The 15 Best Crepe Pans to enjoy perfectly cooked crepes in your breakfast

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Can you easily fold the crepes without damaging the shape? The crepe pans are specially designed to easily fold the crepes without sticking to the pan. But you need to focus on the non-stick that is not toxic or chemical-free. The pan you are choosing also needs to be compatible with your induction stove. Crepes are a thin layer that needs to have even heat distribution to cook it uniformly. 

Moreover, if your children love crepes for breakfast, you should choose the one that serves your purposes. The crepe pans can also be used for making pancakes, omelettes, pan pizzas, etc. depending on the weight, dimension, and the material used to make the pans, you need to choose the best crepe pan for making the best crepes for your family.

Factors To Consider Before Buying a Crepe Pan

Now that you are familiar with some of the top crepe pans that are available on the market today, you might have come across one or more products that caught your attention and it might be tempting to go and purchase that product. But before you do so, it is essential to consider a few factors before buying a crepe pan, so that the product you go for is not only an attractive product but is also the perfect match for your kitchen needs and preferences.

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Size and Weight

Crepe pans usually come in diameters ranging from 8 inches to 11 inches and it depends on how big you want your crepes to be, and also how big the heat source you are going to use with the pan is.

The weight of the pan is also an important factor to consider apart from the size since it is not necessary that a bigger pan will weigh more. You might want a lighter pan if it is difficult for you to lift heavy pans, but you would not want the pan to be too light since it might not sit stably on the stove during cooking and some users also prefer the feel of the heavyweight in their hands since it feels sturdier.


The material of the crepe pan is another major factor to consider to help you narrow down your list of choices. Firstly, the material that the pan’s exterior is important because it largely contributes to the durability of the pan, as well as how easily it can be cleaned and also what kind of heat source you can use it on. Aluminum is a common material for the exterior and the core construction of the pan, and it allows uniform spreading of heat but it cannot be used on an induction cooktop. If you want a pan that you can use on almost all kinds of heat sources, then you can opt for an enamel coated cast iron crepe pan.

The interior of the pan gives it the non-sticky property that is needed to make great crepes since you can flip the crepes easily and transfer it from the pan to your plate without destroying the shape of the crepe only when the pan is non-sticky. However, this property can be offered by different kinds of materials such as Quantanium, which has a resistance against abrasions, blue steel, which is a natural non-stick coating which has to be seasoned and gets better with time, etc. One thing that should be checked when buying a non-sticky crepe pan is that it does not contain any harmful chemical such as PFOA that might leach into your food and pose a health risk.

The material that the handle is made up of is an important factor as well. The handle should be made of a material that stays cool during cooking and it should also be made of a material that does not melt when it is put in the oven.

Harmless non-stick coating 

The non-stick coating is usually made of a chemical known as Teflon which can be harmful to health. When this coating comes in contact with acidic elements and heat is provided, white fumes can generate which can be harmful to humans if ingested with food. Most of the crepe pans have a non-stick coating to extract the crepes without damaging the shape. The non-stick coating reduces the usage of oil as cooking on this coated pan requires less oil. However, the pan made of genuine cast iron develops a layer of patina after seasoning a few times. This patina acts like a non-stick layer which is harmless for humans.

Suitable for induction stove

Modern kitchens have modern cooktops and many people use an induction stove in their kitchen. For induction stoves owners, you need to check if the base of the pan is magnetized or not. The pans without a magnetic base are not suitable for an induction stove. Also, measure the diameter of the stove before buying a crepe pan as a big crepe pan will not be able to get the proper heat. 

The comfortable grip on the handles

The crepe pan needs to have an ergonomically designed handle to provide a comfortable grip as you need to move the pan around for proper cooking. For folding or tossing the crepes, you need to hold the pan with one hand. Not all brands have handles that resist heat. You will find handles made of steel that get heated after cooking for a while. We recommend choosing the pan that has a bakelite handle that will stay cool and you can easily move around with the pan. 

Multiple-use of the pan

By the look, crepe pans are not different from frying pans. Crepe pans have lower sidewalls than fry pan to help flip and fold the crepes. If you are in a dilemma of deciding which pan to buy, we suggest you go for crepe pans. Crepe pans can be used for sauteing vegetables, making pancakes and tortillas. You can fry your fish in this pan. Some of the crepe pans are capable of cooking in the oven. 

Even distribution of heat 

Crepes are like a thin layer of pancake and for this, you need a pan that has even heat distribution. If the pan is not evenly heated, some parts of the crepe will get burned and some will remain undercooked. To get the perfect taste of the crepes, uniform heat distribution of the pan is necessary. The pans that are made of stainless steel heats quickly and provide even distribution of heat. As a result, you get the perfect golden brown crepes for your breakfast.


The design of a crepe pan is quite distinct from the other common frying pans. Usually, we look for pans with a depth so that it is easier to stir the contents without spilling. But crepe pans need to be shallow with a flat inner surface because we want the crepes to be thin. The sides of the pan might be gently sloping, to allow flipping of your crepes.

Top 10 Best Crepe Pans

1. Cuisinart Chef's Classic Crepe Pan

This is an excellent crepe pan with not only a carefully crafted interior but also with a durable exterior that has been made of high-quality materials. The aluminum that the exterior of the pan is made up of has been hard-anodized, which means that it is resistant to cracking, chipping and abrasions, ensuring high durability, as well as allowing uniform spreading of heat, preventing undesirable burn spots on your crepes. Also, hard-anodizing of aluminum makes it non-sticky, which makes it easier for you to clean the pan’s exteriors.

Having desserts can be associated with guilt trips due to their high- calorie content, but that is going to change once you start using this pan since its patented Quantanium interior allows you to make great crepes even with a minimum amount of oil. The material that the interior of this pan is made up of, Quantanium, which is a coating mixture that has particles of titanium in it, which makes the inner surface of the pan non-sticky and scratch-resistant.

The sturdy handle of the pan is made of steel and does not heat up when the pan is on the stove, which saves your hand from scalding or burns and allows you to cook comfortably. Since the pan does not have any plastic parts, it is safe to be put in the oven up to 500F giving you flexibility in how you want to use the pan. This pan with a diameter of 10 inches, is also specifically designed for making crepes, with a shallow interior and a rim that has been curved to prevent the crepe batter to spill while they are being poured into the pan.


  • The exterior of the pan is made of hard-anodized aluminum which makes it highly durable and allows uniform heating
  • The interior of the pan is made of Quantanium, which is a special material that makes the surface non-sticky and scratch-resistant
  • The handle of the pan will stay cool when cooking and protect your hand from the heat of the stove
  • The pan is safe to be used in an oven up to 500F


  • The pan cannot be used on top of an induction stove
  • The pan cannot be washed in the dishwasher

2. Tefal Elegance Aluminium Crepe Pan

Crepes need to be folded on the pan to get the ideal shape and for that, the sides of the pans need to be lower. Crepe pan from the Tefal is made of aluminum and has lower sides to help in flipping the crepes effortlessly. The ergonomic handle is riveted to the pan so that you can move easily. The bakelite handle prevents getting heated while cooking and provides a strong grip.

One of the best features of this pan is it has a thermal indicator. You will know the pan is ready for pouring the crepe mix when the Thermo spot turns red. 

However, the pan can not be used on an induction stove. The brand has mentioned that the pans are safe to put in the dishwasher but we recommend hand wash the pan as the non-stick will get damaged in the dishwasher. Moreover, this pan can be used for making omelettes, pancakes, etc.


  • It is a nonstick pan with a diameter of 10-inches
  • Thermo spot at the center indicates the pan is ready for cooking
  • The crepes won't stick as it has a Powerglide non-stick coating
  • The pan is light in weight as it is made from aluminum
  • The pan distributes heat evenly to cook the crepes evenly
  • The pan has a Bakelite handle for a comfortable grip
  • The pan is safe to put in the dishwasher for cleaning


  • The pan is not suitable for cooking on the induction stove due to the absence of a magnetic base
  • Aluminum pan reacts chemically when cooked with any acidic ingredients that can be harmful to health
  • You need to pre-season the pan to remove the crepes without sticking

3. BK Black Carbon Steel Crepe Pan

This pan from BK is made of carbon steel that heats the pans faster and spreads heat evenly to all the sides of the pan. The pan has no non-stick layer that reduces any chemical reaction when heated. It will develop a patina layer after every use to make the cooking process easier. Not only crepes but also you can use this pan for making pan pizzas, omelettes, etc. The pan has an ideal thickness that will not warp easily with time. 

The best feature of this pan is that it is pre-seasoned with oil that removes the crepes easily on the first use. The pan is oven-safe and suitable for all types of cooktops. However, you need to handwash the pan with mild soap water and dry them before storage.


  • The diameter of the pan is 10 inches that provide enough space for making crepes
  • The pan is pre-seasoned to reduce your work of seasoning every time you go to make crepes
  • The pan is made of carbon steel that ensures toughness
  • The handle provides a solid grip and is riveted to the pan
  • The pan can be used on all cooktops especially on induction stoves


  • Not safe to put on the dishwasher for cleaning
  • Needs to be dried immediately for durable use
  • The cast-iron handle will get hot while cooking

4. De Buyer Carbon Steel Crepe/Tortilla Pan

The crepe pan needs to have a proper thickness to distribute even heating and prevent getting warped due to intense heat. This pan from De Buyer has a thickness of around 3mm that prevents warping. Moreover, this 12 inches pan can be used for making tortillas as well as crepes.

It has lower edges and a french curve on the handle helps to flip and fold the crepes easily. However, the handle has no heat-resisting cover and so you can feel the warmth while cooking. 

The pan is a safe kitchen accessory as it has no toxic non-stick coating. You will be able to enjoy a healthy meal on this pan but you need to season it at the beginning for easy removal of the crepes. Frequent seasoning will develop a patina layer that will work as a non-stick. This french product is safe to put in the oven but they need to be hand-washed.


  • Carbon steel is used for constructing the pan for longevity
  • The triple-riveted handle provides a perfect balance while moving the pan
  • The pan is 2.5 to 3mm thick and will not warp due to heat
  • The pan can be used on induction along with other cooktops
  • The handle is in ergonomic design and has a curve for easy flipping and sauteing
  • No non-stick coating that keeps the food healthy


  • The pan is to be hand-washed with hot water for better service
  • Seasoning is necessary for easy removal of the crepes

5. GOURMEX Toughpan  Crepe Pan

This crepe pan from Gourmex is a 10 inches pan that is a regular size pan that has enough space to make perfect crepes. It has a PFOA-free non-stick coating that will not form any chemical fumes when heated. Also, the pan gets evenly heated for even cooking. Thin pans get warped in very little time but you don't have to worry with this pan. The low side walls help in flipping and folding the crepes without much scrapping. 

Additionally, this pan can be used for making vegetable sautes, pancakes, omelettes, etc. though it has a non-stick coating, we advise to pre-season it so that you can smoothly take out the crepes. 

Non-stick coated pans cannot be put on the dishwasher as the high pressure of water and clash with other bowls can damage the non-stick coating. Though you cannot put this pan in the dishwasher, cleaning is easy for this pan. Just washing the pan with mild soapy water will remove the remnants from the pan.


  • A 10 inches crepe pan constructed with premium quality cast aluminum to make it durable
  • The non-stick coating releases the food evenly and protects it from scratches
  • The pan has a magnetized base to make it compatible with an induction stove
  • The materials used on this pan are PFOA free which makes it safe for cooking
  • Ergonomic handle that is able to easily move with the pan


  • The pan is to be cleaned by hand washing with mild soapy water

6. Cook N Home Nonstick Crepe Pancake Pan

This crepe pan is durable due to its heavy gauge aluminum construction which also gives it the ability to allow a heat distribution that is uniformly spread. The interior of the pan has a non-stick surface which makes it easier to clean and also enables you to flip your crepes like an expert without creating any mess.

The handle is soft and stays cool when cooking giving you a comfortable yet firm grip, which gives you a great amount of control over the pan.


  • The pan is made of thick gauge aluminum which makes it durable and also allows even heat distribution
  • The pan has a non-stick surface, which means it will be easier to clean and to flip the crepes in your pan
  • The handle will stay cool during cooking, which allows you to hold the handle comfortably


  • The pan cannot be used in an oven or on an induction cooktop

7. Norpro Nonstick Crepe/Tortilla Pan

This pan from Norpro will not make you late due to breakfast as it releases food smoothly. The pan is coated with a non-stick coating to easily fold and flip your crepes, eggs for sandwiches. This is a multi-functional pan with slanted sidewalls to fold the crepes without wasting any time. The bakelite handle resists heat and gives you control over the pan. The handle is long enough to keep your hand away from the flame. 

As the pan is non-stick, you need to use spatulas made of wood or silicone so that the non-stick coating is not scraped.

To avoid scraping the coating, you also need to handwash the pan for long and durable use. However, you need to season the pan before every use as the pan might not always release food without damaging the shape. Moreover, no magnetic base of the pan makes it unsuitable to use on an induction stove.


  • The crepe pan comes in 9.5 inches to make the ideal sized crepes
  • The pan can be used for multipurpose like making grilled sandwiches, omelettes, etc
  • The side walls are slightly slanted to help in flipping the crepes or tortillas
  • The long ergonomic handle is riveted to the pan to prevent the flames from reaching your hands


  • It has a non-stick coating that makes it unsafe for putting in the dishwasher

8. CHEFMADE Crepe Pan

The crepe pan needs to be heated uniformly to cook on all sides of the crepes. The Chefmade crepe pan is made from aluminum alloy to provide an even and fast heating experience. The crepes have a thin layer that can get burned if kept for too long without flipping and this pan easily releases the crepes effortlessly. However, you need to season the pan lightly before pouring the crepe batter. 

The pan has a 3mm thickness and the bottom has a micro-arc design to prevent warping. The handle is covered with insulating silicone to prevent heat and to give a sturdy grip while cooking. 

People using induction stoves cannot always find induction-ready pans. This pan has a magnetic base that makes it capable of being used in an induction stove. For cleaning hand wash is recommended to keep the nonstick coating undamaged.


  • This 8 inches pan is made of PTFE & PFOA-free materials to give a healthy cooking experience.
  • The pan heats up quickly due to 4 layer hard aluminum alloy.
  • Food grade non-stick coating reduces the use of oil in cooking for a healthy diet.
  • The pan is eligible to cook on the induction stove due to its magnetic base.
  • The handle is long to keep flames away from the hand.


  • Hand wash is recommended due to the non-stick coating.

9. S·KITCHN Crepe Pan

For your perfect breakfast crepes, this pan will be a great option as it has a double non-stick layer for easy release of the food. You will have to use a little amount of oil when you are cooking on this pan. This crepe pan can be used for making pizzas, sauteing veggies, and delicious pancakes. The lower sidewalls are of great help in folding the crepes and omelettes. Not only folding but also you can easily toss your pancakes and dosas without burning them. 

The ergonomically designed handle has curvings to place your fingers and get the proper grip of the pan. The handle is long and resists heat to provide a comfortable cooking experience. 

However, the handle can get loosen up due to frequent travel which can be fixed by tightening the screws with the screwdriver. If you have an induction stove at your home, you don't have to worry as it has a magnetic base. Though the brand has mentioned that the pan is safe for dishwashers but we advise you to hand wash it for durable and longer use.


  • This 11 inches pan is made from hard anodized cast iron to make it durable for long use.
  • The pan has a thickness of 4.5mm that can endure heat and will warp easily.
  • The base has magnets to make it suitable for induction use.
  • The pan has dual layer non-stick coating for the release of the crepes.
  • It can be put on the dishwasher for cleaning.
  • The bakelite handle provides a solid and comfortable grip.


  • The pan is heavier than other crepe pans.
  • The non-stick coating can come off if washed in the dishwasher.

10. MasterPan Non-Stick Crepe Pan

MasterPan Non-Stick Crepe Pan has a diameter of 11 inches that gives enough space to make crepes, omelettes, etc. the pan will be heated fast and evenly as it is made of cast aluminum. The pan has a thickness of more than 2.5 mm and will not warp easily due to regular use. Furthermore, the non-stick coating prevents food from sticking and helps in cleaning by easily removing the food from the pan. 

The panhandle is unique from others as it is made of wood. The handle is long and provides a sturdy and anti-slip grip of the pan.

As wood is a bad conductor of heat, the handle will not get heated easily and you can easily toss your food. Not only stoves but also the pan is safe to use in the oven. Moreover, the pan should not be put in the dishwasher for cleaning.


  • It is an 11 inches pan made from cast aluminum.
  • The pan is coated with 2 layers of non-stick coating for easy release.
  • Uniform heating and fast distribution of the pan cook the perfect golden color crepes.
  • The pan magnetic base for cooking on the induction stove.
  • The wooden handle resists heat and helps to move with the pan.


  • The non-stick coating can create a chemical reaction with food when heated.
  • Preseasoning needs to be done for the easy release of the crepes.

11. Nordic Ware Crepe Pan

The pan from Nordic ware is made of aluminized steel to make it strong and durable for long use. Its construction process makes it suitable to distribute uniform heating. The even heating will help to cook the crepes perfectly in golden brown color.

The lower sidewalls aid in flipping and folding the crepes to create the final shape. The non-stick coating makes sure that the food does not stick to the pan. However, you might need to season it before using it. 

The steel handle is riveted with the pan that helps in portability. This is a traditional pan that does not have a magnetic base to put on the induction stove. The pan needs to be hand cleaned with mild soap water but refrain from putting it in the dishwasher.


  • A 10 inches crepe pan to make traditional crepes for breakfast.
  • The handle is riveted to the pan that provides safety and easy portability.
  • The pan has a non-stick coating to release the crepes without scraping.
  • The pan is a product of aluminized steel to provide uniform and fast heating.
  • The handle is long to keep your hand away from the warmth of the flames.


  • The pan is not compatible with an induction stove.
  • Hand washing the pan is recommended to prevent peeling off the non-stick coating.
  • The handle is made of steel that will get heated while cooking.

12. ESLITE LIFE Crepe Pan

The crepe pan from Eslite life is different because it has an eco-friendly non-stick coating that prevents any chemical reaction with the food. The non-stick coating that is used is made of granite that releases food without damaging the shape of crepes. This pan is free from PFOA, Cadmium, and lead which makes it safe for daily use. At the base of the pan, heat conduction magnets are present to enable cooking on the induction stoves. 

Moreover, you will not feel the heat of the flames as the handle is long and made of wood to keep it cool. Using the pans in the oven or dishwasher is not allowed for its longevity. The pan has lower sides that help in tossing and flipping pancakes, omelettes, etc.


  • The pan is 11 inches made from heavy-duty cast aluminum for durability.
  • The eco-friendly non-stick coating is used on the pan for healthy cooking.
  • The pan has a 4.5mm thickness that prevents it from warping.
  • The pan conducts heat evenly to cook the crepe on all sides.
  • The magnetic base of the pan makes it suitable for use in an induction stove.
  • The bakelite handle prevents heat and stays cool while cooking.


  • The pan is safe for oven use.
  • The pan has to be hand-washed with soapy water.

13. Le Creuset Crepe Pan

If you are looking for a high-end crepe pan and want to add quality and aesthetics to your kitchen collection, then this is a professional grade crepe pan that you can rely on, to make great crepes every time. Compared to the more commonly available and budget priced alternatives such as the ones made of aluminum or steel, this unique pan is made of enamel-coated cast iron which makes it stand out from the others.

The enamel coating of this pan gives it a non-stick surface that makes it a perfect pan for making crepes, gives it the elegant black interior and also makes it easier to clean. The exterior is also coated with enamel and has a bold cherry red coloring which makes it a great addition to your kitchen aesthetics. The cast iron construction makes this pan highly durable and makes it a pan that can be usedwith all kinds of heat sources, including fire, wood or coal ovens, electric or gas stoves, induction stove top, etc.

This pan is also safe to be kept in a freezer, which is a useful feature to have, if you want to store the food that you cooked on the pan in a fridge, without removing it to a different container. If you are worried about your crepes going cold before they are plated, you can set your worries aside, since this pan is highly efficient at retaining heat, which means it will keep the crepe warm for a longer time if you keep the crepes on this pan. Compared to non-enamel cast iron, this pan with enamel coating is also healthier and safer since it will prevent any iron particles from leaching into your food and also will not react with any kind of acidic food ingredients.

Apart from its top-notch materials, the pan is designed with a smooth, circular shape which makes it a perfect pan for making great crepes, allowing you to flip crepes easily. The handle is also shaped in a way that gives you maximum control overthe pan and is designed in an angle to keep your hand away from heat. What is even better about this pan is that it comes with a wooden spreader that you can use to spread the crepe mix onto the surface of the pan to create those evenly thin, flawless crepes that we all want to be able to craft.


  • The pan is made of enamel-coated cast iron which makes it extremely durable and gives it an elegant appearance
  • The pan can be used with all kinds of heat sources
  • The pan is easy to clean and to maintain
  • It has a non-stick inner surface which is also healthier than uncoated cast iron
  • The pan’s handle is designed to give you a comfortable grip
  • It comes with a wooden spreader which helps you to spread your crepe mix evenly onto the pan’s surface


  • The pan is a lot heavier compared to other pans
  • Care should be taken not to throw the pan into cold water when it is hot since it might cause thermal shock and the pan's enamel coating can be damaged

14. Anolon Crepe Pan

This is a simple yet durable and efficient crepe pan with a very stylish bronze look. This pan is made of hard-anodized aluminum which makes it highly durable and allows the heat to spread evenly across the pan's surface. Both the interior and the exterior of the pan are non-sticky, which makes it easy for you to flip and remove crepes from the pan, as well as making it easy to clean.

The handle of the pan will stay cool during cooking and enable you to cook comfortably. The pan can also be used in the oven, which gives you versatility in how you want to make your crepes. Another user-friendly feature of this pan is that it is lightweight, which means you can comfortably swirl or flip the crepe mix inside the pan.


  • Simple but stylish design with a bronze color
  • The pan is made of hard-anodized aluminum which allows even spreading of heat and makes the pan highly durable
  • The surfaces of the pan are non-sticky, which means that it is highly suitable for making crepes and is easy to clean up after use
  • The pan is safe to be put into the oven
  • The pan has a handle that does not heat up during cooking, hence allowing you to cook comfortably
  • The sloped edges make it easier for you to flip or swirl the crepes inside the pan


  • The pan is not dishwasher safe

15. Scanpan Classic Crepe Pan

Crafted in Denmark, this is an amazing crepe pan made of a uniquely processed aluminum known as squeeze-cast aluminum, which makes the pan extremely durable and allows a highly uniform distribution of heat. The non-stick interior of this pan is also made of a patented material made up of titanium and ceramic, which makes the non-sticky surface highly resistant to even abrasive metal utensils which is a rare feature to come across in the market of non-stick pans.

The durable construction of this pan also gives it the ability to withstand high temperatures, and the pan is safe to be used in the oven up to 500 F!


  • The pan is made up of squeeze-cast aluminum which makes the pan highly durable and allows uniform distribution of heat
  • The interior of the pan is made of a patented material consisting of titanium and ceramic which makes the non-sticky surface resistant to abrasion
  • The non-stick surface is free of toxic chemicals such as PFOA
  • The pan is safe to be washed in the dishwasher


  • The pan cannot be used on an induction stove


Is seasoning necessary for making the perfect crepes?

Yes, seasoning helps in extracting crepes without damaging their shapes. New crepe pans are not usually smooth though many of the pans have a non-stick coating. Seasoning helps in creating a smooth surface on the pan and helps to flip and fold the crepes with ease. 

Can I use frying pans instead of crepe pans for making crepes?

Yes, you can use frying pans for making crepes but it will be hard to fold them in perfect shape. Crepes are like a thin pancake and too much scrapping can damage the crepes. Crepe pans have lower side walls than frying which help to flip, fold and take out the crepes for serving. 

What helps in preventing crepes from sticking to the pan?

Seasoning the pans with oil is the best way to prevent the crepes from sticking. Non-stick pans usually release crepes easily. However, the carbon steel pans need to be seasoned every time before using them. Regular seasoning develops a patina layer on the paan that acts like a non-stick layer for carbon steel crepe pans.  

Seasoning is a very simple process. First, pour some oil into the pan and spread it with a spatula. Keep the pan on the flame for 10 to 15 minutes until you see some white flames to indicate the pan is ready for use. 

Can crepe pans be used in making tortillas, pan pizzas, etc?

Yes, crepe pans can be used for making omelettes, tortillas, pizzas, pancakes, etc. We think crepe pans are better than frying pans as they lower sidewalls to easily fold the omelettes or pancakes.

What diameter would be best to buy for crepe pans? 

You will find crepe pans of different diameters. But most of the brands make 10 inches pan as it is considered as regular size crepe pans. Larger crepe pans provide enough space to spread the crepe batter thinly and then fold it easily. 

What makes a crepe pan not suitable for an induction stove?

The cooking utensils that have a magnetic base are capable of cooking on the induction stove. The brands mention if their crepe pans are suitable for the induction stove or not. 

How often should I reseason my crepe pan? 

Seasoning becomes necessary when you have not used the pan for a long time. Non-stick pans do not require much time for seasoning. Cast iron pans develop patina layers after seasoning for a long time. Depending on how the surface is smooth you need to season them to easily take out the crepes.  

Can I use stainless steel spatula instead of wooden ones for making the crepes?

You can use stainless steel spatulas if you are using cast iron-made crepe pans. For non-stick crepe pans, you need to use wooden or silicone spatulas to keep the non-stick coating intact.


Are you facing trouble in making the perfect crepes at home? The pans need to fulfill the requirements along with the crepe batter to make delicious crepes. For a perfect crepe, you need to spread the batter uniformly on the pan. Before spreading the pan needs to be seasoned so that it can easily release the crepes. Some pans usually have non-stick coating whereas other pans develop a patina layer with every use. 

As the non-sticky layer is necessary for crepes, uniform heating is also an important factor. If the pan does not have even heating, all sides of the crepes will not be cooked keeping them unsuitable to eat. Moreover, lower slanted sidewalls of the pans are useful for folding the crepes. In our article, we have discussed the features of the crepe pans elaborate to help you choose the best crepe pan for your kitchen.

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