though its available throughout the year it is most abundant in March, April, May, and October, November. The maximum age of mahi-mahi is found to be five years. Most of them live for only three or four. The males have a prominent forehead, and the females have a round head. The highest quality of mahi-mahi is believed to be from the coasts of Hawaii.

The Guide To Buying And Cooking Mahi-Mahi

The Guide To Buying And Cooking Mahi-Mahi

You can buy this fish meat in wet and dry packages. For safety and freshness keep in mind that the meat with a pinkish color and red bloodline is fresh and safe to consume. If the color is dull then its old, consider avoiding that.

If you wish to buy it whole, then you'll find it near shores and in markets in a wet package. After buying that, if you plan on using it later, you can refrigerate it. For that, you'll need to wash it and wrap it in a towel, then place it in the freezer.

With the proper storing methods it can be preserved for months.

Cooking is a very easy task when it comes to mahi-mahi. This fish is very versatile and simple to cook. The different ways of preparing it. You can choose to:

  • Boil
  • Fry
  • Bake
  • Poach
  • Grill
  • Sauté

All these methods make delicious and tasty dishes. It can have many combinations. A few yummy ones are with mango sauce, rice, beans, spices and in risottos. It is suitable for all of your family members. Very young children, however, should have a lower intake. This is because the fish has a high-mercury level.

What Does it Taste Like

What Does It Taste Like?

Well, for one thing, it tastes fishy of course. However, its flavor is described as being mild as compared to salmon and other fishes having a strong flavor.

The meat is lean, sweet and tender. It is low on fat and therefore, has a more, firm meat-like taste. Its taste can alter based on how it is cooked. Some types of mahi-mahi have thicker skin. In their case, it is best to remove it before cooking. However, for the types that have thin skin, you can choose to prepare them as is. Speaking biologically, it has only two types. However, the kinds of mahi-mahi can differ on the basis of geography.

It cooks really quickly so make sure it doesn't burn. It goes well with ginger, lemon, and many spices.

What Is Its Nutritional Value

What Is Its Nutritional Value?

Mahi-mahi like other seafood is a very rich source of protein. Each serving contains almost 1/3 of your daily protein needs. It has a lot of essential nutrients including Vitamin-B12, Omega-3, proteins, fats, and minute amounts of iron, selenium,  potassium, phosphorous and niacin.

The daily serving of protein helps in the rebuilding of tissues and contributes to the growth. Since it is low on fat, it can be a part of a healthy balanced diet. Iron helps in the oxygenation of blood since its a vital part of hemoglobin.

Other nutrients make it excellent brain food. It is low in calories, and it is delicious!!


If you like seafood, then you'll also take an instant liking to this fish. It cooks quickly, and the recipes are all really simple. You can include it in your diet as it is low on carbs and calories. Before buying it, keep in mind the points related to the freshness and safety of the food.

Have you tried it before? If you have not, now is the time to give it a shot. Tell us about your experience in the comments below.

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  1. I bought it frozen and shrink wrapped in a sauce that was so delicious the fish is wonderful and I bake it

    1. Dr. Berni, thanks for your input Re:this fish as I am having it tonight. It is also frozen in cryo.pack. In has a mango and pineapple sauce. Can’t wait to try it . Thank you.

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