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Best Canned Tomatoes

The 10 Best Canned Tomatoes in 2020

Perfectly ripe tomatoes can make or break your recipe. Italian tomatoes form the key ingredient of Italian recipes and are hard to find all the times depending upon the location and the season. This is the reason why these are preserved and shipped to different parts of the world. 

Supermarket stores often confuse us with numerous choices. You can choose from different varieties of tomatoes and opt for stewed, crushed and diced variants. However, there are certain factors to consider before buying the best-canned tomatoes.

1. ​Carmelina San Marzano Whole Peeled Tomatoes  

Highlighted Features

  • Best canned Italian sauce
  • Is ready to eat
  • Can be cooked in a microwave if required for preparing sauces and other dishes
  • Packed puree and canned tomatoes have a rich taste
  • Imported from Campania region of Italy
  • Comes in a protective and secure packing

If you are looking for perfect Italian tomatoes for use in your recipes, then you can rely on Carmelina San Marzano tomatoes for perfecting your dishes. The tomatoes packed in the container are imported from the Campania region of Italy. The ripe tomatoes are full-bodied and are silky red when they are steam peeled and packed in their puree.

You can use these tomatoes for crafting delicious recipes. These are also perfect for use in stews, sauces, and soups. The tomatoes packed in the can are all-natural. These do not consist of preservatives such as citric acid, salt, EDTA or calcium chloride. This product is also BPA-free, gluten-free, kosher certified and a non-GMO product.

Carmelina is a reputed brand as far as canned tomato varieties are concerned. San Marzano has earned a reputation for being one of the best canned tomato brands. The product is of premium quality and consists of whole tomatoes with just the skin peeled off. Campania region of Italy has a suitable climate and fertile soil for growing the best Italian tomatoes.

Carmelina offers the best-canned tomatoes that can be employed for numerous purposes. The tomatoes packed undergo a set of a process such as steam peeling and are loaded with natural ingredients if any. The tomatoes are packed with succulent puree prepared in-house by the experts. The best thing is that the packing does not consist of any artificial flavors. You can use Carmelina tomatoes for making delicious pasta sauce, pizza sauce and in several other recipes.


  • Free from preservatives such as citric acid, sugar, and salt
  • Is free from gluten
  • Kosher certified and BPA free
  • Non-GMO product
  • Tomatoes packed are full of flavor
  • Healthy tomato sauce with no sodium


  • Tomatoes are not entirely flavorful

2. Muir Glen Canned Tomatoes 

Highlighted Features

  • Made from versatile ingredients
  • Gron in San Joaquin Valley of California
  • Packed tomatoes are full of flavor
  • Cans are BPA-free
  • Tomatoes are produced using organic farming methods
  • Winner of 2013 John Muir Conservation Award for processing waste into nutrient-rich soil for organic farmers

Muir Glen has been ranked consistently as one of the best diced canned tomato brands available in the market today. The offerings are not just delicious but also save time for the users during end preparation. You can use diced tomatoes for serving with bruschetta and lasagna.

Muir Glen is reputed for offering organic tomatoes packed in an ergonomic manner. Modern farming techniques are employed for growing the tomatoes that Muir Glen cans and sells. The mission of the brand is to offer just high-quality tomatoes that have been grown organically. This ensures that you are consuming quality products that are free from synthetic chemicals used during modern farming.

Muir Glen process has been certified by standardized organizations in the food industry. Tomatoes retain the flavor and remain fresh for a long time. The texture is also not impacted during processing. The can consist of seasoning with salt. The tomatoes used by the brand are indigenous to California. Eight hours are required to process tomatoes from farms to cans.

The rich flavor of the tomatoes is preserved by the organic cans in which they are packed. The tomatoes are peeled and diced before sealing in the can. The contents can be used for making soups, stews, sauces, lasagna, bruschetta and a lot more.


  • Free from chemical fertilizers and synthetic pesticides
  • Made from simple ingredients
  • Tomatoes are peeled, diced and then seasoned with sea salt
  • Tomatoes are USDA Certified organic
  • Non-GMO verified
  • 100 percent organic tomatoes


  • Great flavor but comes with lots of tomato skin which is not preferred by many

3. Sclafani Whole Peeled Tomatoes

Highlighted Features

  • Made from natural ingredients
  • Rich aroma and mouthwatering flavor
  • Canned tomatoes are silky red in color
  • Best canned tomatoes with high pulp content

Sclafani Family ventured into the food industry during the late 1800s. It was when Maria Sclafani moved to the United States with her husband and children. The family initially set up a grocery store in New York. They started importing Italian products to the US and started selling them under the brand name Sclafani. Today, the brand is recognized as the leader in the category of canned tomatoes and sauces.

Sclafani Whole Peeled Tomatoes are made from the best tomatoes grown in the United States. It consists of fresh Jersey tomatoes grown near southern New Jersey. The can consist of vine-ripened tomatoes, juice and little bit of salt. You will never encounter broken or stringy core tomatoes in Sclafani packaging.

All the tomatoes packed are hand selected for quality and firmness. All are uniform in color and size. The flavor is rich and delicious. The brand is known for offering quality products. This brand is giving tough competition to the top Italian brands available in the market. The tomatoes are not acidic and are a bit sweeter.


  • Best for making homemade tomato sauce
  • Made from fresh, vine-ripened tomatoes
  • Have the perfect texture
  • Very less water content
  • Dense offering in comparison to other brands


  • ​The core is fibrous and dense and hence requires some additional work

4. Mutti Finely Chopped Tomatoes 

Highlighted Features

  • Versatile tomatoes can be used in numerous recipes
  • 100% Italian tomatoes
  • Sourced from Parma, Italy
  • Superior taste and perfect ripeness
  • Is free from additives and gluten

Mutti Tomatoes are finely chopped immensely popular amongst those who are fond of relishing in delicious meals. These canned tomatoes are quite appetizing and are packed in 14-ounce cans. Mutti is one of the best Italian tomatoes brand available in the market. The popularity of the product is due to quality, freshness, and taste.

The canned tomatoes consist of Mediterranean salt which imparts an excellent taste to it. It also adds nutritive value to it. The striking red color of the tomatoes used is quite attractive. The fantastic flavor of these finely chopped tomatoes makes it a popular choice. If you prioritize your health, then you need to go for this product.

Mutti finely chopped tomatoes are free from gluten and sugar. These do not consist of any added preservatives. Moreover, the product is non-GMO certified. The content of the can is all-natural. These tomatoes are versatile and can be used for making authentic Italian dishes as well as other meals.

If you love relishing the taste of perfectly sun-ripened tomatoes, then you need to opt for this brand. The product is free from preservatives and artificial additives. A patented processing technique is utilized for preserving the vibrant red color as well as the natural taste of the tomatoes.


  • Non-PBA and non-GMO
  • Reliable quality and superior freshness and taste
  • Sun-ripened tomatoes
  • Tomatoes are added a pinch of Mediterranean sea salt
  • ​Tomatoes have vibrant color and have a remarkable fresh flavor
  • ​No seasoning added to preserve the original flavor profile


  • The packaging of cans is not quite secure

5. 365 Everyday Value Organic Diced Tomatoes 

Highlighted Features

  • Quality offering free from harmful chemicals
  • Organic tomatoes are grown in fertile soil of San Joaquin Valley
  • Is fat-free
  • Does not consist of any artificial sugar
  • Certified organic and certified vegan

365 Everyday tomatoes are grown organically in the San Joaquin Valley of California. These are vine-ripened and the diced tomatoes make a perfect addition to any delicacy. The brand is one of the leading brands when it comes to tomato production and processing. The fertile soil of San Joaquin Valley promises the best and nutritious tomatoes.

The tomatoes used by the brand are of high quality. They are fat-free and sugar-free. These also consist of the right amount of fiber and sodium for balancing the nutrients. The brand is highly trusted and is Certified Organic, Certified Vegan and Certified Kosher. The best thing about this product is that it comes with precise usage instructions.

This offering is quite long-lasting. It can last for yearlong if you go for a large can of organic tomatoes. The sugar-free aspect is also one of the best features of this brand. The trusted quality is what makes this offering stand out from the rest. All the products offered by the brand are formulated using Whole Foods Market’s stringent quality standards.

365 Everyday Value Organic Diced Tomatoes is free from hazardous chemicals and other harmful ingredients. The organic and natural products offered by the brand can be trusted.


  • Kosher Certified
  • Consists of the right amount of sodium and fiber
  • All-natural and organic product
  • Fresh and better flavor of tomatoes
  • Works well in almost all recipes


  • Tastes a little bitter

6. Tuttorosso 100 percent Natural Crushed Tomatoes 

Highlighted Features

  • Offers base material for making a rich sauce, soup and stew
  • Great texture and simple in taste
  • Saves your time and effort
  • Enhances the taste of recipes
  • Excellent flavor and smooth texture

Tuttorosso is a popular crushed tomato brand. Crushed tomatoes are immensely popular kitchen ingredients when it comes to preparing soups, stews, and sauces. Although crushed tomatoes taste more or less similar to diced and whole tomatoes, these save a lot of time in the kitchen as these as mashed.

You can just empty the contents in your cookware directly to cook your favorite soup. Tuttorosso offers 100 percent natural tomatoes that have been peeled and mashed in an ergonomically designed can. Basil has been used as a natural preservative by the brand. No additional or artificial additives have been used by the brand.

Best quality tomatoes are offered by this reputed brand. These are the best-canned options for making pasta and pizza sauce. A thick sauce made using this brand imparts delicious flavor to your dishes. The most prominent feature of this offering is the cherry red color of the tomatoes. The content offered is thick and delicious.


  • Tomatoes have been crushed through natural means
  • Free from any added preservatives
  • Offers just 20 calories per serving
  • Free from saturated and trans-fat
  • Is free from cholesterol


  • Better packaging is needed as the cans tend to dent easily and leak

7. Bianco DiNapoli California Peeled Organic Whole Tomatoes

Highlighted Features

  • Peeled organic tomatoes
  • Preferred by both professional and home chefs alike
  • Made from unique and delicious tomatoes
  • Bianco DiNapoli Tomatoes are utilized by the top restaurants in the world

Bianco California whole tomatoes are entirely organic. These can be used for making any kind of soup or sauce. Crushed tomatoes taste great when used for making spicy or heavily seasoned dishes. This product is the result of a collaboration between award-winning chef based in Arizona, Chris Bianco and Robert DiNapoli.

Chris has always been inspired to work with local producers. Bianco tomatoes are organically grown and harvested in California. The plum-shaped tomatoes are washed, steam-peeled at a cannery in California. The product is free from artificial additives and has been made using three simple ingredients: Basil, Salt, and Tomatoes.

Bianco tomatoes have a bright and clean taste of fresh tomatoes. The natural sweetness has been perfectly balanced with the acidity. The fresh basil used is the best you can ever find in any canned tomato product. The canned product retains the bright aromatics of the ingredients. This is one of the freshest products you will ever find in the market.


  • Featured in numerous publications
  • Organically grown
  • Hand-selected and processed in California
  • Consists of three simple ingredients that enhance the flavor: sea salt, organic basil, and fresh tomatoes
  • Deeply flavored with no watery juices and unripe spots


  • The acidity is bit overriding

8. DeLallo Imported San Marzano Whole Peeled Tomatoes 

Highlighted Features

  • Grown in Sarnese-Nocerino Valley near Salerno
  • Rich and delicious taste
  • Fresh basil leaves enhance the taste
  • Sweet and tangy flavor

Although these peeled tomatoes are quite pricey when compared to other options available in the market, these are absolutely delicious. The tomatoes have a rich taste and the cans can be electrically opened. You can eat the tomatoes directly or can use them for making gravies, soups, stews, and sauces.

The tomatoes are grown in Sarnese-Nocerino Valley near Salerno. These have been described as bittersweet by the makers in taste just like fine chocolate. Added basil leaves enhance the taste of the already rich and delicious tomatoes. The tomatoes used are slender and oblong in shape. The vibrant red hue is alluring and imparts nice color to your recipes.

There is a perfect balance of tart, sweet and fresh flavors. The can consists of thick, delicate flesh of tomatoes with less water and few seeds. San Marzano tomato seeds were brought and planted in the rich, volcanic soil of Mount Vesuvius. DeLallo has a partnership with the local farmers.


  • Firm texture and consistency
  • Made from all-natural tomatoes
  • Has perfect balance of flavors
  • Has less water and fewer seeds


  • You can find tomato leaves in some cans
  • Packaging is flimsy

9. Stanislaus Alta Cucina Whole Tomatoes 

Highlighted Features

  • Made in the USA
  • Made from freshest and best tasting tomatoes
  • Made from tender, soft and sweet plum tomatoes
  • Can consists of ripe tomatoes along with fresh basil and tomato juice

These tomatoes are one of the freshest and the best tasting tomatoes available in the market. Selected grown varieties are chosen by the brand to offer fresh tomatoes to the users. Stanislaus offers a product that comes really close to fresh Italian grown tomatoes. The plum tomatoes are tender, sweet and soft.

The vine ripened plum tomatoes are canned with fresh basil and tomato juice. The flavor is incredible. You can use these tomatoes in pasta dishes, for making soups and sauces. This sauce has been featured in several documentaries and is used in best pizza restaurants in New York. It is a standard in Italian restaurants.

Stanislaus Alta Cucina whole tomatoes offer one of the best Italian tomatoes. The contents can be used straight from the can. These fantastic tomatoes are grown and processed in California.


  • Flavor is rich
  • Ideal for making soups and sauces
  • Utilized by reputed, authentic Italian restaurants in New York
  • Does not consist of any artificial preservatives


  • Packaging is an issue

​10. La Valle San Marzano DOP Tomatoes 

Highlighted Features

  • Great choice for making authentic Italian cuisine recipes
  • D.O.P certified
  • Pure and fresh San Marzano tomatoes
  • Contains basil as the only natural preservative

La Valle canned tomatoes consist of San Marzano variant of tomatoes that is predominantly grown in Agro Nocerino-Sarnese region. The tomatoes grown in this region are appreciated for these unique characteristics. The tomatoes are picked three-four times between July and September. These tomatoes are grown much like grapes.

The soil in the Nocerino-Sarnese region is quite fertile. It renders a unique and authentic taste to the tomatoes grown in the region. San Marzano tomatoes are used by many chefs and are believed to offer the best tomato sauces in the world. Also, these tomatoes are the only variants that can be used in Vera Pizza Napoletana. The name clearly specifies the origin of the tomatoes used in the recipe.

La Valle Canned Marzano tomatoes are grown as per Italian standards. These possess a unique sweet and sour taste. The color of these tomatoes in lively red and would enhance any recipe you may use them in. The peel can be easily removed at full maturity. The unique properties of the tomato variety along with physical and chemical properties make it really incredible.

La Valle tomatoes are extremely delicate and have to be handled with extreme care. These are picked from the vines and directly placed into cans after rinsing. These do not consist of any preservatives or additives.


  • Free from chemical additives
  • Key ingredient for making Vera Pizza Napoletana
  • Tastes best with wood-fired pizzas


  • Flavor is slightly acidic
  • Opening the can is a major issue

Things to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Canned Tomatoes

Technical process

This is the first and foremost thing you need to look into. You should check the nutrient constituents, packing and the source of tomatoes. There are numerous ways in which a tomato can be ripened. Just check whether the seller is resorting to natural means or artificial process. Farming techniques must be given utmost importance if you are conscious about what goes on your plate. 

Variety of canned tomatoes

Tomatoes are perishable products and hence difficult to store. There are several brands that make use of preservatives for increasing their durability. The added preservatives can be vinegar, citric acid, salt and even calcium chloride. Citric acid is mainly an acidity regulator. However, it imparts a sour taste to the tomatoes.

Check if you would like to buy whole peeled, diced, crushed or pureed tomatoes. If you want authentic taste in your recipes, then look into the variant being offered by the makers. San Marino tomatoes are preferred by a few chefs.  


There are numerous canned Italian tomatoes available in the market. These tomatoes are rich, flavorful, organic and free from artificial additives. These can be used to make authentic Italian dishes.

If you are still confused with the numerous options available, then you can shortlist the product by looking into the factors to consider before buying the best canned tomatoes. This will help you pick the right product based on your requirements.

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