What Does Irn Bru Taste Like?

What Does Irn Bru Taste Like?

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What is Irn Bru?

Around the 1900s, the Scottish introduced a soft drink called Irn Bru. Pronounced as “Iron Brew” it is a carbonated soft drink that is also one of the national drinks of Scotland. The tagline of Irn Bru was “Made in Scotland from girders”.

If you want to try Irn Bru, continue reading the article to find out what it tastes like. 

The colour of Irn Bru is bright orange colour. It contains a small amount of iron and contains  0.002% iron hydroxide (ammonium ferric citrate).

The history of Irn Bru

In 1901, A.G. Barr introduced Irn Bru to the Scottish market. This brand is widely famous all around the world. According to The Scotsman Food & Drink , this drink was introduced earlier in 1898 by the London-based manufacturers Stevenson & Howell.

Before this, Maas & Waldstein chemicals company from New york produced Irn Bru in 1889 and named it “IRONBREW”. Till today, Irn Bru is the top-selling soft drink in Scotland, keeping Coca-cola in the second position.

So what does Irn Bru taste like?

So what does Irn Bru taste like

Irn Bru is like a citrus-flavoured soda that has a ginger kick in every sip. To some, it tastes similar to bubblegum or blackcurrant mixed with oranges and grapefruit. The taste of the drink is acidic, metallic, and with little bitterness.

Moreover, it has a creamy taste like a cream soda but will less sweetness. It has been loved for generations for its distinctive taste and it is deeply rooted in the Scottish till today. 

Not to mention, you can mix Irn Bru with other drinks like ginger ale or lemonade to make a distinctive soda. It also compliments well with your favourite whiskey.

Ingredients of Irn Bru

Irn Bru is made by using only four ingredients which are carbonated water, salt, sugar, and some flavourings. It also contains caffeine but is present in a very negligible amount. Moreover, the content of sugar is also less than the amount found in regular soft drinks. This drink has also gained popularity as an energy-boosting drink and cure for hangovers.

What drinks compliments Irn Bru?

The traditional way of enjoying Irn Bru is by adding crushed ice to it. Old fashioned tall iced tea goblet is used to serve this drink. Now coming to the point, what can you mix Irn Bru to make cocktails or mocktails?

Any kind of carbonated drink, ginger ales, or orange juice can also be mixed with Irn Bru to get a different taste every time you drink it.

Why does Irn Bru taste like metal?

Irn Bru tastes metallic and has a rusty flavour because it contains a small amount of iron hydroxide. However, it has a mixed flavour profile and it tastes different to people.

Would you like the taste of Irn Bru?

Would you like the taste of Irn Bru

As I have mentioned earlier, the taste of Irn Bru is bitter and acidic. So, it depends on an individual’s taste buds if they will like the taste of Irn Bru or not. You can also mix it with alcohol or soft drink to make a change in the taste but the change will not be vast. 

Other than Scotland, Irn Bru is also popular in the Middle East, Ice land, and Peru, where it dominates the position of cola.


What is the flavour of Irn Bru?

Irn Bru looks like an orange drink of its colour but it's not. The main flavour of the drink is banana extract.

Is Irn Bru good to cure hangovers?

Yes, Irn Bru is good for hangovers. If you drink the full-fat Irn Bru, it will give you energy from the amount of sugar it contains. Also, it helps you feel less trembly and the fizz allows the stomach to settle.

Do Irn Bru and root beer have a similar taste?

No, Irn Bru and root beer do not have a similar taste.

Does Irn Bru contain caffeine?

You will find Irn Bru in different sizes in the super shops. However, there is 30mg of caffeine per 330ml.

Is there any possibility of getting hyper by drinking Irn Bru?

Yes, there is a possibility of getting hyper after drinking Irn Bru.

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