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Beyond Benedictine: Discovering Delicious Substitutes for Your Favorite Cocktails

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If you can’t already tell by the name, the liquor belongs to Europe, specifically France. It was produced in the 19th century by a wine merchant called Alexandre Le Grand. One impressive feature about it is that it has 27 different herbs and spices. It also contains honey. It is a well-balanced slightly sweet drink.

However, on top of all that it contains some more ingredients that are kept a secret to this day to protect the taste from getting copied. Producers add a lot of maceration to produce this cognac drink that is enjoyed by many.

You can drink it right away or use it to create various cocktails like Bobby Burns, Chrysanthemum, Vieux Carre, etc. In fact, you will see it in cooking recipes as well. That's how versatile the drink is.

Discovering Delicious Substitutes for Your Favorite Cocktails

What Does It Taste Like

Before we start with the substitutes, let’s explain the taste of the liquor so that you can compare the tastes. Usually, as we said before, the basic taste is sweet. The 27 herbs create an enchanting aroma that is loved by many.

On top of that it has a rich floral taste. It gives off a hint of honey or licorice as well. When it comes to the texture, it has a very thick and rich one. It is because of those spices that create the texture and flavor that is so unique and appealing to liquor lovers.

Now that you have a basic idea of the taste, let’s dive deep into the substitutes you can use instead of benedictine. Although because of the unique flavor, it is quite difficult to find one, we have accumulated 14 substitutes that you might want to look into- But before you do take a sip of a nonalcoholic drink as you read through the article. Get these tequila and rum alternatives here!


This substitute dates way back. It is originally from Scotland, specifically Edinburgh. It is made of scotch and spices. The spices make it an easier substitution for benedictine. There are some reasons other than the taste why benedictine is easily replaceable to  glavya. It is less expensive than benedictine. Also, it is more available than benedictine. The flavors are quite similar. In fact, glavya has a stronger flavor than benedictine.

That makes it the favorite choice for a lot of recipes. Glavya is mostly used in mixed drinks. The cocktails that are made with benedictine, most of them can replace glavya.

It can also be used in tea and coffee to get a special aroma and flavor. In fact, glavya is used in baking too for its flavor. Now, what flavors does it have that make it so appealing? The flavor of glavya is described by almond, cinnamon, and tangerine.


The color of drumbie is fascinating. It is this dark golden-colored drink that is very sweet like honey. It is slightly darker golden than benedictine which makes it look appealing. It contains spices, herbs, whiskey, and honey. The last ingredient is the most dominating flavor of drumbie.

But the taste of scotch whiskey will also be dominating. But it will be different than benedictine. In benedictine, the taste of the base liqueur is very neutral than this. Drumbie is still less sweet than benedictine even though it is made with honey. Which is why it makes the perfect base for drinks that are less viscous. You can drink it by itself too. It is good for Monte Carlo, Vieux Carre, etc.


Amaro differs from the origin in the first place. It is from Italy while benedictine is from France. The similarities are that it also contains spices and herbs. It is mixed with cocktails or drinks too. They also have similar flavors- spicy, sweet, citrus, and aromatic. But amaro isn’t as sweet as benedictine is. And also comes with a bit of bitterness.

That’s why when substituting for benedictine you need to mix other bases to make it sweeter. You may add any type of syrup to tone down the bitterness of amaro. Then amaro becomes quite a good option as a substitute for benedictine. You can make Corpse Reviver, Vieux Carre with it. So, whether you use benedictine or amaro makes the difference of what base you will use but the end result will be the same.

Chartreuse Liqueur

Originating from the same country Grance, benedictine, and chartreuse have the same notes of flavors. Chartreuse is floral, herbal, and sweet. It also offers health benefits with the herbs added. This liqueur is used to make chocolates and desserts. The alcohol amount in it is only 55%. The rest consists of floral and herbal parts. The aroma and the flavor make it a great substitute for Benedictine. Chartreuse has varieties too.

It can be yellow or green with different taste ranges. The yellow one will have honey in it and a sweeter version of the chartreuse. Therefore while using it for sweet recipes try to use less sweet base. On the other hand, green chartreuse has a strong flavor that makes it a second-option substitute. While using this as a substitute you need to use less amount. However, both can be used to cook delicious recipes such as pasta.

Dom Benedictine Liqueor

As you can tell by the name already, it is the closest substitute for benedictine. Well, the secret to that also lies in the name. 60% of the drink is made of benedictine itself. The rest is cognac which is also the base of benedictine.

You can say that it is a watered-down version of benedictine for those who don’t like the strong flavor. Therefore the herbal and aromatic flavor as well as the spicy one isn’t as strong as it is in benedictine.

It is also a bit dry. But the good thing is you will only notice the difference when you are drinking it raw. When used in cocktails, Vieux Carre, and Singapore Sling it tastes absolutely the same.

Regular Brandy

Hope you are not surprised to know that regular brandy can be used as a substitute for benedictine. It has been used as one for many years now. It is produced from distilled wine and contains 60% alcohol.

Tastes like regular brandy and is used in many recipes. The best thing about this option is that it is much cheaper which isn’t common for the previous substitute we talked about. In fact, a lot of syrups are made of brandy too.

But there's a catch. Brandy like Casa Pedro Domecq Presidente Solera Brandy can’t be used as a substitute. A bottle of beer is a better option than that. But you can use the former for many delicious recipes like pasta, puddings, chicken mushrooms, etc.There’s an interesting video about regular brandy that’s not so regular! Watch this to learn more interesting facts about this drink


Italicus comes with the most herbal and floral substitute options for benedictine. It is a near-perfect drink. Because of the well-balanced taste of sweetness and bitterness, it tastes just perfect.

It doesn’t have any strong taste or overwhelming flavor that you need to worry about. You can easily use it to produce many types of drinks as a substitute for benedictine. You can make Honeymoon Cocktail, Frisco Sour with it.

You can mix it with bitter drinks to tone it down a bit like Aperol. While trying to substitute it for sweeter recipes try to add sugar or simple syrup. That will do it for the sweetness. Everything else will be taken care of by benedictine.

Licor 43

If you are one of those unique citrus lovers looking for a substitute, look no further. Licor43 is the one for you. It also has a vanilla flavor. It is a complicated drink, to say the least. 43 types of ingredients are in it that make the taste quite unique.

Although the taste of it won’t completely replace benedictine you can still use it for most cocktails like Bobby Burns and Monkey Gland. Remember that it is a sweet drink so you don't need to use as much of it.


Those who are familiar with the liquor will most probably know the name of Jagermeister. It is a popular drink that people enjoy with cocktails or neat.

The reason is that it has a unique flavor that is very strong, hence tastes appealing to a lot. It consists of citrus, spice, licorice, and saffron. It came from Germany and is now used as a great substitute for benedictine.

It also blends with other ingredients so well that makes it a versatile drink. And lastly, it tastes phenomenal with grilled recipes that make it a popular drink for summer. The similarity with benedictine is that it tastes just as sweet as that.


It is another famous liquor in the world of drinks. It is most widely used in cocktails. The taste is bitter which goes well with others and also with recipes. It contains herbs and fruits that make the color attractive cherry red. It works as a good substitute since it works well with sweet drinks and blends well. The mixed drinks are quite appealing and delicious.

Fernet Branca

It came from Italy and won the hearts of many liquor lovers. This renowned drink has as many as 30 herns and roots in it. It is also another perfect substitute for benedictine.

But it has a darker color and strong mint flavor that's distinguishable. The taste is sweet, strong, and bitter. It is only slightly different than benedictine because of the bitter taste.

However, cocktail lovers are fond of it. It tastes best after dinner in a small amount. It helps with digestion too. But it is not as sweet or smooth as benedictine which doesn’t make it a popular choice for cooking recipes. But if you are looking for a specific type of taste for your recipe this might be it. It can create complexity in your dish.

Grand Marnier

It is a sweet-flavored drink that substitutes benedictine quite well. It has a hint of vanilla and orange. It even looks orange with a brown shade. Grand Marnier is widely used for basing, roasting, and poultry-based cuisine.

Specifically perfect drink for a roasting duck. The sweetness matches the level of benedictine which is why you won’t need to use much of it while making cocktails.


As you read about alcohol consumption it might come to your mind whether you are drinking too much or the myths surrounding it. According to John Hopkins, a certain amount of alcohol can be associated with a low level of cholesterol. However, they also describe the limit and other facts around it. So, one should be careful about consumption.

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