Best Truffle Oil Brands

The 10 Best Truffle Oil Brands for Luxurious Recipes

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Whether you want to drizzle on pasta, polenta, pizza, or popcorn; truffle oil offers that finishing touch of luxury flavor to all of these and many other foods. Although it would be great to shave fresh white truffle on our pasta dishes, the rarity and cost of fresh truffles mean that for most of us, truffle oil most definitely is the next best thing!

Truffle oils are usually available as white or black, and both types add a distinctive flavor to foods. In this article, we offer insight into the two different types. We also look at the truffle itself and consider just why they are so expensive to buy. As there can be considerable flavor differences across oils, we also review ten of the best to help you choose the best truffle oil.

Best Pick

TruffleHunter White Truffle Oil

The TruffleHunter truffle oil selection is our best pick as an introduction to truffle oils which are suitable for most diets including kosher, gluten free, vegan and nut free.

Budget Pick

TruffleHunter Truffle Oil Selection

The garlicky flavored TruffleHunter white truffle oil is our budget pick for adding extra flavor and luxury to a wide range of foods.

Quick Comparison: Top 10 Best Truffle Oils

Product NameQuantityNo. of PacksGrade
TruffleHunter Truffle Oil Selection3.38 fl. ozPack of 3A+
TruffleHunter White Truffle Oil3.38 fl. ozPack of 1A+
La Tourangelle White Truffle Oil8.45 fl. ozPack of 1A+
TruffleHunter Black & White Truffle Oil Set8.45 fl. ozPack of 2A
Roland Foods Black Truffle Oil 3.4 fl. ozPack of 1B
Colavita Truffolio Truffle Extra Virgin Olive Oil8.48 fl. ozPack of 1B
Urbani Truffles Organic White Truffle Oil3.4 fl. ozPack of 1B
D’allesandro White Truffle Oil8 fl. ozPack of 2A
Mantova Grand Aroma Truffle Delight8.5 fl. ozPack of 1A+
Chef Jean Pierre’s White Truffle Oil7 fl. ozPack of 1B

1. TruffleHunter White Truffle Oil 

Coming in a 3.38 fl. oz bottle, the TruffleHunter white truffle oil is made with premium white truffles and cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil (EVOO). The cold pressing produces minimal oil compared to heated pressing but is capable of restoring the same flavors without distorting the aroma of it. This has an intense garlic aroma with a white truffle flavor and olive oil finish and is best used for finishing dishes.

This oil is suitable for a range of diets as it is kosher, nut-free, gluten-free, and vegan, making this a very healthy option for most people. It does contain truffle flavor which some consider can add an artificial flavor and aroma to the oil and it may also lack the depth of flavor expected from the white truffle oil.


  • Features a strong garlicky flavor
  • Features a strong white truffle flavor
  • Offers the versatility of use as it can also be used for marinating, seasoning, or as a salad dressing in addition to being a finishing oil.
  • It comes with no GMO or MSG


  • The use of truffle flavor may add a synthetic aroma and flavor to the oil
  • May not always be as rich in flavor as you would expect from a white truffle oil

2. TruffleHunter Truffle Oil Selection  

The TruffleHunter truffle oil selection is one of the best deals offered by TruffleHunter. The box contains three glass bottles of 3.38 fl. oz luxury truffle oil in white, black and English flavors which come in a presentation box. The boxes are of premium quality and truly a treat to the eyes. For finishing dishes, these oils are suitable for most diets including gluten-free, kosher, nut-free, and vegan.

The white truffle oil is garlicky and has a rich flavor while the black truffle oil has an earthy and intense flavor. The English truffle oil, on the other hand, has a nutty finish with an earthy aroma and black truffle flavor. To make these oils, the truffles are shaved and blended with cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil and rapeseed oil to maintain the delicate aromas and flavors.

As well as containing truffle, these oils do contain truffle flavoring and the odd buyer considers that the taste of these is not as natural as expected.


  • They come in a value pack of 3 truffle oils
  • They are each dedicated for a special purpose and is ideal for a suitable range of diets
  • Offers versatility as it can also be used for marinating, seasoning as a salad dressing, and not just as a finishing oil.
  • Offers warranty in case any old products are received
  • Comes in a luxury pack which makes it ideal for a gift.


  • Contain synthetic truffle flavoring
  • The flavor may not be as naturally truffle as you may expect
  • Risk of the bottles being damaged during shipping as they are made of glass

3. La Tourangelle White Truffle Oil

Featuring complex notes of woods, earth, and fruit, the white truffle oil from La Trourangelle takes your culinary skills to the next level. These characteristics are particularly found in Italian White Alba Truffles. This truffle oil is made from only the best quality natural ingredients to offer a premium taste in your recipes. It can be used with a suitable range of foods including meats, pasta, and salads. 

The making of the oil involves sustainable products and it is non-GMO and kosher which makes it a healthy choice. The truffles are expeller-pressed and infused with grapeseed oil and toasted sesame oil to bring out the best flavors from around the world, give life to the food your cooking but you need to careful to use this oil in a low/medium heat if you do not want the flavors to be distorted. Do not forget to refrigerate it after you have opened it.


  • Offers versatility as it can be used as a finishing oil for many dishes, salad dressings, and vinaigrettes.
  • Perfect for making dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Ideal for a vegan diet
  • The oil is sodium and gluten-free


  • Not ideal for people on a budget as it is pricey

4. TruffleHunter Black & White Truffle Oil Set 

Made with twice the amount of truffle than standard oil, the concentrated TruffleHunter black & white truffle oil set comes as two 8.45 fl. oz bottles in a presentation box. These oils are kosher, gluten-free, nut-free, and vegan. They can be used as finishing oils, but as they are concentrated oils, they can also be used in marinades and cooking; you just need to cook with gentle heat so that the truffle flavor is not destroyed. Also, since the oil is concentrated, you will require only a few drops to bring your recipes to life. 

The white truffle oil features a garlicky flavor and the black truffle oil features an intense earthly flavor. Both of these flavors are infused in a gentle olive oil base. These do contain truffle flavoring along with truffles and some buyers have found that these lack true truffle flavor and depth of flavor.


  • The oils contain double the amount of truffle compared to other standard oils.
  • Made from high-quality European truffles
  • They are suitable for both recipes as well as a finishing oil
  • Requires only small amounts which makes it budget-friendly
  • They are gluten-free, nut-free, kosher, Non-GMO, and suitable for vegan/vegetarian diets.


  • Can only cook with these oils on gentle heat otherwise truffle flavor is lost
  • Contains truffle flavoring
  • May not be as strong in flavor as expected
  • Glass bottles can occasionally arrive damaged

5. Roland Black Truffle Oil

Produced in Italy, the 3.4 fl. oz bottle of Roland black truffle oil has an earthy and intense flavor and golden color. The black summer truffles have been infused in extra virgin olive oil and have a strong fragrance. A small drizzle of this oil over your truffle fries, pizzas, hummus, pasta, potatoes, and eggs will take them to a whole new level. 

Many buyers have found this gluten-free oil lacking in flavor and although it does contain a black truffle aroma, it does not specify whether natural or synthetic. Some have also found that this oil loses truffle flavor and scent once open for a few months.

Lastly, you need to keep a cooking suggestion in mind while working with this one. You need to use the oil in small amounts as few drops go a long way! You do not want the oil to overpower all the other flavors of your recipe.


  • Features a strong earthy flavor
  • Requires only a small amount which makes it budget-friendly
  • It is GMO-free
  • Ideal for vegan and vegetarian diets


  • Begins to lose aroma and flavor quite soon after opening
  • Does not specify whether truffle aroma is natural or synthetic
  • The aroma is rather too strong for some people
  • Does not have the depth of flavor as other black truffle oils
  • Can only be used as a finishing oil and not for cooking

6. Colavita Truffolio Truffle Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Being imported from Italy, Colavita Truffolio Truffle oil comes in a bottle of 8.48 fl. Oz is made from premium quality white truffle flavors. The base for the oil is extra virgin olive oil. The truffle oil is effective in giving a dimension to some dishes especially mushroom dishes and sauces. 

The olives are harvested carefully in Europe which are then cold-pressed before blending it with the white truffles. You are advised to store it in a cool and dry place like a refrigerator. Be careful not to keep it directly under the light.


  • The oil is cholesterol and carbohydrate-free
  • Adds an extra spice to the food
  • Can be used in a variety of cuisine


  • Has a bitter taste
  • The quality of truffle used may not be of premium quality
  • Features a strong unwanted taste of garlic

7. Urbani Truffles Organic White Truffle Oil 

If you are looking for a truffle oil that is completely natural and does not involve the use of any chemicals, the Italian made Urbani Truffles organic white truffle oil should be at the top of your priority list. It comes in a 3.4 fl. oz bottle in a presentation pack. Made with extra virgin olive oil, this USDA certified organic truffle oil also contains pieces of white truffle and can be used as a finishing oil, or you can add a couple of drops to recipes.

This does not contain any other ingredients, although a small number of buyers consider that it does have some artificial flavor to it, their claims of being made from natural ingredients are very clear. The oil is made with more than 200 polyphenols which gives it its anti-aging and antioxidant properties.


  • It is organic and USDA certified
  • Contains pieces of white truffle
  • It is suitable as both finishing oil and cooking oil


  • The cap can be difficult to unseal and then reseal after use
  • Although it does not contain any flavors some buyers think it does have an artificial taste to it

8. D’allesandro White Truffle Oil 

D’allesandro offers you the best gourmet white truffle oil which is made by blending neutral olive oil as a base oil and aroma of white truffles and is slightly more delicate compared to black truffle oil. You can easily use this oil as a finishing oil and drizzle them atop of your food to elevate your culinary creations. You can also use this as a dressing oil for pasta, mashed potatoes, soups, risotto, and many more luxurious dishes.  

Due to its rich flavor, this can be also used in poultry and fish items. Moreover, the oil is kosher and features antioxidants and polyphenols for maintaining a healthy diet.


  • Features a strong and elegant savory flavor
  • It is a budget-friendly choice
  • Does not contain carbohydrate, trans fat, and cholesterol
  • Comes in excellent packaging for better preservation


  • Comes with hints with artificial flavor

9. Mantova Grand Aroma Truffle Delight

The 8.5 fl. oz bottle of Mantova Grand’Aroma Truffle Delight is made with extra virgin olive oil and black truffle and can be used in everyday dressing, dipping, marinating, and even sautéing up to medium heat. But you need to be very careful with the heat as high heat can distort the taste of the oil. 

This oil is produced in Italy from Italian sourced ingredients and has a robust truffle flavor with nutty and sweet undertones. This does contain truffle flavor and it is not specified as to whether this is natural or artificial. 

Its glass bottle is sustainable in case you are someone who feels greatly responsible for the environment. Moreover, glass helps to restore the original taste of the oil. Not only does it take care of the environment, but it is also enriched with heart-friendly acids and antioxidants which make it a very safe option.


  • The oil is made from 100% natural exclusive Italian ingredients
  • Does not contain cholesterol, GMO, trans fat, sodium, sugar, and gluten
  • Can be used as both cooking and finishing oil
  • The bottle features a non-drip pour spout and a handle grip


  • Not specified as to whether the truffle flavoring is natural or synthetic
  • Some have found this to have a slight ‘chemically’ taste to it

10. Chef Jean Pierre’s White Truffle Oil 

Made with white truffles which have been steeped in first press extra virgin olive oil by a special method called the “tea method” for extended periods, Chef Jean Pierre offers one of the best white truffle oils in the market. The oil comes as a 7 fl. oz bottle and does not contain any chemical flavoring or extracts. This Italian-made oil requires refrigerating to maintain its natural truffle flavor or else, it will lose its flavor and its aroma.


  • It is free from all added flavorings
  • It is produced using a special method
  • It is blended with first press EVOO as a base oil


  • Needs refrigerating after opening
  • The bottle seal can be prone to leaking and the cap be difficult to replace once open
  • Will soon begin to lose its flavor and aroma

White Truffle Oil Vs. Black Truffle Oil

The basic difference between black and white truffle oil is in its fragrance. The difference in fragrance in turn impacts the flavors they have. Black truffle oil falls more towards the strong fragrance end and has an earthy flavor. On the other hand, white truffle oil is more delicate and features a garlic-onion-like flavor. 

The component that is responsible for giving white truffle oil its signature aroma is bis(methylthio)methane and has a more spicy taste. It adds a very subtle taste to your food and is usually used as a drizzle for dishes with fresh and light flavors. On the contrary, black truffle oil has a more pungent taste which is mostly because of dimethyl sulfide. It has aromas that last longer and has a stronger impact on the food that you are preparing.  

Even though both the oils are best used as a finishing oil and not cooking oil, you can very rarely use them as a cooking oil depending on their aroma and intensity but very high heat can destroy the taste and aroma of any type of truffle oil.

All About Truffles

Even though truffles belong to the fungi family and are, therefore, generally referred to as mushrooms, they are not mushrooms. They are actually the fruit of fungi or more of a cross between a fungus and a tuber. Truffles can only grow underground within the roots of specific host trees such as hazelnut, oak, and beech. They can grow as far as 3 ft under the ground, but never beyond the range of the roots of the tree. This symbiotic relationship allows the truffle to receive sugars from the tree and give phosphorus back to the tree.

Truffles look like lumpy tubers and usually grow to the length of between one to four inches. There are around 70 species of truffles that are identified by the trees they grow on, the type of soil, and the area/country where the truffle grows. Some truffles are harvested in summer while the others in winter.

Truffles are difficult to find. Traditionally pigs were used, but they would eat whatever they found in front of them. So, truffle hunters eventually started training dogs to sniff them out as dogs are much less likely to eat the truffles!

Truffles are also expensive because global demand and environmental changes impact their availability. They are also costly because they can be found only at certain times of the year in certain places, and skill is needed to find and then harvest truffles.

Truffles are often harvested at night to help keep the location secret. Once a dog has potentially found a truffle, the harvester or trufolau uses a long-handled narrow spade to dig up the truffle. The soil around the truffle has to be carefully scraped away as the truffle would rot if touched by hands. If the harvester finds that the truffle is not yet ripe, they must carefully rebury it to allow it to ripen for a future harvest.

Growing truffles from seeds in an artificial environment have not shown much success. The best truffles are the ones that grow on a host tree.

About Truffle Flavoring

Although some truffle oil does contain truffle pieces, which are usually for visual appearance rather than flavor. In addition to natural truffle, truffle oil often contains truffle flavoring, aroma, or essence. These are generally synthetic substances.

Truffle oil is produced from 2,4-Dithiapentane, an organic compound, and has the same scent as truffles mixed with olive oil. This flavoring often lacks the subtleness of fresh truffle.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Truffle Oil

1. Type of Truffle Oil:

The first and most important thing that you need to consider is what type of truffle do you need. Will the black truffle oil or the white truffle oil be a valuable addition to your kitchen? To know the answer to that, you need to know what kind of flavors you are looking for and what type of dishes you will be cooking. If you want an intense earthy flavor in your food, then you should go for the black truffle oil which is good for meat, ragout, or vinaigrette but if you are looking for subtle and light flavors, then white truffle oil is the right choice. 

2. Type of oil base

Truffle oils are produced by blending the truffle extracts into a base oil. Which base oil is being used in your truffle oil is important for you to know. Usually, the base oil is a flavorless oil that will not undermine the flavors of the truffle extracts. The most common ones are grapeseed oil and canola oil. Another popular choice is cold-pressed extra virgin olive oils which will help to keep the aromas of the truffles for a longer time. An EVOO can sometimes be a little strong in truffle oil, although it can be selected deliberately to hide any synthetic flavors or aromas added.

3. Ingredients

It has already been discussed that truffle oil can be made from both truffle extracts and artificial truffle flavors. If you are someone who wants to avoid components that involve chemicals in their processing then you should go for the truffle oils that are made from all the natural ingredients. These oils also have a stronger flavor and fragrance. However, they are more expensive. So, if you are on a budget then you will have to choose the artificially flavored truffle oils. 

4. Nutrition Facts:

You should always go for the brands that go best with your diet. Even if you do not follow a diet plan, you shall go for the healthy options offered to you. The market has to offer various truffle oils including- gluten-free, non-GMO, cholesterol-free, nut-free, kosher, and carbohydrate-free. So, you need to look for these in your truffle oil if you want to get a healthy one.  

5. Versatility

Bonuses are always welcomed! If the choice of your truffle oil can offer more just being a finishing oil then why not? Some truffle oils out there can be used as a seasoning and marinating. Some can also be used as a dressing for salads and pasta.

Truffle Oil and its Health Benefits

1. Good for weight loss

Since they do not come with any harmful fat especially trans fat, they can somewhat help in your weight-loss journey. Moreover, the unsaturated fats will minimize your sudden cravings for snacks which can in turn help in losing weight.

2. Skin Care

Truffle oils are rich in vitamin E and antioxidants. This property makes it ideal for applying it on your skin as a moisturizer to reduce skin acne and aging. 

However, people with sensitive skin can suffer from skin irritation. Therefore, it is wise to small amounts to your skin for testing before applying a lot of it at once. 

3. Remedy for inflammation

The base oil for most truffle oils is olive oil which is enriched with oleocanthal which is an anti-inflammation component that helps your body battle against inflammation. 

4. Helps prevent cancer

Since the most popular truffle oils use olive oil as a base oil which is effective in slowing down the growth of cancer cells, truffle oil helps your body fight against cancer.  

5. Takes care of the heart

The truffle oils with olive oil as their base are good at boosting your cardiovascular health. Olive oil is enriched with polyphenols which take good care of your heart. In addition to reducing oxidative and cell damage, polyphenols can also fight against chronic heart disease.


Q. Which is the best type of truffle oil- white or black?

There is no specific type that is the best. The best for you will solely depend on your choices and preferences in aroma and intensity. 

Q. Do I need to use a lot of truffle oil to flavor my dish? 

Whatever type of truffle oil you are using, you should use it in small amounts. Always drizzle it instead of pouring it, as too much truffle oil will easily overwhelm a dish. Most truffle oils are best suited to finishing dishes rather than cooking with, and you should always add the oil at the last possible moment before serving to maintain its flavor.

Q. Can I use truffle oil as cooking oil?

Usually, truffle oils are used as only a finishing oil. However, some can be used as a cooking oil but you need to make sure you use low/medium heat for a small time as the flavors of the truffle oil will break if it is left on the heat for too long. 

Q. Where can I store my truffle oil?  

Truffle oil is to be stored in a cool dark place with its cap tightly sealed to reduce aroma and flavor degradation. Some manufacturers may advise that the oil be refrigerated after opening.

Q. Is truffle oil vegan?

Yes, they fall in the vegan spectrum as they are produced from plant-based ingredients. 


Truffles are truly luxury food, and although difficult and expensive to obtain fresh in the US, truffle oil is a perfect substitute for finishing dishes or, in some cases, adding to food during cooking. Truffle oils can significantly vary in taste for many reasons, so if you are new to truffle oils, you may want to experiment with different ones until you find the combination of truffle flavor and olive oils that suit your cooking best.

We hope that you have enjoyed our dig into the fascinating world of truffles. We also hope that our reviews of some of the best truffle oil will be helpful to you in choosing the truffle oil which will add some pizzazz to your pizza and will raise the grade on your risotto.

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