The 10 Best Wort Chillers in 2020

Whether you are a regular or occasional homebrewer, relying on low tech methods can consume much of your time and cooling your Wort to yeast pitching temperatures can be a pain in the neck. But with the new innovative methods, you can easily cool your wort down. Thanks to the art of technology that has seen the design of convenient Wort Chillers. And if you have ever used these tools, you know the massive benefits these tools come along with. 

The industry offers different brands to choose from depending on your brewing needs. Despite the fact that these chiller work under one heat exchange principle, they are not equal and a poor quality wort cooler will increase the risk of bacterial contamination and impact the taste and quality of your beer.  To make sure you enjoy premium quality beer, we have reviewed some of the quality leading brands with features and a shopping guide to aid you in choosing the best Wort Chiller that meets your brewing needs.

Best Pick

NY Brew Supply Wort Chiller

Our best pick goes to NY Brew Supply Wort Chiller. The cooler is super effective and is made of stainless steel material which is corrosion resistant, easy to use and maintain.

Budget Pick

Homebrew Immersion Wort Chiller

Our best budget on the list goes to Homebrew Immersion Wort Chiller. The cooler features a ¾ inch garden hose fitting which can accommodate almost every sink utility faucets. It cools down your wort without any mess or off flavors.

1. NY Brew Supply Wort Chiller

Save your time and turn your wort into pitching yeasts temperatures quickly by taking advantage of this amazing chiller from NY Brew Supply. The chiller is super effective and features a 3/8 inch stainless steel tube that is 50 feet long which is dedicated to facilitating a faster chilling process.

Stainless steel material is known for its ability to resist corrosion and oxidation which means you will enjoy using your chiller for years to come. Maintenance of stainless steel material is easy, a great feature which allows you to save time. in addition to this, the performance of this chiller is good and a great pick for beginners or experienced home brewers.

Highlighted Features

  • Super-efficient
  • Made of a 3/8 inch stainless steel tubing that is 50 ft. long
  • Easy to use
  • Has brass hose fittings
  • Cools down hot beer faster

2. Homebrew Immersion Wort Chiller 

Drop down your wort temperatures faster with this immersion wort chiller. Incorporating this copper wort chiller into the brewing process is easy. The cooler features a ¾ inch garden fitting hose that perfectly fits almost every sink utility faucets.

With this tool, you can say goodbye to any brewing mess. The chiller has an outlet tube that is dedicated to getting rid of the hot water that has been warmed by your wort to exit to the sink with no mess. Its ease of use makes the cooling process easy and fun.

Highlighted Features

  • Made of copper
  • 25-inch coil length
  • 5-inch Vinyl outlet hose
  • ¾ inch female hose garden fitting
  • Cools down your wort temperatures faster
  • Easy to use

3. Northern Brewer Silver Serpent Wort Chiller

A few minor adjustments to the design of the Silver Serpent wort chiller made by the established Northern Brewer Homebrew Supply have now made it the most sanitary immersion chiller available.

Rather than you having to sanitize it fully before using, you can your pop the clean chiller into the kettle a few minutes before it stops boiling and it will be then ready to use.

This wort chiller is fully assembled and includes hose clamps which you can use on a standard garden hose connector or laundry sink faucet, as well as barbed fittings and tubing. Measuring 9 inches wide and 16 inches height to the bend, this has 25 foot of 3/8 inch coiled tubing. The drop-angle connections of this chiller helps keep any leaks out of your wort – minimizing the risk the of contamination as well as preventing the nuisance of kinked tubing.

Ideal if you are an experienced homebrewer or a beginner to it all, this chiller is made from stainless steel so as well as not having to worry about any corrosion or rusting, clean up will be easy once you have finished cooling your wort.

Highlighted Features

  • No need to fully sanitize before use
  • Drop-angle connections to minimize leaks and kinks
  • 25 foot of 3/8 inch coiled tubing
  • 9 inch wide and 16 inch high
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel
  • Garden hose or laundry sink faucet connections

4. HomeBrewStuff Immersion Wort Chiller

Enhance the clarity of your beer while minimizing any chances of contamination by taking advantage of this immersion wort chiller from HomeBrewStuff. This 25 inches super effective chiller boasts of its copper material which conducts heat faster delivering a faster chilling process.

With this HomeBrewStuff wort chiller, you can prepare 5-gallon batches easily and faster. The cooler comes with all must have requirement tool for you to start brewing your beer straight away.

Highlighted Features

  • Minimizes contamination
  • Cools your beer in minutes while enhancing its clarity
  • Ideal for cooling five-gallon batches
  • Effective
  • Made of copper tubing
  • Delivers balanced heat and flow rate to ensure a consistent cooling process
  • Reduces water wastage

5. Learn To Brew LLC Immersion Wort Chiller 

Enjoy fast cooling of your hot wort to yeasts pitching temperatures with this Learn To Brew chiller. The company understands well how a poor quality cooler can ruin your brewing experience and ensure you turn your home brewing to a fun and exciting process without any leaks.

This cooler features a superior quality 3/8 inch copper tubing that measures 50 feet long for fast and efficient cooling of your beer. To prevent any leakages of contaminated water into your wort, the cooler female and male garden hose fittings are made of soldered metal which keeps them in place during your brewing process.

Unlike other compression fittings that tend to contract and expand due to temperature variations, soldered fitting do not. This prevents any contaminations from coming into contact with your beer giving you a peace of mind. Adjusting your loops is easy. All you need is to pull them apart to suit your preferred width.

Highlighted Features

  • 10 inches wide
  • Prevents leakages during brewing
  • Handy
  • Cools your wort faster
  • 50 feet long with 3/8-inch copper tube
  • Fully soldered male and female garden hose fitting with the ability to withstand temperature variations without leaking
  • Easy to customize loop width

6. HFS(R) Homebrew Beer Wort Chiller

If you are looking for extra fast cooling, then look no further than the plate chiller from HFS. Made from 304 stainless steel which has been copper brazed, this plate chiller will cool a ten gallon batch from 212°F to 75°F in just ten minutes.

The design of this chiller allows cold water to run through every other plate while wort runs through the plates in between. This means that more surface area is available to cool the wort than there would be if you were using an immersion chiller.

To use this plate chiller you will need to use a pump or a gravity system. If you are able to connect this chiller to a closed-loop cold water pump system, it means you can also do your bit for saving water. This will also need careful sanitizing before cooling your wort.

The wort connections for this chiller are 1/2 inch NPT fitting while the water fittings are 3/4 inch, or a standard garden hose connection. There are other sizes of connections available and you can select how many plates you want in your chiller; 20, 30 or 40.

Highlighted Features

  • Stainless steel and copper brazed plate chiller
  • You can have 20, 30 or 40 plates
  • Ten minute cooling for a ten gallon batch
  • Works through a gravity system of pump
  • 1/2 inch NPT fitting for the wort
  • 3/4 inch or garden hose connection for water fittings

7. NY Brew Supply Deluxe Counterflow Wort Chiller

In case you may be hunting for the best counterflow wort chiller then you should not look any further than this NY Brew Supply chiller. The company boasts of its expertise in designing high-quality counterflow and immersion wort chillers that are super effective for your brewing needs.

Unlike the regular garden fitting models that tend to become brittle with time, the coil for this deluxe wort chiller is built to last and withstand high temperatures so that you can enjoy using your chiller for generations to come.

Its ½ inch copper tube is 25 feet long and is dedicated to ensuring even heat distribution for a faster chilling process. That's not all; its brass fitting is designed using a high-quality material for durability. Unlike some models that restrict you from adjusting the position and angle of the output and input hose fittings, this NY Brew model will allow you to achieve this much faster.

Highlighted Features

  • Delivers unmatched performance
  • Built to last
  • Facilitates faster heat distribution
  • Allows you to adjust your output and input hose angles and positions
  • ½ inch tubing with 25 feet length

8. Coldbreak Wort Chiller

Cool your beer gallon batches faster with this premium quality Wort chiller from Coldbreak. The cooler features a 3/8 inch copper tube that measures 50 feet long.  Its clamps are made using a long-lasting stainless steel material while its garden hose fitting is made with a heavy-duty premium quality lead-free material to ensure you enjoy faster cooling within minutes.

Though this cooler has a capability of cooling a 5-gallon batch from boiling point down to 75 degrees within ten or fewer minutes, you can still bring your hot beer to yeast pitching temperatures for batches more than five gallons faster.

To prevent any leakages, fasten your hose clinches when the Vinyl tubing is still warm. Clamps need to be carefully inspected before use for any signs of leakages to minimize any contaminations during brewing.

Highlighted Features

  • Superior quality wort chiller
  • Ideal for cooling more than five gallons
  • Lead-free hose fittings
  • Stainless steel clamps
  • Cools your hot beer within minutes

9. Exchilerator Ready To Brew - Efficient Wort Chiller

Able to cool five gallons in five minutes, the Exchilerator is a counterflow wort chiller able to chill 25% faster than a stainless steel chiller.

Made from Pex tubing, this has 10 gauge non-metallic wire woven into a co-helical pattern around the inner copper tube which is also FDA approved. The solder and brass used in this chiller is also free from lead. This design of tubing ensures that the cooling water passes over all surfaces for maximum efficiency.

Working with either a pump or gravity system, this cooler is also safe for you to be able to re-use the waste cooling water without it leaving a nasty taste in your mouth! This is an easy clean system, you just need to flush it through with hot water from your hot liquor tank or a brewery cleanser.

This comes complete with the temperature and valve manifold and 1/2 inch NPT fittings are also provided, along with garden hose fittings so you can connect it up to your hose. It also comes with a handy roll of Teflon tape.

Highlighted Features

  • Can chill 25% faster than a stainless steel chiller
  • Chills five gallons in five minutes
  • Pex tubing with non-metallic wire and an inner copper tube
  • Lead free solder and brass
  • Runs off a pump or gravity system
  • Comes with 1/2 inch NPT and garden hose fittings

10. Duda Energy B3-36A 40 Plate Beer Wort Chiller

The B3-36A plate wort chiller is a newer model from DudaDiesel and can offer high performance using the typical city water pressures that you have in your home. Depending on how you set your system up, this chiller has the potential to cool a 10 gallon batch in under five minutes.

As a longer plate chiller this is more efficient, but if you do want a higher flow rate then choose a model variant with more plates to avoid too large a drop in pressure.

Made from copper brazed stainless steel, this plate chiller is available with different connections as well as coming with fittings for garden hose connection. You will need a pump or gravity feed system to run this plate wort chiller.

Highlighted Features

  • Copper brazed stainless steel
  • High performance even if you have city water pressures
  • Longer plate chiller for more efficient cooling
  • A wide range of connection options available
  • Runs with a gravity system or pump

Benefits of using wort chillers

Quality clear beer

Wort chillers facilitate faster cold break. Normally cold break is proteins from the malt that are curdled and settle throughout the chilling process. The proteins play part in fogging the secondary fermenter and bottle but with the help of a beer chiller, you can quickly separate your wort from the cold break faster.

Save time

Unlike ice bath method, wort coolers have the capability to cool large surface area effectively. In few minutes you can convert gallon batches of your beer boiling point to yeast pitching temperatures making the brewing process fun and exciting.

Minimize contaminations and off flavors

When you use a wort cooler to cool down your beer, you reduce any chances of un-sanitized water from mixing with your wort which means quality beer. Using beer chiller also helps prevent DMS (dimethyl sulfide) a compound that tastes and smells like creamed corn as a result of wheat or barley used during the brewing process.

Effective and safe

High temperatures tend to destroy the yeast and increase the risk of bacterial contamination of your beer and need to be cooled down fast. Wort chillers provide a safe and effective way of bringing down your boiling beer to correct yeast pitching temperatures.

Factors to consider when buying a wort chiller

Homebrewing can be fun, but only with the right wort chiller. Different chiller models are designed differently, which requires you to be extra careful before investing in anypreferred model. To make your brewing process exciting here is what you should look for in a wort chiller.

Chiller type

Wort chillers come in three different types. The immersion type, plate models, and counterflow type. Though all these chillers are designed to help you cool your finished beer, they operate differently. Immersion wort chillers are one of the most commonly used in brewing.

Normally, these models differ in their design, hose fittings, width, length and also diameter. Immersion models are handy, affordable and easy to sanitize. Once you have connected the inlet and outlet of your hose fitting, all you need is to allow the water to flow to cool down your beer.

The only challenge with immersion models is that they consume much water and require large storage space due to their size.

Compared to immersion model, plate wort chillers cool down your beer faster and are compact in size which makes them easy to store. Unlike immersion models which use running water to cool down temperatures, heat interchange for plate models normally takes place in via plates in between the plate device space.

Though effective, using plate chillers comes with its downsides. One of the disadvantages of using a plate chiller is that they tend to clog easily. Cleaning up these cooler is time-consuming and requires proper sanitation. Some of the plate models cannot be dissembled for proper cleaning which means a high risk of contamination.

Counterflow chiller models on the other hand function by use of the inverse refrigerator principle. They feature a cylindrically shaped coil and have another coil inside. To cool down your beer, your hot wort runs through the inner coil as the water flows inside the outer coil in an opposite direction.

Just like the plate models, counterflow wort chillers are hard to maintain due to the fact that they have a coil inside another coil.  Just like the immerse chillers; counterflow models require large storage space.

Quality of material

Wort chillers are made of stainless steel or copper tubing. Each of these materials has advantages and disadvantages that come along with. Stainless steel wort chillers are strong, durable and easy to maintain as compared to copper. In addition, stainless steel does not corrode or oxidize.

However, customizing stainless steel wort chiller to suit the angle and position of your kettle size is hard as compared to copper. In regards to thermal conductivity, stainless steel material is less effective, the reason why it takes longer to bring down hot wort down to yeast pitching temperatures.  

Copper wort chillers, on the other hand, have good thermal conductivity and will cool down your beer temperatures in minutes. Just like stainless steel models, copper wort coolers are resistant to corrosion. With a copper beer chiller, you can easily customize it to suit your kettle angle and position.

The oxidation rate for a copper material is high. When exposed to air, copper will change its appearance to dark color. Cost wise, copper wort chillers are expensive as compared to stainless steel models.

Recommended wort quantity

Depending on your production levels, you will require a wort chiller that has a capability of cooling your beer faster. Most manufacturers will recommend the gallon batches you can cool depending on the performance and cooling capabilities. Always go for models that can cool large quantities than your normal production.

Cooling period

Each wort chiller features a specific cooling time. As mentioned earlier, copper models have high thermal conductivity as compared to stainless steel brands. However, different copper models will have different cooling time. If you value time, be ready to pay more.

What is the best wort chiller to buy?

For bests results, choose your wort chiller depending on your brewing experience. If you are a beginner or have less experienced in brewing try to go for immerse models. These chillers are easy to use, easy to clean and do not require much experience.

Well experience brewers can take advantage of counterflow or plate wort chillers depending on their preferences. The model you choose should be able to allow you to brew your beer faster and easily without challenges. Do not fall for cheap deals, always go for models that can cool your beer efficiently without any leaks.

Models with compression fittings tend to get affected by temperature fluctuations and may leak. Soldered hose fitting has the ability to withstand temperature variations while preventing leakages. In case you do not have enough money to invest in models that have soldered hose fittings, ensure the compression fittings are made of high-quality material and proper inspection done before using to help identify any signs of leakages.


Preparing a home brewed beer gives you the freedom to customize it to suit your preferences. However, cooling down your boiling beer is one of the critical steps in brewing which dictates the end result. The method you use to bring down the temperature to yeasts pitching temperature makes a big difference and a wort chiller is one of the most effective and reliable methods. 

But before deciding the best wort chiller to invest in, consider your personal preferences. Look also to your budget, the chiller type, cooling time, recommended gallon batches, ease of cleaning, and durability.

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