The 14 Delicious Goat Cheese Substitutes

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If you are a cheese addict, then you must already know how addicting goat cheese’s flavor is. It’s one of the most popular types of cheese, and a must-have if you are thinking of making a charcuterie board. Goat cheese is very versatile. It has a spreadable texture, plus a tart and tangy flavor that blends well with anything that you partner it with. If you are not a fan of soft textured cheese, goat cheese can also have a crumbly flavor as it ages.

In France, goat cheese is also called chèvre. As the name suggests, this cheese is made from goat milk. It comes in various types. Here are some of the types that you can choose from:

  • White Mold Goat’s Cheese
  • Chèvre
  • Blue Cheese

If you are allergic to cheeses that are made of cow milk, goat cheese is a great substitute for your recipes. It will give that special twist to your recipes and would surely take your dishes to a whole new level.

The Best Goat Cheese Substitutes

Cooking with cheese is always fun. There’s just something about the flavors that you will be able to create using this ingredient. Goat cheese is probably one of your favorite types of cheese to work with because of its soft texture. However, there might be times when it’s just not available in your pantry or worse, in your local grocery store! But don’t panic because there are goat cheese substitutes that you can use when goat cheese is missing, or even when you simply just want to explore the flavors that you can use in your new recipe!

Fromage Blanc

Those who love the softness of goat cheese but couldn’t find one nearby should consider Fromage Blanc instead. It has a white color and a similar soft texture that you is easy to spread. It can go with absolutely anything! It has a creamy consistency that you can use to substitute other cheeses such as goat and cream cheese. However, it’s not really the easiest substitute to find, unless you live in cheese heaven countries. But just in case you find Fromage Blanc in your local supermarket, and there’s no goat cheese available, you can certainly grab it and use as a substitute in your recipes.

When storing fromage, don't forget to put it in a clean and sealed container, and then store it in your fridge. If stored properly, your Fromage Blanc cheese can last up to a week.

Blue Cheese

Blue cheese is a good goat cheese substitute because it’s really easy to use since it also has a spreadable consistency. However, compared to the flavor of goat cheese, blue cheese’s taste is stronger. You might want to use this in your recipes in moderation so that you would be able to control the flavor of your dish better.

This type of cheese has a unique appearance because of the blue veins that it has. People believe that blue cheese was accidentally invented when a drunk man unknowingly left his half-eaten bread inside a moist cheese cave. When he went back to the cave, he discovered that the mold covering the bread eventually turned ordinary cheese into blue cheese.

Blue cheese can be made using milk that comes from either goat, sheep, or cow. The process of making this kind of cheese involves six stages, and they are:

  • Acidification
  • Coagulation
  • Curds and whey
  • Salting
  • Shaping
  • Ripening

Feta Cheese

Another strong flavored cheese that you can use as a goat cheese substitute is feta cheese. While it has a stronger taste, it still goes well with a lot of recipes. It’s a great addition to boring salads and sandwiches. However, when you compare its texture to the previous substitutes in this list, feta cheese has a crumbly texture.

Feta cheese is usually sold in small blocks. It is made of sheep and goat milk, which gives it a slight advantage to other types of cheese when it comes to health benefits. Feta cheese is known as a source of good fats. So if you’re thinking of serving something healthy and unique for your health-conscious friends, this cheese would be an amazing ingredient for your recipe.

This type of cheese is a huge hit in Greece that it makes 75% of their cheese consumption. If you like its flavor more than other cheese types, storing it in the refrigerator would make it last longer. However, you should keep in mind that freezing feta cheese would make it lose the original consistency and flavor that it has.

Ricotta Cheese

Ricotta cheese is a healthy substitute for your goat cheese. This is usually made of sheep milk which gives it a low-fat content. It has a really similar flavor to goat cheese but a noticeably, firmer texture. It’s also high in protein, so if you’re trying to be fit, ricotta cheese can be included in your new diet.

Manicotti, lasagna, cassatam calzone, cheesecake, ravioli, and pizza are just some of the common dishes where ricotta cheese is used. Italian dishes often use ricotta because of its mildly sweet flavor.

Queso Añejo

Mexican dishes are also known for having cheese. This culture loved the flavor of cheese so much; they even have their own Mexican quesos that would surely tickle your taste buds. One example of this is the Queso Añejo.

Queso Añejo literally means "old cheese." It's the aged version of Queso Fresco which is made of whole milk. On the other hand, queso añejo has a crumbly texture that won’t fit well as a substitute for fresh goat cheese, but if you need a substitute for aged goat cheese, then queso añejo is one of the cheeses that you should consider because of its delicious flavor. With just a sprinkle of queso añejo, your salads and other dishes will have a tasty twist. If you are living in Mexico or you have a Mexican store nearby, queso añejo is a great substitute.

Cotija Cheese

A lot of people love the salty and strong flavor of Cotija cheese. You might be one of these food lovers, but do you know that you can use it to substitute goat cheese as well? While its texture is a lot different than goat cheese, you can still use it for salad recipes or other dishes that call for a crumbly textured cheese.

Cotija cheese is also from Mexico, and it’s a little similar to parmesan. This cheese has a salty flavor so make sure just to put the right amount of in your dishes. When using this kind of cheese, remember that it won’t melt when you cook it, and it is used best as a topper cheese.

Manchego Cheese

Manchego cheese is a really special kind of cheese. It’s made out of a Manchega sheep’s milk. It originated in Spain and has that popular semi-hard consistency. It has an aged flavor that only gets stronger and deeper through time. Aside from its distinct fruity and nutty flavor, you will also notice the dried herb aromas when you slice a manchego cheese. If you don’t need a substitute that has the same texture as goat cheese, manchego cheese is a great substitute because of its flavor.


There are also goat cheese substitutes like Mascarpone. This cheese has a creamy and soft texture that you can use not only in savory recipes but also in desserts like tiramisu. The cream cheese-like texture might be softer than goat cheese, but it's great for recipes that need this level of softness.

However, the important thing to remember is that mascarpone and goat cheese have very different flavors. Mascarpone tastes sweeter so if you think you can’t have much sweetness in your recipe, then you might want to reconsider using this one as your substitute.

Cream Cheese

Cream cheese is probably the easiest goat cheese to find especially if you’re in the US. It has enough creaminess that would work well in recipes that call for goat cheese. It’s a very versatile ingredient, but you would mostly taste it in desserts. This also contains more fat so you should put less amount to your recipe. Cream cheese is easy to make at home as well.

Queso Fresco

Queso Fresco isn’t the only Mexican cheese that is a good goat cheese substitute. This might not have the perfect texture, but when it comes to the flavor, queso fresco has the right tangy taste that can be used to substitute goat cheese. The texture is comparable to aged goat cheese. As to its availability, this substitute is not the easiest to find. But if you want to experiment a little, you can use this especially if it’s within your reach in the grocery store.

Aside from goat cheese, you can use queso fresco as a substitute for feta cheese. It goes best with egg dishes, your appetizer dishes, and even for desserts. The slightly crumbly texture will allow you to use it in various dishes without a problem.

Cottage Cheese

When you are on a rush to make your dishes because your guests are already on their way, it’s important for you to have that goat cheese substitute that is easy and fast to make. The best candidate for this kind of situation is cottage cheese. While its texture may be a little bit different from goat cheese, it’s really easy to achieve this on your own. Using a food processor, blend your cottage cheese until it’s already nice and smooth. After the blending process, you can put it in the fridge until it becomes solid enough to be a goat cheese substitute.

This substitute is already recommended for those who love to keep their healthy and fit bodies. Cottage cheese is low in fat and high in protein, which is the perfect combination for health-conscious eaters.


Being able to melt cheese is really satisfying. If you want to have the magic of melted cheese in your dish, camembert is a great ingredient to use. It has a mild flavor that can give color to your recipe even without goat cheese. The smooth texture might not be as smooth as camembert, but it’s definitely still worth trying.

Tofu/Vegan Goat Cheese

One of the ingredients that vegans swear by is tofu. The crumbly texture is really similar to goat cheese. It’s a great replacement for feta and ricotta cheeses as well. If you don’t like plain tofu, you can use tofu chèvre instead. Tofu is easy to find especially in Asian countries. Besides, it has many health benefits.


India also has its own kinds of cheese. One of them is Paneer. This is a traditional cheese that is commonly used in Nepal, Pakistan, and India. The texture is the same as the texture of goat cheese, so you can use it as a substitute without blending it in your food processor. You can make Paneer by yourself; however, the process can be a hassle, and it's more convenient to buy it in stores instead.

The world of cheese is really big. There are various types to choose from. Each kind has a distinct flavor, texture, and smell. But there is something that they still have in common; they all give a special flavor to dishes. Somehow, when a food item has cheese, it is more magical. Goat cheese is one of the cheeses that you can count on in the kitchen. Its smooth texture is really luxurious, and the flavor that it has is just enough to make everyone get a second plate of your food. But even though goat cheese might be already perfect for your dish, you can still use the substitutes that are included in this article.

Some of these substitutes might be easier for you to find especially if you live in Mexico or India, as for the case of Paneer. And others are substitutes that might not be quite similar to goat cheese but can be used by you to experiment with the flavor of your recipe.

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