The 10 Best Store Bought Alfredo Sauce in 2020

Nothing brings family and friends together like enjoying an Italian dish with Alfredo sauce. The rich, creamy treat is out of this world. Better still, the sauce comes loaded with essential nutrients and can also be used to enhance flavor for other meals. Though you can still prepare a homemade Alfredo sauce, you will not get the rich flavor offered by the store bought ones.

Note that each of these sauces is different.And though everybody has their style of enjoying the dishes, choosing the best store bought Alfredo sauce takes more than just personal preferences. To ensure you enjoy the best out of your meals, we have reviewed different brands to assist you choose one that matches your preferences. But before then, here is a quick comparison table of the brands.

Best Pick

Bertoli Alfredo sauce

Our best pick on the list goes to Bertolli Alfredo Sauce. The sauce is packed with Vitamin A, calcium, Protein, and is trans-fats free which supplies your body with healthy calories.

Budget Pick

Simply Organic Alfredo Sauce

Simply Organic Alfredo sauce is our best budget pick. The sauce is affordable and produced using 100% natural ingredients. The brand is also kosher certified which is a good indication of quality sauce.

1. Bertoli Alfredo sauce

In case you may in need of Alfredo sauce with milk, then look no further than the Bertoli sauce. The sauce is loaded with essential vitamins and nutrients to ensure you not only add flavor to your pasta but also introduce healthy nutrients to your body.

Aside from flavoring your pasta, the sauce can also be used on seafood and meat. Unlike other brands that use artificial flavors to intensify the taste of the sauce, Bertoli takes user health first and ensures you enjoy your meal with their natural flavored sauce.  Customers who gave this product a try were impressed with its quality and great flavor.

Highlighted Features

  • check
    Rich in protein, Calcium, Vitamin A
  • check
    Naturally flavored
  • check
    Spicy with cheese
  • check
    Ideal for use on pasta, seafood, and meat

2. Simply Organic Alfredo Sauce 

Bring the greatness of organics by taking advantage of this Simply Organic Alfredo sauce. The sauce is well packed and comes in a 1.48-ounce packet. As the name suggests, the sauce has been produced using natural ingredients to ensure you enjoy healthy meals.

The seasoning can be used to enhance flavor for varied dishes among them pasta and Alfredo party potatoes. The sauce is trans-fat free, cholesterol free, and Kosher certified which is a good indicator of quality.

Highlighted Features

  • check
    Cholesterol and trans-fats free
  • check
    Kosher certified
  • check
    Can be used on varied dishes
  • check
    Made from natural ingredients
  • check
    Flavored with natural flavors

3. Knorr Alfredo Pasta Sauce Mix

Knorr Alfredo sauce comes in a well packaged and elegant 16-ounce tin. The sauce is loved by many professionals’ chefs and has been used to bring out incredible taste for restaurant dishes. 

Though most people love using it on pasta, Knorr Alfredo sauce is also great for use in shrimp Alfredo and regular dishes. In addition, you can also use it as a gourmet base for pizzas or veggies. Natural flavors and garlic have been used to help give your food a great taste.

Highlighted Features

  • check
    Used  on varied dishes
  • check
    Has a great taste
  • check
    Well packed
  • check
    Contains natural flavors

4. Mario Batali Alfredo Pasta Sauce

Preparing real Mexican dishes has just got better with Mario Batali Alfredo sauce. For years now, Mario Batali has supplied the industry with high-quality products that meet consumer needs, and this sauce is one of them. 

With its immense flavor, you can quickly get the real taste of an authentic Mexican dish at your home. The product has been produced using high-quality ingredients to ensure you enjoy great meals all the time.

Highlighted Features

  • check
    Gives your meals the real Mexican taste
  • check
    Made from finest ingredients
  • check
    Comes packed in  a clear glass jar
  • check
    Ideal to use for pasta and other Mexican dishes

5. Barilla Alfredo Pasta Sauce 

If you may be looking for a creamy Alfredo sauce, then you should look no further than this Barilla Alfredo sauce. The product is made with fine ingredients that have been carefully selected and properly quantified to ensure you enjoy a great and balanced flavor.

For a great Italian meal, you can pair this sauce with Barilla Jumbo shells, Barilla spaghetti or Lasagna.

Highlighted Features

  • check
    Made with real cheese and cream
  • check
    Has a great balanced taste
  • check
    Ideal for use on different dishes

6. McCormick Creamy Garlic Alfredo Pasta Sauce

McCormick Alfredo sauce is a creamy, garlic spiced blend that gives your pasta an incredible taste. The sauce is packaged on a professional pack of 24.

McCormick values quality and ensures you enjoy quality sauce that is rich in natural flavors with no MSG. Preparation of the sauce is easy and requires five minutes with simple to follow instructions.

Highlighted Features

  • check
    Creamy with garlic spice
  • check
    Contains no MSG
  • check
    Enriched with natural flavors
  • check
    Easy to prepare

7. Classico Asiago Romano Alfredo Sauce

If you may be in search of the best store-bought low-fat Alfredo sauce, then you should give this Classico Asiago sauce a try. The sauce contains 65% less fat and 55% few calories. Though it contains fewer calories, the sauce has a great flavor.

Normally, the sauce is made using Romano, parmesan cheese and Asiago. Natural flavors are used to improve the taste. This could be a great pick those people who are watching their fat intake or are watching their weight.

Highlighted Features

  • check
    Has fewer calories and fewer fats
  • check
    Enriched with natural flavors
  • check
    Creamy and tasty
  • check
    Light sauce

8. Jersey Italian Gravy Alfredo sauce

Jersey boasts of its expertise in making high-quality original Alfredo sauce. The company has a history that dates back in 1914. The sauce was produced by an Alfredo fanatic who was focused on giving customer nothing but the true authentic Fettuccine sauce.

The package comes in two packs with each tub recommended for four serves. The sauce is of high quality and introducing it to your meals means more Parmigiano and Reggiano as compared to other Alfredo sauces.

Highlighted Features

  • check
    High-quality sauce
  • check
    Each tub serves up to 4serves
  • check
    Contain milk
  • check
    Gives your meal an authentic Italian taste

9. Stonewall Kitchen Basil Alfredo Pasta Sauce

Enjoy an incredible flavor in your pasta, chicken, and shrimps by taking advantage of this fantastic Alfredo sauce. The brand dates back in 1991 and till to date it has grown to leaps and bounds and is one of the leading manufacturers of quality Alfredo sauce.

For the years the company has been around, it has managed to win 29 awards from the Specialty Food Association, a good indication of how the company takes its job seriously. Stonewall focuses on producing premium quality products, and this sauce is not an exception.

The sauce boasts of its rich, intense flavor which makes it stand out from other brands.

Highlighted Features

  • check
    Can be a gift idea for someone who loves pasta
  • check
    High-quality sauce
  • check
    Can be used on various dishes
  • check
    Flavored with basil

10. Delallo Sauce Creamy Alfredo

Add a smooth, great flavor to your pasta and enjoy your meals the way you love them by making use of this Delallo creamy Alfredo sauce. The sauce is creamy and layered with black pepper, grated garlic, and parmesan.

Its rich flavor gives your meals a great taste that will make you enjoy every bite.

Highlighted Features

  • check
    Well flavored
  • check
    Layered with grated garlic, black pepper, and parmesan
  • check
    Comes ins a 16.9oz glass jar

Benefits of using store-bought Alfredo sauce

Saves time

Preparing a homemade Alfredo sauce can consume much of your time, and you may end up not getting the same flavor. Store bought sauces provide a quick and easy way of enjoying your meals in style without having to spend hours trying to prepare one.

In addition, these sauces are also recommended to be used on other meals like seafood and chicken among others. This gives you the freedom to enjoy any of your favorite dishes without much hassle.

Well quantified ingredients

Manufacturers take into account the number of ingredients they use by ensuring they are well quantified and balanced to give you a great smooth taste. This is contrary to when you rely on homemade sauces, a good reason why you cannot get the distinct flavor as compared to the store bought ones.


Store-bought pasta sauces are affordable, a great reason why you should never enjoy your pasta meal without livening your dish with this incredible sauce. They usually feature different flavors giving you the freedom to choose the one that excites you most.


Store bought sauces not only liven up your dish but are also rich in essential vitamins and nutrients.  Some of these nutrients you will find in most sauces include proteins, Vitamin A and Calcium. Other manufacturers use 100% organic ingredients and natural flavors to ensure you enjoy a healthy meal with your loved ones.

People with obesity and those that are watching weight have not been left out. The market offers low-fat Alfredo sauces that have amazing flavors. 

Factors to consider when buying Alfredo sauce

Store-bought Alfredo sauces are known for their unique taste and distinct flavor. The appetizers feature different ingredients and can be used to enhance the taste of various dishes. Choosing a brand that suits your needs can be confusing, but with the right information you can easily compare them and make the correct decision. Below is a shopping guide to help you choose the best Alfredo sauce.

Sauce type

Store-bought Alfredo sauces come in two different types. That is; the powder mixes and the ready to serve jar sauces. While these type of sauces will help liven up your meals, their lifespan differ. 

Ready to serve sauces save time because they do not require any preparation but have less shelf life. If not consumed quickly, they can go bad faster. This is contrary to the powder mixes. Though they require some preparation, they can stay for longer without going bad. In case you do not use your sauce frequently, then powder mixes are the way to go.


Alfredo sauces come packed in varying quantities to suit different consumer needs. Though some manufacturers tend to put fair price tags on large quantities to encourage consumers to buy in bulk, you should never fall for this trick. Always consider your consumption and size of the family to determine the ideal quantity.


Manufacturers use different ingredients to make Alfredo sauce. The ingredients used are provided on the jar or package and by looking at the ingredients you can easily identify the best sauce. People with allergic reaction should be keen when buying these sauces.

Some brands may contain sugar and at times it can be hard to notice but having a look at the nutritional value you can determine the quantity of sugar used. Note that in every teaspoon there are 4 grams of sugar. So if a manufacturer claims that there are 8 grams of sugar that implies that there are two tablespoons per serving. Go for sauces with not more than four teaspoons per serving.

Another commonly used ingredient by manufacturers is sodium. Though it is known to have health benefits to the body, when consumed in high quantities, it can cause heart complications. Avoid sauces with sodium content above 450grams.

Avoid sauces with pepper if you are planning to enjoy the meal with kids or the elderly.


Consumers have different tastes and preferences, and manufacturers have provided products to satiate different consumer needs. Every Alfredo sauce has a distinct taste that makes it stand out from other brands. While choosing your preferred flavor, consider going for a brand that contains natural flavors.


While some Alfredo sauces are used to enhance the flavor of your pasta, others can be used on other dishes. Though this will help you save money, it does not make sense for you to buy one that can be used in different dishes that you do not enjoy. 

Fat content

As much as this store-bought pasta sauces are loaded with healthy nutrients and minerals, it is always recommended to check out the fat content. This is because some of the brands contain unhealthy fats or high-fat content which can be risky for overweight or individual with heart complications.

Ordinarily, white Alfredo sauce is high in fat content and calories as compared to the light appetizers.  People who are looking forward to adding more calories can take advantage of the white sauces. But in case you are overweight, light sauces is the best way to go. Most of these products may have traces of saturated fat, but that does not mean they are harmful.  Brands with not more than two or three grams of saturated fat are considered to be healthy.


The price of Alfredo sauces is mainly determined by the quality, ingredients used the production process, and the quantity. If quality is what you are hunting for in an Alfredo sauce, be ready to pay more even for small amounts.

Tips of livening up your dish with store-bought Alfredo sauce 

Some manufacturers do not use many seasonings when producing Alfredo sauce which is the reason why most of them do not have an intense flavor. But the good news is that these sauces can be easily customized to suit your preferences and here are  tips you should put into practice. Always check out whether these ingredients are used and if yes what quantity has been used. Adding more ingredients in high quantities will impact the taste of your meal.

Add cheese

Regardless of the type of Alfredo jarred sauce you use, adding grated cheese can liven up your meal and give it an incredible taste. Some of the cheeses you can take advantage of include Parmigiano-Reggiano, Mascarpone or Ricotta.


Garlic is one of the health spices that have been used as an anti-inflammatory remedy for the cure of a sore throat. It is also known for its great and incredible taste it adds to food and has been used in the preparation of most cuisines. Adding it to your Alfredo sauce can help liven your dish.

Garlic is recommended to be used in moderation as high quantities are known to cause nausea, heartburn, body odor and vomiting.

Ground Black pepper

Another commonly used spice is black pepper. The spice is known to give food an incredible flavor and improve digestion. Better still; the spice is also an excellent pick for enhancing your Alfredo sauce.


Pasta goes well with chicken and adding it to your sauce will improve the taste as well and supply the body with proteins.

Sprinkle few drops of olive oil

After you are through with mixing your pasta with sauce, add few drops of olive oil to liven it and intensify its flavor.

Creamy cheese

If you love thick sauces, consider adding creamy cheese. Usually, the cheese is a combination of milk and cream.

How to increase the shelf life of your Alfredo sauce

Most Alfredo manufacturers do not use preservatives which is the reason why some of the products have short shelf life. This calls for vigilance after the packet or jar has been opened. Below are some of the tricks you can use to increase the shelf life of your pasta sauce.

Use safe freezer containers

Usually, when Alfredo sauce is opened it can stay on the fridge for about three to five days. The remaining sauce can be packed in a freezer safe container and frozen for up to three months.

Take advantage of powder mixes 

As mentioned earlier, powder mixes have a longer shelf life and relying on them can help you save the hassle of having to refrigerate. However, if you do not find one that matches your preferences, then you can opt for the jarred brands.

Buy in small quantities

When shopping you ought to be careful with the amount of sauce you buy since not every sauce is recommended to be refrigerated. Read the product description to determine whether the sauce is recommended to be stored in the freezer. If not, purchase what you can consume within a week.

Note that, unopened Alfredo sauce can stay up to 6 or 8 months if stored well in a pantry. Purchasing brands that come in different packs will allow you to store some packages in your pantry for longer.

If stored for longer periods, your pasta sauce may start turning in color or become moldy. In case you notice any signs of mold or change in color of your sauce in any part of the jar or lid, it is a good indicator that it is not fit for consumption.

What is the best store-bought Alfredo sauce

Most pasta and Italian dish lovers are spoiled for choice by manufacturers with different Alfredo sauces to liven up their dishes. And if you love pasta, Alfredo sauce is one of the must-have requirements. For those who have had the taste of this incredible sauce cannot imagine enjoying any pasta meal without the sauce.

While the market will offer you varied brands to choose from the best Alfredo sauce will depend on your personal preferences.  But as you factor in your preferences, consider also other essential aspects like quality, ingredients, recommended dishes, and fat and sugar levels to help you enjoy healthy meals. 

What makes the best store-bought Alfredo sauce?

  • A quality store-bought Alfredo sauce should add flavor to your meal
  • A good store-bought pasta sauce should be easy to use
  • A great store-bought pasta sauce should taste as described
  • A good pasts sauce should be easy to store


Nothing can liven up your Italian dishes like a store-bought Alfredo sauce. The sauce is packed with essential nutrients and vitamins which help you intensify the flavor and increase the number of calories intake at the same time. Though manufacturers customize the sauces to suit consumer preferences, users have the freedom to further customize them to taste like  homemade sauces. A great feature which gives you the freedom to enjoy your meals just the way you like it. 

However, you should be keen on the brand you choose. Manufacturers tend to hype their products. Do not fall for cheap deals. All the above brands we have reviewed have been carefully selected to help invest wisely and are of high quality if used and chosen according to your needs. If by now you have not identified the best store bought Alfredo sauce, you can go back and re-read our shopping guide.

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