Best Guacamole Seasoning Mixes

The 8 Best Guacamole Seasoning Mixes in 2023

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Chunky, creamy, tasty, healthy. Those words are probably some of the more common ones that people think of when they think about guacamole. However, as great and healthy of a snack guacamole may be, sometimes our homemade guacamole can taste rather bland or lacking any real flavors.

If you find yourself constantly wishing your guacamole tasted better, then you need to try any of the best guacamole seasoning mix. These seasoning mixes are amazing because it will help elevate the flavor of your guacamole so that it doesn’t taste so plain the next time you eat it.

They are very affordable to purchase and easy to use as all you really need to do is just sprinkle the seasoning mix in to your guacamole and stir until all of the mix has been integrated with the guacamole. For something so simple yet makes such a big difference to the overall taste of your guacamole, who wouldn’t want to buy a guacamole seasoning mix the next time they make guacamole?

Best Pick

Mrs. Wages Guacamole Seasoning Mix

The Mrs. Wages Guacamole Seasoning Mix is one of the best products in their line of seasoning mixes. Combining flavors of garlic, jalapeno peppers, and vegetables, this seasoning mix will take any flavorless mashed avocados and turn it into a restaurant-quality guacamole within 10 minutes!

Budget Pick

Ortega Guacamole Seasoning Mix

The Ortega Guacamole Seasoning Mix is an absolute cost-saver in that you get very high-quality guacamole seasoning at a very affordable price. Accessibility to this seasoning mix can be hard as not many grocery stores may carry it however, but there are plenty of places online that still sell this at this low price.

Quick Comparison: Top 8 Best Guacamole Seasoning Mixes

Known for their product line of quick and easy to make seasoning mixes, Mrs. Wages has developed a clear reputation for producing terrific and enhancing flavors to foods. But if you’ve happened to try any or all of Mrs. Wages seasonings mixes, you might agree that perhaps, none of their products are as good as their Guacamole Seasoning Mix.

This Mrs. Wages Guacamole Seasoning Mix can turn any ordinary mushed up avocados into a medley of different flavors. The thing about any avocados that get mashed up is that it often is very flavorless. There is no level of complexity to the flavors and may even leave a bit of a bitter aftertaste in your mouth, depending on how ripe the avocados you use are.

However, with Mrs. Wages Guacamole Seasoning Mix, you’re in for a very big treat. By including this Guacamole Seasoning Mix into your bowl of mashed avocados, you’ll now be able to taste the wonderful flavors of spices and vegetables in your guacamole. This not only adds to the flavor profile of the guacamole but it also gives it a more robust texture, one that you would find at any popular Mexican restaurant, for example.

A packet of this Mrs. Wages Guacamole Seasoning Mix will yield you approximately two cups’ worth of guacamole. There are a few ingredients you will need to get started such as two ripe normal sized avocados or one extra large avocado to go along with a pinch of water or lime juice. If you can, definitely go for the lime juice as it helps to provide that much needed punch of acidity in the guacamole and helps to just make the overall flavors work much better together.

Once you have your ingredients, simply begin mashing the avocados into a large bowl while adding in the water or lime juice. Then add in the Mrs. Wages Guacamole Seasoning Mix and stir well. Once you’re done stirring or the texture is what you’re happy with, it’s recommended to let it sit for roughly 10 minutes before you serve it. It is also recommended that you eat all or as much of this guacamole as you can within 24 hours or else the guacamole will begin to brown and go bad.

Since this Guacamole Seasoning Mix adds some tremendous flavor to your guacamole, you definitely don’t have to stop there. Mrs. Wages suggests that you can even enhance the flavor of your guacamole even more by adding in some pineapple chunks, corn, peppers, and even sour cream to your guacamole.

What we liked: we absolutely loved the creamy texture of this guacamole seasoning mix. A big tip that many people overlook is to definitely wait for 10 minutes after mixing it so that the guacamole and the seasoning mix have some time to settle. If you eat it right after mixing it, the texture will be too runny.

What we didn’t like: this seasoning mix does include jalapeno peppers among its ingredients and it can be a bit too spicy for some people once the guacamole is done. We personally didn’t mind it but some of our guests said it was too spicy for them so we would say to just make a regular and milder seasoning mix and a spicy one.

Another popular seasoning mix brand is Ortega and they also do an excellent job at enhancing the quality and taste of guacamole with the Ortega Guacamole Seasoning Mix. What makes it even better for people that cook everyday is that this Ortega Guacamole Seasoning Mix is a tremendously affordable option. Don’t be mistaken by its low price, however, as the quality of this Guacamole Seasoning Mix is comparable with the others.

Much like Mrs. Wages, Ortega is also known for their selection of instant seasoning mixes but it’s their Guacamole Seasoning Mix that their fans love the most. That’s because their Guacamole Seasoning Mix adds terrific flavor to plain mashed avocados.

This seasoning mix is also great because it will save you the hassle of going out and buying tons of different ingredients to season your guacamole. You know those herbs such as cilantro, limes or lemons, and green onions, can just be tiresome to go out and buy to only be used in your guacamole. Now, with this Ortega Guacamole Seasoning Mix, it will save you the time of going to get these ingredients, among others, and ensure that you end up with a tasty guacamole.

To get started with this Ortega Guacamole Seasoning Mix, you’ll need either two regular or small sized avocados or one extra large avocado. Slice the avocados in half, remove the pit and scoop out the good stuff into a large bowl. Then begin mashing your avocados either with the back of a spoon or a fork until it comes to the texture you want it to be. For some people, this texture can be completely smooth where you mash every last chunk of avocado. For others, it can be smooth but also with a few chunks of avocado for added texture. After you reach your preferred texture, simply add in one package of this Guacamole Seasoning Mix and stir until the mix has been fully blended in with your guacamole.

When it’s ready to be served, this Ortega Guacamole Seasoning Mix tastes excellent a dip for your nachos or even sprinkled on top of your tacos. Many people say that if you grind it down into a creamier texture, it tastes fabulous in your burgers or even as a spread on pieces of toast.

What we liked: the taste of this Guacamole Seasoning Mix was among some of the best we have tried. It really added some much needed seasoning to our avocados and we really liked that this was ready to serve and eat after only five minutes.

What we didn’t like: we used to be able to find this seasoning mix in most grocery stores but we’re finding it fewer ones today. This makes it only accessible through online shopping and it would be nice to see it back in stores someday. Also, if you like the tang or acidity that is common in many guacamoles, this one doesn’t suggest you add any lime or lemon juice to it which can make it taste unbalanced.

For people looking to spice up their guacamole, they definitely need to check out Produce Partners Great Guacamole Mix Spicy. Guacamole usually tends to be more flavored and mild in spiciness but it doesn’t always have to be this way. There are plenty of folks who enjoy some heat in everything they eat so why not have some heat in guacamole?

On top of providing some much-needed spiciness to your guacamole, value shoppers may also be happy to know that this package comes in a 12-pack. If you love having those spicy notes in your guacamole, you can have it up to 12 times with this guacamole seasoning mix. Each packet of this seasoning mix is approximately one ounce in size and contains plenty of great spices.

The directions to use this Produce Partners Great Guacamole Mix Spicy is a bit different than others. The ingredients required, however, are the same. First, begin by slicing open two regular sized avocados and taking out the ripe parts and begin mashing up those in a medium sized bowl.

Then, add in the seasoning mix to the bowl of mashed up guacamole and instead of serving it right away or waiting a few minutes, it’s recommended that you cover the bowl with saran wrap and put it in your refrigerator for at least 30 minutes. This is so that all the flavors in this guacamole can all get to know each other and blend in. After the 30 minutes is over, take out the bowl and garnish it with your favorite herbs or serve right away.

What we liked: we are big-time spice lovers and this guacamole seasoning mix is exactly what we were looking for. With each bite of your nacho with some of this guacamole, you’re hit with strong notes of peppers and spices that keep you coming back for more!

What we didn’t like: if you’ve never tried this brand before or think it’s a bit too spicy for your liking, going through 12 of these seasoning mix packages can be a tough thing to do so be sure you absolutely love this product before buying it.

One of the things that is all too common in seasoning mixes is the addition of artificial flavors and even MSG. While these can definitely help to add plenty of flavor to the seasoning mix, they are also not very healthy things to include. Thankfully, the McCormick Guacamole Seasoning Mix doesn’t include any artificial flavoring or MSG, ensuring you have something that is more healthier to eat.

This high-quality guacamole seasoning mix is great for the entire family since it offers some great flavors without the use of any artificial ingredients. This seasoning mix combines the very tasty flavors of garlic, peppers, and pinches of jalapenos that, when combined, goes amazingly well with your mashed avocados. It also includes McCormick’s special spices, giving your guacamole more hints of excellent spices.

Speaking of mashed avocados, to use this seasoning mix, you’ll need to get your hands on two ripe avocados. Peel and remove the pit and mash the ripe avocados until it’s at the texture that you and your family enjoy it. Mix in the seasoning mix and stir very well. Some people prefer letting it sit for a few minutes but if your family is too hungry to wait, feel free to dig in right away. Just know that if you don’t let it sit for a few minutes, the texture of the guacamole will be a bit more on the runny side since it hasn’t had the time to set in.

A packet of this McCormick Guacamole Seasoning Mix comes in a packet containing one ounce (28 grams). Each packet is good for one serving of guacamole.

What we liked: we really liked that we weren’t necessarily required to wait before eating our guacamole using this seasoning mix. Some other brands tell you to wait, sometimes up to 30 minutes, before eating it but we liked the fact that we could start eating it right away.

What we didn’t like: unfortunately, this seasoning mix does taste a bit more bland compared to other seasoning mixes and this could be because it refuses to include artificial flavors and MSG in their seasoning mix.

There are different kinds of guacamole seasoning mixes that you can purchase that add their own unique and different types of flavor to your guacamole. Perhaps, one of the more interesting kinds of seasoning mixes for your guacamole is the Frontera Foods Inc. Guacamole Mix.

The Frontera Foods Inc. Guacamole Mix offers plenty of seasoning for your guacamole but their flavors are slightly different than other seasoning mixes. This one provides you with a tangy and more acidic flavor to your guacamole. That’s because this seasoning mix relies heavily on roasted tomatillos as its primary ingredient that is then supplemented by green chiles, onions, tomatoes, and cilantro.

For those who enjoy tomatillo-based salsas, this particular type of flavor tends to add more bitterness to your food and, in this case, your guacamole. Some guacamoles are already more acidic thanks to the inclusion of lemon or lime juice in them but this one adds that bitterness from the roasted tomatillos.

The end result is actually something that tastes very good and well balanced. Yes, it does add bitterness but it’s not overly bitter. You still get tremendous flavor from this seasoning mix despite this more acidic taste. It is recommended to add in some salt and pepper once you’re done mixing your avocados with this seasoning mix.

What we liked: this is the perfect guacamole seasoning mix for people wanting a break perhaps from a more flavorful or spicy guacamole seasoning mix. Having that tartness to the guacamole gives it a nice flavor profile, good flavor depth, and is very well balanced.

What we didn’t like: not everyone will enjoy this seasoning mix simply because they may not enjoy bitter tasting foods. It can be overly tangy for some people but it does offer a nice alternative to plain-tasting guacamole.

People that are always constantly searching for the healthiest foods to eat will want to stop and give this guacamole seasoning mix a try. Simply’s Organic Guacamole Dip is an excellent and healthy-way to enjoy one of your favorite nacho dips. Their Guacamole Seasoning Mix is certified as organic and is completely gluten free, ensuring a wider audience is able to enjoy this great seasoning mix.

As an organic seasoning mix, the ingredients used are completely organic including the onions, nonfat milk, cane sugar, garlic, cilantro, and chili pepper. All of these organic ingredients combined give health-conscious eaters more peace of mind knowing that the ingredients used in this seasoning mix come from organic sources and are healthy to eat.

To enjoy this healthy seasoning mix, you will need to mash two cups’ worth of avocados to the texture of your liking. Add in this seasoning mix and stir until the mix has fully acclimated well with the mashed avocados. The next step is the most important and may not necessarily be the most popular among foodies. You’ll then have to put it in your fridge for about 30 minutes for it to solidify a bit more so that the texture is more full rather than runny.

If you’re looking for even more flavor from this guacamole, they also suggest you can add in some extra tomatoes and some sour cream to give it a more chunky yet creamy texture. Each packet of this healthier guacamole seasoning mix comes with a net weight of 23 grams which is good enough for one big bowl of guacamole.

What we liked: we really enjoyed the fact that we could eat an entire portion of this guacamole in one sitting and not feel guilty about any of the ingredients we consumed. An added bonus is that each packet of this seasoning mix only contains five calories so this was really easy to eat.

What we didn’t like: as great as this seasoning mix tasted, any time you purchase organic products, you’ll generally have to pay more for it and this product was no different. We thought it was a bit unreasonable to pay twice the amount for this seasoning mix as any other normally-priced guacamole seasoning mix.

Some people prefer their guacamole to have as much flavor as possible to the point where the flavor of the avocados takes a back seat to the flavor of the seasoning. However, many people also prefer their guacamole to only have milder hints of flavor where these people can also pinpoint the flavors and textures of the avocados themselves. If this is you, then you’ll be thrilled to try the Concord Foods Mild Guacamole Seasoning Mix.

The most important word in their product name is mild and mild this guacamole seasoning mix it is. For Concord Foods, they view avocados as an excellent source of vitamins and you should be able to taste these avocados in your guacamole. That’s why they’ve made a seasoning mix for your guacamole that is meant to complement the flavors of your avocados and not overpower them.

This guacamole seasoning mix is great to have with chips and nachos but many people who use this guacamole seasoning mix say that it tastes great in their homemade tacos because it isn’t overly salty or flavorful and adds a nice creamy texture to their tacos. Each packet of this seasoning mix will yield you approximately two cups of guacamole which should be more than enough for the entire family to enjoy.

What we liked: this is a great guacamole seasoning mix if you’re looking for one where it doesn’t completely overtake the flavors of your avocados. The name of this product is absolutely right and it is a much milder seasoning mix than others.

What we didn’t like: unfortunately, this seasoning mix wasn’t a big hit at our football party as many people said it was far too bland for their liking and others said that they couldn’t really notice that our guacamole was seasoned with anything.

Another excellent healthy-conscious seasoning mix is Watkins’ Organic Gourmet Guacamole Dip Mix. If you’re someone who enjoys treating yourself every once in awhile to a gourmet meal or gourmet foods, then treat yourself to some of this deliciously organic guacamole seasoning mix.

If you’re not familiar with the Watkins brand, they offer some of the best organic mix recipes around. Aside from their guacamole dip mix, they also have a ranch dip mix, an onion dip mix, and a cucumber & dill dip mix, among their many other flavors. They have a reputation for their excellent variety and great-tasting dip mixes.

This Guacamole Dip Mix is great because it is completely Kosher and is a USDA certified organic product. It comes in a pack of 12 guacamole dip mixes which each packet being 21 grams.

Making this guacamole dip mix is very similar to other brands’ and it involves you having two ripe avocados that need to be mashed. Simply, stir in the Guacamole Dip Mix and blend well. They do recommend you putting it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes in order to let the flavors develop and the texture to thicken.

What we liked: we like having healthier options when it comes to making our guacamole. Many of the other brands can have artificial flavoring but these organic seasoning mixes are very reassuring to eat because we know that the products are fully organic and that there are hardly any additives.

What we didn’t like: as much as we love a good value deal, a 12-pack of this guacamole is simply too much. What we would have preferred instead is maybe a variety pack since we know how great Watkins’ other dip mixes taste.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Guacamole Seasoning Mix


The flavor that a guacamole seasoning mix produces is, by far, the most important aspect of it. After all, you’re not going to want to buy one that doesn’t enhance the overall flavor of your guacamole. In many regards, the vast majority of the guacamole seasoning mixes do an excellent job at adding in that much needed flavor to your guacamole.

There are some seasoning mixes that cater to specific tastes as well. For example, if you have to eat your food with some spiciness to it, there are some guacamole seasoning mixes that come in a hot flavor. This will definitely include some of that spiciness you crave from your food.

For people that want some flavor in their guacamole but don’t want it to be overly salty or even overly flavorful, there are also some guacamole seasoning mixes that come in a mild flavor. This should be the perfect choice for people just looking to sprinkle in some flavor but not completely overpower the taste of the guacamole.

How Long It Takes to Make It

Anyone who has ever made guacamole already knows that it really doesn’t take a whole lot of time to make it. Most of the time spent to make guacamole is in the preparation time anyways. With guacamole seasoning, there really isn’t all that much to it when it comes to time. All you really need to do is add it in to your mashed avocados and then stir it well so the seasoning mixes properly into your guacamole.

There are some guacamole seasoning mixes that will highly recommend that once you’re done mixing in the seasoning mix, that you then put your guacamole into the refrigerator for at least 15-30 minutes. This is so that the flavors of the seasoning mix can really have some time to settle into your guacamole and this time in the fridge will also help to thicken the texture or consistency of your guacamole.

If you prefer your guacamole to be of a creamier texture, the best time to eat it would be right after mixing in your seasoning mix. Some people prefer their guacamole to be creamier while others may want a thicker, more chunkier version of it.

Ingredients Used

The ingredients that are used in the best guacamole seasoning mix can oftentimes vary but, at the end of the day, they all work to serve the purpose of adding that much-needed flavor to your guacamole.

For people that are more health-conscious there are some guacamole seasoning mixes that use only organic products in its seasoning mix. This will help to give organic food-lovers peace of mind knowing that the ingredients used are coming from organic sources.

There are other guacamole seasoning types that feature a more traditional ingredient set that can include a mixture of onions, garlic, cilantro, spices, and more. When combined, the natural flavor of these seasoning mixes tend to be salty.

Then, there are some guacamole seasoning mixes that can be the opposite of salty, in that they can be more tangy or bitter. These guacamole seasoning mixes will incorporate tomatillos in their list of ingredients and if you’ve ever had green salsa before, you’ll know that tomatillos are tart and bitter in taste but provide a nice zesty, tang to anything you eat.

Final Thoughts

Anyone who has ever eaten plain nachos know that guacamole is probably one of the best dips you can have with it. They’re generally healthy to eat, provide great texture, and can be very addicting to eat.

Yet, you may have noticed that your homemade guacamole may be missing something in it. The answer is that it is missing some tasty and delicious flavor! With the best guacamole seasoning mix, now you can enjoy your nachos and guacamole but this time, your guacamole will be full of flavor to make your nacho-eating experience that much more enjoyable!
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