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The 12 Best Cookie Presses for Gourmet Baking at Home

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We never say no to perfectly shaped and consistent cookies. Cookies taste a lot better when they come in interesting shapes. To bring out the best version of the baker inside you, you may want to invest in a decent cookie press.

We take a deep dive into some of the best cookie presses in the market. Whether you’re planning on making cookies for the upcoming holidays or just another weeknight, here are some products you don’t want to miss out on!

Best Pick

OXO 1257580 Good Grips Cookie Press

OXO 1257580 Good Grips Cookie Press is equal parts stylish and functional. With a dozen stainless steel cookie disk patterns, contoured lever, and non-slip base, the product stands as one of the best cookie presses today.

Budget Pick

Wilton Preferred Press Cookie Press

Made of plastic and metal material, the Wilton Preferred Press Cookie Press offers excellent value within budget. Thanks to its raised base, it is effortless to switch between the 12 patterned cookie discs and end up with perfect results.

Quick Comparison: Top 12 Best Cookie Presses

Product NameMaterialNumber of Patterns AvailableGrade
OXO 1257580 Good Grips Cookie PressPlastic12A+
Wilton Preferred Press Cookie PressMetal and plastic12A+
Marcato 8300 Atlas Biscuit Maker PressAnodized aluminum20A
Edge Cook Spritz Cookie Press Gun KitStainless steel20A+
Wilton Comfort Grip Cookie PressPlastic12 A
Cuisinart CCP-10 Electric Cookie PressPlastic and metal 12 A-
Cuisinart CTG-00-CP Cookie PressPlastic18 A-
Fante's 12007 Easy Cookie PressMetal5B+
Cambom Clear Cookie Press Gun KitPlastic16B
Oceanpax Cookie PressStainless steel20B+
Shule Cookie PressStainless steel20B-
Zulay Classic Cookie PressStainless steel20B

Highlighted Features

  • Includes easy to clean, stainless steel cookie-pressing discs that produce perfect cookies every time
  • Features a translucent shaft, which allows you to see how much dough you have left
  • This press can be fully disassembled for easy cleaning and loading with dough, and is simple to put back together before use

The OXO Good Grips Cookie Press is one of the most affordable options on the market without sacrificing its functionality. The non-slip base ensures that it will remain steady while being used, and the included storage case lets you keep all of your discs organized when they are not in use.

This cookie press comes with 12 uniquely shaped stainless-steel cookie discs: flower, daisy, sunflower, butterfly, fleur-de-lis, tree, leaf, wreath, shell, bear, heart and snowflake. The lever is designed with comfort in mind, making this device easy to use, regardless of the size of your hands or grip-strength. For consistent cookies at an affordable price, this press definitely delivers.

2. Wilton Preferred Press Cookie Press

Highlighted Features

  • The raised base makes it quick and easy to switch discs between batches without having to disassemble the entire press
  • Durable metal and plastic design ensures long-lasting use
  • Features a clear cylinder, allowing you to see the remaining dough

The Wilton Preferred Press Cookie Press comes with 12 secure Fit-Right discs to give you the perfect cookies every single time. This press can make butter cookies, shortbread and sugar cookies, just to name a few. It can even be used for whipped varieties of cookies and other things around the kitchen. The soft, trigger-like handle is great for those who struggle with grip strength, or simply want to make things easier for large batches.

This press includes following disc shapes: heart, snowman, tree, pumpkin, turkey, flower, starbursts, and others. The plunger distributes the dough through the discs evenly, rewarding you with perfectly-pressed cookies every single time. This is one of the most affordable models on the market, and the hourglass design makes it ergonomic and easy to hold regardless of the size of your hands.

Highlighted Features

  • Made in Italy, featuring a classic design with 20 discs of different shapes to get you started
  • Available in multiple colors to match any kitchen décor or suit any taste
  • Works by extruding dough with an adjustable knob, allowing you to resize cookies for different varieties and thicknesses

The Marcato 8300 is one of the most popular models on the market, as it comes straight from Italy and consists of quality materials. The durable, long-lasting, plunger-style operated shaft is made of steel, anodized aluminum and ABS, enabling it to withstand the pressure of even the thickest doughs.

This cookie press is simple to use and very effective at getting the job done. It also comes with an impressive 10-year warranty, reassuring you that you’re buying a tool you can rely on. This handy device can easily punch out dozens of cookies in different shapes, styles, and thicknesses, giving you more freedom in the kitchen.

4. Edge Cook Spritz Cookie Press Gun Kit

Highlighted Features

  • Includes 20 discs and eight icing tips for a variety of baking needs
  • Easy-grip handle can even be used by those with arthritis and grip issues
  • Durable stainless steel construction means the cookie gun and accessories will provide years of use

The Edge Cook Spritz Cookie Press Gun Kit delivers plenty of great inspiration for cookies and biscuits of all shapes and styles. You will have endless options to choose from with a total of 20 cookie discs that will allow you to create all kinds of traditional and unique shapes, along with the eight various icing tips that give you the chance to create even more unique designs. Plus, this kit includes a one-year replacement guarantee and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

This ergonomic cookie press is easy to operate for anyone and can be great for beginners and the more advanced cookie makers alike. The device comes apart easily and can be cleaned in soapy water. Just be sure to dry it completely before reassembling and storing for longevity. This press can also be a great gift for the baker in your life. Whether you’re adding to your holiday baking tool collection or just looking for the perfect cookie press to give to someone else, this one should be on your list.

5. Wilton Comfort Grip Cookie Press

Highlighted Features

  • This basic plastic cookie press features clear barrel and fluted bottom for easy dough dispensing
  • Comes with twelve plastic discs that feature several designs. These include flowers, heart, seasonal shapes and many more
  • Soft-grip trigger makes it easy for anyone to punch out cookies in no time, regardless of your hand size or issues with grip-strength

Despite the Wilton Comfort Grip Cookie Press being quite a simple model, it is anything but boring. It includes a variety of discs to get you started on pressing great cookies. It even comes with an ergonomic handle, making cookie pressing fun and easy for everyone. This manual press is white in finish, so it can blend into any kitchen, and the material makes it really easy to clean.

The 8.5-inch cookie press holds plenty of dough without being too large to handle. It’s compatible with most other Wilton discs, presenting you with even more options for pressing cookies. This press could be the ideal choice for novice cookie press users, or people who are simply looking something more affordable.

6. Cuisinart CCP-10 Electric Cookie Press

Highlighted Features

  • Electric cookie press that’s operated with the push of a button, letting you make dozens of cookies in a matter of minutes
  • Ergonomic handle design ensures that anybody can press cookies comfortably
  • Clear-view tube lets you see how much dough is left inside the press

This electric cookie press works with one-touch operation, letting you keep the other hand free. This ensures that you get consistent, perfect-looking cookies every single time. The comfortable design with an easy-grip handle is among the best on the market. It also includes a clear tube, so that you can keep an eye on the dough. The pieces come apart easily for simple cleaning.

Featuring durable, dishwasher-safe components, this press can provide you with years of use. Plus, it comes with 12 different discs, letting you create cookies of various shapes. Another feature is a set of eight decorating tips that turn the press into an icing gun, allowing you to create better cakes, cupcakes, cookies and more.

7. Cuisinart CTG-00-CP Cookie Press

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with an impressive assortment of 18 different discs and 6 decorating tips for icing and other whipped toppings
  • The easy-grip trigger lets you make dozens of cookies within minutes
  • Features seasonal and number designs that let you create a variety of butter cookies, spritz cookies, and more

The Cuisinart Cookie Press features an easy-loading operation that allows you to fill the gun without any trouble and press out perfect cookies in a matter of minutes. The press includes several accessories right out of the box, providing you with everything you need to get started right away. The press is dishwasher safe, which combined with white finish and simple disassembly make it very easy to clean. On top of all that, the small size fits into any drawer.

The tips are great for filling deviled eggs, pasta shells, and more. In addition to everything else, it comes from Cuisinart, a reliable brand when it comes to kitchen gadgets and appliances.

8. Fante's 12007 Easy Cookie Press

Highlighted Features

  • This cookie press has been a popular choice since 1906, featuring classic Italian design for authentic cookies every time
  • Includes five traditional spritz cookie shapes for a variety of cookies
  • The top unscrews for easy loading, letting you fill it with dough in a matter of seconds

This classic cookie press features a basic design that has stood the test of time. The slide-on shape plate allows you to quickly choose whichever shape you want, crank the handle, and watch perfectly shaped cookies pop out.

This cookie press also includes an instruction manual and the original Fante family recipe, both of which will help you get started with making cookies. It’s easy to clean, as it comes apart effortlessly and can be hand-washed in soapy water. For a reliable, high-quality cookie press, this model delivers.

9. Cambom Clear Cookie Press Gun Kit

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with 16 discs of various shapes, including seasonal designs
  • Includes six icing tips for cake decorating, deviled eggs, filling crème puffs, and more
  • Has a clear tube that lets you see the contents, letting you know when a refill is necessary

The Cambom Clear Cookie Press Gun Kit has everything you need to get started right out of the box. You'll find assorted flowers, traditional spritz cookie shapes, and holiday prints in the included discs, as well as a variety of icing tips. Whether you’re just getting started or looking to replace your current press, this kit has plenty of things to appreciate.

This is a modest yet high quality cookie gun for those who just want a basic tool to help them in the kitchen. Even if you’re inexperienced with cookie presses, the simple trigger operation makes it easy for you to produce dozens of cookies in no time. Plus, it can be used with a variety of doughs and fillings, making your options limitless. All of the parts are easy to remove, making it easy to clean. On top of all that, it is made out of non-toxic, BPA-free materials.

10. Oceanpax Cookie Press

Highlighted Features

  • Made of stainless steel, the product is durable and sturdy
  • Every part of the body is detachable, making it very easy to clean
  • The package includes 20 patterned disks, four icing tips, and a recipe booklet

Oceanpax Cookie Press can bring brilliant coffee shop cookies to your home. The unit is straightforward to use. So home cooks learn their way around it within a few minutes. The product is made of superior quality materials that promise longevity. You will find a combination of stainless steel, aluminum alloy, and plastic on the body, ensuring durability and functionality. 

It is multifunctional. The product features a cookie gun press which is equally helpful in baking cupcakes and decorating them. There are 20 terrific disks, four icing tips, a strong paper box, and a recipe book in the package.

11. Shule Cookie Press

Highlighted Features

  • The product is made of food-grade stainless steel and includes aluminum cookie discs
  • Disassembling the unit is very easy, making it easy to wash and maintain
  • The lever can adjust the cookie sizes by turning the knob

Shule Cookie Press merges affordability and performance to bring a brilliant addition to your kitchen. It allows you to make cookies and decorate cookies effortlessly at home. The package includes four icing tips and 20 interchangeable cookie discs. There is also a recipe booklet offering insights from talented chefs across the world. 

The product is made of food-grade stainless steel material, making it one of the most robust units. Yet, it is lightweight and portable. And when you need to clean it, the machine can be disassembled in a minute. All the parts are detachable, so it is great for both professional chefs and home cooks.

12. Zulay Classic Cookie Press

Highlighted Features

  • There are 20 decorative stencil discs and 4 icing tips included with the package
  • The product is made of stainless steel and anodized aluminum, promising long-lasting service
  • The lever can dispense up to 40 small cookies and 25 large cookies in one batch

The Zulay Classic Cookie Press is among the most desirable cookie presses due to its brilliant functionality. Its classic yet timeless stainless steel design in the silver finish makes the unit a nice addition to modern kitchens. Due to its construction, you can rest assured that the cookie press will serve you for a long time. 

The cookie press comes with a standard-size dough chamber. The package also includes 20 decorative discs and four icing tips to help you shape the cookies. You can smoothly switch between them. 

Another intriguing feature of this device is that it comes with an adjustable lever, which allows you to change the cookies’ size as you bake. This will enable you to improvise your recipe and bring variation in the designs. All you have to do is fill the dough chamber, and the ergonomic lever will allow you to dispense around 35 to 40 small cookies and 20 to 25 large cookies in a go.

How to Choose the Best Cookie Presses for Unique Cookies Every Time

A cookie press is a great tool to make dainty, even and delicious cookies that look like they came from a professional bakery. These little devices can also be used to fill cream puffs, icing cupcakes, devilled eggs and more. There are many different sizes and styles to choose from, along with a large assortment of accessories like discs and tips, turning your press into a very versatile kitchen tool. If you are in a need of a cookie press but aren't quite sure what you are looking for, this guide should provide enough insight to help you find a press will suit your needs.

Types of Cookie Presses: Electric or Manual

The majority of the cookie presses on the market today feature a manual operation. It's not that electric models aren't useful, but they just haven't gotten as popular because, for the most part, manual models do the work quite well, without the need of electricity. This means that manual presses are cheaper and offer much more variety both in selection and usefulness.

Electric presses offer consistent results and are a little more time efficient. They also require you to put in a little less elbow grease, which is great for people whose hands might not be able to handle pressing out a lot of cookies manually. With that mind, you should still stick with a manual model for thicker and heavier doughs, because the electric motors might not be able to handle the pressure.

Ultimately, the choice is yours to make. The decision shouldn’t be too hard, though, taking all the pros and cons of each press into account. The manual press is great for beginners and can be used anywhere, although the electric press does make it easier to get consistent results once you get the hang of using it.

Material Choice

Another big difference in the cookie presses on the market today is in the materials that they are made out of. The majority of presses out there feature food-grade stainless steel construction, making the surface both easy to clean and resistant to absorbing odors and stains. These presses are designed with durability in mind and will last you a long time.

The other option is to purchase a plastic or composite cookie press. These presses are still durable, but are not as easily cleanable as their stainless-steel counterparts. Some people prefer the feel of the lightweight material more than something metal. Plus, the plastic models might be more affordable. Just remember that no matter which material you choose, the most important factor to look out for is durability.

Kits vs. Standalone Cookie Presses

There are many cookie presses on the market sold in kits that include several discs, tips, and other accessories, meaning you don’t have to purchase them separately. When you are investing in one of these tools for the first time, it’s probably going to be more affordable for you to purchase a kit that comes with a selection of discs and accessories, both because it’s cheaper and more convenient. The best cookie press kits offer between 12 to 20 accessories, including discs that will allow you to make themed holiday treats. They come in so many varieties that it should be easy for anyone to pick a product they like.

Professional bakers might want even more versatility from their cookie presses, and they’re delivered accordingly. You might want to check out some higher-end models as they offer a lot more than just cookie discs. Their kits include accessories such as icing tips, pipes, and a wide range of nozzles.

However, if you aren’t interested in making anything but cookies, always choose a kit that includes as many discs as possible. There is no point in buying a kit with icing tips and other accessories if you aren’t planning to use them.

Dough Tube 

Cookie presses basically rely on the dough tube’s size to determine how much product it can hold and deliver. The tube is typically made of metal or plastic. We recommend you go for a transparent plastic dough tube unless you want any interruption during baking. The visibility will help you check how much dough is left without disassembling the product. 

For efficient baking, it’s best to get a cookie press with a larger dough tube. Ideally, a decent tube should be able to hold at least 25 to 30 large cookies. It will allow you to do bulk baking in a short time.

How to Use a Cookie Press 

Tips for Using Your Cookie Press

The art of pressing cookies can be difficult to master. Issues like inconsistent cookies, sticky dough, difficulty separating cookies, and more, among other little things can become frustrating if you aren’t adequately prepared. For first-timers, here are a few tips to ensure that things go smoothly:

  • Use recipes designed for that specific type of cookie press. Otherwise, you run the risk of breaking the press or messing up your cookies.
  • Do not use greased baking sheets or parchment paper. The best way to use a cookie press is against a bare, ungreased baking sheet to ensure that the cookies stick to it properly after being formed. The cookies will unstick from the surface after they’re done baking.
  • Take your time when starting out. Remove the air from the press and place it flat on the baking sheet. Press down firmly and pause before you lift the device to let the dough finish settling onto the sheet. This way, all of the cookies will be evenly-sized.
  • Don’t panic if the cookies look small initially; they will rise and firm up as they bake, as long as you followed the recipe.
  • Pay attention to the recommendations of the manufacturer when choosing your cookie press, as the thickness of dough that each model can handle varies. Some models are specifically designed for delicate, airy doughs and may not have the strength to hold up to thicker varieties. The last thing you want to do is accidentally damage your brand new press.

It’s really easy to get the hang of pressing cookies once you do it a few times. However, you should always start slow and follow the guidelines included in the manual that comes with the press. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a cookie press worth it? 

While manual presses are cheaper and serve the same purpose, owning a cookie press can change the game for bakers and home cooks. They deliver continuous and consistent pressing. Not only do they save you a lot of time, but the results will also impress you. Cookie presses are also very helpful when it comes to decorating cakes and cupcakes with icing. So yes, if you’re a baking enthusiast, having a cookie press within your reach will indeed prove very handy. 

How do cookie presses work? 

Cookie presses follow a straightforward mechanism. As far as baking is concerned, you will have to prepare the dough and work your charm with the goodies’ taste and texture. The cookie press will take care of the rest. 

Begin by putting the dough in order. Ensuring a smooth texture is necessary to make the best use of the cookie press. Once that is done, put a cookie disc at the bottom and attach it to the barrel. 

Then fill the press using a spatula. Reattach the cookie press. Now press the dough until cookies are evenly placed on a tray or sheet. So, thanks to the cookie press, your cookies will be placed on the cookie sheet, in the desired shape, ready to go into the oven.


Cookie presses can spruce up any holiday or special event very easily with a delicious treat. As much as we love cookies, we get tired of our favorite cookie recipes’ regular round shape. Cookie presses have a unique solution to that problem as well. They offer accessories such as discs and icing tips to allow bakers to introduce delicious tweaks. The best cookie presses are made of corrosion and rust-free materials, making cleaning and maintenance super easy. In case of bulk baking, go for models with larger dough tubes. A complimentary icing tip may help bakers add some interesting designs as well.

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