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Best Coffee Filters

The 10 Best Coffee Filters in 2020

Coffee connoisseurs are very well aware that they need a coffee filter to immerse in the world of specialty coffee. You will have to invest in good quality coffee filters unless you own a single-serve brewer and have opted for pre-packaged pods. For preventing grounds from entering your cup, you can invest in either a disposable or reusable coffee filter.

Coffee filters are manufactured with a combination of materials. Each material has a specific purpose to serve. With confusing array of filter sizes, brands and materials available, it can be a daunting task for an individual to shortlist a coffee filter as per their requirements. This review helps you to make a smart investment that would offer you satisfactory results.

We did make a note of all the factors to consider before buying the best coffee filter in this review. 

1. ​iPartsPlusMore Reusable Coffee Filter  

Highlighted Features

  • Fits seamlessly in any single cup brewer
  • Made from premium quality materials
  • The filter is BPA free
  • Features stainless steel food grade mesh
  • Is 100% dishwasher safe
  • Help reduce your carbon footprint 

iPartsPlusMore has a reputation for offering quality and highly functional products. The reusable coffee filter offered by the company makes you morning easier with its easy rinse and no-leak design. It also lowers the amount of time that you invest in preparing your cup of coffee.

What we find worth appreciating about iPartsPlusMore Reusable Coffee filter is that it is made from 100% BPA-plastic free. These refillable and reusable k-cup filters are not just heat resistant but also long lasting. The stainless steel micromesh filter enriches the taste of your brew by permitting the natural oils present in the coffee beans to pass through.

When you opt for iPartsPlusMore Reusable Coffee Filter, you are not sacrificing taste for your convenience. This single reusable filter makes multiple cups of coffee and is inexpensive in comparison to a pack of single-use k-cups. The process involving the use of iPartsPlusMore Reusable Coffee Filter is uncomplicated. You do not have to use any kind of additional accessories for using it. This filter is compatible with variety of Keurig brewers.


  • Easy to use and is sturdy
  • Refillable K-cups do not require swapping out
  • Works well and is easy to clean
  • Is economical
  • Is eco safe


  • Makes weak coffee as it allows too much water to go through really fast

2. Hario V60 Paper Coffee Filters 

Highlighted Features

  • Cone shaped disposable paper filter
  • Ideal for pour-over brewers
  • Is disposable and has been designed for single time use
  • Has been designed in Japan to fit cone shaped dripper
  • Does not disintegrate easily

Designed for cone-shaped coffee drippers, the Hario ceramic filter offers a great single cup of coffee. You can achieve desired results with this coffee filter if you just use the right coffee filter for your needs. The bottom of Hario filers fit perfectly over standard brewers.

The V60 extracts beautifully and is the omega when it comes to hand-crafted coffee. It is extremely simple to use when compared to other filters. These filters work extremely well. These are unbleached and hence prevent residual chemicals from seeping into your coffee. It also does not alter your flavor.

V60 Paper Coffee Filters are strong and do not disintegrate easily. There is no paper flavor imparted to the coffee when you opt for this filter. It is easy to fold and use in order to make a perfect cup of coffee to start your day.


  • Is easy to fold and use
  • Filters coffee cleanly and quickly
  • Promise nice quick pour
  • The brew has less or no paper taste


  • Is slightly expensive

3. Melitta Cone Filters

Highlighted Features

  • Premium coffee filter from a reputed brand
  • Comprises of flavor enhancing micro perforations offering superior flavor
  • Fits 8-12 cup electric cone drip coffeemakers
  • Features unique measure markings equivalent to two tablespoons
  • Double crimped seal would not burst under any condition

Melitta brands itself to be one of the top coffee filter makers in the world. You can expect quality cone filters from this brand. These cone filters are ideal for 8-12 cup cone drip coffee makers. These filters are natural brown and these feature a patented flavor enhancing micro perforations.

Melitta Cone filters result in maximum flavor. These also come with unique and new measuring markings. Each marking on the filter is equal to two tablespoons. This permits you to use your coffee without having to use any measuring scoop.

Melitta cone filters also come with a double crimped seal that prevents the filter from bursting from the bottom. If you are craving from a rich cup of coffee, then you can go ahead and invest in Melitta coffee filters.


  • Brews flavorful and rich coffee
  • Right size available at the right price
  • Fits any travel drip coffee maker perfectly
  • Features double corrugated, strong seam that never bursts open
  • No filter clogging issues
  • Does not affect coffee flavor in any manner


  • ​Filter splits when wet coffee is used

4. Fill N Save Reusable Carafe K-Cups 

Highlighted Features

  • Compatible with all K-Carafe brewers
  • Is BPA free and FDA approved
  • Is dishwasher safe
  • Allows you to enjoy different brands of loose leaf tea and coffee
  • Produces high quality brew
  • Built using thick stainless steel and plastic filter

If you are looking to enhance your coffee brewing experience, then you must opt for Fill N Save Reusable Carafe K-Cups. The new Keurig coffee brewer accepts only certain kinds of carafe k cups and k-cups. Fill N Save cups do not require any sticker or any hack for using in your brewer.

Fill N Save Reusable Carafe K-Cups are easy to use and allows you to make a large carafe of up to 5 cups of coffee. These filter cups have been consistently rated to be the best on Amazon. Developed by environmentally conscious entrepreneurs in the year 2010, Fill N Save Carafe K-Cups make fantastic accessories and products for producing great tasting coffee.


  • Has high mesh count and comes with Silicone O Ring
  • Brews all carafe sizes
  • Is reusable
  • Has high quality design
  • ​Is sturdy and ensures there is no leakage
  • ​100% customer satisfaction guarantee


  • Makes weak coffee

5. Pure Green Water Filter- For Keurig 

Highlighted Features

  • Fine charcoal absorption traps contaminants from the water
  • Looks after your overall health by purifying water
  • Universal for Keurig coffee makers
  • Is very easy to use and replace
  • Is inexpensive

If you are not getting the cup of coffee that you desire despite having put in all the efforts in choosing the right filters, then it implies that there is something just not right with the kind of water that you are using in the process. Pure Green Water Filter will ensure that you get healthy and great tasting water in your Keurig system. This filter not just purifies the water but also eliminate sediments, chlorine and other compounds from the water that serve no purpose. It has been designed specifically for Keurig coffeemakers that require water filters.

Coffee comprises of 98% water. When your water does not taste good, then you coffee obviously would not. You can make the best cup of coffee by using filtered water which is free from impurities and chemicals that can alter your coffee flavor. This is why you should consider investing in Pure Green Water filter.

You need to remember that Keurig machines that were manufactured after 2007 do not require water filters. To use this filter, you just need to soak it in water for ten to fifteen minutes and then rinse the filter cartridge. You need to then filter the cartridge into the holder and install the holder inside your coffee machine.


  • Fits perfectly in Classic Keurig coffee makers
  • Quality filters available at a great price
  • Is easy to use
  • Filters water and removes components that alter the taste of coffee
  • An effective product 


  • Not a universal fit for all Keurig coffee makers

6. Melitta White Disc Coffee Filter 

Highlighted Features

  • Designed to lay flat on the bottom of percolator basket
  • Fits almost all coffee percolators
  • Lowers sediments and oils that can seep into your coffee
  • Made from high quality chlorine-free paper
  • Keeps grounds to a minimum

The Melitta white disc coffee filter has been designed specifically for coffee percolators. These filters can fit almost all coffee maker models and lay flat on the percolator basket bottom. This coffee filter has been made from chlorine-free paper. It is supposed to reduce sediment and oil that can seep into your coffee.

People have the habit of using percolators without filters. However, these ensure extra level of filtering. It is also possible to rinse the percolator filters as well as re-use them.


  • Fits coffee maker perfectly
  • Remains flat on the bottom and does a great job
  • Easy to use
  • Priced appropriately
  • Doesn’t alter the flavor of the brew during the process


  • Does not drain well

7. Rockline Basket Coffee Filter

Highlighted Features

  • Great filter for absorbing oils and for removing gritty sediments
  • Offers great tasting coffee
  • Is inexpensive and effective
  • Fits well in the coffee filter
  • Comes in a large pack

Rockline coffee filters are work well with brewers that come with baskets and have a capacity of 8 to 12 cups such as Mr. Coffee, Hamilton Beach and others. The company is renowned in offering superior coffee filtration as these are made from crepe-textured, firm paper.

This white basket coffee filter paper absorbs oil and eliminates gritty sediments present in your coffee in no time. Rockline filter paper sits perfectly in the basket when it is wet despite appearing like a thin filter. This prevents the grounds from leaking and makes it a sturdier filter.

Offered by a reputed brand, Connoisseur Coffee filters, this basket coffee filter promises superior filtration owing to its sturdy construction. Great tasting coffee is promised by this Rockline Basket Coffee Filter.


  • A great inexpensive coffee filter
  • Easy to use
  • Do not tear easily
  • Does not alter the taste of your coffee


  • Filters are short

8. Chemex Classic Coffee Filter 

Highlighted Features

  • Thicker specialty fiber filter design
  • Keeps oils, bitter elements as well as grounds out of your brew
  • Has been prefolded for convenience 
  • Will easily fit most of the cone-shaped filter coffeemakers
  • Does not pose any health risk to its consumers

Chemex Classic coffee filters have been designed specifically for conical filter brewers. This also includes the pour over coffee makers offered by the Chemex brand. However, there is one model from this brand with which this coffee filter is not compatible.

Chemex Classic coffee filters are available in either brown or white colors. This implies both bleached and unbleached coffee filters are offered by Chemex. The filter catches fine particles and also prevents sediments from entering your brew.

Available in different shapes, the Chemex Classic coffee filter is easier to use. It has been scientifically designed and guarantees a perfect cup of coffee without altering its taste.


  • Has excellent strong filters
  • Heavy duty filters produce a great cup of coffee
  • Paper is denser in comparison to other coffee filters
  • Comes prefolded adding to the convenience
  • Functional and dependable


  • Unbleached filters are slightly thinner
  • Are quite expensive

9. Barista Warrior Pour Over Filter for Hario V60 and Chemex 

  • Designed to fit Chemex coffee maker and Hario V60 02 and 03 models
  • Has been designed from stainless steel coated with titanium
  • Gold pour over coffee filter fits most coffee drippers
  • Is reusable 
  • Is economical and eco-friendly alternative to chemical filters

The Barista Warrior coffee filter has been designed to offer you a quality coffee dripper so that you can enjoy a great pour over coffee. This filter has been designed with a dual filter technology which features a stainless steel mesh on the outside.

There is a laser cut filter on the inside which allows the most essential oils to pass through and prevents the grounds from entering your brew. The Barista Warrior coffee filter is compatible with Chemex coffee makers as well as Hario V60 02 and 03 drippers.

Barista Warrior coffee filter is easy to clean. All you need to do is rinse your coffee filter under warm running water.


  • Offers better tasting coffee
  • Metal coffee filter ensures dual filtration
  • Comes with a stainless steel mesh inside
  • Is easy to clean and is dishwasher safe
  • Comes with a 6 month manufacturer’s guarantee


  • This filter tends to clog

​10. Bolio Coffee Filter

  • Is reusable
  • Offers delicious cup of coffee that has a natural taste
  • Does not impart additional flavor to the brew
  • Is easy to fill, clean, lift and dry for future usage
  • Is eco-friendly coffee filter

The Bolio coffee filter promise delicious pour over coffee to its users and has been designed using organic hemp. Filters made from organic hemp are easily reusable and hence make a great natural tasting and smooth coffee every time. Both paper and hemp have the same ability to filter. Yet, hemp gains the coffee flavor and does not impart a paper flavor to the brew.

Bolio coffee filter is easy to fill, clean, lift out and dry for future use. This eco-friendly coffee filter has been made from 100% organic hemp. It has been designed to last and can be used hundreds of time. This reusable coffee filter is bacteria and mildew resistant. This makes it an ideal choice for reusable coffee filter. It is also easy to clean and reuse. You just need to rinse it with hot water after each use.

Hemp cone coffee filter have been specifically designed for pour-over coffee makers. These have a unique blend of sediment filtration which also permits retention of essential coffee oils thereby offering the most delicious cup of coffee. 


  • Is mildew and bacteria resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee assured by the makers
  • 100% organic


  • Offers inconsistent and weak coffee

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Coffee Filter 

With unbleached, bleached and numerous other variants of filters available, it is best to understand the basics before investing in one.

There are several users who swear by unbleached coffee filters. However, there isn’t much difference in bleached and unbleached coffee filters. If you think bleached or unbleached coffee filters alter coffee taste, then you need to think again. The quantity of bleach used for making filters appear white is negligible and hence does not impact the taste of your coffee.     

One thing you must remember is that bleached filters are not good for the environment. These can pollute the environment upon discarding. Oxygen-based bleaches are more environmental friendly in comparison to chlorine bleaches.

You should place paramount importance on quality while looking for coffee filters. The overall quality of the filter can have a significant impact on the taste of your brew. You need to make sure to pick a filter of appropriate size for the kind of brewing method usually chosen by you.

Thinner filters permit water to pass through it rapidly. This certainly impacts the taste of your brew. Thicker filters prove out to be expensive. If you do not want to compromise with the taste of your brew, then you should opt for the thicker ones.  

No matter which variant of coffee filter you opt for, you should always remember to invest in filters made of high-quality fibers. This is because it will certainly impact the quality of your taste. You just need to make sure that the filter is of correct thickness and right size so that you get to enjoy a cup of coffee every time.  

You need to think which filter would make the best coffee. You should also look into the practicality of usage. Is the coffee filter easier to clean? A paper coffee filter would be easier to clean in comparison to metal ones as it can be easily discarded off. A metal filter has to be cleaned by dumping the contents and rinsing after each pot. 

After considering all the vital factors mentioned in this review, you can go ahead confidently and invest in a coffee filter that would offer you the perfect brew that you desire to sip every day. 

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